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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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and help me become a forgotten silk. tiny here ah. leaning, he finished and arnold funds between hitler and hollywood 1832. they set out into the icy wilderness of greenland to create a life threatening a film project that became a major milestone in their lives. love seduction. our ice cold passion starts october 8th on d w. this is the dublin news asia coming up to date. will china abandon it 0 corporate policy? it's already affecting businesses and people's everyday lives. so why is b jane sticking with it? and can people at all expect some relief plus a new neither vaccine in india promises to boost the countries efforts at fighting
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the corona virus? ah. i british manager, welcome to the dublin news asia. glad you could join us. try now remains probably the only large country in the world still sticking to a 0 corporate approach to the corona, virus pandemic, for its citizens of that has meant never ending restrictions locked downs and regular steep mandated testing. and the signs are this will continue for some time, especially given an upcoming communist party congress for president. she chin ping is expected to assume a historic 3rd tom in power. authorities want to leave nothing to chance and that is a damp no. from many a head if a week of national holidays that begins on saturday, passenger numbers here paint a gloomy job domestic travel. this flights headed to one of china's top tourist
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destinations. the high upon arrival, the familiar sights of people dressed in hazmat suits are standing by to swaby. this is the city of yan on in northern chancey province. it's fame for being a war time stronghold for the communists during the chinese civil war. must visit for party faithfuls, but its status as a red tourism hotspot hasn't shielded it from the effects of coven 19 travel curbs . none ling shrunk as of focusing, and like many people from urine and relies on travelers to make ends meet. such, you could have visitors from all over the country have declined, so our income has, oh, i fallen especially if artists like us. life is extremely hard. nonsense. she hopes visitors numbers will pick up over china's national golden week holidays. it's a peak, 7 day holiday period, marking the founding of modern day china. but the pandemic has hit hard at the last
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few years. one resident we spoke to cold warranty while said it was impossible not to notice the change from you 3 years ago. tons of people would come here from all over the country and even from abroad to see this historic site. since the pandemic traffic has decreased dramatically, tourist i like to wear mosque and they don't like the idea of maybe not being able to go home. if there's a lock down. i had of china's twice a decade con, this party congress though authorities are tightening restrictions. even further, the countries leadership is set for shakeup and president, she, who's expected to secure a president, breaking 13 has doubled down on china 0 cove approach to insure stability from locked dan's to constant testing. there's plenty of fatigue, anger, even overcome restrictions. but people don't like to talk about it openly, early this year, a thought is one, they take action against any criticism of the countries curve. policies. still,
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there are plenty of signs of people cracking this curve. a testing booth was spotted recently sprayed with graffiti saying, give me freedom or give me death. in this video, circulating chinese social media. a man gets a set off when security tell him to mosque up while he's sitting alone in his own restaurant. jew mesa is a senior enlisted research from trivial china. he says people looking for a quick, relaxed ation of covert curves after congress. a likely to be disappointed. a main concern hears about medical resources right on the government is very concerned that he were to abandon copays 0. you would certainly have overwhelming apostles. ah, not a medical resources to go around. what we may see is after she is firmly ensconced in his 3rd term, and in one sort of the political aspect, his work and squared away, there may be some additional room for policy experimentation. first, on a small scale medical pers caspell on a larger scale,
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it couldn't come soon enough for places like yanna nationwide tourism fell by 28 percent in the 1st half of this year compared to 2021. according to china's tourism ministry. many people's livelihoods here depend on a turnaround happening sooner rather than later. let's get more of this from poland wang in east asia bureau in taipei, which also reports on a china bowen. why is china still sticking to its covert? 0 approach? where nearly every other country has land to live with the wires. well can say that the reason why china today is still taking to cobra their old policy. it's because of the political prestigious, because china, where their 1st outbreak was registered, has always wanted to show the world that you can control the pandemic, better than other countries. for the chinese government, from chinese,
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chinese government's perspective, the 0 coby lockdown strategy has been successful by some metrics over all china has been able to keep cases. and dest, though, compare with many countries, including u, the u. s. and the chinese government has made that a point of pride, but now they are paying the price for the policy. however, we can also assume that if kobe restrictions are loosened, china will, you know, the potential are picking cases, hospital will be flooded with the patients. and the whole medical system may face a breakdown and the low vaccine nation rate among the elderly. in one medical reason, chinese authority used to justify that ongoing disease control measures. that doesn't mean that china will continue to stick to this policy even after the communist party congress and mid october. there. so far, we don't see any,
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you know, concrete timeline for eating coby, the real policy in china. however, we do hear people that just that the government should consider it comprehensively on sunday, chinese and commentator who she didn't say that, you know, as china pounder, it's coded 900 policies and demick experts need to speak out and the government should conduct comprehensive research and make any study transparent to the public . he said the government should tell people what are the pros and cons of the policy for ordinary people and for the whole country. usually anti government message on social media platform will be censored, but this time you didn't. and many that is enjoying the conversation and hope the government to do something. so we think under the know the pressure, the public from the public, chinese government will do something. what of all this meant? there are people in this country. i mean that the coven,
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jiro policy so, chinese government, explain that because the low rates, vaccination rates of elderly people mostly you know, up up the age of 60. and because they are now, they're more like a constitute conservative group of people. they don't want to get the vaccine and that's why they are the potential threat for the country. because if they, if they got effected, then you will caught like a breakdown for the medical system. how does that go with your policy impacting people's everyday lives? bowen? so as we saw that in their reporting with go down week holidays, start starting on october 1st. some analysts to predict the there will be a drop in tourist numbers and you may heard the charities and industry as well.
