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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2022 7:30am-8:00am CEST

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and governments go crazy for your data. explain how these technologies work with how they can also terribly watch ah ah, ah, the era of cheap energy as well and truly over with the war in ukraine revealing an uncomfortable truth about just how reliant many countries had become on russian oil and gas from an environmental perspective though one hopeful scenario is that we may see an accelerated switch to renewables as
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a response to the crisis. the potential, of course, is huge, but as we'll see on today's show, so are at the challenges coming up by offshore wind. farms in greece are drawing protests, how to harness the heating power of computers, and a brief history of electric mobility. i'm k, ferguson. welcome to mate. rising fuel costs are an especially big issue for energy intensive industries like aluminium production. just take a look at this trajectory in the past 2 years. the price of natural gas has risen nearly $40.00 forwards in europe. though skyrocketing costs are putting a huge strain on production facilities. in our next report will hear from industry insiders in the western german city of nice. the production of liquid aluminum has a long history in germany. the process used to make it is called fused song electrolysis, and it uses a lot of energy,
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a whole lot. one ton of aluminum needs. 15000 kilowatt hours. energy costs in germany this summer meant that costs 6000 euros, bought on the world market. a ton of aluminum sells for just a fraction of this price. so what happens now? if it gets ripped, i think production will decrease and we're seeing that already over there. i really hope we can avoid a large scale industry shut down on players gone and works for the economic development department in noice. the city has a history that goes back over 2000 years, making it one of the oldest cities in germany. to day noise is a wealthy industrial town. still, andreas collins job has gotten tougher. b for bravo. consumers are watching their wallets because they don't know what's coming this winter. you fall, they're saving back, and trade and astronomy are noticing a mom yet. so. so we're in crisis mode for the 3rd straight year. well, we will,
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after corona, we're trying to make sure things don't get even worse for businesses, learn more respected, but the local economic development office can't solve the energy crisis on its own . noise has been especially hard hit, treat, major aluminum factories are located nearby. their energy costs are almost $10.00 times higher than they were last year. line vac has already cut its production by half, which has raised concerns. yes, it was on the level we're facing a unique challenge and an especially difficult situation. we certainly need to cushion the blow from the hardships in these industries for their employees, that e, but in this time of energy scarcity, it doesn't make sense to artificially keep energy intensive industries producing this winter. you log in. so should businesses just shut down for the winter? the aluminum industry says that's absurd. don't often which i ovens like
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these can't just be turned off like your oven at home. it's an incredibly laborious and cost intensive process and firing them up again, only makes sense if there are major changes in the energy market. i thought you said not up. there is an energy distribution problem to households. automobiles and businesses need energy. and there are big differences between industries. these branches use 75 percent of industrial energy and are now in big trouble. political action is needed. energy intensive businesses are demanding a europe wind cap on energy prices, as well as state bank aid to keep companies from having to stop production. this is one point businesses and labor unions agree on works. council's plan to turn up the political pressure in the, in ag intends, in just over 800000 people, work in energy intensive industries in germany, which gives us a lot of weight,
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politically with india. one god by pilots, 800000 workers means 800000 votes. him so we can definitely make a difference. the max present hospice being now the government must decide. will energy intensive industries be granted emergency aid? or should the state provide relief to employees who will have to find new jobs in the long run? because few believe that energy prices and germany will drop significantly any time soon. on foot, i presume the world's aluminum production will shift to places where energy production is cheaper. oh d e. or if we want to produce in a way that sustainable, that will tend to be in places where photovoltaic energy is available in the daytime. all year round. oh, oh, no peace, gusty of the solar energy is dirt cheap. days when we find heavy industries
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leaving germany would be a horror scenario for economic developer unclear garland. 5000 jobs in his region depend on the aluminum industry alone. i'm sure it's maria. it'd be great if folks would cut back a bit so we can keep working on otherwise, i'd gladly lower the heat a few degrees at home. if that means industries in noise can keep going. how much energy and emergency aid will be allotted? germany faces a tough decision as in expect, the energy crisis has led to urgent calls to speed up the green transition. but that is easier said than done. take grief as an example. the government there wants to shut an all coal plants by the year 2028th. the plan is that by 203070 percent of the country's energy needs coverage by renewables. recent years, the island of eva, east of athens,
