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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2022 11:30pm-12:01am CEST

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highlight fishing every week. nothing would interest the global economy. our portfolio d, w business beyond. here is a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance versus way, get ahead with the w business beyond news . hello and welcome to focus on europe. it is good to have you with us. we're more than half a year now into russia's war on ukraine and for president vladimir putin. things
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have not worked out his planned. his troops are now on the defensive. ukrainian army is reporting new games in territories in the east and south of the country and to supply the kremlin with a fresh batch of soldiers to send to the front lines. putin has ordered a quote, unquote partial mobilization of forces in russia. this would mean hundreds of thousands of additional soldiers, enough put in hopes to turn the tide of war in his favor. but forcing more russians into military service with some going directly to the front lines is an appalling prospect for many citizens. including mikhail, a young man living in moscow. he does not want to fight against ukraine and he is resisting being drafted as a reservist. he's one of the many people protesting putin's policies in his homeland. and mikhail does not plan to leave the country quietly. ah, no to war these protesters shout,
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hundreds of demonstrators have taken to the streets of moscow to protest hooton's partial mobilization. many have been arrested by authorities and brought to police stations. boundaries among them with media yields about a 29 year old musician and pod, castor. he says, let's spent 6 hours in custody. the police tried to force him to find a draft notice for us to join the army. mean as a with me how you yeah, but a shoulder walk along a thumbs, air, bowling escalate. i was brought to another room. ha, the boys. there were several men there had to boys to a policeman. base and 2 were in plain closing him. they locked the door from the inside and started telling me i was a nobody i knew as i thought of the quantities. nope, it in a clue which a voice put me down rather showed me around own and even checked me with alcove behind dodger. and all of it i had to get through that flush didn't the, and yell post. i made it out of the station without signing anything, i think a quote but of our call. now, i'll just have to wait and see what happens as
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a dash of it and dash, since his detention mchale has been staying with a friend, he hardly goes out in order to avoid the police. he could be called up under the partial mobilization order because he completed his military service. but he says he's been against the war since the very beginning, yet. mccoy open. there's no way that i'll be dressed at him, or that is, i'd rather be sent to a penal colony lynch of the war habits of colonial champion. the lionel much you will rush as military has suffered huge losses in ukraine. moscow is banking on fresh troops. officially, authorities have called up 300000 men with military experience. but critics say the draft is more universal and arbitrary, especially in provincial regions. men without basic training are scared of being drafted like this warehouse worker. you are disconnect, just other stuff. they're telling us. just go are we had occur whether we ever combine criticizes, you was just cannon fodder. what's that to call this mobilization?
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is to stuck up on cannon fodder issues as when with quantity. so since the quality isn't there, which is podcast or mikhail and moscow says he doesn't want to flee abroad though. even if staying in russia means taking a big risk all day. yeah, prosper are correct of the marketing and that i feel something like an inner drive . anything else that i with the yahoo actual i don't like what's happening here. shout and i want to fight back thorn story. guests. i think there is still heidi as they used properties and if nobody stays here in russia in then there will be no one to change. anything. think i walk thorny thor, he is marston toward is jealous. mikhail intends to keep taking to the streets to protest against hooton's more even if he and fellow demonstrators could face up to 15 years in prison for doing so.