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however, you know, like chinese cds, including paging shanghai 19 and she on her advice, the rest them to stay put as they're coming national holidays. they use this approach to reduce the risk of spreading in academic and displaying obs across the country. an expert has also noted that the recognition reman cautious as the countries still faces pressure to cover the virus. i'm previously, we stole a lot of people in their life who have been impact bye to the locked down. previously, like some charge that happened on social media platform like a bus transporting residence to, to call the parenting wage or has crushed and was yeah, killing like very, it's a terrible tragedy upon learning and type a thank you so much for joining us today. in india,
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i'll talk to have approved the needs of vaccine against go over 19 since it's sprayed directly into the nose. it provides immunity at the point where the corona virus into the body doctors in the country are optimistic. the ease of administering the vaccine, along with the convenience of storing it, will encourage more people to get vaccinated. this vaccination center in new delhi can immunize up to 300 people a day. but doctors say, lately, only a few people show up daily. to day dr. which are good them who had the center says that they expect that to change soon. only she thinks the newly developed nasal vaccine will increase the number of vaccinations at the center. since the vaccine is to we administer to the spray or else will form missile nautica have any injection technique which is invasive in the law just to
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fight or for. we don't need to maintain all the biomedical waste or fans or late because i'm the syringes, i mean as literally got down better introduction on this oxy. like this center, many other vaccination facilities in india are also awaiting your 1st batch of measles vaccines. a few kilometers away. this hospital in delhi regularly carries out vaccination trials. dr. on upon such day, while a vaccine expert says, the newly developed nasal vaccine could be a game changer in coping co with cobra in from easily vaccine. then nate showed that there are border guards in the nose, so your infiltration bags far scope 19 will be neutralized at the border itself. it will not be allowed to enter the body. india is known as
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the world's largest vaccine manufacturer, with the recent development of nasal vaccine by the home grown company body biotech . a sunday hopes that the new delivery system will become a long term solution to respiratory infection. and son with the dip in vaccination numbers, dr. sweeney la garrick, who hats the government appointed go with task force, is confident that the needle of vaccine can help in mass immunization campaigns and fight vaccine hesitancy. we had privileged that india is the 1st country to have the news in vaccine. and it says type moment, we still have the no, no sugar population across different continents, which is yet to be immunized. that said, it can play a very, very critical julian, foster immunization as the world continues to witness sporadic surges of the cord,
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9 in wireless. several other countries are developing nasal vaccines with some of them in the final trial phases. but india is one of the few countries which has already approved. it's emergency used to go up gorge 19 and that's it for this week. there's more from the region on our website did of dot com forward slash a shirt. we're back again. on monday we'll see you then, but they are eternal dynamite and the pillar of state and society, a symbol of arbitrary rule and crucial tool in the struggle for justice taxes the right to levy taxes in the obligation to pay them both
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inherent in the sovereignty of nation states and their citizens. but what happens when the power of taxation is undermined? ah, he won't pay taxation. oh no, it's what 2 twin 1st on the w o . o. and other attempts to tackle europe's energy crunch. you countries agree on imposing emergency levies on energy firms, windfall profits. will that help finance? the mass of aid programs, countries are setting up organ and experts do also coming up. germany's employment
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figures improved last month. does that spell hope for the many restaurants and hospitality businesses? could have been losing staff during defendant and we'll take a look at what a rising energy costs mean for the producers of one of germany's most important materials. aluminum and chris kolber on berlin. welcome to the program. european union, energy ministers have agreed on an e. you wide levy on fossil fuel companies, rec, hurt profits. the levy would affect profits made both this year. and so the beginning of 2023. the agreement also includes another levy on access revenues, low cost power producers make from soaring electricity costs and calls for a mandatory 5 percent cut in electricity usage. during peak price cleary's by introducing e. y measures. brussels hopes to overlay governments uneven national approaches.


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