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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2022 3:00am-3:15am CEST

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shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture. this was, this happened to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, explosions in the baltic sea then leaks from the gas pipelines, connecting russia and europe. european countries, including germany, say it was deliberate. other western leaders ask whether this was russian sabotage . also on the program. ukrainian president followed amir zalinski advised to defend
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all his countries territory. he says, russia is trying to steal land after moscow claims so called referendums in occupied regions. show people in favor of joining russia. and the great exits from russia gathers momentum, tens of thousands more mand leave, to avoid being called up to fight in ukraine. ah, i pablo foliage. welcome to the program, germany, denmark, and sweden. se saboteurs caused gas leaks in the nord stream pipelines connecting russia to the u. scientists recorded explosions in the baltic sea before detecting 3 symbol tanius leaks. the pipeline operator says the damage is unprecedented. european commission president ursula founder lions says she also thinks that
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sabotage is to blame and says any attacks on europe's energy infrastructure will be met with the strongest possible response. gas bubbles, churning the baltic. see this video from denmark's military shows thousands of cubic meters of fuel flowing from a pipeline, at least 70 meters below sea level. the under see pipelines north stream one and 2 link russia and germany, the 3 red dots mark the places where leaks were detected. even though the pipelines are not currently delivering russian gas to europe, they are still full of fuel. after the pressure in the pipeline dropped earlier this week, the operator said that suggested actual damage to the on the sea pipes. some european leaders say that damage was no accident. the
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order says we have swedish intelligence, but we also have received information from denmark. and based on this, we concluded that this is probably a deliberate act. it is probably a case of sabotage. they also told anthro gormet sub with osh, it's still not clear what caused the problems on the pipeline pallets of which were constructed just a few years ago. but sweden has launched a preliminary probe to find out if the system was intentionally attacked. but if it is confirmed, that's clearly in no one's interest. um, now my understanding is the leaks will not have a significant impact on europe's energy resilience. and what's critical is that we are working day and day out both on a short term basis in a long term basis to address energy security for, for europe. the u. s. as long warned that europe, his 2 dependents on russian gas and gas leaks and the baltic sea overshadowed the
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launch of a different project to secure supply denmark components. leaders who had a polish facility pulse of a project to transport norwegian gas via denmark to poland, to replace russian supplies. the ruptured gnawed stream pipelines, apparently owned by russia's biggest gas producer. the kremlin has also suggested foul play. she just near jay's creature near them, no option can be ruled out right now. it's clear that there is damage to the pipeline, so we can't exclude any version of events regarding the reason for this year, before the results of the official investigation is clear to renew scriptures which broke through them. with the accusations of sabotage, the suspicions over who is to blame a ratcheting up tensions between russia and it's european neighbors. but we
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asked the energy analyst mikhail critique. hin, whether he believes the pipeline leaks were caused by sabotage. yes, definitely. it was summer tires as far as when to stand that big explosions and ruptures in the biplanes that currently own the same old same old dangerously. but the problem is to determine who is to blame if well, of the investigators the race pieces over the y, blaine, and the see the holes in the pipes. well have edges point in those words inside the by then it was an explosion firm. i will cite a made by some maybe sub what that was group or some and on the water equipment which was to explore those pipelines. or if we see that the explosions occurred inside the pipes, then it was
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a gasper all gasp room could easily send well sounds in which the technicians called the big it's a robot that goes inside the pipeline and it is very easy to well send it in the pipe to a specific point and then had to have it exploded because gasper will definitely the company, the benefits from the explosions. because you've got a well, a show as to the world. does that the decrease or munition of gas supply was caused by some forest miles or some? well, circumstances that are beyond the will of gas pearl, then gas proven is not going to pay the penalty for breaking contracts and the failure to deliver as us or you go, my guess ukraine's president vladimir zelinski has vowed to defend all his
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country's territory, including regions occupied by russia and which moscow plans to annex following bogus, so called ref, random's speaking to the un security council as voting results were released. zalinski said president vladimir putin was waging a one man fight against the rest of humanity. once again, russia seems poised to take over neighboring territory illegally. moscow says the referendums, unoccupied. ukraine reflect the voice of the people, and that they say they want to become russian. ukraine in its allies, say the votes are nothing more than a pretext for expansion. there are also fears that russia would try to press men in the regions into military service to fight against keith's forces. ukraine's president says he's not going to let that happen. it's whole was provo. this further attempt to annex ukrainian territory means there is nothing more to talk about with the president of russia. i shall audit fishy leveled them with you. we
