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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2022 1:00pm-1:30pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin, missiles fall on eastern ukraine as russia prepares to annex more territory, almost 2 dozen or dead after a bomb strike on a convoy of vehicles. ukrainian officials say they were attempting to evacuate people from russian held areas. the attack comes as moscow prepares to hold a ceremony to complete the annexation of zappa, russia, and 3 other ukrainian regions. western leaders have condemned the illegal land grab
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and bowed. never to recognize it. also coming up dw learns, and attempted to is under way and burkina faso. soldiers are all the streets and explosions have been heard near the presidential palace. the west african countries saw a coup in january this year and a suicide attack rocks cobble at least 19 people are dead after a bomb grips through an education center killing students preparing for exam ah phill, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. we begin with some breaking news from ukraine where a missile has struck a convoy of vehicles killing civilians in the eastern region of zappa ratio. at least 23 civilians are feared dead and more wounded in the blast. both ukrainian and russian officials have blamed each other for the attack. ukrainian spokesman
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said the cars and bands preparing to travel into the russian occupied part of the separation to help people evacuated while a russian held part of his operation is one of the areas expected to be illegally annexed by moscow to day dw. nick conley is in key of here's what he told us about that attack on the convoy of vehicles. what we've been hearing from you 30 is there that the number of wounded has risen to 50. it was previously thought to be just under 30 m. i think the important thing to bear in mind here is that this was basically a crossing point between ukrainian held territories of felicia and the russian occupied part of as up at asia. the people in those cars that we've seen on pretty gruesome images of social media. it is believed we're heading, chalked by charity to pick up relatives and friends, and to bring them back to ukraine. mean controlled territory. also some humanitarian aid there. what you can see on the pictures, there's
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a sense that lots of these wounds and injuries will have been through shrapnel, through bits of broken glass. the cars that are seen on the pictures are not destroyed for most bob, but are just full of holes windows all blown out. so very, very distressing him just coming out of there through ukrainian stories. also saying that russia launched of 16 missiles, which is really unusual in that concentration missiles which ukraine say we're actually russian antiaircraft anti missile systems. so a sense, said that russia is running out of more weapons running out of modern missiles and is using these kinds of systems to attack targets on land. so since say that russia is also running out of options. it's indeed horrific that attack, and it comes as russia is about to illegally annexed for regions of ukraine, including zap or asia. what are the implications of these annexations for the war in ukraine that will definitely we've been seeing the russians using this as
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a pretext for greater the escalating threat saying that now this is all cool russian territory. we will use nuclear weapons to defend alco territory of to we don't know yet if that is bluff or not so far you as, as, as hasn't seen an indication that the russians are bringing out their nuclear weapons from storage and different the ukrainians are not taking this seriously for now, but they're happy voices from western europe, particularly saying that it's important to take this seriously and to act accordingly. and that has prompted phase here in ukraine, that they will be pressure put on key of to somehow come to some kind of deal that rushes escalation will be rewarded with pressure and ukraine to do more of what we're shall wants from it. now, as mentioned, russia is preparing to formerly annex up to 15 percent of ukrainian territory. it's the biggest illegal land grab europe is seen since the 2nd world war un secretary general says the move will have no legal standing and marks a dangerous escalation in the war. us present, joe biden has joined other world leaders in rejecting moscow's attempt to redraw
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international borders. the united states are want to be very clear about this. united states will never, never, never recognize russia's claims on ukraine. sovereign territory is so call referenda was a sham, an absolute shame. the results were manufactured in moscow. the true will of the ukrainian people is evident every day as a sacrifice their lives to save their people, maintain the independence of their country. make these announced annexations expected today. ah, have drawn international condemnation as we just saw. what does russia have to gain from them? i think this is definitely a sign of weakness assigned that clue who to need something to show for 7 months of war to his own domestic audience in russia. if you think back to the beginning of the war, there was all this talk of d notifying whatever that means and demilitarize in ukraine of taken care of in
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space of 3 days. none of that has proved possible indeed, with the exception of had a san mario pl. russia hasn't taken any big ukrainian cities. and now this is the need to justify the huge losses that russia has faced in terms of soldiers lives, loss, but also diplomatic isolation, economic impact. and that by bringing these churches in to the fold of russia, they can only say that, you know, russia is growing. russia is pushing its borders forward and keeping as they would see it. nato, further away from, from, from rush school territory and from russ capital melonick, the war in ukraine does re, john what the latest from the battlefield will that same story thing as glen putin is set to have this big event in moscow signing these treaties that would bring these regions under russian control and we are expecting a big speech for him from him later on. on the same day, we're getting increasing reports of what looks to be
