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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2022 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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and you'll find more news on our website, dw dock up explosions in the baltic sea tear holes in the north stream gas pipelines between russia and germany. they'd already been shut down as europe turns away from russia for its fuel supplies. so what caused these explosions? and if this was sabotaged, what did the saboteurs hope to gain? i'm fil gail in berlin and this is the day ah, leaps from north street one and 2 highlights. the urgency of increasing our energy security in your jewish today. we faced an act of sabotage. several 1000 pipelines are very vulnerable. it just requires
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a boat requires some divers, that bill how to handle explosive devices. we're talking about damage to the piping . it's not clear what kind of pressure really dropped in the danish stone. there's basically only one actor right now that actually benefit from more and that is russia to an act, which likely means a further step of escalation of the situation in ukraine. now ok also on the de protests against the state to funeral for former japanese, the prime minister sions are, are back as leaders, honor his legacy. and if on thought, cheat sheet of it was the one who worked harder than anyone else in the world to build and maintain peace with japan, the region and across the globe will c. o. welcome to the day. authorities are investigating where the sabotage is the cause of links and the
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nord stream gas pipelines connecting russia to europe, scientists recorded explosions in the baltic sea before detecting 3 similar tamia sneaks. ukraine's accused russia of carrying out a terror attack. germany, denmark, and the u. s. all fear it could be sabotage. the company says it's extremely concerned about the leaks. the pipeline operator says the damage is unprecedented. gas bubbles, churn, the baltic. see this video from denmark's military shows one area where 70 meters below sea level gases escaping from the nord stream pipelines, the undersea pipelines. nordstrom, $1.00 and $2.00 link russia and germany, 3 red dots mark the places where leaks were detected, even though the pipelines are not currently delivering russian gas to europe. they're still fuel in the pipes. the pipelines operator reported
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a drop in pressure, but research has said they had detected possible explosions in the area where the leaks were observed. well, the source of these explosions, i mean, i mean, as far as we can tell, there is nothing a natural naturally occurring that that could explain the the exact source of them . it's, of course, a bit hard for us to speculate the backs. these really are explosions, which we find highly likely. then of course, there are man made somehow denmark said the leaks when no accident but caused by deliberate actions. as the danish prime minister, who had an energy facility in poland, intended to bring gas from norway to replace russian supplies, poland leader called the leaks sabotaged the questions over the possible blasts and baltic sea highlight how politicized energy supplies have become following russia's
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invasion of ukraine the kremlin has also suggested foul play. if she just needs a scrutiny of them, no upson can be ruled out right now. it's clear that there is damage to the pipeline, so we can't exclude any version of events regarding the reason for this young man to before the results of the official investigation. we're doing news crew church, which broke through it, and it's an investigation that will be closely watched by russia and it's european neighbors. let's watch it now with benjamin schmidt. hayes, our former european energy security advisor, the u. s. department of state and joins us from cambridge, massachusetts. a welcome back to at d. w. bed. what do you reckon? i'm sabotaged unfortunately, i think so, phil, i think that you know, when we saw this, let's go over the timeline of last 24 hours. the 1st nord string to trunk line.