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the war against ukraine has also become an economic one, primarily between russia on the one side and the west on the other. russia has stopped, or at least very severely restricted gas deliveries to europe. and the e u has announced it will block, most russian oil imports by the end of 2022. but just off the coast of greece, tanker owners appear to be shipping higher volumes of russian oil than before. the war began its day break off the coast of the peloponnesian peninsula. fedora as shown toyotas is out with his reporters, united colleagues, a network of investigative journalists. they're heading to the laconia gulf to document ship to ship or s t s transfers of russian oil out in international water . so we as good about as united a lot of being a drug of is that isn't about sds, which is the transport of oil for some fuels from one that blanket blown away. i've
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got a bay russian invisible ukraine, a well seen effect of god. a local is this transfers have been ag conducting in this area, which is a garden using online marine traffic tracking. the reporters have been logging these s t s transfers in the laconia and gulf for weeks. most of the tankers carrying russian oil arrive via the black sea. the e u has closed its ports to russian merchant ships as part of it, sanctions packaged with them. and by the end of the year, it's set to completely banned the import of russian oil. as they approached the tanker, the investigative journalists see signs that a 1st oil transfer is imminent. when tanker is already dropped down, those huge blue mike vendors final, they prevent the 2 tankers from bumping into each other during the transfer to other tankers are already in the middle of an oil transfer. the one on the right
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is taking on the russian oil and belongs to a greek shipping company. according to the journalists, greek ship owners in particular, have been making money off of russian oil, also without disclosing its origins. very sad hypoxia, when a gardening visit, the greek ship owners waits a all in the local channels state. it's under saying that the war is bad. the russian war in ukraine his bod bother, they seem weak dangerously. they a continue transferring death dealing with a ross 100 plus years all over the world. the ship owner say these operations aren't illegal since they take place in international waters. we asked the union of greek ship owners for an interview, but they refused. opposition. politicians don't think the ship owners are doing anything wrong and they say greece can't pursue sanctioned violations outside of it . see borders? the e you would have to take action off the oil for
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a rule she had snowed going degrees. it's going to hold you to oh, so it sir. the problem to the hands ofa united. so for now, huge quantities of crude oil continue to be transferred between tankers. off the southern tip of the peloponnesian, that makes environmentalist, your goes to dow tacos nervous and not just because this region is a breeding ground for sea turtles. well, most of that is not at all. we're afraid of a tanker spill and all that would contaminate this whole area with oil. can i get the therapy? we live off of tourism nature in history. we don't have any industry or significant agriculture. a still an oil spill with destroy everything we have is,
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was of tying the bull you said before you're here. if occasion, rental owner also expresses concern about a possible oil spill. and what that would mean for her business to talk about a mouthful of might be asked by vacation rentals only just got finished in the past year on the time when we're struggling with damage from wildfires. what's going on with the video and oil still now would be an ecological and financial disaster. he called me just a bit or he, reporter. so doors shown through yano says that greek media are largely silent about the ship to ship transfers of russian oil, which is sold on the global market to him. this lack of reporting isn't surprising . owners control the media in many ways. maybe they have advertisement. maybe they, they have center, so the media and i think that there are so far in political bedroom,
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so the media avoided reporting on them. the journalists therefore keep up their investigation. the transfers continue after nightfall, indirectly pumping money into moscow's war chest. meanwhile over in britain, countless citizens pockets are getting emptier and emptier high inflation and high energy prices are ripping huge holes in many households budgets and more and more people in the u. k. are finding themselves no longer able to pay their gas or electricity bills. many feel abandoned by politicians like natasha and gary waterhouse, who fear the coming winter, lincolnshire in england's midlands. this is the village of morton, where karen natasha waterhouse left cancer surgery left natasha severely disabled.
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gary quit his job as a taxi driver to look after her. he shows as their gas and electricity bill these to pay the equivalent of $36.00. you're a per month now. it's over $200.00 for the price hikes loom an ottoman winter of michael plans, of which rooms we can hate at the moment. i mean, it might be a case of just where it blaring up and then of say, having blankets rounded to keep warm, to receive a one off payment from the state equivalent to round 1200 euros. but that won't be enough. they have to be frugal with groceries and stick to budget supermarkets plus has gone up astronomically, with shopping smarter. and i'm doing a lot of batch cookin, so we have meals in the freezer for the coming weeks. inflation and britain has reached a 40 year high at over 10 percent low fat milk, for example,
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is 34 percent more expensive than it was last year. with energy prices tripling or quadrupling, hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of so called fuel poverty. to help those need williamsburg running and founded a food bank. so he says to her, even more people coming than during the corona, virus pandemic, from unemployed to employed to self employed, people all are in need of donations. sometimes a food we don't have enough. and we have to send families away with, with no food and reduce your mom or dad accident. you don't have enough food to make dinner or drink shop for sometimes stuff. roland is ill and can no longer work. and so he doesn't know how he'll feed his family. it's
