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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is the w news life from berlin. a suicide attack rocks cobble at least 19 people a day down for a bolt ripped through an education center, killing men and women preparing for exams. it's just the latest blast in the afghan capital in recent months. u. s. president joe biden and other western leaders condemned rushes of legal annexation of ukrainian territory. moscow has hit the stage for its latest land grab later today. and warnings of a substantial loss of life in the wake of harmony and the storm leaves
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a trail of destruction across the u. s. thank in florida, knocking off bridges and flattening homes, regained strength, and hits both along the atlantic coast. ah, i've been fas all unwelcome. we begin with breaking news from afghanistan. authorities say at least 19 people have died in a suicide bombing at an education center in cobble police. the attack in the west of the afghan capital came as students were preparing for an exam. dozens of people have been injured. as we know, claim of responsibility. the blast happened in a predominantly shiite area, which has been the target of deadly attacks in the past. families rush to hospitals for information on their loved ones. we don't have information we're calling her, but she is not responding all the way around 600 students in the classroom. most of
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those killed the girls from or on this. let's go to france. marty in the afghan capital. what do we know about the victims of this attack? it was a center for higher education. so lovely though, were teenagers preparing for university exams apparently. and today a test for entrance exams. a test, just a mock test took place and they prepared for or universe c entrance exam. so click through seems to be predominantly students of fuel at all called from central to and do you think it was a sectarian attack? and we've heard about a series of attacks in an area home to the has our a shiite community. indeed, this neighborhood has in the past years regularly seen attacks and that it is hard to see another motive. pennsic darien,
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um you should be the people in this area are all there were. so it's not that we're talking about government officials or that might be linked to some, some older groups with power that could become a target. so we'd really appears that they were at target because of their ethnicity and their key is, is their interest in protecting this has, are a population in particular i can't speculate about what the poly bond, how their priorities are. i would just warn to see this as that poly bon didn't protect this side effect phase in accounts like the phone, a song also when international forces were here up the law of morning. there is such a text that happening. unfortunately, explosives are readily available. weapons are readily available inside afghanistan and to protect south targets to protect every single school is difficult. for
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example, day school, this educational center to was the security guard, a private one. he was short and the tech to go inside. if there had been an addition tale, bon guard, maybe the talk vanguard would also have been shop and couldn't have stopped this attack. so fortunately, these attacks are way easier to conduct then are often assumed. well, can we say that the taliban is losing its losing their grip on the security situation? as i mentioned i, i would warn to seed in that way. it was a soft target. it is almost impossible for the tale bomb to protect every single school to protect every single sports club that has such sites have been attempting to pause on. the fact is that preventing such attacks is very difficult and conducting them is unfortunately raw. that easy man place like afghanistan. um, so these are defects that already existed before to totally gone, take over,
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and the it would be unfair to just blame it on the lack of poly born security forces on smarty in kabul, there on that breaking news. 19 people dead off for a bomb, read through an education center. some other breaking news from ukraine, where a missile has struck a convoy of vehicles, killing dozens of civilians in separation, destroyed, cars and vans were packed with travelers, belongings, and even pets. the regional governor said at least $23.00 civilians, a dead with more wounded of ukrainian and russian officials have blamed each other for the attack. it took place of the ukrainian health part of the region of separation that regions also part of the under russian occupation and is one of the areas expect it to be legally annexed by moscow. today, the connelly is in cave and nick on the day rush is claiming the separation territory. russian forces fire a missile at
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a civilian convoy. what can you tell us of now we've heard, as you mentioned, there's 23 deaths. it's currently believed to be 28, the number of wounded, but that could still rise. and interestingly, we're here from brainstorm to least 16 missiles were used in this attack. these in cells, a believe to be russian anti aircraft systems, to missiles that would normally be used to shoot out aircraft or missiles now use, gave targets on land civilian targets. in this case, that tells you something about russia's ability to produce the weapons. they just seem to be running out of high tech weapons, are now using basically anything they have left. and we've seen a pretty stock images from the sight of cause with windows blown out. are lots of seemingly damaged from shrapnel and bits of glass flying around. and this was a crossing point from ukraine controlled territory, appreciate to russian controls territory as the people who lost their lives. we believe we're heading to off by territory to pick up relatives to bring people
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across that front line. and also to bring to military need is this the liberation that put was talking about i think it's pretty difficult to tell any kind of motivation to understand why exactly this convoy was hit, but certainly we are seeing the last few days as you cranes all me clocks up more successes and is often out gunning and out playing the russian army. and we're seeing the threat of even more russian forces being surround down don't last. we seeing increasing attacks in ukraine civilians across the country, mccalla of nancy. but each also in fact, give the reports essay of a cassette bombs being used, cluster munitions, and a sense that to the sharing ukraine that russia is going to up the pressure on ukraine civilians as it fails to make games against ukraine's all me in the hope that somehow, i guess this humanitarian just read this kind of civilian suffering. we put pressure on ukraine's government to come back to negotiating table and make some
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kind of concessions while a russia is preparing to formally and legally annex up to 16 percent of ukrainian territory today. the biggest attempted land grab one of the big biggest in europe since the 2nd world war. the united nations chief says it will have no legal standing of would be a dangerous escalation of the war. u. s. president biden has joined the world. leaders in rejecting most goes attempt to redraw international borders. let's have a listen. united states or want to be very clear about this. united states will never, never, never recognize russia's claims on ukraine sovereign territory. the so called referenda was a sham, an absolute sham. the results were manufactured in moscow. the true will of the ukrainian people is evident every day as a sacrifice their lives to save their people, maintain independence of their country. the west doesn't accept the annexations,
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but the kremlin is going ahead with them. ah, does this formal annexation pro says which the, the west as is a label. raise the stakes even higher in this will what we've definitely heard from top person figures, including a present, putin less clearly, but more openly and more directly from people like former present, which made video that yes, once these areas are deemed to be part of versus co territory, which they will be as we believe this afternoon then russia would be willing to use nuclear weapons to defend them. and that put so, so it lots of questions because, you know, there are lots of these areas that ins patricia in san antonio. but still of the ukrainian control. so under that kind of russian interpretation, there will be ukranian, occupied bits of russia soon. i think if we look at the fact so far, west intelligence hasn't seen any real change to rush nuclear preparations, not in the sense that these nuclear weapons are being brought out of the storage.
