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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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the project that became a major milestone in their lives. love seduction. our ice cold passion starts october 8 on d w a. ah, this is d w. news line from berlin. russia prepared to formally annex for regents of ukraine friday. his grand ceremony in moscow will be the combination of a series of discredited votes. u. s. president joe biden says his country will never recognize any russian annexation of ukrainian territory. also on the program,
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president biden warns of a substantial loss of life after hurricane in cut the path of destruction across the state of florida. storms expected to regain strength before striking south carolina and a court in zimbabwe. convicts acclaimed over and filmmaker feed bank of america, of inciting violence. she took part in protest against the government activists say the verdict is an attack on freedom of speech. ah, i am fill gail. welcome to the program. he was president joe biden has said that washington will never recognize the results of illegal russian annexations in ukraine is warning came as russia announced, plans to formally incorporate or for occupied ukrainian regions on friday was
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claims that no hands could dynette cause apparition and hair san voted to join the russian federation and so called referendums, which have been dismissed by ukraine in the west as a sham, russia annex ukraine's crimea through a similar process in 2040. at moscow's the red square preparations are under weak dis, benefits to get there forever. with the names of the regions sasha plants to absorb . here, russian president vladimir putin plans to officially announced annexation of the 4th ukraine in regents after net low hunt for patricia and a cat son. they make up about 15 percent of ukraine's territory. rewards is delia. a solid people have made a conscious and free choice. i knew maggie senior grace stated firmly to the whole world to read their wish to be with russia only adelina but. nice dear sir. i see no seek to forever the tie. their fate. little of a country,
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which war ashes to ease and will be their historic motherland. is that each is great originally. in the 50 of tramadol, in that the net freedom dividend said they will defy ration anake fission. no does. is him even if they come, our boys won't let us down if necessary, we will fight to move even you know, they may by job only some good laska that please don't do stupid things, nicky replenished, do not take the steps you intend to take in confirming and accepting the annexation of our territories territory. the da boss has always been ukraine is ukraine and will always be ukraine. we will fight for it if you're a, you know, it will. the melissa bottle up to 4000000 people were asked to what in the fort wharton regions? russia cleaned an overwhelming victory while you clean and its international partners dismissed the defendant as chance and a violation of international law. it cannot be reconciled with international legal
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framework. it since against every seeing the international community is meant to stand for it flogged the purposes and principles of united nations. it is a dangerous escalation. it has no place in the more than wolf. it must not be accepted. the kremlin theme unmoved by the criticism, but its actions are clothing all doors to a diplomatic solution. all our correspondent nick connelly, m ukrainian capital told me the news had been received in a rather muted fashion. was weird. it sounds, this is not the top story in the ukrainian media today and definitely put on not talking about it anything as much as internationally, people here talking about the use of cluster munitions against civilians in the south ukraine, other kind of humanitarian stories. i think that has 2 reasons. on the one hand this has already been factored in. there's been lots of talk about referendums since russia started this most recent invasion in february. the dates were moved several times where people kind of knew this was coming. i was just
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a matter of when it was coming in the end the, there was only a few weeks between the announcement of these votes and them being carried out. but basically people had kind of prepared themselves for this. and they don't want to, especially the politicians here, they don't want to give it too much significance. this is not something that ukraine recognizes. they called on their assistance to boycott these events and to, you know, we saw lots of peaks, people hiding away in their apartments, trying to avoid being called on to vote. and people going around knocking on doors with military and tow trying to get people to vote. so, you know, they're basically trying to not dignify this with too much reaction. and, you know, focus on the things where they feel stronger. and how will formal russian annexation change day to day life for people in these regions? the hands kinetic separation. and cas on i think actually initially won't change that much. lots of this kind of creeping annexation measures have already taken place. lots of places. you can only pay in russian roubles rather than ukrainian retina road. the russian pension system has been introduced and the ukranian post office that was, you know,
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providing those pensions especially being kicked out. and lots of other kind of economic things have happened. and basically, if you want to work for the state for, to keep on teaching in a school, for instance, or if you want to open a bank account, you have long needed a russian passport. so basically, if you didn't want a russian passport, your life was made very difficult without one. i think the real crux will be now mobilization. that is the thing that people here ukraine are most worried about, the ukrainians, living under occupation will now be told you are russian and such as a man between age of 18. 60, you are liable to fight in russia's army against your own country against ukraine. my bad that brings me to my next point, merely which is how this states as is likely to change either the way that russia conducts the war, or indeed the way that ukraine defends itself. we've heard lots of threats from top rush officials, including former president meter mc video, saying that at once these regions are deemed to be russia proper. then russia will use nuclear weapons, at least tactical nuclear weapons, small scale nuclear weapons to defend that surgery,