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remember each northridge pipeline consists of 2 trunk lines carrying half a capacity each. so the 1st of the 2 north string to trunk lines. first had reports of a pressure drop, rapidly press relation and then visibility of a leak basically, bubbles coming to the surface that was 1st seen by a danish f. 16 pilot on patrol in the baltic sea. so what that said to me immediately was, you know, where did this take place? and this took place, se born home. and this is notable because the, the bad se, the born home was for a long time objected to, to have constructed life gets going on by all, many of the baltic sea literal states that took place in the us who convention process underscores. the environmental security risk because of large scale chemical and conventional munition dumping sites in that region that took place post world war 2. so my thought over last night,
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maybe it's some sort of physical security incident related to those dumping sites that were long since warned about since the very initiation of northridge to project development. however, later yesterday, overnight, the rapid drop of north 31 pressure through both of its trunk lines in a location that happens to be north east of bourne home. not directly adjacent to the north, 32 sites really, you know, hits home that very likely is in some sort of manmade incident. and this really raises mistakes in a completely new and different way, but not a way that was completely unforeseen. there are reports that are coming out that the u. s. intelligence. see the cia actually warned berlin about this potential over the summer again, was reported by spiegel. so, so what, what man made but deliberate and who might benefit from sabotaging to
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none operational pipelines? well, what there is, there is any number of reasons that one can think of for the russian federation to do this. there was some, some speculation in target spiegel yesterday that, that, you know, this could be a way for russia to create what would be considered a false flag operation. in other words, to try to blame this either on ukraine or ukrainian partisans. on the west, on the united states, on poland, on germany, you name it, nato and, and basically to turn up uncertainty. i also would create uncertainty in, in the markets as well, but also have that political uncertainty to try to reduce the solidarity that the west has with ukraine. but at the same time, there's another reason that we can, we can look at and this is tied back to the siemens gas turbine sanctions waiver issue that i just testified before. canadian parliament on just
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a few weeks ago. which is to say that russia already is saying that shouldn't need to go in and help repair these pipelines. that it, it would have to have sanctions lifted technology sanction lifted on the pipelines in on russia for them to be able to do so. okay, just looking at the pictures of these channing said ones wondering why is that still pressurized gas in these pipelines when neither is operational? well, 1st of all, we have to remember that for nord string to let's, let's look at that 1st north stream to with go undergoing commissioning operations in the late months of 2021 in early 2022. so it had reportedly been filled with what is known as test gas. so the still methane and was filled with that gas. the last reporting that i have seen in the press before germany took its decision to revoke certification and us took its decision in the hours before russia's large
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elevation to finally impose mandatory bipartisan sanctions to at to stop nord stream to. so what you're seeing from the north stream to pipe is very likely that test gas escaping the pipeline from the sea back into the water column, which is a major concern for, for, for maritime traffic. because that can actually create, you know, unstable buoyancy situations in the water column that could create a basically danger at the surface level for vessels and north stream. one, yes, although nor 31 for the past 4 weeks or so has been cut off by a political decision by moscow, although blamed on the turbine issue of over the summer. again, this would be filled with latent gas. so the question is, has russia turned off any pressure that can be going into the, into the pipes, to make this kit catastrophe even worse? and that's not a right answer that i've been able to get yet. ok, so so, so looking at why this is so important to europe, sab fueled security,
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energy security. but when series coming, i'm going to be spending a lot more time in doors. how has a, a you done in reducing its dependence on russian, oil and gas? it's working as fast as it can fill. the problem is it's very difficult to build infrastructure to increase that direct one to one hydrocarbon swap. ah, it's so natural gas for natural gas, russia for swapping out rushes for global market. ellen g as quickly as possible. there's, there's development of floating surgery, gas vacation units going on across the baltic coastline, and in particular, in germany. but with these, you know, unexpected incidence. you have a situation where russia is now already threatening to cut off gas through ukraine and may try to use that to leverage and undermine western solidarity. on not only the technology sanctions i talked about earlier, but also on western support for your brain. trying to get to a cease fire for potent to basically reload and get through all of his recruitment
