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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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young people clearly have the solution. the future knows this 77 percent every weekend on d w with ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin, condemnation and sanctions. as russia declares victory in its so called referendums, moscow installed officials claim up to 99 percent of voters across several ukrainian regions. want to join russia, ukraine and its western allies reject the results and pledge
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a tough response. also coming up, european leader is blame, sabotaged. for 3 leaks, spewing gas in the baltic, sea scientists detected explosions along rushes north stream pipelines. moscow says it also wants answers and lights out in cuba. the island is left without power. after hurricane in north. so the electricity grid, millions of residents in florida are being born to evacuate ahead of the category for store. ah hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. ukraine and it's western allies had rejected the results of so called referendums, held in for russian occupied regions. moscow installed officials say between 87 and 99 percent of residents voted yes to being annexed into the russia federation. some
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of the separatist leaders have already form formerly requested incorporation. ukraine's president has bowed to defend all his countries territory and force russia out of the occupied. so once again, russia seems poised to take over neighboring territory illegally. moscow says the referendums, unoccupied. ukraine reflect the voice of the people, and that they say they want to become russian. ukraine in its allies, say the votes are nothing more than a pretext for expansion. there are also fears that russia would try to press men in the regions into military service to fight against keith's forces. ukraine's president says he's not going to let that happen. in general was provo, this further attempt to annex ukrainian territory means there is nothing more to talk about with the president of russia. i shall audit fishy leveled in with you. we will act to protect our people in the henderson region in this, appalachia region in don bass,
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in the currently occupied areas of the heart of cape region. and in crimea, if cromwell, russia's, annexation of crimea. and 2014 was preceded by referendum, much like the one that just ended unconstitutional, announced mir days before voting began and carried out in a war zone in the presence of armed soldiers. most countries don't recognize russian control of crimea. western allies say the same will apply to the 4 regions where the latest sham referendums took place. here, at the u. n, the u. s. promised to make russia pay if it tries a repeat of crimea the united states will never recognise any territory. russia attempts to seize or allegedly annex as anything other than part of ukraine. we reject russia's actions unequivocally. and we will continue to work with our allies, partners and like minded to impose cost on russia and to provide historic amounts
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of support for ukraine. but international condemnation hasn't stopped moscow's ambitions and ukraine. vladimir putin has even threatened to use nuclear weapons to defend territory. he claims as part of russia. at this point, only he knows where that imaginary border lies. our correspondent nick connelly joins us now from the ukrainian capital key of nick if russia annex is the occupied regions of ukraine as expected. what impact could that have on the people living there could residence be forced to fight for russia, for example, was entirely that is definitely the fear among many ukrainians living under russian occupation that they will not be asked, that they will simply be put in front of a confed to complete it, they are now russian citizens in if they haven't gone to look for a russian passport themselves. haven't done anything to get that passport and that they will be sent off to fight. we're definitely seeing that the tactic from the
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russian government seems to be, to focus on our places further away from the big russian cities from moscow and st . petersburg places where they think if the locals are unhappy about guns fight, they'll be less in the way a blow back for the government. and we're definitely seeing lots people trying to get out. although there are now reports that it's basically impossible to leave the capstone region, definitely for ukrainian hill territory, but even through other routes through occupied crimea. that is now very, very difficult to lots people there. now trying to make some kind of plan sit it out, may be moved to their country houses or places where the authorities don't have any information about their whereabouts and how they can just let this pass. and by so huge implications of this move for the people living there. how might annexation affect the course of the war? neck would care be less likely to try to reclaim territories. russia has declared its own i think there's no sign of that. and they've already said that this is basically a piece of political fear to with any, without any legal or credibility. but we have seen repeated threats from top brush
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and fl officials, including former president to meet him at video was basically pretty openly saying that russia would use nuclear weapons to defend itself. and by itself, he means areas such as that. but he just had a song that looks at bionics by russia imminently, i don't know quite yet how serious that threats being taken. we've certainly heard from american intelligence sources saying that they're not seeing the russians activating their nuclear forces. but it's obviously a very dangerous signal and a raising of the stakes em. i think the important thing for the grain side is that they are still getting large amounts weapons for america and america to make clear that ukraine is able to use those high tech systems anywhere on its territory and by its territory of c that includes donya la hunter, harrison as a parisha and to occupy crimea, tells more about what's happening now on the battlefield and ukraine. nick, i understand there is a major pushed by ukrainian forces to capture another city. well we've just been getting news from near steve lemon, which is in the can northern wests north west part of the dumbass region. not very
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far away from a 7000 yet. the city that was in the center of attention in the summer when russia took that city at the cost of thousands of not tens of thousands of lives and a lot of tech and a sense that ukraine's are trying to surround the russian forces and come at them from 2 sides creating a kind of situation where they either have to kind of give up or, and be taken prisoner or evacuate. but again, if it is all very inexact science, we've seen the analysts being proven wrong time and time again. all over the summer we were talking about had san on the south and account friends there and then we saw it happening in a totally different part of the country. nick had give the news from the front lines gets to us couple of days late. so although we're expecting some news there in a sense the cranes are trying to make use of their advantage before those newly mobilized russian soldiers arrive at the front lines. i think it's bit early yet to be too confident about predictions. nick, thank you very much. as always, our correspondent nick connelly, they're in kia european union leaders say
