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to create a life threatening project that became a major milestone in their lives. love seduction. our ice cold passion starts october 8 on d w. ah ah. this is dw news live from berlin. russia prepared to formerly annex for regions of ukraine on friday. moscow says it will incorporate the regions which voted in so called referendums. the stage is being set for an annexation ceremony. in moscow,
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western nations do not recognize russia's illegal land prop accords in bob weigh a convict, claimed author and filmmaker city dunker anger of incitement. activists say the verdict against the prize winning artist is meant to stifle freedom of speech. and a 4th leak is detected in the ruptured north stream. pipeline gas continues to escape into the baltic sea scientist say it could be the biggest me fan league on record. both you and russia say it's sabotaged and want to answer ah, i'm glad else as well come to the program. the kremlin says russia will formally annex for ukrainian regions as its own territory. tomorrow, moscow claims the occupied eastern since voted to join the russian federation and
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so called referendums, which were dismissed by the west. as a sham, the united nation says any annexation would violate international law. the stage has been set up in moscow's red square, where the annexation will be celebrated on friday. president vladimir putin is planning to give a speech following a signing ceremony with separatist leaders from the regions who are already in moscow, russia last on a annex, the ukraine's crimea through a similar process in 2014. now maria of j of i is a ukranian security expert and joins is now from kia. maria, the kremlin will annex some 15 percent of ukraine. what's the reaction there? and keith? well, we have to say that kremlin wants to and next illegally the green and territory, which is now occupying and the territory
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a hope you buy in some, some regions of ukraine. this is up patricia and kim, so they are not fully occupied. and this means that the president will announce the so called annexation of these territories. russia will probably try to push forward and occupy the rest of these regions. for example, patricia, which is now controlled with, which is now fully controlled by an army, is being held constantly by russian troops. and of course, this will never be recognized that this kind of annexation by your brain and the story does have clearly stated that this faith referendum has nothing to do with the situation on the ground and organized also to mobilize russian society
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to support the so called military operation. now what will change, for example, how will ukrainians in these territories be treated? who actually take russian passport? people usually are forced to take russian passports because they are invulnerable. positions like course to just, for example, if we take into consideration asia and now russia has its soldiers and military presence on a nuclear power plant. holden, as opposed to just people who are a book and that plan. so we don't know clearly what does the situation because russia does not allow the independent experts to be present there, but we can assume that they are forcefully given passports to people there. and not only is up patricia, but also on the other occupied territories. and this means this so called annexation, that russia will be able to mobilize these people to take you and forcefully move
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them to army, to sort in the russian army, give them guns and tell them to go and fight with the brain and arm. now, are you worried that this escalation by russia will kill europe into reducing support for you crime? this couldn't happen because what will happen next and is already happening is that fortune will threaten the gold nuclear weapons. and actually this is already we see. and this means that the he is black male in europe, is that the usage of tactical nuclear weapons and the euro, or any country allows to do it once it mean that which and will consistently do it . and he will not stop on the in ukraine. and these kind of step by rush us would
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mean that ukraine must be supplied more high, precise, long range weapons. because just, it is very important to understand that wouldn't started this referendums. when you bring an army, had to breeland's success in harkey, region, liberate, and the whole territory of park your region. and that's why he needed to show something. and the duration of harkey region was possible because of the supply and usage of high, precise western weapons. the more weapons will ukraine get? the more successful it will be in throw in our russians from the occupied territories. maria de la in care for thank you very much. thank you. the internationally acclaimed author and filmmaker seat seat dung room garb has been convicted by a court in her home country of zimbabwe on charges of inciting public violence. she
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was arrested in 2024 protesting for governments reforms rights organizations say the case which has stretched on for more than 2 years was a politically motivated attempt to suppress freedom of speech. to dunker m guy in 2020, with the sign that led to her arrest and conviction. we want better reform our institutions . soon after she told d w her account, i walked down the road with my black hands with a friend. after a while, we saw a riot track coming down and they stopped and told us to getting the author was protesting against corruption in her native zimbabwe which faces ongoing. economic and political crises, criticism of zimbabwe government has been widely suppressed under the rule of president emerson. langon for her protest, dunker rem guy was put on trial for the following charges intention to