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of $300000.00 troops and, and rebuild to, to take another run it ukraine. and we can't let that happen as of a pleasure talking to you at been always very clear from the state department, european energy security advisor benjamin smith. thank you. thanks so much feel, ah, a moscow claims early results from so called referendums and occupied ukraine, shown most folks as favor joining russia, the crime that's expected to use the outcome to annex for regions cave and its allies say these are sham balance and they're refusing to recognize the results really dropping of those into the balance box should mean having a saying one future that not many ukrainians believe that's what happened in so called referendums, staged in for russian held regions of ukraine. first, results showed as a welding support for joining russia. cave in the west have already said they would
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not recognize the outcome of a valid that ukraine says was in some cases conducted at gunpoint merrill lynch scripture. fema today there's a small number of people who have to pick something like that, agreement mark on the policy through the portal. and why wouldn't? because a man comes to every house with a rifle and asked them to vote. sure, what should people do when an arm person comes to their home tomorrow? they're forced to sign the ballad room or schumer. you do not see a video from mary. you po, shared by the ukranian city, government in exile shows armed soldiers following election workers into residential buildings. a warning by ukrainian or authorities that people will face criminal punishment if they vote prompted some to leave. and others to hide behind closed doors with ukrainian leadership and its western allies see the
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referendums as a pretext for the kremlin to annexed the 4 regions. lu hans donetta ask sir parisha and her son many ordinary ukrainians. think the same network that music will. it's illegal rich, unfortunately, they're worse on fashion. it's simply unbearable. then you've been a human team in a chilling warning. last week, vladimir putin said he would be ready to use nuclear weapons to protect territory. he considers part of the russian federation with the war escalating continuously over the last few months. many ukrainians left their homes long before moscow staged. it's so cold referendums on their future. those we stayed, face the likelihood thou now have to live as citizens of russia, and perhaps even become fighters for its army. the one of the lesser reported
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aspects of this war is its effect on women and girls in ukraine and around the world. so let's bring an asset regular. she's assistant secretary general of the united nations and deputy executive director of un women. she joined us from new york. welcome to d, w. and let's start in ukraine at explain to us how the, the war is affecting women and girls differently to men and boys. thank you so much for having me. well, and this the wards, devastating, obviously on everyone. but we can see, for example, that seems women had lower income than men to start with their food insecurity and power. poverty is increasing more than lens air. we see that the increased food prices have the same, have that effect on, on remain, that they are often enough responsible for food and cooking and so on as many countries. and therefore, the police price, the higher prices have
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a great impact on their, on their poverty rates. we also know that 90 percent almost of those who have sled ukraine and during the war or we mean waste children. and we know that there is great theresa. unfortunately for trafficking and other all of exploitation, for example, i would say forced and forced pornography and different kinds of, of sexual exploitation of women and girls. we also know all documented cases of violence, sexual violence against women in ukraine and by russian soldiers. so there are many different ways that we are affected in a very, very concerning way. by the way, i did want to ask you specifically about women and in those areas of ukraine that are occupied by russians. and this is the threat of sexual violence,
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particularly as it just that's, that is one very big concern that there has been, are there is an ongoing investigation that is mandated by the human rights counseling in geneva. and they came out with the 1st report on friday where they document and several cases of sexual violence against women and girls. and even to me, who works with this on a daily basis all over the world. they're very upsetting information in that report . and obviously it is important that the you and the others really try our best for justice for women and girls. i want to also point out that although women are both victims of violence and other hardship during the war, they're also extraordinary leaders. and they are often those who support other
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women and people with big needs in the country sides. maybe people with disabilities who can't move easily. and they actually also are in dialogue with us about the recovery of ukraine, of course, also together with the government of ukraine. that's very clear. and more generally your report talks about the problems being faced by women and girls being invisible. what. what do you mean by at that? as always, i mean they, they, in terms of war, obviously everybody is affected. but we might hear more about what happens to, to, to most of all men because a war is for which i man and it is important to highlight what is actually happening to women and children in these situations. and what strikes
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me the most is that we mean are both really suffering the effects on war, but they're also doing incredible deeds for others in terms of highlighting other people's needs. and for example, ukraine is the war. so with a big percentage of elderly people, which we actually haven't really seen this way before, and that is a group elderly women is the group that is not necessarily visible under. so thank you so much for joining us. as a regular assistant to un secretary general deputy executive director of you and women. thank you so much for having me. ah. a to japan which has held a state funeral for former prime minister sions. obey who was assassinated in july . it was attended by dignitary from around the world, but there was also widespread opposition because of the funerals cost and because
