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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2022 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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w dot com ah, the news are cities growing? what is new buildings rise into the sky and so to no emissions newson because construction is one of the nice, sustainable industrial on the planet. and yet, there are lots of ways to build better. we have several coming off to the show. hello and welcome to eco india. i'm some of that. now concrete is literally the foundation of modern life. the most used material in our built environment. but the list of its negative effect is long, including a colossal carbon footprint. and with that, chalks landfills accompanies yard an india has come up with an alternative building
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block that makes use of not just one, but 2 types of problematic waste. ah, in furnaces such as this one includes rot, metal is melted at $1500.00 degrees celsius and coughed into radius shapes. a material vital to this process is natural sand. yet after several uses the sand dunes into foundry, dust of lease material that ends up in oakland. o foundry dust is actually oh hey there this medieval, which is a byproduct of industry. it on so many times contains messages, heavy measures which can be how, especially wonderful ability all the science as well as the water. because
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this is disposed of without i mean in all one space. and if it comes in, going backwards really worked out, especially rendered 3. and then what would happen is that we get into the site. this does the flexibility of the site and so contaminate the ground water monies what. how do you want to come mean the good rap the city often and that seeking ways to address this huge waste problem, walk down the bridge and europe. in fact, we will find open dumping on time and we've been all over this problem and started leaving as the industrial brain. if foundry dust is collected and combined with plastic waste, 7030 ratio, you get this a silica plastic luck for money. school tardy themed up with up cycles decorah of
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the recycling company in on and to create the for silica plastic blocks in 2018 each liquor plastic block starts out as a dry mix of crushed plastic waste and foundry. does this mix did is put through an extruder and comes out the other side in the form of a slutty ready to be molded into any shape or size required. nathan for mot work good, add up cycle. chuckner takes pride in turning heaps of waived into something useful . hi my. my mother invites say you can make something like this from plastic surprises them. well, i didn't understand in my village, nobody imagined we can make something like this from this race august. surprises them all, 11 and i like this open. one is again, this could be a scalable new use for the 3000000 tons of foundry dust. india produces each year
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using just a 3rd of the energy needed to make conventional bricks or tardy. have found ways to recycle waste into more places to what area do you ever think of with the problem with everything of a problem. so the waste is also relevant. this is on so we have no food, then you can what a good fire you could be put up the lab more than it can be figured on. when people are, you can take it to one, told them trying to get your phone calls and get you put on it is a more expensive and more at this construction site, the 9 and the silica plastic dials are being used to waterproof the walls, me hot grove, all of upside and chuckling, says the tiles work much better than cement what they call me and i'm going to go swim india brick gum. usually when you imagine pick him in the fall thing you think of the water you for securing good is
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a part boring that is full of water on it or do there's a part of the process. now what if i told you that instead of the technology that is being used to make all the florida is using water water, which is even less than water family of 4 uses in the month. that is how much this the only amount of water that goes into it. only a lot of the water that goes into the silica plastic blogs are also 2 and a half times stronger than regular brakes on the same price for the good. how you can also reach this farm in the bible office. we're stuff will continue this. not picking it, but instead of the opposite is collecting. it is not then this must them. those are the top are going to start collected. the collected plastic least is transported 35 kilometers of a on and 40 thing. they're plastic separated in preparation for processing with the