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cause to incite public violence, reach up peace and acts of bigotry. i'm also accused of violating code the 19 regulations. the trial against hunger ram got stretched on for more than 2 years. rights groups called it an attack on freedom of speech. as an author dunker rambo became known as the 1st black woman from zimbabwe to publish a novel in english. her books and films have won her international praise and awards such as the peace prize of the german book trade. sanker ram goes most recent novel, this more novel body about the ever, the struggles of women in zimbabwe was short listed for the 2020 booker prize. despite an international outcry, sim bobby's judiciary has now labeled anger ram, got a criminal for what she and her supporters insist was
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a simple peaceful protest. 3rd trial of one of the alleged masterminds of rwanda's, 1994 genocide has opened in the hague. judges at the un tribunal decided to proceed with a trial of phyllis, young kaba. despite his decision to boycott it from jail. the former businessman is accused of finance and facilitating the mass, murder, murder, of some 800000 people. he was captured in france 2 years ago. after decades on the run. our next report take a look at the wrote a book played in the slaughter of rwanda's tootsie. minority warning that this report contains some graphic images, broadcasts that lead to deadly bloodshed are going. 7 to be sooner rather than
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as far as the borders in in 1994 rolanda messages like these, we used to turn people against each other. they resulted in keenness acts of violence and genocide that lasted just a 100 days violence erupt, adopted the plane carrying precedent, juvenile happy ramana was shot down who to extremists blamed a tootsie minority to the attack and went after them. an estimated 800000 people were killed with clubs and machetes. millions fled to neighboring countries. businessmen, felicity and bu, good, is regarded as one of the masterminds behind the killings. he was among the founders and finances of r t l m. the radio station that was used to de humanize people and broadcast that location. it wouldn't have happened on every, on every hill and were one that wouldn't happen. and every come in that was under
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the control of who to extreme. the government, were it not for the sort of messages delivered to you? they continued to justify the attack on neighbors. in the early 2, thousands, steven rappe led the prosecution in what became known as the media trial, which included the arty al am radio station. kabuki had managed to evade justice for years. his money and connections keeping him safe. but in 2020 the hunt was over. kabuki was arrested in a paris suburb. he had been living there for years under a false identity. for listen, kabuki is now facing trial in the hague, in an international court, responsible for a wound and war crimes which was set up by the un more than 6000 kilometers away in the round and capital kigali. people will be following the proceedings closely. the country has moved on since the mid ninety's,
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but almost 3 decades later, the collective trauma still runs deep. quimby to europe g, quote, me itching you've seen curb and court is a great thing for us. the survivors of the genocide oxygen. it is something that so does our hearts and then it encourages us and gives us the conviction that those who committed the genocide level and are hiding in different countries a one day they will face justice. what yeah, we chose that they will follow the trouble were to be tried. natca nackers kabuki is one of the last top wanted suspects for the rwandan genocide to be put on trial . he said to be in fragile health and victims of the genocide say they're hoping for things to move quickly. so he doesn't die before facing justice. our correspondence must thunder turn as the court proceedings in the hague. and he explained to me while the accused was in custody, but not in the courtroom spread. gara probably kens everybody surprised this
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morning when the court went to session. that sir, the defendant for the son caputo was not there. and according to the presiding judge, there was no apparent reason for this. he simply waved his rights to be there and also didn't want to dial in via video call. he does not have to be there. now there are questions regarding his health. he's, he's quite old and in very bad shape. but according to the chief prosecutor, that is not the reasons receives regular medical checkups and they say he is fit for trial. now, what's the case that the prosecution is making? right, so the prosecution made their opening state today for about 2 hours went to the circumstances, the back on of genocide and to felicity couple garza charges or the charges that were being brought up against him. and he is one of the rich was one of the richest men present day. i wonder back then that he was very well connected to lots of money and use this power he had to engage in genocidal activity according to the
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prosecution. so one of the things he did is he established the r t m radio station and was one of the co founders and the largest shareholder there on which i'm horrible messages were, were being broadcast. some of them we heard today in court in which are the journalists, or, or host of the program we're asking who to, to go after members of the 2 to minority, to, to rape their women, to kill them, to hunt them down and places of worship. and messages of that sorts. in addition to that, he also finance and oversaw the creation of an extremist who to militia. and he is also accused of importing weapons despite her arms embargo against her wonder who brought in collage the cause, grenades, rifles, but also countless machetes. that were used by everyday people against the 2 to minority. now about 2000 suspects are still wanted on a national level in rwanda, and this is the last high profile case of the international criminal court. so what timeline are we looking at sprite cases like this?