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will act to protect our people in the henderson region in this episode. asia region in don bass, in the currently occupied areas of the heart of cape region and in crimea. if cromwell, russia's, annexation of crimea. and 2014 was preceded by referendum, much like the one that just ended unconstitutional, announced mir days before voting began and carried out in a war zone in the presence of armed soldiers. most countries don't recognize russian control of crimea. western allies say the same will apply to the 4 regions where the latest sham referendums took place. here, at the u. n, the u. s. promised to make russia pay if it tries a repeat of crimea the united states will never recognize any territory. russia attempts to seize or allegedly annex as anything other than part of ukraine. we reject russia's actions unequivocally. and we will continue to work with our allies,
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partners and like minded to impose cost on russia and to provide historic amounts of support for ukraine. but international condemnation hasn't stopped moscow's ambitions and ukraine. vladimir putin has even threatened to use nuclear weapons to defend territory. he claims his part of russia. at this point, only he knows where that imaginary border lies. the border agency from tax says nearly 66000 russians have flooded into the european union over the past week, as man leave to avoid being called up to fight in ukraine. latvia has declared a state of emergency as its frontier comes under pressure and outside the european union, kazakhstan and georgia are reporting tens of thousands of arrivals. dw correspondence, maria cat matzoh reports. now from a check point on the border between georgia and russia. especially bird,
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thanks to the georgians for opening the border. it made it much easier for us to live, to live alone with friends, children, or family on foot, or by bike with or without pets. many of these people crossing the border from russia into georgia, but are doing so to avoid being sent to war. d, w 's, maria cut to mads. they went to meet some of them says the thought of the level ization of russia. this checkpoint enabling georgia has to be working in an emergency mode. thousands of russians have already until the country trying to escape the war in ukraine. russian mat, along with their families, spent days and nights in q session for kilometers, most of the time without food and water, the price that they're willing to pay to. so we're going to the battlefield. iliad spent 3 days on the road, moscow to up se, flat cough cars 1st by train than by bicycle. this is how he crossed the border into georgia bushes, but i cannot support what is happening in russia now. i am against putin's policies . i am against this war,
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but i think it makes absolutely no sense. i was actually supposed to go to japan for a permanent residency in 6 months. but i decided that if everything closes down, there won't be any japan. when you have any wood, nikki says originate from moscow. he worked for an energy company which closed down because of the war he's had figured out how to deal with this situation and have started to organize traffic. and what is interesting is people are also organizing themselves, so marketing is always, george is on his way from crowds, nadar to visit relatives in georgia. he tells d w, the border guards don't let every one through, rose. he took my passport and checked to see if i was being drafted. that was it. those who are being mobilized, they just turned them around, just like that. there have been cases like this. the george and interior ministry has already announced. it does not intend to close the border with russia. the russian federal security service has already deployed military personnel and an arm and personal carrier to the frontier to stop russians fleeing their mobilization orders. let's take
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a look now at some of the other news from around the world. saudi crown prince, muhammad been sell, man, has become prime minister, a role tradition be held by the king. 86 year old king salmon appointed his son and heir to the road by royal decree. the crime prince has been the effect of router since becoming defense minister in 2017 authorities and mexico have arrested a leader of an extremist ultra orthodox jewish sect in the south of the country. the left to how are group is accused of organized crime and human trafficking. officials said an unspecified number of women and children had also been removed from the groups jungle compound units of like on the final reports from cuba say the islands, entire electricity system has collapsed as a result of damage caused by hurricane ian. that means the whole country is without power. the hurricane is now heading for the southern united states. nasa has
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cancelled a planned launch in florida and moved it's joined to our to miss moon rocket safely back into its hanger. as the state prepares for one of the fiercest storms in decades, battling the elements as hurricane in closed in on cuba. the hurricane ripped through the western part of the island for 5 hours. tearing down power, lions, and flooding homes reasonable for over 40000 people were evacuated. they escaped with their lives, but many have nothing left to go home to. no, you can get through anything except death. we'll keep going. we'll always keep going. ha, hurricane ian is expected to head northwards over the gulf of mexico, where it is likely to grow wider and stronger before reaching florida on friday, and bringing heavy rain and flooding to georgia on saturday. while residents
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prepare for the worst summer, still hoping that hurricane in will go away up to 3 meters of storm surge is expected. leaving those near the coast, particularly run rouble pima him at the moment. can you imagine we are 100 meters from the beach? we're trying to take precautions bought damages, unavoidable, i guess a hurricane that comes along with such a force. what caused damage, but we're trying our purse with what's even u. s. president joe biden has declared a state of emergency in florida and some, 2 and a half 1000000 people are under evacuation orders. the government has prepared huge amounts of fuel, water meals and emergency personnel to try and mitigate what looks likely to be a full blown disaster. all right,
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well that's all for now coming up after the break, our doc fil methods of manipulation which looks at the science behind emotions. and don't forget, you can stay up to date on all the latest news and our website, d, w dot com. and of course follows on our social media accounts. i'm pablo foliage for me and the team here. berlin, thanks for watching. take care and i'll see you again the top of an exam with how did she become at off hitler's favorite director? and how did he become a forgotten, sil, pioneer, lenient even.


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