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foundry dust. while upside kentucky mostly produces bricks for construction. they create custom product to ah, add the form sauces to liquor, plastic glove service flooring, furniture and even stationary. so not is not, not based on the team so we can or dish and money you could heidi's innovative process of mixing foundry dust with plastic is setting an example for the recycling in the metals and engineering industries. such circular approaches to industrial byproduct, open up new economic opportunities while helping to preserve the environment. ah, by 2030, the un predict that 60 percent of the global population will live in cities. amid the rapid pace of opening ation, sustainable architecture has become
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a buzzword. but what does it even mean? our reporter set off from berlin to find on so the cities are growing, which means we keep on building but know what else rises with those glossy flat emissions. we all need space to live, but building buildings is terrible for the planet. the construction industry counts from 40 percent of global c, o. 2 emissions that makes the pace of urban invasion. pretty alarming. when we heard that one of the world's biggest energy plus permanent buildings was in germany. well, what did you think we did? we've come to the most energy efficient of them. all that keeps house in frankfort . the building actually generates more energy than it consumes, hence, energy plus and like proper reporters, we just barged into someone's house. this is david and his daughter lola. i'm a few liana,
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and one year old mirror. they live in a pretty nice, pretty normal looking flat, with a disco ball in the city center. but under this normal veneer, there's a robot lurking amongst them and visit, well, the energy center of the house. so to speak, every flat comes with this, i pad that shows you how much energy the building is producing from its solar panels. and when it also shows how much energy you're using and how that sucks up against your so called budget of this were warm water too. and there were a bit over budget because the kids take baths. do you like taking bath? yeah. what would the weirdest thing about this whole thing is, is the ranking. so the whole $74.00 units of the house are rated in considering their energy and warm water using the picture. you can see what are your neighbors . yeah, i think you can't ha, which is good. i think, you know, i think this whole thing is a bit it gives it's sort of a competitive fuel while it's actually done, humans,
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new competition for change to happen anyway. the main question is, does the i pad work that we 1st moved into the apartment? i did check it every day or every week or so, and we were like, oh yes, were above the average or something. and now it gives you a kind of motivation to, to change your habit. at the end of the day were soon frankfurt, where the average salaries almost 60000 years a year. living green is an expensive privilege here. and, and just because the building is green doesn't mean all it's residents are normal people in here. i mean, there is that the mercy does g class parking in the parking leg downstairs. most people here with normal frankfurt, like i don't know any fridays from you, checked with living here or something like that. we had to cut our visit short because guess what? got to me. the person behind the i pad frank anchor as the chairman of frankfort
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city, housing management. and he was in the basement. just kidding, he's showing us how this whole thing works. dusk, avoidance of the building was designed as a passive house. that means its air tight and the energy it uses its generative. but i didn't know was that it also comes from sewage to disney stuff. there are massive sewage canals in every city, and that dirty water flows into a treatment plan which has temperatures between $16.18 degrees celsius. these plates remove energy from the wastewater that energy has been sent to a heat pump, which is this massive device here. this generates heat for the whole building. i thought it was using the boys to get there teach that house may be a success story, but it's built with all new materials, including lots of concrete. this is a circular house in berlin. it's a co working and residential space that takes a totally different approach to green architecture and professional speak. this is
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called a circular economy concept. so what does that mean? when we say we the circular that 2 main aspects. this is simon lee. he's the head of the circular house project. one is nick from waste, from secondary resources, basically. and in a way that after the life cycle of bidding, you can actually remove everything and we use it or throw it on the composites. for starters, the structure itself used to be the loading hall of an o brewery. everything has embedded value with it. this is doctor near market shawnee, a professor at the national university of singapore and an expert in that concrete to build that took a lot of conflict. and so you begin by recognizing the building itself as a kind of as an asset. we got to pick up the construction side of the residential for which we'll have a flat set. sure, a large common area and kitchen. so here you see we big 100 for and with what?