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a very significant russian to fit in the offing. the, the city of lemon that is in the north western part of dumbass not far from seaford, annette, the city that russia took at huge cost to lives and military equipment in the summer. and the sense that ukraine's really on a role. and it's using that momentum that it has had since taking lots of the hot give region the last few weeks to push russia back. russia not able to bring in those newly mobilized people at the speed and the scale needed. and the sense that now ukraine's basically given up on any kind of negotiated settlement after this plan for this illegal annexation was discussed, is now trying to basically create facts on the ground with military force. nick, thank you very much. as always, our corresponded nick connelly. they're in cheer. russian authorities are opening more military enlistment centers near border checkpoints, in an apparent attempt to draft men trying to flee the country. new offices have been set up if crossings into context on which has taken in over
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a 100000 russians since rib reservists were mobilized to fight in ukraine. now, president vladimir putin has admitted that some people were called up by mistake. what outman protesters clash with police and daggers. tom hundreds of soldiers from the region half died in ukraine and opposition to mobilization is strong. but elsewhere in russia that protest and attacks and conscription centers underlined the growing unto mobilization sentiment to call a passband running everything. but smoothly, president flooding air pollutant admitted that mistakes had been made. would it be my belief? many issues are emerging during the mobilization. yeah, it's necessary to fix all the mistakes and avoid making them again in regards to citizens who for example are eligible for deferment. it concerns fathers of many children or people suffering from chronic diseases or those who are above the draft
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age whose he is. the reason all the russian leadership say the draft is only a partial mobilization only for men with previous army experience. but the exact amount of the new recruits has not been made public opposition. russian media estimate that as many as 1000000 russian might have been called into the army. the mobilization has brought out many other challenges to even those who are willing to fight fear. they won't be equipped adequately by the army. in this shop, in chile, ovens, recruits, try to buy whatever they can do to another. do you mobilize, reservists get what the government provides is they receive winter and summer clothes and shoes, the rest of pain. so people are buying flashlights for themselves, like they're also not enough sleeping bags and mats for every one m q machine. that while it's unclear, who exactly will get drafted within the current decree,
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many choose to leave the country out of fear of being called to service in georgia . authorities say around $10000.00 russians are crossing the border every day. i am is i'll admit that i have escaped the mobilization. yeah, i don't want to die for the regime. i don't think it's legal. i'm, you know, basically it's criminal him. so on facebook and other countries with land borders to russia have also reported thousands of crossings since the mobilization was announced. but they are already growing very of the large number of arrivals. you members, state finland, close to border for russians with tourist chang and visas at midnight, making it even more difficult for many to flee mobilization. well, d, w has been unable to report from moscow since our bureau there was closed down following russia's invasion of ukraine. so let's turn to peter costello,
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a journalist joining us from riga hit or you are in latvia, which shares a lengthy border with russia and has a significant russian speaking community. what's been the reaction there are 2 russian men fleeing. conscription here started to make some preparations to reduce the possible possible flow of concrete record just coming here from russia just starting from the beginning of the war in february. and for, during the day, the russians who possessed ordinary, she's going to be to receive the even can now. and her last year and the other, both the compass countries here, the countries, countries with huge russia speaking minority, they hear that they could possibly even the civil life situation here. and also the example of the other countries bordering russia,
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the low hundreds of thousands of possible cost conscripts who are leading russia to georgia because i found one other countries. all right, well, you know, having spent the cold war under soviet domination, the baltic countries have always been wary of russia now with the war and ukraine escalating. how concerned are people in the baltics that the conflict could spread? well, talking to the people just from the street. you don't know, you don't know. it's like, feel this very deeply, but still the authority of the also like feel some danger and possibly a election. they just in the coming days and we'll see what's happening afterwards because there are some extra to say that after the election, the re, no worries can possibly go down. but look into the situation in russia today. we
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don't really have a pe. the thanks for talking with us, i was paid our cost lot. there enrica, russia's war on ukraine has contributed to sorting gas prices in europe and handed energy companies record profits. today, european union energy ministers of agreed to introduce new windfall taxes on those earnings. in a meeting in brussels, u member states of agreed to impose extra levies on power producers. european companies will have to return a share of their excess profits. skyrocketing energy costs have contributed to inflation, which has reached a record high of 10 percent across the euro zone. d w, as jack parrot is following these talks closely. forest jack, a cap on revenues and extra levies for electricity producers, par reaching decisions there. or can you tell us? hi, terry will the,
