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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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the young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent every weekend, andy w ah ah ah, business b, w. news live from berlin. the european union outlines a fresh package of sanctions against russia. include sweeping new trade restrictions and a cap on the price of oil. the new was also targeting officials responsible for the sham referendums held and eastern ukraine. european leaders blame,
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sabotaged for 3 leaks and underwater pipeline spewing gas into the baltic sea scientists detected explosions along the affected north stream pipelines. moscow says it's not to play and also wants answers and iranian athletes abroad worried about the deadly cracked down on protest. his back home are desperate for a new for news from a country under an information blackout. ah, i'm glad elf as well come to the program. the european union says it wants to hit russia with new quote biting sanctions targeting trade. russia's military and people who organized annexation votes and parts of occupied ukraine. the you said it wants russia to pay a price for escalating the crisis. beholding the sham referendums. each commission
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president, also a funder line, explained why additional sanctions unnecessary. we isolate and it rush us economy even more. so we propose sweeping new import bands on russian products. this will keep russian products out of the european market and deprive russia of an additional 70000000000 euros in revenues. were also proposing to extend the list of products that cannot be exported to russia anymore. you commission a president was left on the line that earlier. i also brussels beer g for like some of a nomine on her take. on a european you commission president on the line statement, but i think it's fair to say that the european commission was under a lot of pressure to come forward with their proposal for new sanctions. they have been working on that for quite a while. the discussions were going back and forth,
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and i think the decision was made today that today is the right day to announce this proposal after russia pushed to through word to those sham referendums and after they did clergy today at that said 99 percent of the people there were in favor of joining russia. so i think it was important for was on a fund aligned to send a strong message to the kremlin that the european union is, sir, keeping up the pressure that they are determined to make the russian regime pay for the escalation of the invasion of ukraine and of course she as a president of the european commission, wanted to show that she is providing the leadership that the european union needs. now, previous actions have not really shown the desired effect. and yet the e u as volume further and tougher trade restrictions at individual blacklisted. you think that makes sense? well, i think that sanctions imposed by the european union do have an effect on
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o russian economy. and we saw it, for instance, at their car industry that has come to a hold all knows because of the sanctions, but of course they take time. and today today's announcement was about toughening a trade restrictions about closing the existing loopholes. so that is a very important and we also have to straight stress that they are pin commissioners of walking a tight rope here because of course they want to keep up the pressure on the russian regime. but they also understand that sanctions imposed against russia are also hurting at the european economies are just to look at the soaring energy prices at the inflation. and of course they need all member states to be on board with their proposal. you mentioned the energy crisis, there may be, you will also implement the g 's evans, all price cap preferred countries. how will that work out? well, that is the key question here. answer the question is also will it work at all?
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because what the european commission is saying is that they are laying their their framework for such a price. a cab. the european union has decided to impose a ban on all russian seaborne oil by the end of the year. but they want to make sure that if their prices go up, that other countries will not pay too much so that put in still has enough money to continue with the war. however, we see that some countries like china and india already are getting a discount from russia just to, to make sure that they are buying russian oil. so all that is very complicated and there are a lot of questions that the european commission still needs to answer our brussels beautiful at some of phenomena there. thank you. hi, alex. i'm a the results of the so called referendums, held in for regions of ukraine occupied by russia are now in officials installed by
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moscow say between 87 and 99 percent of residents voted yes to being annexed by the russian federation. some separate as leaders have already, formerly requested incorporation. ukraine's president has vowed to defend all his country's territories in force. russian troops out of the occupied zones. the closing on the esc, chris, the results of the so called referendum came in for the russian backed authorities . it was a day that been waiting for for years, visited us under them. we were dreaming about this in 2014. and then we were making history already. and that's what this is in him up to day. we live in historic days where we are re uniting with our big motherland murphy, what we've great russia, really gay rossi, according to officials of the for occupied regions and overwhelming majority of roads cost and fave of russian annexation with a high turnout. but ukrainians,
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who recently fled those areas till a very different story also said that the results were nicely drawn up on paper, but in reality, people didn't fold up a kind of the turn out, wasn't that large? those people are very much opposed to the referendum. no one wants to join russia. no one novice comes in with that with this pressure. people are scared. however, yes, cognition, i mean, but i saw members of the voting commission filling and ballads themselves while sitting in their cars. li, i thought with my own eyes, they did the same in their voting districts, eat them with, i know my relatives, my friends sicily, no one voted in a home. you don't the whole us a low. what the clipper? this is what the referendum is. is this what free will is walking around with assault rifles and making others sign ballots? sure, teeth and its rest on their lives have denounced the referendums as illegal and