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usually take a while, especially in this case, where for the sal, capua cannot, is, is a very bad shape and cannot attend at length. so the court will only go into session 3 times a week for about 2 hours. that's all they can do. so now it's about, it's for the prosecution to make their case. and they have roughly 270 excerpts from the radio station that we just talked about, as well as they will bring in 50, roughly 50 to 50 witnesses who will dial in via video link from rwanda on to give their testimony. this is going to take a few months, they're probably going to be done with this around february, march, and then it's up for the defense to make their case. so we can expect this case to wrap up and probably a bit over a year. and then a naturally, an appeal would follow, but we do know what we hear. a lot is given the old age of the defendants, it's in everybody's interest for, for the sal. couple good to be sentenced swiftly. so he can face justice or while
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he still life back santa, in the hague. thank you. the swedish coast guard has found a 4th leak in the old stream gas pipelines that ruptured off to undersea explosions were detected. scientists say the baltic sea lines could be pumping out the biggest ne fain release on record. questions of blame remained. as both of you and russia demand answers moscow has called united nations security council meeting to address the issue. european leaders are worried about the pipeline leaks in the baltic sea that you faced. the damage was likely caused by deliberate act raising security concerns. but the european commission has not said who might have been behind the suspect at separate touch. today, ms. oller, who is everything, is being done to try to identify the origin of these events and of the explosions on the node string pipelines. so we will have to get to the bottom of this before being able to say anything on the origins of these explosions is okay. and who is
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responsible for though she'll her luggage in this is extra joy, a responsibility. as europe's largest natural gas appliance, norway thief, it will be up the security of its antarctic infrastructure is to turn the events in the baltic sea have resulted in the government deciding to further strengthen al preparedness around on and offshore infrastructures to prevent another incident. reinforce rowden or by the military will be more present and visible near our oil and gas installations installment really does have warrant of retaliation for any attack on europe. in our t networks, it is to reveal there is no doubt that this is very serious. it is not a coincidence, this was planned. that is what i am or other things of discussed with the installed and burg nato secretary general. because this is serious. russia says it's launching an international terrorism investigation into the leaks denying allegations it was involved related, well, you know,
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it's quite predictable and also predictably stupid to make such claims. i repeat once again, predictably stupid and absurd. yep. so the gas escaping from the pipelines is also an environmental concern. it contains high levels of meeting and authorities, fear it could be the equivalent of one 3rd of denmark started animal. greenhouse gas emissions of simona tonya appeared throughout is a senior fellow at the brutal economic think john and he called this alleged sabotage, a new level of the game. and we asked him what he meant by that. well, let's see, the results that will be held by the misty, gay shuns, but in case that russia ends up being confirm, standing behind the sabotage that will certainly be need again, this collation to the tensions between russia and in europe and europe. we'll have
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to respond accordingly. it's getting up sanctions certainly, but immediately scaling up the security controls at its critical energy infrastructure. we cannot let something of that sort up in our pipeline is connecting europe with not we are a g, dea or other major producers during the winter because otherwise that would really be a problem for europe. now, how vulnerable exactly is europe's energy infrastructure? well europa energy infrastructure certainly is already and it has always been under a certain degree of sort of allowance and control. now it is just time to increase the security level and this is exactly what norway did yesterday, after the sabotage actor in order to make sure that something of that sort cannot be replicated. thank you very much. they want to tell
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a peer to our senior fellow at the brew economic thank in brussels. thank you. thank germany's chance that all of shows has unveiled a 200000000000 euro plan to guard the german economy against the effects of soaring energy prices. the plan includes a cap on natural gas and electricity prices. it will also scrap a proposed gas tax on consumers. germany is coping with an energy crisis after russia cut gas supplies to berlin in response to western sanctions over the war in ukraine. after weeks of debate about what measures the german government should and would take to help customers through winter of spiraling energy prices. finally, at clear decision from the chancellor who spoke via video link because of a positive covey test, yet skipped to so many good. we're talking about price cap for gas, but, and for that purpose we have now set up
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a committee that will come up with concrete suggestions in a very short time. the c emitter is it's, we've now put in place the means to lower prices for consumers. all over the country for families, for pensioners, for traits, people, but also for businesses big and small. and that's what desperately needed now. so we can get into these difficult time, sit with users feel to touch the shut down of cheap ration gas has resulted in german energy prices. skyrocketing help from the government is badly needed to cushion the blow to households and businesses. spain and portugal already introduced a gas price cap, and both the u. k and france had announced plans to curb energy prices, but the german government had sidestepped the measure so far. on wednesday, the leaders of germany, 16 federal states, met to discuss the energy crisis and called for decisive action from all of charles d, especially the pacific,
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a weakness of the government's measure so far as that they've been minor. they've tried to solve one of the biggest challenges in germany's history, with inadequate tools he stood up with as we go to them. what we need know is a big plan because they are commitments officially. now that big commitment has been made, though the exact numbers still need to be thrashed out with winter fast approaching, germans will be hoping that it will be enough to help get them through the cold. hurricane ian is moving across the state of florida after battering the gulf coast and causing catastrophic flooding. it made landfall as one of the strongest storms ever to hit the us and is still lashing the state with strong winds and torrential rains. the storm has weakened overland, but forecasters expected to pick up strength as it moves back out over open, open water. and then take aim at the country's se coast ah, hurry can hunters flying to the eye of storms to gather data for meteorologists.