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sabotage is responsible for leaks on the nord stream pipelines that are sending plumes of gas into the baltic sea scientists recorded under c explosions, round the lines connecting russia to germany. there are no claims of responsibility . poland says leaks marked an escalation in the war on ukraine. but a kremlin spokesman said it would be the quote, stupid and absurd to blame russia for the attack fuel spilling out into the baltic sea after what the e used top diplomat, joseph bray says, is a likely act of sabotage. b 2 at nord stream pipelines linked russia and germany, 3 red dots, mac, the places where the leaks were detected. even though the pipelines are not currently delivering rushing gas to europe. they're still full of fuel. up to 100000000 cubic meters of gas is spewing from the pipelines every hour. with no way
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of closing them. the links could continue until the pipes are empty. european lee to say they're fairly certain about the calls of the leaks. oh, that sounds good. we have swedish intelligence, but we also have received information from denmark. and based on this, we concluded that this is probably a deliberate act. it is probably a case of sabotage, the also to landfill, a gall met sabotage. the kremlin has also suggested foul play. she just knew jay's creature near them. no option can be ruled out right now. it's clear that there is damage to the pipeline. so we can't exclude any version of events regarding the reasons for this union before the results of the official investigation is clear. during these creatures, which croaker to renew the e. u has vowed retaliation for any attack on the energy network. the leaks are expected to last,
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for at least in the week. and only then can investigations begin. and join our by our brussels bureau chief, alexandra for norman alexandra. tell us more about how the european union is responding at this point. well, we've seen um some very strong statements issued for instance, by e foreign policy. she feels that burrell who said that the european union was very deeply concern. of course, it doesn't come as a surprise when you consider that the leaks and gas prices up again in europe was enough underlying the european commission president asserted that any deliberate disruption of further european energy infrastructure would be mad with that the strongest possible response. however, we have to say that there is not much the european union could do, they could impose it put economic sanctions. but of course for that they would need to know exactly who was behind those leagues. but i think it's also important to
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mentioned that nato, it's a dealing with the issue as well. nato secretary general stoughton burke met with the danish defense minister today. and he stressed her that they discussed the protection of critical infrastructure in nato countries. one of the very important topics for the alliance. is there any more clarity, alexandra, as to what actually happened? well, we don't have for much more clarity yet, but we know that there are investigations underway. for instance, the swedish government has announced that they public prosecutor's office has opened and in the investigation into the leagues, we know that officials in the european union, but also nato secretary general is told leg are sure that those leaks were acts of sabotage. there are some speculations that the kremlin could be behind that just a,
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you know, to help them show that they could target any european infrastructure anytime they want. but of course, a you just mentioned that at the kremlin, the seeing those claims are stupid. so we need to wait and see what the investigations, what results they will bring in the end. alexandra, thank you so much. are the brussels bureau chief alexander phenomena us state of florida is bracing for the impact of hurricane ian forecast, her se ian has strengthened to an extremely dangerous category for storm, as it nears the peninsula west coast, where millions of residents have been advised to evacuate their homes are again in his cuba late on tuesday, killing at least 2 people and knocking out electricity across the whole island. plunged into darkness in the wake of hurricane ian cubans in havana and all across the country were left without electricity after the country's entire power grid.
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collapse following the category 3, storm western kiva took the brunt of the hurricane. okay, you are you leader with the storm pounding the region for more than 5 hours. many residents have been left with next to nothing. cannot become a how are we terrified to see what we have here? we don't even know what to do. everything has been shattered. look at the state of their a hung fione tobacco farms in the western pena, del rio region. when much of the tobacco of the cube as iconic and economically important cigars is produced, have been devastated. oh, it was disastrous. it's never been like this before. sometimes hurricanes passed through here, but not of this magnitude. it destroy the houses are tobacco drawing hurts off farms, the fruit trees, everything while cuba tries to repair the storms. damage here in florida,
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residents preparing for its arrival with the harkin expected to make landfall late on wednesday. up to 3 meters of storm surge is expected leaving those near the coast, particularly vulnerable thema, hey nathan, is those i'm a can you imagine we 100 meters from the beach? we're trying to take precautions. bought damage is unavoidable because a hurricane that comes out with such a force. what caused damage, but we're trying our best a mobile season. us president joe biden has declared a state of emergency in florida. and some, 2 and a half 1000000 people are under evacuation orders. the government has prepared huge amounts of fuel, water meals and emergency personnel to try and mitigate. what looks likely to be a full blown disaster. you're watching dw news from berlin,
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just reminders top story. we're falling for you this, our moscow installed officials in 4 ukrainian regions say up to 99 percent of residents voted yes, in so called referendums on being annexed into russia. the united states is planning a un resolution condemning the ballots as a shout up. next forgot business there is for you with janelle dumas and she'll be looking at the implications of those gas pipeline ruptures in the baltic sea. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching him. when you work as an architect, like go online or not at all? women in architecture why are they so invisible to the larger public we just.


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