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nothing is, nate, nothing exclude its own food. so you can remove it like legal crude, a 100 percent. okay, so this is just plain and behind the clay sprawl. and you have just put in a lot of lin, strong and water. and they also used woodward for insulation compress the straw ups like plywood concrete and natural alternative to concrete me to hampshire in line and recycle plastic bottle doors dancers, nicole working area simon and his colleague sasha showed me perhaps the world's most unknowingly famous meeting booth rescued actually material from a yoko ono exhibition and like think it was actually assemble of coffins we disassembled them and just like built these meetings out of that all very cool. but how many of us have access to the people running? you go show, sourcing cycled materials,
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not only hard. we simply don't have enough people doing it. take it from an architect, you need a whole industry to support that. it has to be done at scale. it's about building an ecosystem around this idea. i don't think it's just simple gesture of. ringback putting a piece of something from the old building into the new building. so is it always better to re purpose and structure than to build a new one? if you look at it from you to perspective, and why are there more of that company? because it's it is more difficult, you need to put in the extra work to basically analyze the building. what can i do with it? what kind of resources, structural system have been able to read for many they feel if we just knew we have everything under control and we don't have all these unknowns and we don't have any on calculated risk. this is dr. christine met. she's the head of the german green building council, and she spent most of her time reminding developers about daphne comes from climate
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context where the buildings are happening and that the building has to react locally to, to the surroundings. but good architecture is also about access. if greener buildings are just there for the one person, then it fails as a social project. 40 percent of the living space and circular house would be devoted to social housing, and most of its residents will be clear women of color. but these are just some of germany's approaches to making architecture, greener. it focuses energy conservation through technology, which of course, isn't a solution for everyone. once it's all in the building, industry is actually the wrong strategy and the strategy is to so many years. and now we have to deal with all the consequences. by 2025, 2 thirds of the world's mega cities will be in asia where the pace of urban ization and need for housing is and comparable to that of germany. earnings after 3040 years have been torn down and being replayed,
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the quality was not good or not modern and anymore. the weather in europe or asia building better will be a challenge everywhere because capital will always be inpatient. as architect romero tra said, investors want fast returns, but a building has many other stakeholders. we have very different definitions of what a good building is. how do you negotiate and mindsets, how do you align people to what's a common goal? i think this is one of the biggest challenges that we face in industry today. the real solution might involve a total re conception of what we think architecture is and promote indonesia now and a community in central. so let me see province. that was devastated by a series of natural disasters in 2018 face for the mammals task of rebuilding. it rediscovered a traditional material which it turns out can withstand natural hazards far better
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than most conventionally building substances. central pseudo way c is no stranger to natural disaster. in 2018, the province was hit by a tsunami lance lines and a series of earthquakes, including one with a magnitude of 7.4. bull on papa was one of the many villages affected in columbia district, an area that's popular with tourists from palo city, together with the organization architecture. so frontier indonesia, a group of young men are now rebuilding flattened homes from scratch with bamboo. it's also hope the project will provide economic stimulus that's affiliated with the table. and then at a glance, this looks like a logo, a structure used as a traditional meeting in place and it's been it, but the details shows similarities to original cloud houses. yeah. called gum period buller noah
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b. there are slight differences. most people to day are only familiar with lobos and assume these new bamboo houses are like them yet the open house, even in fact, these houses are the same shape as old reco valley houses. but the metal kind of my main motivation was the need for shelter. we were informed that besides getting a house, we would also learn skills. that that umbrella, they were shown the design and then were taught the whole process to turn the idea into reality. from harvesting the bamboo to finishing the construction long ago, kalauia used to have a tradition of wood and bamboo architecture with modernization, people began to build their homes with brick and concrete. brick houses were prestigious. but the massive earthquake caused these houses to crumble. and many people were crushed under the heavy structures. now residents are looking for safer alternatives. bamboo is grown widely in indonesia. it's lightweight and flexible and is more earthquake resistant. rabbani romeus has worked with marwan and his
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friends for several months. and we see that there are also a gl logical benefits to using bamboo such as low carbon emissions and water conservation. because bamboo plans can restore groundwater in dry areas. bamboo will also be able to restore damaged ecosystems in the region for most importantly, bamboo is very interesting because it requires skilled manpower at the at that means an additional to rebuilding homes for disaster survivors. we can also provide economic benefits for those who have joined the training program and the the son bamboo houses do still, however, have an image problem. according to rama solid. he's the director of the central solar ways, a carsa institute, which is implementing the bamboo housing project in partnership with architecture. sophia, indonesia. the alarm system conducts on kamisky nandita on poverty conducted by social and statistics agencies, including certain indicators gone into got one of them is the material that people