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but there are increasing voices here in europe that say that is really worth paying attention to these threats and to not underestimate them. and there is a fear in ukraine that lots of western european countries fearful of some kind of nuclear escalation, will pressure ukraine to make concessions, and to come to some kind of deal with russia. russia certainly underestimated day ukraine in many ways. what it, what about the latest on the battlefield? well, there is a normal caveats. important to say that the news comes out with a couple of days lag. and we've seen that she pundits be wrong time and time again . in the last few months. in the summer, we were expecting a counter offensive in the south and it ended up happening near hot give. but it does seem now that a significant russian troops have been surrounded by ukraine near the steve, the man that's the north western part of dumbass, near the city of 7 of the nits. you might remember in the summer, russia invested a lot of effort, thousands of russian soldiers killed, taking that part of ukraine. and now seems like ukraine has really st clocked up
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a big strategic when they're. and there's a sense that ukraine is trying to force rushes hand to kind of push further while it's still kind of got this momentum going before russia gets those mobilized soldiers to the front lines and before the winter prevents further advances. so sense here, if you crane ignoring these events in moscow, calling them a pseudo referenda, coiling a sham and a political theater. and trying to gracie crate facts on the ground, while he still count it. currently they're on the latest events, both they're in ukraine and in russia. thank you. let's take a look at some other headlines. turkish president. wretched tie up at one his father criminal complaints against the vice president of germany's parliament. kunkle beat he compared at one to a sewer rat, while criticizing andrews refugee policy insulting the president is a criminal offense in turkey. in 2016 at one filed
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a legal complaint against the german comedian for insulting him on t. v. germany is calling for european sanctions on a ran over the legal crackdown protests spots by the death of a young woman in police custody foreign minister. and lena bethel said she would do everything possible to slappey. you sanctions on iran beating women to death and shooting. demonstrate is in the name of religion. hearken, ian has regained strength and is heading north along the u. s. atlantic coast. south carolina is next in its path. the storm is brought, devastating winds and flooding across florida. officials warn in could be the deadliest american ever recorded in the state. so far, for deaths have been confirmed but more are expected. twisted debris is all that's left at this beach front shopping center. hurricane ian has left a trail of destruction as it caught
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a cross florida. buildings have been torn from their foundations. many residents are still trapped by flood waters and where the water has receded, residents are left to peak through their shattered homes. as it is, is the most horrifying sounds in all and with the brief flying everywhere, no doors flying off everywhere the bathrooms are down here, areas is completely smashed in from all the water is just material, things are alive. and so there's a lot of he were here that didn't make it as terrible terrible. i guess a surprise you pay for being at sea level roads and bridges have been washed away hampering rescue efforts. president joe biden has pledged federal government recovery support. he warned, the danger has not yet passed. this could be the deadliest hurricane in florida history. the numbers of still are still aren't clear,
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but we're hearing early reports what may be substantial loss of life. this storm last strength as it crossed the state. but as regained hurricane level winds over the atlantic, georgia and the carolinas, and now bracing the impact as hurricane ian heads north i before we go more breaking news coming in this hour. there are reports of a blast and gunfire near the presidential palace in booking of paso. this is the image that was seen on state t. v. after was caught following the blasts, blocking information. roads in the capital will go do a reportedly being blocked by troops. is cubs after the military seized power occurred last january. reminder of the top new story, the south afghan authority say at least 19 people have died in a suicide bombing at an education center in cobble attack happened as students were preparing for an exam. dozens of people have been injured as being no immediate
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claim of responsibility. i been fizzling. terry martin and we'll have you'll use next hour. we'll see you again next week here on dw, thanks for joining me. of i have a good weekend. thank oh, lou. what people have to say matters to us. ah, that's why we listen to their stories reporter every weekend on d w. ah.


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