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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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became a major milestone in their lives with seduction. our ice cold passion starts october 8th on d. w. ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin explosions in the baltic sea, then leaks from the car gas pipelines connecting russia and europe. european countries, including germany, say it was deliberate. other western leaders ask whether this was russian sabotage . also on the program,
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ukrainian president followed amir zalinski vast to defend all his countries territory. he says, russia is trying to steal land after moscow claims so cold referendums in occupied regions. show people in favor of joining russia. and the great exit is from russia gathers momentum, tens of thousands more man leave to avoid being called up to 5 to a new crank ah, on pablo foliage, welcome to the program, germany, denmark, and sweden, se saboteurs. it caused gas leaks in the nord stream pipelines connecting russia to the e. u. scientists to recorded explosions in the baltic sea before detecting 3 symbol tiniest leaks the pipeline operator. it says the damage is unprecedented. european commission president to ursula funder lion says she also thinks that sabotage is to
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blame and says any attacks on europe's energy infrastructure it will be met with the strongest possible response gas bubbles shining the baltic sea. this video from denmark's military shows thousands of cubic meters of fuel flowing from a pipeline, at least 70 meters below sea level. the, on the see pipelines north stream 1 am to link russia and germany, the 3 red dots mock, the places where leaks were detected. even though the pipelines are not currently delivering russian gas to europe, they are still full of fuel off to the pressure in the pipeline dropped earlier this week. the operator said that suggested actual damage to the on the see pipes. some european leaders say that damage was no accident.
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they, oh, that sounds good. we have swedish intelligence, but we also have received information from denmark. and based on this, we concluded that this is probably a deliberate act. it is probably a case of sabotage. they also told an throw gall met, sabotaged it, still not clear what caused the problems on the pipeline pulse of which were constructed just a few years ago. but sweden has launched a preliminary probe to find out if the system was intentionally attacked. if it is confirmed, that's clearly in those interest um, now my understanding of the lease will not have a significant impact on yours energy resilience. and what's critical is that we are working day in day out both on a short term basis in a long term basis to address our energy security for of, for europe. the u. s. as long warned that europe, his 2 dependents on russian gas and gas leaks and the baltic sea overshadowed the
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launch of a different project to secure supply denmark components leaders to it. a polish facility, part of a project to transport norwegian gas via denmark to poland, to replace russian supplies. the ruptured gnawed stream pipelines partly owned by rushes. biggest gas producer. the kremlin has also suggested foul play. she just knew as creature near them, no option can be ruled out right now, it's clear that there is damage to the pipeline. so we can't exclude any version of events regarding the reasons for this before the results of the official investigation. we're doing these crew church, which broke with, with the accusations of sabotaged the suspicions over who is to blame, a ratcheting up tensions between russia and its european neighbors.
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ukraine's president vladimir zalinski has vowed to defend all his countries territory, including regions occupied by russia and which are expected to be annexed. following bogus, so called referendums, speaking to the un security council as voting results were released, zelinski slammed what he called the russian governments attempt to steal land. he called on the international community to punish russia with even tougher sanctions . and isolated president vladimir putin. russia's recognition, these sham rough rendez as normal, the implementation of the so called crime means scenario. and another attempt to and that's ukrainian territory, will me, that there is nothing to talk about with these pro president of russia. annexation is the kind of move that boots him alone against the whole of humanity.
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well, moscow says early results from the so called referendums, held in occupied ukraine show. most voters favor joining russia. moscow has indicated it will move quickly to annex the regions and its fear that that could be used as a pretext to up the stakes in president putin's fledgling battlefield campaign. with dropping of votes into the ballot box should mean having a say in one's future. but not many ukrainians believed. that's what happened in so called referendums, staged in for russian held regions of ukraine. first, results showed overwhelming support for joining russia. cave in the west have already said they would not recognize the outcome of a ballot that ukraine says was in some cases conducted at gunpoint millage scripture, fema today there's a small number of people who have to put something like that. agreement mark on the pallet through the horse. and why?
