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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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ah, he won't pay to extinction into politics. starts october 21st on d w ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin. voting is underway in brazil in a highly polarized presidential election. leftist former president lula da silva, is the front runner, the right wing incumbent president, jaya bold scenario has already warned a fraud. and some of his supporters want to use force to keep him in power. also on
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the show indonesia as president orders a probe into saturdays, death leave riot and stampede that a football stadium more than 125 people were killed of to fans of the losing side storm the pitch and police responded with tear gas and ukrainian troops push ahead with that counter offensive after dealing a major blow to russia. president zalinski says that force is now fully control the strategic eastern city of lemon. ah, and i manuscripts, mccann, and welcome to the program everyone. we start in brazil, whether thing is underway in a presidential election that follows a better and polarized campaign opinion polls are giving a clear advantage to the leftist form of president luis enough to lead us silva.
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but the far right encumbered enjoyable scenario has indicated that he might not accept the results if he's defeated. often are his comments have raised fears that his supporters might attempt to keep him in power by force. waiting to cast ballots in a presidential election that sharply divided the country into left and right. properties. in both scenario, his turns just into misery. he's destroying the economy, the welfare state, and the environment history. so if the left, if lou, when he'll destroy us, he's the funds of left to pay to ship like venezuela. just that daughter. opinion hope that former president luis enough, the luna da silva in the lead. he's trying to tackle poverty. there are fee of incumbent president job both scenarios won't accept defeat. you already cast out on the electronic voting system. both scenario came under fire for mismanaging the
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pandemic. the health system in amazonia state collapsed and vaccines were ordered to late were an efficient rollout. he's also failed to turbo spike in illegal gold mining, which is contributing to the destruction of the rain forest. but he enjoy strong support from the agricultural sector which transport fully beings to germany for animal feed. under both scenarios, hundreds of new pesticides have been approved and he's come down hard against drug cartel. a policy welcomed by some of this have criticized the high number of civilian casualties. luckily, at the moment, brazilian politics is a battlefield. no one's interested in new ideas. analysts say it's possible the election results, food prompt outbreaks of violence. okay, let's cross straight to a correspondent in rio de janeiro, johan ramirez. johan, it's been a really better campaign with phase of violence on election day and after the vote . can you give us a sense of how things feelin rare right now?
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where you see behind me is a reflection. oh of what i have been, what i have seen all day long go here in rhea. i've been touring the city who gets to visit some pause spacious. what i have seen is dad. people making lines to bow team p c in come all around. are they c t on not changed as you don't, you don't felt sanctions in the eventually in the, in the streets, not violence reported so far. what i have seen is that lines are not that long as in other process. electra processes in latin america. we shouldn't link at that with abstention. that's remembered that brazil is the largest democracy of latin america with more than $100.00 m. m. 56000000 of voters. so that's huge. and that's why electron authority has set, ah, hundreds of thousands of balls stations all around the country precisely to avoid long lines on, on waiting time in order to, to made the process to,
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to move faster. so people are turning out to those things. a. com and impelling upholds, ah, strongly suggesting that those sing for lulac that he could win the election out. right. can you tell us why the, the leftist former president appeals to so many voters because of the economy. the economy has been at the center of this electron campaign. there are other issues, of course, such us, since security corruption, are they both are the pandemic. but the economies had their heart of the political debate, and that's the main concern for brazilians. how the next administration consoles, their daily problems saw chess rice, enough for energy on fuel isis. arising. so few, the oh, of the price is off to the inflation unemployment. poverty and they see joe, you're both on our us a failed to president who failed in tackling those problems. on the opposite. they
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see a lot of the silver as a possibility of a government based on a social issues. a variable scenario has defended himself saying that he had a difficult administration because of the pandemic. and that's why he now he says he now needs 4 more years in order to offer solutions to brazilians. so is it like made you think that we will see a clear result after this 1st round of voting? it is difficult to forecast to the find that resolved to off to day election. if we see a de pause every poll, it gave an important advantage to lula the cba, but to win in the 1st round, any of the candidates mats, master gets at least more than 50 percent off the boat. more than 50 percent of the votes on pause. give lula asking about a round 50 percent. so 4948. so it's unclear whether or not he can get that 50 percent plus one who that died,
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which allowed him to become president at tonight, but arguable to narrow. when voting to day, even though the pause, he said that this morning that he is expecting to win the 1st round with more than 60 percent of the bose and key cars repeatedly he has repaired at once. and again, that he won't consider if you're in the face of a defeat because he, he can only conceive a defeat. and if there is a fraud in the process, that's why there are concerns that democracy could be at stake to day in brazil. all right. say result, we're going to be watching very closely. johan ramirez in re, i think so much for that for now. it's to indonesia now, where president, yoko widow, has ordered an invite to geisha into a deadly riot and stampede at a football stadium on saturday. when fans of the losing team stormed the pet shop to the game ended, police fired tear gas, which triggered the crash. the 1st funeral have been held for the 125 people who