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oh, but this hunter was shocked by the strength of this hurricane. he says e n will be one to remember. today's flight was certainly the roughest that i've been on in my 6 years of doing this and it was is a messy pass. and i think even if you know in the future we fly through a storm in it and being worse than that, it will still be one that i think back. honestly i well was it worse than he? and i'm not sure ian has turned florida sandy, beaches and coastal towns into a disaster zone. streets have been turned into rivers and nearly 2000000 homes and businesses are without power. hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate. but some have chosen to write out the hurricane. you
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as president joe biden has urged people to heat the safety precautions. it's life for him. you should obey all warnings and directions from ernest officials. don't take anything for granted. use their judgment, not yours. a vacuum when order hurry can ian was one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the united states. the state governor says that it could take years to recover from the devastation left behind. this is a, a major, major event. it's going to be going to be a tragic event in many ways, and we understand this is not just a 48 hour ordeal. this is going to be something that is going to be there for days and weeks and months. and unfortunately, in some circumstances, even years, ian has become significantly weaker after making landfall. and it is expected to
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weaken further as it hits in land. but even so, expert a warning of devastating rain and even tornadoes as it tears across the state. one of the biggest voices in hip hall pass fallen silent. the u. s. rep coolio has died at the age of 59 coolio, whose little name was artis. leon ivy junior conquered the charts in 1995 with his triple platinum hit, gangsters, paradise. he was found unresponsive in his friend's home. an official cause of death has not been announced. i'm a educated tool with money obama julio's hit track gainst as paradise left, a lasting mark on hip hop with a sharp beats and menacing vocals. it also helped blast the genre into the mainstream, a hard beatle by doing. what can i and coolio knew what he was wrapping
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about. he rose up from a troubled youth of gangs and crack cocaine addiction. his success he credited to his christian faith. god gave us the ability to be able to, to do these different things. and you know, to rab julio, took west coast hip hop to a new level, but widespread assumptions that hip hoppers were violent criminals meant that he still found himself on the defensive. i was way back in to a by year that's a lawsuit by somebody that's a law so they can take money for me and i'm not in today. so most people in hip hop, they'll do that as people outside. and yet the artist did have the occasional legal trouble. in 1098, a german court convicted him for punching a shop owner. many years later he pleaded guilty for bringing a loaded gun to an airport. for years, coolio also struggled to land another hit as big as gangsters,
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paradise. he stayed in the limelight through reality tv and through ninety's themed concert tours. just before his death, gangsters, paradise had a 1000000000 clicks on you to the wrapper seemed to make his peace with the fact that that track will be his final legacy. educated the when let he obama in my, in an agreement. ha, that's it for me. and the nose team don't go away up next is focus on europe, including a report on russians trying to evade the military, coal off ground office, and berlin with
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you off the coast to greece. russian oil is being sold illegally and investigatory team human. the criminal activity on the you can see as 3 toners
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hunt oil from russian tanka. they violate the you, oil embargo on a massive scale. on your next, on d, w. o. leases in europe are smashing all the records. step into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you will record breaking sites on your back. youtube and now also in book form. ah, every journey is full of surprises. we've gone all out to give you some tips with. i'm in your northern most count to
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please ah, for a time in the line, but still very much alive. d w, travel, you'll go to the special with recognizes where exactly. it was fun and i learned a lot. our culture history. all their d. w, travel extremely worth a visit. ah, hello, and welcome to focus on europe. it is good to have you with us. we're more than half a year now into russia's war.


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