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because a man comes to every house with a rifle and asked them to vote. sure. what should people do when an arm person comes to their home? often what they're forced to saw. the ballad room or swimmer. you do not see a video from mary. you po, shared by the ukranian city, government in exile shows armed soldiers following election workers into residential buildings. and warning by ukrainian or thirties that people will face criminal punishment if they vote prompted some to leave and others to hide behind closed doors with ukrainian leadership and it's western allies see the referendums as a pretext for the kremlin to annexed the 4 regions blue hans donnette sk sir parisha and her son many ordinary ukrainians. think the same
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near that then is a call if illegal rich, unfortunately they're worse and fascist. it's simply an unbearable thing. even a human theme in a chilling warning last week, vladimir putin said he would be ready to use nuclear weapons to protect territory. he considered part of the russian federation with the war, escalating continuously over the last few months. many ukrainians left their homes long before moscow staged. it's so cold referendums on their future. those who stayed face the likelihood they'll now have to live as citizens of russia, and perhaps even become fighters for its army. lulu detail view correspondence. ne conley is in the ukrainian capital kiva, and gave us his assessment of whether people in occupied regions of ukraine would fight for russia. was sidney. we have already seen signs the russia is trying to recruit people in these regions so far with
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a promise of money and other cut near. occasionally there been reports of dressed and kind of pressure applied these people to different offense. the russia would rather recruit people from tonya formula. honda can maybe even put egypt, other parts are locked by ukraine rather than risking the kind of kind of social conflict we're seeing in the mobilization in russia itself. as for people being willing to fight against you, granting it their own country, you're often going to be a question of how much freedom they have to choose. how much real auction they have, we were hearing about people being for the passport, even before these boats, anyone working for the government, teachers, doctors, civil servants basically being given the option of taking the worst and passport or losing their job and their own way of surviving so definitely is a prospect that is very scary and we as with voting in this so called referenda, we think people just trying to sit it out, hiding from the authority, the russian occupational 30 they're sitting in the summer house is trying to stay at apartments where they're not registered where the authorities wouldn't know
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where to look to them and hope that somebody's cost them by. and something similar happens as ukraine is able to do in hockey, where they are able to push russian front lines back to doesn't have kilometers in the space a few days. a note of that would then kind of solve the problem that was due to view corresponding economy in cave. well, the border agency from tax says that nearly 66000 russians have flooded into the european union over the past week. as men leave to avoid being called up to fight in ukraine, latvia has declared a state of emergency as its frontier comes under pressure and outside the u. conflicts done, and georgia are reporting tens of thousands of arrivals. don't do correspondents, maria cut matter reports. now from a checkpoint on the border between georgia and russia super, thanks to the georgians for opening the border. it made it much easier for us to live, to live alone with friends, children, our family on foot,
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or by bike with or without pads. many of these people crossing the border from russia into georgia are doing so to avoid being sent to war. d, w 's, maria cut to mads. they went to meet some of them. so the thought of the mobilization of russia, this checkpoint enabling georgia, has been working in an emergency mode. thousands of russians have already until the country trying to escape the war in ukraine. russian man, along with their families, spent days and nights in queue session 4 kilometers most of the time without food and water, the price that they're willing to pay to. so we're going to the battlefield alias, spend 3 days on the road, moscow to up se flat. he have cars 1st by train than by bicycle. this is how he crossed the border into georgia bushels, but i cannot support what is happening in russia. now. i am against putin's policies. i am against this war, but i think it makes absolutely no sense. i was actually supposed to go to japan for a permanent residency in 6 months. but i decided that if everything closes down,
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there won't be any japan. when you really would've nikki says, originate from moscow, he worked for an energy company which closed down because of the war, he'd like to return to russia some day when moscow changes its political course. are going to, there is a huge influx of cause, a huge influx of people, but i understand the customs officers have figured out how to deal with this situation and have started to organize traffic. and what is interesting is people are also organizing themselves so much when you go with george is on his way from crowds nadar to visit relatives in georgia. he tells d w, the border guards don't let every one through rose. he took my passport and check to see if i was being drafted. that was it. those who are being mobilized, they just turn them around just like that. there have been cases like this. the george and interior ministry has already announced. it does not intend to close the border with russia. the russian federal security service has already deployed military personnel and an arm and personal carrier to the frontier. to stop russians fleeing their mobilization orders. hurricane ian has left
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a trail of destruction across cuba, cutting off power to a 1000000 people. it's now heading for the southern united states. nasa has cancelled a planned launch in florida and moved it's joined. our artemus moon rocket safely back into its hanger. as the state prepares for one of the fiercest storms in decades. battling the elements as hurricane in closed in on cuba. the hurricane ripped through the western part of the island for 5 hours, tearing down power, lions, and flooding homes with little over $40000.00 people were evacuated. they escaped with their lives, but many have nothing left to go home to. no, you can get through anything except death. we'll keep going. we'll always keep going. hurricane ian is expected to head northwards over the gulf of mexico,
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where it is likely to grow wider and stronger before reaching florida on friday, and bringing heavy rain and flooding to georgia on saturday. while residents prepare for the worst summer, still hoping that hurricane in will go away up to 3 meters of storm surge is expected. leaving those near the coast, particularly vulnerable prima him at the moment. can you imagine we are 100 meters from the beach? we're trying to take precautions bought damages, unavoidable, because a hurricane that comes out with such a force. what caused damage, but we're trying our purse with local c. u. s. president joe biden has declared a state of emergency in florida and some, 2 and a half 1000000 people are under evacuation orders. the government has prepared huge
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amounts of fuel, water meals, and emergency personnel to try and mitigate what looks likely to be a full blown disaster. all right, well that's all for now coming up after the break dw business with stephen beardsley. he looks at the impact of the surging daughter and don't forget, you can stay up to date on our website, dw, dot com. and of course follows on our social media. cancer handle is dw news on public, totally, yes, from me on the team here in britney. and thanks for watching. take care and i'll see you again at the top, the next hour. ah, ah, every journey is full of surprises. we've gone all out to give you some tips with.


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