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a big roller coaster and have a son and the wife and it is very difficult to not to survive. their biggest worry is about the coming winter when they'll have to start heating is very, very fearful because you're just thinking about how you're going to get the money to keep ball. how you going to get the money to buy the food? which why is it gonna dow phil dog or he, teen i think is gonna be very hard for us. yeah. the little guy. yeah. he tried to leave clack. people move the pursed or being hit, the hardest by rising costs, but the middle class is affected to over northern england. susanna and dave morgan live near york with her 2 daughters. 3rd, tricity bill has tripled and a liter of fuel cost equivalent of $2.00 euros. the family is having to restrict to
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spending also when it comes to their kids were quite rural. everything that we want to do is a distance away. so if they want to go swimming for the swimming lessons, history lessons plus the petrol together, the couple run an online subscription service for high end coffee. they were, the crisis will hurt their business. why pay the cost of in crisis is made everybody think about what they're spending. so we are look, she item and has people might look at as in their bank can sail. i'm not gonna buy that coffee, especially as the cost of coffee has risen all over the world. susanna now sells a $500.00 grand bag of coffee beans for 19, instead of 17 pounds, when we patella plus it to our customers. we also moved our staff t, v, a living wage because we understand that they have to pay their fuel, their electricity, their residence. many of the businesses are reluctant to raise wages at this time, sparking labor protests throughout the country. to day trade unions and left when
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groups are staging a protest event at a club in london's battersea district. with the motto, enough is enough. they want to fight for fair wages. well, as the movement building people are really angry, the cost of living sitting up in the u. k. and politicians on neither side, both sides of the plans, the doing nothing about it. over $113000.00 britons have already joined the campaign, vowing to stand off to major corporations and lawmakers. they all look up to mich lynch. his rel union has led strikes that brought large parts of britain to a standstill. the way he goes is by a and we refused to be bull anymore. everyone to be
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a until recently natasha and gary supported the conservatives. but the party is deeply disappointed. they're not looking at the individual people who are like the lower classes, middle classes. they're the ones that come to suffer. the scribbling looks themselves and the not focusing on the true thing that's approaches the people of this country. people like natasha and gary waterhouse and hundreds of thousands of authors who have no idea how to get through this winter. the canary island of la palmer is also known as the east le bonita, but the huge volcanic eruption that began one year ago and lasted for 3 whole months has left parts of the beautiful island. a desolate lunar landscape, many lost their houses and their livelihoods. but the islanders loved their home and rather than despair there confronting the blackened landscape cautiously to
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rebuild their lives on a changing island farmer victor beneath is driving through a cold lava field. he says it pains him to be on this makeshift road. that meant that he would come up. awesome. look. when i see my mother was driving over a banana plantation, i used to own okay, what was it, what else? what do we have on it? if i can still see some of it to the right the that's what's left of a job or a lockout with us, or what is there a warning signs along the road telling people to keep off the ground as this can be up to 70 degrees celsius. hot it was one year ago that the volcano on the canary island palm began interrupting the lava, buried $4000.00 buildings, roads, and banana plantations. thousands of families on the palmer and their living from
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banana farming. in december, the volcano finally stopped erupting. but many problems remain latina. i'm a little beach. this is our problem now with, i mean much younger faculty learn you lift from the ground. i didn't get also, and the plants say that it took april. it's been a year now, and you can see what's still there. if you know, you see the problem, we're going to have all, and now it's fine. i didn't one, but we have to prevent the dust from penetrating into the plants using bags at the tone when i was right next to the plantation, there's another problem. after the eruption experts observed gas escaping from the ground. even now, the area around puerto mouse has to be blocked off the fire department. let us accompany them as they take measurements. our team has to keep a safe distance. you can't come in here. all the readings are too
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high. ah, the seo to concentration as high as close to the ground, the firefighters explain this means children are especially at risk. yet the real risk is an outside. but inside buildings, residents are only allowed to enter for 2 to 3 hours to retreat belongings from their homes and businesses. and they need clearing from the fire department. we meet the technical director a few blocks away. the bomb was just, i don't book all it was with ya know, but when you had there for an hour and nothing happened was ineffective, but there are no health problem isn't on this. as his stomach was told, and that someone spent 24 hours there a lot of day and night, no one can guarantee they will be okay. with that on the threshold he, out of the 2nd. some locals referred to deserted puerto. now's as little chernobyl . there are thousands of vacant hotel rooms on the palm of west coast all off limits due to the gas these hotels might otherwise have had
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a good season. as a volcanic eruption has attracted a high number of tourists. no. the tours of the volcano region are in high demand and in the summer of 2022. the palmer actually surpass projected visitor numbers. but i would like, let's come to see the island on the ropes and brought it to our attention as it went up. it is a very different experience, a co, it's like walking on another planet will know, planet that only train guides are allowed to take tourists near the volcano as the area is still dangerous. even if no eruption is expected anytime soon. stavros millet ladies who monitors the volcano, you know, is that a little like a local state of dc? estella didn't visit vienna one up at all. and i'm going to pull you rice one reg. refactor is a terrains instability here from there in a book, or it cooled off quickly, which means that the ground is still in motion did not allow via if and the other