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the castle is saying that these are temporary measures because of the emergency in the energy crisis, but it is a significant and relatively swift action that they've managed to take. now what they've said is that low cost energy produces things like nucular and wind and solar that have seen their profit sore. because the price of electricity has been dragged up by the gas and oil prices. that they can, they, there's actually going to be cap, that the revenues will be kept at a $180.00 euros per megawatt hour. that doesn't mean too much to the, the person on the street. but what will happen is the money will be siphoned back off of those exceedingly high profits come back into the system and be used by government and the european union to feed back into consume as pockets in order to reduce the bills. the other thing they've done as well is they've agreed a 5 percent reduction in peak time usage of electricity. so that will be
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a way to try and reduce the demand in electricity, which will then reduce the price across the block. so electricity prices should after these measures, hopefully come down, but the issue is still remains around gas prices. and that's what i wanted to ask you about. jack. electricity is one thing. gas is a major concern for people as well. this deal, you mentioned supposed ease pressure on consumers and businesses, but what about the price of gas at any cap coming on that? no, there isn't terry. i'm 16 of the 27 e u countries. one that they wrote a letter to the european commission, demanding a proposal on a price cap, but it is extremely complex for the reason being is that if they try to just cash cap, the price of russian gas entering the european union, that would be considered a sanctions measure the check energy minister on the way into the meeting highlighted that as well to check here is the, the, the presidency of the e. u at the moment. but
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a broad cap across the board of old gas them becomes pretty complicated because it affects the prices for other countries importing into the european union as well. and so basically they haven't really been able to talk about that this meeting today. terry, jack, thank you very much. our correspondent, jack paris. they're in brussels. well, we've got more breaking news for you now. don't have ela has learned that a coup attempt is underway in burkina faso. a blast and heavy gunfire were reported near the presidential palace stay. tv went off air briefly following the reported blast roads in the capital walk a do are being patrolled by troops. this comes after the military seas power in a qu last january. well, joining us as we try to build a picture of this developing story, as dw west africa corresponded, flourish, shook, we're a good to see, flourish now you're joining us from la lagos, nigeria, what do you know about this?
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a parent who attempt well this morning, a gone fire was heard from the presidential palace and from the headquarters of the ministry june to the states broadcasting network. the tv and radio station were also shut off and surrounded by military men and schools as well. the students way the schools were clues, then students were ax, so go to school to go back home rather now major roads as well in booking foster, i've also been closed off by military men. all of this, of course, i tell you signs of a military call on the we as we seen on fortunately for our cross west africa over the past 2 years. but the military hunter took control and became foster just in january. has there been signs since then that the battle for power in the country is not quite settled? well, terry,
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this attack is on this event is definitely not coming out of the blues. now they have been signs when a left knock on the, the current military president of looking at fossil came into office. he basically promised that there was going to be security and entry, slimy terrorism because of course, of just like other countries on this i held back in a fossil he's been heavily plagued by me terrorist. but it seems like in recent times, the situation has even worse. and so even though when he came in, he was celebrated by even the civilians. right now they have been like lots of frustration among the people and even the military, because not only are the people feeling the heat of this islamic terrorist attacks, the military itself is being attacked just on monday. there was an attack on military troops where 11 soldiers were queued on 50 c. v lands me missing. so this is definitely a build up of frustrations among the military and also among civilians. flores
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thank you so much. our west africa correspondent, flurries trick war in lagos. and we can now across to a journalist in the burkina faso capital walker digger henry wilkins, joins us henry good to have you with us. tell us about what's happening there where you are today. yes, so i mean, as your correspondence just said, there were explosions and gum fire that was from the early hours of this morning in the, in the center of town as well. soldiers have located a large part of the, of the town center crucially, where a lot of buildings are. the national broadcaster is there. and also the french embassy is on the street, which has been buck aided. i went down there myself earlier this morning. so many soldiers locating roads, most of them wearing face masks, which is not something we usually see when, when we see military on the,
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on the street in, in between a fast. so the local police said they had no idea what was what was going on the the soldiers themselves room to, to speak to me, to give any indication as to whether they are supporting the president or some other person who may be, how it be behind any any clue that could be taking place? the national broadcaster rtp has been going on and offer to radically this morning . not showing anything in relation to the possible crew that could be ongoing. certainly when the, the q happened back in january, this was, it was very much the same. the tv channel went off there for several hours. and when it came back on, there was, it was to show you soldiers who, you know, proclaimed that they had taken power. so you know, the situation very much on clear. nobody really knows exactly what you know,