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has become an example of how the switch to renewables could knock its home to several 100 wind turbines. but not every one is a fan of the venture. and though it might surprise you, some of the loudest voices of discontent are actually coming from environmental groups. in the south of e via you can see wind turbines everywhere. there are 400 in this region alone and more are plant. katerina and yanis belong to an environmental group fighting against more industrial wind farms of sylvester le 5 such as the salazar messy, get the scene from the mountain at the back all the way to here. the 14 more wind turbines are being planned, so each at a height of 185 meters, them there are the foundations and of course the company wide roads that are fair enough in the ocean. fiancee's roman. ready nature is already under attack here after several devastating wildfires. ready contrary to what was promised, the area hasn't been re forested. so heavy rains pose
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a threat to the coastal town. without plants and trees, the water gushes down unchecked. rods cracking walls, falling houses, flooding. so we, we experienced all that amount of water coming down with a great force and having nothing to hold it. and now if the turbans do get installed, the entire mountain will be balled, so there will be no for nothing to hold the water. and that could spell the end for these roman ruins. the famous chipper lino marble of ancient greece was once quarried here. no wind turbine says the banner, the inhabitants of southern india are fed up. they don't even benefit from the electricity because it goes to the attic region on the mainland, the underwater cable.
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instead, residents here are left with the remains of 32 disused wind turbines. it's potentially hazardous water for which no one is apparently taking responsibility. this hikers paradise in the north of the island is also threatened. the energy company motor oil wants to cut down 50000 trees for a wind farm. residents here are outraged and don't understand the reasoning. the companies have fair given the environmental status about this area they open in is that the distraction of the 50000 threes and they're, they're part of the, of the mountains in this particular area. it's not gonna affect they'll the actual environments or the economy or anything. so if we had to the biggest number of people going against it. now, a broad coalition of activists,
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scientists and politicians, is fighting to preserve this bio tope. the regions governor is critical of the actions taken by the government in athens. we should thus go for some more energy democracy, 1000000 newport shorted the 2 more and smaller investors to create their own renewables. and also for, for the big was it to have a deeper social control, a 3rd of so for when, how into which level they are the developer of the area mission, also containing, if you, fortunately for us and it was really for us to license the renewables which are nowadays licensed the by the federal government. many residents believe their objections don't count, even though they're the ones who will have to live with the consequences of more wind turbines. these ugly projects will have
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a negative impact on the beauty of the place. i think this many wind turbines makes no sense. there are other ways to generate energy like from floating offshore wind turbines in the c, let this and i'm a little bit lyn latham. the race for offshore permit has already begun hellenic petroleum has just signed a deal with german energy giant r w e. starting with a 2 megawatt wind farm at see exactly where isn't yet clear but voting, wind parks out on the high seas and out of sight aren't likely to happen any time soon. they see in greece and still be deep. so if you have to be pretty close to the shore to be able to develop fixed bottom projects. it, my understanding is that the 1st around we consist mainly or fixed,
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bought on eligible projects studies. and i like the really shallow waters close to the shore. wind turbines on the island and in the surrounding sea. the tourism branch isn't pleased him there. so in stanley and veteran, installing them in the sea would be even worse in america, with tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful theatre. we trade on that clear water. the natural beauty, the peace and tranquillity there, then we lose everything we're unfair live and the on the grief aims to become climate neutral to reach that goal. it's clearly even willing to sacrifice nature on the beautiful gee and islands. here in germany, it's getting noticeably cooler in ordinary times. this might be the moment it turn on the he's this year though many people are choosing to forego their usual comforts and just pop on an extra sweater or some willy socks instant. but perhaps there are other options available. it might find outlandish,
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but could your computer heat, your hope and lance? my house investigates? can computers be used for heating? it can get pretty warm when you work with your laptop on your lap. and the more data your desktop computer processes the hotter it gets, couldn't you harnessed this energy to heat your home? unfortunately, not the so called thermal dissipation loss of a p. c is far too low for that. but it could be enough for a single room measuring 15 square meters. a pc produce is 120 watts of waste heat up to 350 watts with a graphics card. a modern apartment building needs at least 30 watts per square meter for heating. so it's enough for the home office when the p. c is running at full capacity. big data centers are another story. they generate lots of heat and usually must be cooled with air conditioning. that eats up more than half