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were killed. the death toll was revised down by officials off to earlier reports put the figure even higher. our indonesia correspondent gag matters. file this report about the events in melange on the island of java. silence on the soccer pitch the day after the ma lung stadium disaster. all of this has now become evidence in a desperate investigation of how things could get so out of hand. outside the hospitals belong in the province of east java. hundreds of people are searching for their loved ones like this father. he can't find his 18 year old daughter. so far has been through 3 hospitals. i can't reach her. maybe the phone is on low battery. i also can't reach her boyfriend. the tragedy unfolded the night before when frustrated supporters of the losing home team invaded the pitch throwing
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bottles and other items. police officers fire to tear gas triggering a stampede. the world suckers governing body fever prohibits tear gas in or near stadiums. the local police chief decline to answer our questions about the event. what's clear is that the stadium was filled beyond capacity. 42000 tickets for a venue made to hold. 38000 spectators. hospitals are now struggling to care for scores of injured. ah. initially we received 93 patients, now 12 a left 5 with serious head injuries and 4 in critical condition. the rest on the way to recover, ah linus. they have been outbreaks of violence at matches in indonesia before but not at the scale. the president has now suspended the league until further notice
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demanding a detailed investigation in what is one of modern histories worse stadium disasters? okay, let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. religious and traditional leaders in burkina faso say the self declared new leader. abraham ferrari has accepted the conditional resignation of the countries. now ex president pool on the de amoeba was toppled by juna dounia army offices on friday. the qu has sparked concern among world powers, is the region battle, the growing islamist insurgency, and hundreds of people have gathered in the inner city of birmingham to protest against britons, ruling conservative policy. the government is facing a major backlash over plans to slash taxes for the wealthy, which is fueled spiraling economic crisis. premier still is trust, insists. the plan will bring economic growth back to the country.
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now ukrainian forces pushing ahead with their counter offensive off to recapturing a key eastern town from russia. the ukrainian military says it struck several russian command posts and ammunition depots and moscow's defense ministry is also claiming to have destroyed ukrainian weapons. depos, president zalinski says la man in the east and done yet region has been quote, fully cleared of russian troops who retreated from the town on saturday. a video shed by ukrainian police appears to show their forces tearing russian flags down. at the dublin correspondent nick connelly is in the ukrainian capital key and he told us earlier how significant the recapturing of lemon is for the ukranian counter offensive. this is crucial for 2 reasons. firstly, this is all about logistics and the miles location. this is an important railway hub for supplies. the russians up to a few weeks ago were using it to supply their garrisons in don bass for the south
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and east. so this really helps the ukrainians to kind of cut off russian supply lines. it's already been really tested by the use of those american rocket, outsourced and hi mazda. you allowed ukraine to really stop the russian forces of ammunition and of the supplies. but also this is about a symbolism right. just 2 days ago you had, let me push in the kremlin crowing about the fact that these regions would now be part of russia forever. that russia was there to stay and hear ukraine is proving that. that is not something to vladimir putin can guarantee to anyone least, roy, who, in self and this is, you know, all this is all done, excretions is all. and that now russia claims for itself has annexed. and this is something that oversee the government here and key volumes. lensky really needs to prove also to ukraine's western allies that ukraine is on a role ukraine is capable of pushing back this russian tide, that it is worth investing financial and also political capital in ukraine. in the success. so what do we know about russians? military strategy right now, because they do seem to be very much on the back foot. larose
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trying to mobilize hundreds of thousands people, many of whom have no military experience, told, some of whom seem to be significantly older than one would expect in their late forty's. fifty's not older. and we already seeing reports of these people who, you know, have often just a few days training and very short equipment being captured by the ukrainians within days of arriving the front lines for losing their lives. but the real fear here in ukraine is that now given russia's height is on the battlefield, they're going to start basically upping their attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure behind the front lines to make life in ukraine as unbearable as possible to cripple the economy. and to basically put pressure on the population to then tell the politicians to tell valdemar lensky, it's time to cut some kind of deal with russia. we've seen russia attaching hitting plants, electricity, plants, and infrastructure. so heading into the winter, which is only a couple of weeks ago, this could be a very, very unpleasant differentiation for ukraine civilians who already made it through
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77 months rather of war uh with us huge losses to the civilian lives. and just lynch such a neck. thank you. that's nick connelly, reporting from keith. and we've got some sports news for you now and, and formula one red bulls. sergio paris has one, a very wet cinnapool grown pre. the mexican dr. overtook pole cities shall laclare at the start, and despite a stop stop raised you to crash is caused by the slippery conditions. paris held on to his lead championship, lead a max for staff and could only finish 7th, and we'll have to wait to clinch his 2nd straight driver's title. and finally, one of europe's quirk, he has. competitions has again taken place for the 1st time since the pandemic. thousands packed the bull ring interrogation of spain to watch teams try and build the tallest human tower by climbing on each of the shoulders. now the event is held every 2 years, and it's considered a unique part of the local catalogs culture,
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some to even teams, even practice twice a week. and the effort is worth it. because this is when it took home 16000 euros in prize money. and with that, europe today. so technology show shift is coming up next, meeting some unique female influences who have become role models from a female trucker to an oxygen area, an activist for indigenous right. stick around for that. if you can, i minute cubes. mckennan, thanks. so much for watching d w ah ah, if you ever have to cover up a murder, dust waves to make it look like an accident, raring to me you've never read like this.


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