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use for their housing. ah, the real m d will duncan on the use of anything other than kong? grant, as seen as an indication of poverty, latin buckle, but on it, the governor must such categories affect the way we see things done. go more than mumbo nodded perception, myself. housing built with concrete, became an aspirational goal for many upwardly mobile families. even though it was not a construction material that was well suited to conditions here in the region. the carsa institute has now developed various building designs that use bamboo for private use and for public buildings like local schools and the policy and im health center. my one plans to move into lou bamboo house with his family soon and he is proud of what he has learned along the way. i say to the study this chair that i'm
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sitting on now as a result of this training process. before this, i found making your chair like this really difficult. it's a side benefit of the few months of training. before he built this house, my one earned his living, doing on john's. but with his new set of skills, he hopes to make a new career for himself. just like marwan many residents here now have safe homes, as well as the means to make a secure living in the future. and i wonder what it would be like to live in a hobbit hole. then stay to because unmixed report explores the walk of swiss architect me to wish, who's organic look homes are the epitome of climate friendly desires. ready at 1st glance, this earth house in switzerland invented nature looks more like a hobbit whole than a conventional home. but its esthetic exterior conceals one of the most
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environmentally and climate friendly homes available. there, the brainchild of swiss architect feita fetch who invented these earth houses over 40 years ago. this is down. this is just a logical solution in terms of environmental protection, integration and ecology hill. their color who normally houses take space away from nature. here vegetation can grow on the earth, covered roof and house smelled harmoniously into the landscape. is too much been so here there is a 50 centimeter layer of earth, but the cover increases in depth. further up on the top, there's a 120 centimeters of earth, so a lot can grow. there isn't much ceiling, we're restoring green space. being the green of lacy earth houses are low energy, foster biodiversity inter cheaper to bill than conventional houses. first,
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a woven steel grid is erected. this is then filled with concrete and then covered with a layer of polyurethane or clay. but what about the inside of the house? our host was already expecting us to reach those a coat. the house has curved walls, high rounded ceilings and fanciful paintwork. the rooms fused together elegantly habit only she has been living in this earth house for 31 years. he was fascinated by pater fetches, designed from the 1st time he saw it. they do anything and be the man you don't notice you're on the earth. you've got these big windows and you see greenery. everywhere you look all i'm comfortable living here and the indoor climate is very steady. it in is he steam at us, glided cream off. these stone carved houses in tunisia,
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or these and cap and osha, turkey served as inspiration for peter fetch. he built his 1st earth house, 1974 for his own family. today there are about a 100 and switzerland, austria, germany, and on the crimean peninsula. he also designed an earth house style public park in the small town of d dakota near zurich. generally, he's wary of the trend to integrate ever more high tech elements in architecture. is the savvy, the, and there's a returns in nature to simplicity and why all these expectations people are born from the womb after all, to ripped out. it just felt like it will clear, why do we keep building everything square? it died? yeah. what about if he had a key? ah, he's been retired for a long time, but that's not slowing him down. even at age 79. he's always working on new projects. he's currently designing an environmentally friendly apartment building.
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robin, this is about this building method involves very few materials. i don't need to be all that precise. i'm not fitting boards down to the centimeter. so i can follow my intuition a lot more. i've had to build houses a bit like a kid to playing in a sandbox, increasing the height here all there. it's creative. if i could use 3 d printing, that would be the best total. then i could make the design here in switzerland, send it to china, and they'd print the houses and fix them, blah. he know the codes he also ouster can lease earth houses are ahead of their time. but more and more people are taking interest in alternative living concepts, blue lids aside. obviously, i've been getting more and more requests. people are paying greater attention to the environment and they're realizing building a freestanding box isn't environmentally friendly. we gave lou will our
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understanding of architecture change? how can we live more sustainably, pater fetches design may provide at least partial answers to these questions. could you imagine living in a look who like the one you just saw that had a lot of realities to consider before taking that lead. and that's why we have eco, india. we continue to give you perspective about the why in the house of going green. stay tuned and we'll be back next week from an entirety. good bye. and thanks for watching. ah, i
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