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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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hitler's favorite director. and how did he become a forgotten filled pioneer? leading he finished and arnold fun. between hitler and hollywood. in 1932, they set out into the icy wilderness of greenland to create a life threatening film project that became a major milestone in their lives. love, seduction, and our ice cold passion starts october 8th on d w. this is dw news asia coming up today, concerns about north korea firing a ballistic missile over japan. the 1st such launch in almost 5 years and the longest day about the united states and south korea condemned the test as dangerous and reckless. how worried should we be about north korea's next move and indonesia,
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navy is accused of demanding bribes from ships. it said would lead illegally anchored in its waters the heat, the audio from one captain held captive for half a year. ah. i beg was all and glad you could join us. south korean and american fighter jets have carried out precision bombing drills in response to north korea of firing a ballistic missile over japan. the launch pump to tokyo to activate its me, saw the load system and issue a rare warning for people to take shelter. it comes in a record year of weapons tests by pyongyang, which recently revised its laws to declare itself an irreversible nuclear power. ah morning siren sound out of the north of japan passengers on their morning commute had to wait as trains were halted. while
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outside lance speaker announcements warned people to take shelter. ha! it's the 1st time in 5 years that north korea is fired, a missile over japanese territory. north korea has fired a ballistic missile. it flew over our country and we believe it fell in the pacific ocean. it's another barbaric act after a series of ballistic missile launches and we strongly condemned this is the 7th time in north korean miss. alice flown over japan, but tokyo said this may have been the longest yet. the ballistic missile travelled for about 4600 kilometers before crashing into the pacific ocean, fired in a different direction. that would be far enough to hit the u. s. island of graham. the u. s. was quick to condemn the launch and called it dangerous and reckless. and
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south korea vowed a tough response. i don't need all moran heck. well, such reckless nuclear propagation would face a resolute response from our military as well as our allies and the international community on, on hello. thalia junior high pushing north korea's leader kim john own, has long been working on expanding the countries missile program. and it's nuclear capabilities. last month, north korea declared itself in nuclear weapons state, ruling out any possibility of deed nuclear zation. military expense. believe this message was an intermediary range, ballistic missile, most likely of war song 12 shown in these images of a north korean military parade. from april this year, the miss i launch comes after japan, south korea in the us, conducted naval exercises together for the 1st time since 2017,
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south korea. and the us have been warning that pyongyang is preparing to conduct another nuclear test, which they say could happen soon after north korea's ally china, hold the communist party congress on october 16th shadow carol is from the news and analysis outlet. the korea risk group, the north koreans of never manage, the fire broke it this far. how concerning is that? i think by itself is not particularly concerning. the missile we believe is to have been tested today is very likely a why song 12 intermediate range ballistic missile, has been tested over japan on at least 2 occasions in the past. the main difference here is that the range of it is, has gone up by about 1000 kilometers. so it's not by itself concerning for the distance, but more so for the timing. ah, given that there's been no,
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at least direct a, you know, attack or provocation by the us, south korea, japan on north korea day can be clearly seen just yet to have triggered this. what is so alarming about the timing? well, it's kind of come out of nowhere we've, we've had and all of a sudden in the last few weeks, 5 or 6 rounds of north korean michelle testing, what we did see in august was us south korea military drills taking place for the 1st time since trump's piece diplomacy of 2018. we anticipated reactions like this, then they didn't happen. well, we have seen in the last few days as vice president, kamala harris of the u. s. visiting south korean japan making anti north korea statements if you will. and we've also seen the u. s. introducing as fast so called strategic assets to the korean peninsula. about 10 days ago the u. s. s. ronald
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reagan, an aircraft carrier, has also been some other minor trilateral submarine anti submarine trainings. now, altogether, these may be why north korea has decided to do this because those 3 things basically comprised the most stride and political and military threat the norm has faced. since the trump era of foreign fury 2017. and we're hearing south korean and us war planes already conducting bombing drills in response. what is the risk of escalation here? yes, so this bombing drills right now, we may see a missile launches into one of the ocean areas near south korea tomorrow. that could be unilateral sanctions. the risk is north korea will use the steps and retaliatory actions to basically further justify increasing as next step,
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potentially even to a new killer test. we've been worried about a north korean 7th nucular test. since may, it's not happened. i could see a situation where a u. s. and south korean, a response may be japanese to, is even used to publicly justify. north korea is much anticipated 7th nucular test . so what needs to be done to de escalate? what's going on right now? that's a tough question, really for the political a lead is to determine but in some ways it's hard to do politically by, in some ways ignoring this may be the best option. i'm not making a big song and dance about it because we know very clearly that north korea likes to respond far with fire. and if, if the u. s. and rock go to fall with responses in the next 24 hours,