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whether this is a key or not, but neither many of the hallmarks are there. okay, volatile situation, obviously a possible crew. is it clear, henry, who's in control of the country at this point? henry henry us, if you can still hear us, i was just wondering if it's clear who's in control of burkina faso? no, no, absolutely, no. i mean at the moment there were, there were removed on social media. there's even been a, an audio on social media for quality to be from, from the organizers of acute, saying that the president has been arrested. it's important to point out that he thought very much just rumors at the moment and absolutely nothing is, is confirmed, bought me what he's conspicuous, is that the,
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the president or any other national media or the ministry of information have not come out with any information as to as to what is happening and obviously this is a, this is a very conspicuous thing at this point, since the confusion has, has rained for several hours now. so i think the really, the next few hours are going to be going to be crucial in discovering exactly what is going on here. henry, thank you so much for filling a sand there. and we hope to talk to you later in the day that was journalist henry wilkins in the in why do go to the capital a bikini foster will bring you more on that story as details become available. first to afghan, a stand we're authority say at least 19 people have died in a suicide bombing at an education center in cobble police say the attack in the west of the afghan capital came as students were preparing for an exam. dozens of people have been injured. there's been no claim of responsibility. the blast
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happened in a predominantly shiite area, which has been the target of deadly attacks and the past families rushed to hospitals for information about their loved ones. we don't have information we're calling her, but she's not responding all the way around. 600 students in the classroom. most of those killed the girls. for more on this, let's go to france, marty, and the afghan. capital france. what do we know about those who were targeted in this attack? on not much so it didn't patient sense was targeted apparently that the explosion took place in that big classroom. that was according to call upon rules of provisionally separate that between girls and boys. some reports suggest the girls part was hates the hardest, but without the claim and without any additional information, it is on clear what exactly the target was. most likely it was just to create
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terror at fear. any idea why this education center specifically may have been targeted france there is. busy also no clear indication for days that sets and it's not new in convoluted explosions, targets salt targets and like schools or older, a buildings that don't have high security. the reason for this is probably partly practical, that a heavy secured building or hard it with tech. so attackers goals where it is easier to reach. are there have been several attacks in this neighborhood? i and the most likely explanation for days is you to the new city. it's predominantly and happy to buy has autos wash heights and that it has a sectarian beck for him. oh, oh, milton are not visible. now the taliban had been in control in afghanistan for more than a year now. ah,
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they claim they were going to bring stability and security back to the country. what does this tell us about the taliban is ability to provide that security. france this attack didn't change much on since the polygon are empowered there. have um, sometimes frequently, sometimes less frequently at beam explosions or find ting. so there are still hoops and sign off on a song that conduct the tax. this is also absolutely pause hall. glad seen several blocks that remained on claim some were claimed by self declared. his lemming state so does not know that the poly von con, provide home to present security in their defense. one has to say that in a country like afghanistan with so many weapons and explosives readily available, it is almost impossible to provide full security. especially if attackers hate
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random targets like this educational center frauds. thank you so much. that was journalist france, marty. they're in cobbled. you're watching dw news from berlin. just reminder, the top news stories were following for you this hour, at least 23 people who died after a missile strike on a convoy of vehicles in ukraine's the south for risha region. ukrainian spokesman said the cars and bands were preparing to travel into russia, occupied territory to help people evacuate. president joe biden said the u. s. will never recognize russia's attempt to annex for regions of ukraine. russia is preparing a ceremony to formally claim up to 15 percent of ukrainian territory following so called referendum bureau watching dw news from berlin. don't forget you always get all the latest news information on the go. just download our app from google play or from the apple store. they'll give you access to the latest news round the
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world as well as push notifications for any breaking news. i'm terry martin coming up next to the point. thanks for watching. ah ah,
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with ah. with who to the point. strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives, job referendums, out of a large construction draw blood. maybe jim is trying to salvage his special military operation. but protests are increasing and thousands of russians are playing on to the point we discuss. is russia finally turning to the point
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with different to be your own health advocate? by turning into your own expert, we are your coach without any fiction. and lots of facts. be active in a clever way. with, [000:00:00;00] with pre klein ai already know that with hackers and paralyzing the
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tire societies, computers that outs where you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can wilson for, and that's how they can also go terribly what, you know, on youtube sham referendums, annexations, and a large conscription. dr. vladimir putin is trying to salvage is special military operation. it means that this illegal war on ukraine has now arrived in the middle of russian society. bought opposition, seems to be growing protests are increasing and thousands of russian men of


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