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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2022 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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ah, the swedish coast guard says, a 4th league has been detected in the notes stream gas pipelines. scientists say the ruptures are causing a story of methane release. bratia has pulled the un security council meeting over the damage to its baltic. see pipeline i'm coming up next and d, w 's asia, a violet mad up in pakistan, and wald that says about women's place in pakistani society that and a lot more in a news asia that's often next, often a short break with parish by the g. i'm gout elsis. how did she become adult hitler's favorite director? and how did he become a forgotten film? pioneer leading roofing style and on road fund. in
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932, they set out into the icy wilderness of greenland to create a life threatening film project that became a major milestone in their life. ice cold passion starts october 8th on d. w. did miss tina a saxophone operator who wrote her master's thesis on the potato, mary, to read or not, but turn on? well, it gets more would that there was from there. he w literature list. good german monk, st. vincent dublin years, asia coming up to day talk sick masculinity and how it's killing women in pakistan . the motto from the economist allegedly by her husband as renewed the debate about how men treat women, a bach, his body society. we look at the pattern and ask what the government doing about it
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and much later than the program. the wacky world of tie, set up wrestling, it's wrestling for entertainment, but with the knocks and bumps that go with the sport. no surprises. it's popular with the tourist. ah. i british manager, welcome to the dublin news asia. glad you could join us. another murder are linked to domestic violence and pakistan has renewed concerns over what many of them call a pervasive culture of toxic masculinity. sarah, in a 37 year old pakistani canadian, was allegedly killed in some about last week by her husband. she was an economist who had been working in dubai. they'd been married just 4 months earlier fully. so he confessed to repeatedly beating her with the dumbbell and trying to hide her
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body in a bathtub. showers father said his daughter had been caught, brutally tortured and called for swift and strict punishment. and joining me now for more and this story is the double report or be nice job. firstly, been ish. what is happening with this case of the moment? have police arrested the muscular and yes, i see what the alleged killer isn't, but he's custody. he has admitted to getting his rights out at 937 years or so, and he is a well known guy. he's a son of a one famous journalist pockets and i asked me, which has also made this piece high profile. so what is the debate that this matter is igniting in pakistan? i think there are 2 issues that have come to surface and that a lot of them in boxes are talking about. first is i think the each issue so sorry, i was 37 year to word got it and did her friends say that she was a,
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she was very been educated and a very interesting personality. but when it comes to women in pakistan, i think when you cross each of grey fight, there's already pressure on you to get mad at settle down, have a family. and when you cross her to your choices become limited. and if you cross 35, then how often does society pressure can lead to women and families in the wrong direction? so i think there's a lot of pressure on them and it's in pakistan to find a nice spot to get married 2nd down. no matter how professionally successful you are, if you don't have family, you would have failure. and that's a taught that many found in youth and women, jake and i think 2nd, some things lead in in the wrong direction. i think 2nd 2nd issue that i would like to speak about is the issue of or the stigma associated with divorce and back
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a son. so sad as anom husband was divorced joyce, this was his college madison. and which means that in as, as id like, pakistan, men think easily, be divorced exhaust. it might be this machine attached to it and you can easily find a partner. but if a woman, if a woman is, are married, or if the made it waste before it and getting into that card management has been divorced. ah, it's really hard for her. yeah. to find it right now. i think the issue is just people in pakistan, right? not talking about that needs to change or there's not, there's also a high profile murder, as you pointed out, finished bread that have been several high profile matters of women in pakistan, dcea and the last years well. and these are fronted a different kind of soul searching an outcry in the country. the names have done into trending hashtags on twitter. let's start with this user. she's saying,
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when you're a woman in pakistan, you grew up knowing just safely existing is a privilege. and that anyone at any time can take that privilege from you without ever being held accountable. another posting saying, given the grotesque extremes of patriarchal violence, we have witnessed in the last few weeks, if there is any one who fundamentally denies, there is anything wrong with how men are raised in the society. fin, you're beyond help and this user condemning another life. last, another hashtag saying this society has raised monsters and wondering when the cycle of violence and tara will end up initially. of course no, the park is on is not the only country where this toxic masculinity exists and where some men think they can attack women with impunity. but how wide spread east this violence pakistan is still one of the most dangerous countries for them
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in the world. and i would say that the key is that you've just spoken about a new and look at them. was doctor of a diplomat and she was good and she was more done by her friend last year. these cases are just step of the ice, but i think many, many cases, i'm not even a part of statistics. the truth is, if you are a woman in pakistan, and if you read in that country, at some point in your lifetime, you will face domestic violence either in the form of this physical violence, emotional violence or sexual violence. and these are, these are, are defined statistics and, and many, many cases just go, i noticed many women would not be bored because they don't have the circumstances. the financial means, the family that could support them to come out and speak about the violence that
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they're facing, what they've used, they're going to, i think it's great and not an issue that's been taken as seriously as it should be. all women standing up for their rights and speaking up against violence . i think at least in the up once and just i would say yes, education levels in pakistan in last couple of years among women actually have increased. i did a lot of our internet penetration has also improved. i think it used to them and in the conference and does picking up one examples, of course the audit march of the women's march movement that has become a big success. and it's heidi are criticized by the guns because in the country, but there is so much among the men that they come out every year on the streets and the protest. and they asked for their rights. i think at least in the urban centers, ah, it is awareness, women are a non, whatever you'd have to write and in speaking of for themselves and also i didn't.