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it could really trigger problems. i just point out that about 34 weeks ago, the north koreans revealed the nuclear doctrine. that the method that the scenarios in which they are using the kill happens. and there was some very worrying and vague language contained in that doctrine. and it will be important for the u. s. and rock not to step over any gray red lines that the north koreans seem to painted during that doctrine. to avoid the threat of, of north korea using nuclear weapons and somebody at a car from the korea risk group. thanks very much for being on d. w. news. asia thank heat to indonesian football officials have been suspended for life and over a dozen elite police officers are under investigation over last we can stampede at a stadium in east java. the government says, the devil now stands at 133 fans from the losing side. had stormed the pitch that
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belong stadium throwing objects when police fight tear gas into the stance. it caused panic. indonesian police, a hundreds of spectators tried to flee through exit gates, that were only big enough for a couple of people at a time causing a huge crash. mourners have been laying tributes to the victims. the regional police chief has apologized for the disaster. i. the regional police chief i am concerned saddened, and at the same time i am sorry for the shortcomings and the security process in the future. we will assess this together with the organizers believe committee and the football association of indonesia. so we can hopefully hold football matches on the seat conditions that also benefit our economy. one into these is navy, is accused of extortion. dozens of captains of merchant vessels claimed they were
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seized from their ships. they say they were falsely charged for anchoring and indonesian waters without a permit. while waiting to enter the ports in singapore. several alleged, they were held at an indonesian naval base in bottom until their companies paid bribes of hundreds of thousands of dollars for their release. those huge companies didn't pay were convicted and sent to prison. jakarta denies the allegations. a don raid just over a year ago, steered glen mcgee knox life off course for indonesian navy officers boarded his oil tanker and accused the ship captain of anchoring without a permit in indonesian waters. they have guns. so we met on the lids and then they checked the documents on little on the 3rd yodeling, and alicia waters. the filipino father of 4 was seized and taken to
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a naval base on baton island. here he soon discovered he was just one of dozens of captains detained there. some were released after their companies paid as much as $400000.00. but mad okey nox, as his firm declined, so he remained captive a little. there wasn't or bully was up and i was full about know, oh, what's happening? but the little only thing. oh, i think that was her, something like illegal piracy. you have to be running because one of the up there that are melinda, upon the up, on marable, explained to me to tell you, nobody at the free as soon as possible, so that we can go on all of them, all money soluble money. maggie nog was seized more than 22 kilometers from the main indonesia coastline. that's the standard distance considered to be international waters. but indonesia is made up of over 17000 islands. territorial waters could be drawn further out. and this murky definition used to justify the
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seizures. and it seems to me that it's in terms of, from probabilities that this, this is an, or was certainly some kind of exercise by the indonesian navy, or backed by the indonesian navy ah, and to extort money from shipping us. the indonesian navy has denied requesting or taking bribes and then he could do it either. we never asked for money or payment the law because everything we do with follows the legal procedure as a walk that i go through that with little girl. i believe if you hear anything about it, if i as yup, are please report to me and who they are about guy, whether it's just ob, certain parties or some people who attempt to weaken redial the indonesian navient at the lower. yeah. captain mcgee nog is now back in the philippines. he was finally released after more than 6 months, which included time in prison,
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held alongside murderers and rapists. the once proud captain is trying to reorient his life and process the memories of an ordeal that still keep him captive. i've been fizzle, and i'll be back same time, same place to morrow. in the meantime, you can get most stories on d, w dot com slash asia, or on our social media channels to you again say slash her again that i think that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not a lot just a year and more we will send you back. are you familiar with this reliance
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beef? what's your story. ready i mean, wasn't, i was women, especially and victims of violence in labs and take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. aah! germany says it will keep the coal fires burning and will keep a dozen coal fired power plants open to help tackle the energy crisis. but plants, the ditch coal altogether, remain in place also coming up. it's almost as french as the eiffel tower and the
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back gets. but now friends face is a shortage of its favorite conduct. and the search for oil puts brazil's whales in danger. and there's no sign of anything being done to stop it was cobra. welcome to the program. the energy crisis has forced a turn around in germany. berlin says little scrap plans to shut down a dozen coal fired power plant. instead, it'll keep them running for up to a year and a half. the 12 power plants with a capacity to reduce the 7 gigawatts will support the power red only in case other providers cannot keep up with demand from industry and consumers over the long term . jeremy's goal to exit fossil fuels remains intact though with energy giant r w e confirming earlier today that it will exit coal power by the year 20.


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