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of the energy requirements of a server farm and the heat just dissipates unused. not so in frankfurt. here 3000 new apartment are already heated, with waste heat, from an nearby data center via a district heating at work. oh. even better, why not install the heat source right into the building, like a company from dredged in does instead of a centralized data center, the servers are spread over several buildings. a server cabinet with 10 or 16 computers and the seller can heat a 150 square meter house year round the computers are networked. no more need for cooling or a server fun joe. digital association bit come figures, some 350000 apartments in germany, could be supplied this way. it's
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a small part of the country's heating needs, but an important step away from fossil fuels. when you think of the history of automobiles, he be forgiven for assuming that electric my balance, he is a rather new phenomenon embodied by signing you. tesla, running off the production line. in reality though, electric vehicles have been around for well over a century. they just didn't catch on commercially time to go on a voyage of discovery to find i've by this is an electric car. and this and this long before mask unveiled tesla model 3 whole 119 years before. in fact, a guy called albert pope presented the columbia most of carriage, one of the 1st commercial electric cars. americans loved it and electric cars in general. so much so that's around the turn of the century. they out sold gasoline powered cars. so what the hell happened
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the almost all vehicles in our streets today, gasoline college. and even though electric cars have come back, they certainly haven't quite broken into the mainstream. but that's about to change . why did electric cars disappear? and why are they going to make it big this time? let's take the 1st question 1st. there were a couple of reasons why the electric car failed and the early 19 hundreds. but ultimately the problem is the battery. this is tom standards, the deputy editor of the economist magazine. he's written a whole book on the history of the car, the lead acid battery, which is what the early calls using was very cheap, but it doesn't pack a lot of energy into a small space and it's very heavy. this meant you couldn't go very far and usually under 70 kilometers, even 2 of the brightest minds of the time,
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henry ford and thomas edison, who wanted to develop the fordable electric car, were not able to solve this. and so the internal combustion engine took the lead, a gradually got more reliable, and the fact that you could just, you know, head out into the roads and you'd probably be able to find fuel for this vehicle in a hardware store or a cabinet that gave them an edge because people who were buying these early college, whichever rich people he wanted to go on adventures, electric, how many cars had one last idea to save that product? there started marketing, it's physically to women because that clean and quiet and you don't have to be strong to turn the handle to get them started. so these were all seen is sort of feminine attributes. but then most drivers were men. and so the electric car gradually turned into a nice products and then disappeared completely. throughout the 20th century, there have been some attempts to revive them. for example, in the seventy's, when the all crisis had people looking for alternative sources of energy. but the
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spectrum technology hadn't progressed much. the comeback was short lived in the ninety's general motors came out with the evie, one that attracted somewhat of a cult following which ironically, might have been a problem for the manufacturer. it all turned out to be a bit of a p all night mad because the more general motors went told about just how wonderful in green and good for the environment. these electric cars were the more the company reminded everybody how bad for the environment all of it's all the calls were. so ultimately, general motors decided to pull the plug. g m denied this. but one reason why electric cars have never made it big, is that the kind oil industry probably didn't really want them to welcome to the electric cars, the future sponsored by the gasoline producers of america. oh, hi. i. the combustion engine has been a money printing machine for car makers and oil companies, but it now has an expired dates because 2 things have changed. one battery
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technology has improved. lithium ion battery store, more energy in a smaller space, and they're lighter than lead based batteries. and to the big thing that changes that we are now concerned about climate change in a way that people want a 100 years ago, most people hadn't, hadn't thought about a tool. and now we recognized that pumping all of this helped outside of the atmosphere, which we've been doing for the last day, 200 years, also is affecting the climate. and therefore we can't tell empowering all cause by burning fossil fuel. and so the list of countries planning to ban sales of cars with internal combustion engines is growing, and many that are not yet on. it's like the usa. i'm making it very favorable to buy in the car companies are shifting as well. ah, we are waiting for the future or electrifying our entire fleet of cars