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even if no one else in the world recognizes these territories as being russian. that includes rushes closest allies of serbia. and bruce, who are in no hurry to recognize these pseudo referendums as the ukrainians what they're going to carry on fighting irrespective they are not taking the seriously, they've just missed the missed freak show in a pseudo referenda. i think the big difference could be, and that's the way in ukraine's that western european supporters of ukraine are going to get cold feet. they're gonna be scared by these russian threats. this willingness to escalate and such might reduce their support. the grants military argue that nick i d, w, corresponded nick connelly and keith let's take a look at us. more news from around the world will sat in finland where it says it is shutting its borders to russian tourists with shaking vases from midnight tonight. as follows, a surgeon border crossing since russia announced a military mobilization for its war and you crate that closes the last remaining land route from russia to the european union. and the trial of one of the alleged masterminds of rwanda. 1994 genocide has opened in the hague,
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judges of the you and try. buell proceeded with the trial phyllis in a couple got despite his decision to boycott it from jail. the form of business men is accused of financing and facilitating the mass murders of around 800000 people. r u. s. president joe biden has warned that hurricane in could be the deadliest ever recorded in the state of florida. numbers are unclear at the moment, but early reports suggest that what the president called a substantial loss of life. the storm made land for it was one of the strongest ever to hit the u. s. and is still lashing florida with a strong winds and torrential rates at trail of destruction after making landfall in florida, south west hurricane e and left flooded neighborhoods. leaving many trapped this hospital was badly affected. evacuations another parts. further along the hurricanes
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trailer and going governor, the scientist called to storm his tory, we've never seen a flood of that like this. we've never seen storm surge of this magnitude and it hit an area where there's a lot of people in a lot of those low lying areas. and it's going to end up doing extensive damage to a lot of people's homes with a storm already passed. it was a harrowing experience with just relentless spinning, constantly just over us over it. we hear the metal banging against the building is dark. you don't know what's going on at the 10 o'clock last night this way in and they're brand new. i know you can buy yeah, there are standard bar poles or stand. others were not that lucky. this could be florida's deadliest hurricane on record. u. s. president biden said the federal government promised help. the president and our administration are fully committed
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to offering in supplying federal support to state officials and doing everything we can to help them both in terms of recovery, but also whatever is necessary to ensure that folks are safe and out of harm's way . hurricane ian has left millions across florida without electricity authorities fear even more severe damage is the song continues its trail of destruction on florida's northeastern coast of cali. barbara, as a broadcaster with national public radio in fort myers, florida, which has been badly hit. she told me about the current situation. well, the damage has truly been catastrophic. around here, the for fort myers beach is a town that has basically been leveled. every building seems to be gone. downtown fort myers is, there was water almost to the 2nd level. cars submerged,
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many people lost homes, many people are injured and there is just a huge amount of damage. i'm present biden warning that the storm could be the deadliest in the states at history. how badly are people being affected? what are you seeing and hearing? we simply don't know the extent of the harm and the injury yet. i know that more than 500 rescues have been made in lee county, which is where fort myers is. and charlotte, which is the county just north. when rescuers get out and about they, we will no more the naples city manager estimated $200000000.00 in damage in that small city which is south of us. right. and that how, as the rescue operation being coordinated, is it going well it is going slowly only because they couldn't get out until really late morning today. so they've been at
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it for some hours. but until the wind and rain died down, they couldn't get out either. so people have possibly been waiting for help and they may be waiting a bit more. is it too soon to start talking about reconstruction on the costs and how about going to work? i think it is, we still have power is still out for about 2700000 people in the region, which is almost the entire grid and authority. you say that the infrastructure has been badly damaged to the point where they can't just run around and reconnect things they have to really rebuild. so i don't know the full extent, but i know that it's going to take a long time and be very, very deep changes. right, i'm, the storm has weakened now. what's being predicted and for its course.
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it is last i heard it's in the atlantic ocean on the east coast of florida and headed for south carolina. it may strengthen to a hurricane again, but there are still tropical storm force winds and flooding in northeastern florida . this evening. good talking to you. thank you so much for joining us, carry baba and florida and international, your claims and baldwin. also, i'm filmmaker, since the dongle rumba, has been convicted by a court in a home country on charges of inciting public violence was finally given a 6 month jail sentence, suspended for 5 years was done, greenberg was arrested in 2020, according for government reforms, rights organizations say the case which stretched for more than 2 years was politically motivated to attempt to suppress freedom of speech. d, w correspondent, privilege muslim haiti was in court and sent this report. the permanent right at
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city, dan greenway, and here co accuse julie bonds. i say that they are not surprised by the verdict and the sentence that was handed down on them are looking at the situation that has been happening in the country to other are civic active vista and also our opposition qualities. and he says that what it means if this sentence is upheld, it is an indictment on freedom of expression in zimbabwe, where citizens cannot express themselves. it anything that they few is a violation against them. so from now what is going to happen is that she's going to appeal at the high court against the sentence, hoping that the sentence will be reversed. because if it is upheld, it means that are in number, ofa, civic activists, ex mitted to be over a 1000 to are facing the almost similar charges risk to be given similar sentences
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like she has received privilege most from here at switcher, up to date, more world news at the top of the hour are coming up next her on the w, steven beardsley, household christmas update before she can find out more around the clock on the w dot com or on the think w app have a good day. thank god. every journey is full of surprises. we've gone all out to give you some time one day in the footstep.


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