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gases in the volcanic cone office, in the cornel gate for not being amid, in a stable way hoist when a machinist levels can change and suddenly shoot up into the moon. plus the are the high temperatures you little to have. yep. and then what a bit of put us out us like further down on the makeshift road to the lava field. it's been a year since the eruption began, and many problems remain. the steady stream of tourists brings hope to the economy, at least and hope springs eternal as they say. in an unlikely turn of events, hope is also re emerging in a small town deep in the forest. the finland for lanka is home to fewer than 3000 people and its been dealing with a shrinking population. for years, the village seemed doomed. but now these 2 men, santeria and that was scurry, have taken that dark outlook and given it a kind of twist. both are self professed pessimists. yet instead of wallowing in
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that attitude, they choose to celebrate it. and their town, ah, this pub closed long ago. and all that's left of this shops inventory are 2 chairs. as you enter town, there's a sign that reads you are entering polanko. there's still time to turn around. ah, polanko is a small dining town in the middle of finland, with a remaining population of just $2400.00. most of whom are over 60 young people tend to move away from quite a long time. but these 2 are staying true to their home town. all scottie and sand, teddy of the local pessimist society. and it's their pessimism that's raised hopes for a new beginning. oh we are,
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we have accept the fact that we cannot read why, like it's not something we, you know, feel sad about it. we try to find the for me side of it. so didn't come. we can joke about people can laugh at who said, who's as the business you so b, like like this. yeah. why, why, why, why you gonna, why you couldn't smile, you are pistols. and it's precisely these 2 self professed pessimists who brought some cause for optimism to polanko. the pessimists. cafe does good business tourists buy t shirts and buttons with pessimistic messages in the shop. next door vehicle accepts out it together with friends, oscar. he also made self deprecating and ironic music videos about polanko. the 2 pessimists had brought a small town a cult following in finland in
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a week. it's funny, typical finish jamiracle for my life. i had been a very low time honored on a lot isn't t shirt says you're, i'm cross today. hello. and that's okay to make it a social security, just informed me that my pensions to be raised 3 percent to kayla. that's 2 whole more euros a month music. and like i said, yeah, cool. go the facts, speak against a bright future for the town. the population has dropped by over half since the 1980s. and every year it falls a bit more. the town still has its schools, day care centers and a retirement home. the question is, who still wants to live deep in the forests of finland? lake, but it's mayor says nature is precisely what makes poor long cuts so great. the pessimism campaign has only enhanced the popularity of his town. he's convinced that soon the population will start increasing again. now if it leaves that more
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and more people will want to move to areas, withers, christine nature, lots of room to live latin and we've got plenty of room and they need to be exact. we have one square kilometer per personally, so you don't have to worry about the neighbors that paula watching us 8 then make the bias and all retirement home la scotty and santa the actually insist that they're among the happiest people in polanko right now. and in the world, happiness report, the fins have been named the happiest people on earth for the 5th year in a row. i think the pessimism thing fits really well in the people don't expect a lot, so they are happy with laser. and if we truly had like very serious problems, maybe we wouldn't do fun, things like pessimism and put our time and effort to it may be research like do something else. mm. pessimism has become palinkas trademark, but will that preserve it from its demise?
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at least its people are giving it a go with a touch of optimism and a good chunk of humor. well, if all else fails, laugh, that's it for me and the team here at focus on europe. if you've missed parts of our show, you can find more information about it on our website. thank you for watching today . take care and until next time with ah, ah, with
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who is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like. will return to normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult
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with success in our weekly coping. 19 special in 30 minutes on d. w, into the conflict. so with sebastian sham referendums in the occupied regions of your crime. and more russian troops are drafted into battle. i guess this week has his own unique protest. responded off a foreign service spectrum. resigned in shame the war in ukraine. what are the chances of hooting surviving the conflict? he started with 90 minutes on d. w. o. many push this out. so now in the world right now, the climate change,
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if any hot stored this is much less the way home just one week. how much work can really get we still have time to go on going all in with what? 5th, his subscriber all morning was like. no one has no limit. i love is for everybody. i love is live. i love matters. and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn char, mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that north divides and denied that. with this i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an in when you work as an architect that go all in or not at all women in architecture. why are they so invisible to the larger
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public? we decided to ask them. this is, what is the poetry, the secret of a house i'm housed about, their struggles and dreams for the responsibility is huge. they have so much to william, shattering the glass ceiling, women in architecture to smooth. this has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. ah, this is detail can use and these are our top stories. u. s. president joe biden says washington will never recognize at illegal russian annexations in ukraine. his warning came as russia announced clowns to formerly.


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