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but this about people centric movements. what about the government? how proactively is the government speaking of for women? i think at least the current government is a fighting, very different battles. even better it's on economic front, on political front. or of course there's also a problem of flags. but i don't think, and i don't see that women rights are d for the guys getting government. i have not seen a single strong statement from any government offices condemning the market off side. i now it just shows that data is there's also a lot of acceptance of violence and it is also, it's just simply not a priority for the government unfortunate state of affairs there. but thanks for explaining the complex around this to the reporter finish job. thank you. so much for joining us today. ah, for us is on
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a diplomatic charm offensive. in the interpreter, vic courting leaders from japan and south korea all the way down to the pacific islands of australia. the message to all the u. s. remains engaged in the region. leading these efforts in the region has been vice president come la harris, who has visited japan and south korea in the shadow of not korea messiah launches. and the ever present influence of china. harris began her trip in japan, a treaty ally where she attended the funeral of slain, former leader. she's obeyed. she then travelled to another treaty ally south korea . and earlier today in sol shumate, south korean president, unit suki, all both leaders condemned recent miss. i launches by north korea and harris reaffirmed us commitment to south korea security. for 7 decades, the alliance between the united states and the republic of korea has been a lynch pen as security and prosperity on the korean peninsula and in the in the
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pacific. and throughout the globe, i am here to reinforce the strength of our alliance and strengthen our work together. working together was also the theme in washington where the u. s. is hosting leaders and representatives from 14 pacific island states in a 1st ever summit of this size. the region has traditionally been an area of influence of the united states, but in recent years, china has been making inroads that has left washington and its allies uncomfortable . so it wasn't surprising that the u. s. and these states agreed to a so called declaration of partnership between them. secretary of state antony blink and said, this would cover cooperation and climate change health emergencies. a free and open into pacific and economic opportunities. the washington post reported and announcement of more than $860000000.00 in investment was also on the cards
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change of space and seem now, and we're in thailand for professionals set up wrestling. that's essentially wrestling for entertainment, much like the american world wrestling entertainment or w w e. but this one comes with ty, characteristics, ah, dep, put chima and has entered the ring. ready for a site. welcome to the crazy world of set up thailand, pro wrestling to bounce here upon sport, pat shoe, and as in the american rich know each messner has a character, tana palmetto, m a k, a piece, a shipment days to stage persona, notified, taxi ride, and one above by night manet back in the day, i always commuted using the service of a major bite, taxi ride, and i thought, well, that will make an interesting character. so i decided to create my character from
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that messiah with messiah. that young catchy. the found is of the wrestling show hope to talk to space for local rest is using distinctly type characters, but it's been a long road. but these take us about 3 years. and here we can get the appropriate training. we can get the proper, don't your the gym and to get the proper shoals that we can. so to get advanced thought to c. o. nicholson to his tonight, enjoying the lackey spectacle. about what happened and i to bomb it. was the sun well defined where enjoyable, whether it's the serious ones or the funny ones because it had everything. yeah. and i applaud le, in hub money of all the lot. i thought they were very entertaining. i really enjoyed that match. they worked tremendously hard is all just like everybody else
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and i gave, oh fantastic. ever over the course of their gods as to how to put them in peace assured. nathan addresses certainly during shy away from some cuts and bruises to keep the audience entertained by everything stuffy. that's it for today. best more stories from the region on our website. did epa dot com forward slash asia. i'm as ever, you can follow us on facebook and twitter. we're back tomorrow at the same time. we'll see you band. the band with is the end of the pandemic in sight. we show what it could look like will return to normal. and we visit those who are finding it difficult
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experience. his successes are seen in a weekly coven 19 special next on d. w. blue . what people have to say matters to us. m. that's why we listen to their stories reporter every weekend on d. w. o . o. after being canceled for 2 years in a row, the world's largest beer festival is back. welcome to the cave in 19 special.


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