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of divisions over mister abe's legacy ah, cremated shortly after his death. sheen's obese ashes, we carried into his state funeral by his widow, a key abbey. such services normally reserved for japan's imperial family. but an exception was granted for the countries longest serving prime minister ah, ministers among the international dignitaries where indian prime minister no render mo day started on boarding yoletta and former british prime minister of to resume jacob your pocket japanese prime minister. cuz she to
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fu meo, lead the tributes and iep on thought. cheeky sheen saw there was the one who worked harder than anyone else in the world to build and maintain peace with japan. the region and across the globe will see how you and to maintain and promote an international order that values freedom. she democracy think are human rights and the rules law. you stella of a single so logical disha. ah, ever a polarizing figure in japan. hundreds protested against our bay state funeral and its $11000000.00 price tag. it is perhaps on the world stage where our base influence is most admired. us vice president comalla horace, spoke of his importance. ah, i hate live here. the term friends and hope in the city and is
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a member of the end of this is america lead chairs with the service emphasized abe's global legacy. as a country under family said they final good by to sins or are they a spring and no to buy as heresies an expert on japanese politics and a senior fellow for asia at the center for american progress is also author of the iconoclast and sions. are arby and the new japan which examines mister abe's rise and fall as japanese leader and harry shaped japan's role in the world. a welcome to d w. a. let's start with these protests about this state to funeral. tell us more about the objections. well, i think there are a few different reasons why
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a public opinion ended up becoming so strongly against holding the state payroll and, and to be, to be clear as a state funeral. this means a state funeral funded entirely out of the national treasury where you have other prime ministers where the costs have been afraid by other organizations. and so the opposition for the most part was not to having a ceremony of this kind, but it was who was going to foot the bill. and so just to get that out of the way. but i think there are 3 at least 3 different streams and one is just the cost. the public is always, i think, sensitive about outlays and whether out later, truly justified. second, i think, you know, when you look at the aftermath of his assassination, the attention that's been paid now to the somewhat questionable or suspect linked between ave another liberal democratic party politicians and the so called unification church and formerly called unification church. that there's been a lot of attention on that as a major political question of the moment. and so i think some of it was just a question of whether this was really appropriate, given those questions. and then finally,
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i just think you have to consider the fact that throughout his career, abby was a politician who was not hesitant to advance his views to advance his vision for the country. and frankly, that was a vision that was often at odds with the views of many of his countrymen who was always a controversial figure. he was always someone who i think accepted that and accepted that to be the kind of politician who wants to advance a particular vision. you have to be willing to face criticism. and so i think we should be that surprised that in death as in life, he's proven quite controversial and just picking up on one of those control. this is a he did upset a lot of especially older people when he chose to re interpret japan's pacifist constitution. robin think to change it of through parliament oriented by referendum . so base of course, a lot of great military investments and the potential for japanese forces to fight overseas. and a lot of people never forgave him for that. well, i mean, i think you have to look at the bigger context even for ave, pursuing that. and that is as, as a politician ever since he entered politics in the early 90 ninety's,
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abe's mission above all wells, was really removing what he called the post war regime, the set of institutions, the constraints placed on the japanese military, on the japanese, stayed at the end of world war 21945 by the us occupation. and he, as a politician, wanted to overturn that consensus. he was very clear about this when he became prime minister for the 1st time in 2006. he said as his logan, i am determined to leave behind the post war regime. and frankly, for a lot of older japanese and you look at his support by generation, a lot of older japanese appreciated that post war consensus. i mean, they grew up turned up was for consensus, they had positive associations about it and, and did not see the point. and of course his support was always, i think, stronger among younger japanese. and so, i mean, there, i mean, he was touching some of the most fundamental cultural identity questions, the japanese have it and i think is always made him a figure that it made it very difficult to persuade. a lot of japanese to follow his vision. good talking to you. thank you so much for joining us at west harris
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off of the iconic last sions are abi, i'm the new japan. thank you. and that is the day you find the saw on the twitter i've at d w use or you can follow me to feel good more. of course on the d w website at d w dot com have a good day. ah ah ah
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