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some faster than others, but many of the major traditional ca make us have said goals for electrifying their fleet. at us, we're changing to sales of these on the rise, especially in europe in china. more than half of con, our se, then next car will be electric. but despite all this, the big picture still looks pretty bleak. around $1300000000.00 passenger vehicles on the roads, and only 1.5 percent of them are electric. change just happens slowly, doesn't it? well, not really. change actually happens in waves from the flush toilet to the telephone, the microwave, to tv and computers. every innovation that snuck into everyday lives that so in the same way. so if you adopt new technologies very slowly and then very quickly, this is paul drummond, who's been figuring out what this means for electric cars,
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a number of their case studies that done been done across a number of technologies in different senses. we now recognize that technologies typically follow an adoption in the shape of an escrow. to understand what he means . let's look at global smartphone sales starting in 2007. when apple introduced the 1st i phone very i at 1st they only went up slowly. then around 2010 as models have become better and cheaper, sales rapidly shut up. and from about 2016 and more and more people owned a smartphone, they started leveling off and then even dipping a little bit. this pattern of changed is called an s curve because well, it looks like an s roughly at least we can divide it into 3 phases, emergence, diffusion, and combination. so what does this mean for electric house? it's always difficult to accurately forecast the future, but some we can see the electric vehicles have grown in sales very rapidly in 2010
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way less than one percent of all cost that was sold where electric by 2021. this shade had grown to almost 9 percent. not a tipping, probably out of this immersion school as it phased at the 1st place at the us in to why spread diffusion going forwards. this means the share of electric cars will shoot up rapidly. how rapidly exactly is anyone's guess butts? and one of pulled roman's predictions. they could reach around 50 percent of new sales by 2030. it's for her likely that we have reached a to the point from which there's probably no return. i so i think the adoption to watched read replacement, hold in terms combustion edgy cars with electric vehicles, at least for sorts of touched and cos i'd probably inevitable. the electric car is finally set to go mainstream. it's only a question of how quickly or it's crazy to think how
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far electric cars have come and by the looks of it's that journey has just begun. oh, the journey towards a fossil feel free future certainly have a gun, but there's no denying that there's a long road ahead. for the moment we do still rely on dirty energy slices. without fat reality in mind, my colleague olaf creek, i went on an unusual mission to seek as new sources of natural gas, etc. how i got on ah, i think a smell ah, this place is about 2 o'clock. ok. so take a step back my government way. i'd better call robert herbert o economist minister. everyone is looking for energy all around the world. this is what it looks like in german gardens these days. everyone is desperately looking
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for the next energy fix. a o blast of fresh air. then quickly closed the window. i've never given much thought to energy until now. it was just there, but now it's not. what about you? the day suffix traffic and showers are over. i love a hot show, but it's cold, shall time not twice a week. warm is not good enough. turn it all the way down. this is just the beginning. we all live beyond armies. it can't go on like this
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gas oil and the water is running. axle, where are the pipes we need more pipes? where is the screw driver? mm hm. and the skis, lee, and the connect with with nice try all off but best not to replicate this at home. and on that note, that is all we have time for from this edition of mate. remember, if you'd like to watch any of our reports back, he can do that by logging on to d, w dot com slash mate. thanks so much for watching. and until next time for me and the entire team, it's good bye ah
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ah, with ah,
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the larger publisher? we decided to ask them and women go up with an inefficient model if they can't identify with certain professions about their guiding principles. and what is the poetry, the secret of the houses and i'm homes about their motivations. architecture does so much to you, it moves you the goal of architecture is to create habitat for human, about their struggles and dreams cannot. sponsibility is huge. they have so much to learn, shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture. this was, this has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. ah,
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ah, this is dw news life from berlin, european leaders, blaine, sabotage, as the most likely cause. both 3 similar tiniest gas leaks in the baltic, se gas church into the waters for scientists detect explosions along roches north street pipelines, to germany. a youth ripeness with the strongest possible response. bratia says it also wants answers. president zalinski bow to take back old ukrainian territory rejecting pseudo referendums in brush unoccupied.


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