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illegitimate. say, 1st of all in you that is foss in the occupied territories, cannot even be called an imitation of a referendum than what we will act to protect our people in the her, san region in these upper region regions in dom bass. emmy currently occupied areas of the hockey region and in crimea. if campbell, the u. s, said it would ask the you, unsecure to counselor, to condemn the votes with a resolution ordering russia to withdraw from ukraine that condemns these. but with moscow having a veto in the council, there's no chance of the resolution passing with the same votes out of the way. now it's up to president putin just how fast he wants to complete the final step in next in the occupied territories. and escalating his 7 month old war. once again, you have him. union leaders say leeks on the north stream. pipelines were caused by sabotaged scientists, recorded on the sea,
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explosions around the lines connecting russia and germany large plumes of garza leaking into the baltic sea. though there are no claims of responsibility, poland says the leaks marked an escalation in the war on ukraine. a kremlin spokesman says it would be quote, stupid, and absurd to blame russia for the attack fuel spilling out into the baltic sea after what the east top diplomat, joseph burrell says, is a likely act of sabotaged b t. what nord stream pipelines linked russia and germany, 3 red dots, mac, the places where the leaks were detected, even though the pipelines are not currently delivering rushing gas to europe. they're still full of fuel. european leaders say they're fairly certain about the cause of the leaks. says we have swedish intelligence, but we also have received information from denmark. and based on this,
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we concluded that this is probably a deliberate act. it is probably a case, a sabotage dal santo dance or go met, sabotaged. the e. u has vowed retaliation for any attack on the energy network. the leaks are expected to last for at least in the week. and only then can investigations begin to another have a look at some of the other news making headlines. supporters of iraq's influential cleric no thought al serra have stormed part of back dance heavily fortified government area. protesters reached barriers in the capital's green zone, demanding that parliament dissolve and hold new elections. iraq has been unable to former governments since october and al serra ordered his party to withdraw from negotiations. alice 9, people have been killed and dozens injured off the iran launched a series of drones strikes into the kurdish region of northern iraq. iranian
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authorities of jews, armed kurdish dissidence of stoking unrest in iran. b u. s. has condemned to strikes as an attack on iraq's sovereignty. a millions of residents in florida have been urgently advised to evacuate as hurricane ian begins battering the peninsulas west coast. those who have stayed are hunkering down in the face of extreme winds. heavy rain and powerful storm surges forecasters say even has strengthened to a dangerous category for storm. just shy of the most powerful a late on tuesday that hurricane hit cuba killing at least 2 people. it left the trail of destruction and knocked out electricity across the whole island. iran has seen a wave of protest knowledge plunged into darkness in the wake of hurricane ian
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cubans in havana and all across the island were left without electricity. after the country's entire power grid collapsed. following the storm, western keeper took the brunt of the hurricane. with a storm pounding the region for more than 5 hours, many residents have been left with next to nothing here. okay, come on out. are we terrified to see what we have here? we don't even know what to do. everything has been shattered. look at the state of this, a 100 yawning, much of the tobacco for keep his iconic and economically important. cigars is produced in the western peanut area region, but tobacco farms there have been devastated. iran has seen a wave of protest now lasting 12 days, demonstrations over the death of the 20 year old marsan, many in police custody have been met with
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a violent response from authorities. human rights groups say at least 76 people have died in the crackdown. it's causing concern for iranians around the world. the w sports met to iranian athletes. now living here in germany, they're worried about relatives taking part in the protests. ah, iran is rebelling, but some iranians are stuck on the sidelines. one chair for mercer, it could have been me and massa me needs place with them. but i've had similar experiences in iran when i went the practice at the university. honest, the morality police mistreated me in the same way and it's a full body man. paris if i she d, and costs for our mentee. poor jobs are professional taekwondo athletes. originally from iran, they fled the regime 3 years ago. the internet is what connects them to family and
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friends. but the regime blacked out internet connections last week. now messages don't reach home. her. oh, hold on a somewhat southern bahama. when i was lost in touch with my sister, she told me that my family took to the streets this fighting for freedom. the police beat up my sister, her hands were bleeding. i'm so worried for a shady, one second place in taekwondo at the 2010 asian games. but now she and partner made the point to john are so consumed by any news that slips out of iran. that not even sports takes their mind off of things. in berlin, for shady trains kids in taekwondo, but doesn't want to upset them in that class. by little man, i just told the kids to practice that a lot is happening in iran. i didn't want to go into details to get some letters from wasn't what remains for them are demonstrations, the refugees join in germany and social media. oh,
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man for that offer that my follow is on just from a wrong there international. i'm glad that for the 1st time the world is hearing app please. the freedom which holl, i'm kid quillen, do an eob i have anymore. so the more that he shot because for them the fight against the regime in iran just went into another round and as it from me and, and his team up next is the doc film with the lookout methods of manage polish fil girl. will have an update for you at the top of the i got office as well. ah, how did she become an adult? hitler's favorite director. and how did he become a forgotten film? pioneer? leniently finished i. and on ode funk.


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