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experience outstanding shopping and dining offers. enjoy your services to be our guest at frankfurt airport city. managed by fraud lou. ah ah . the state of when you news line from berlin, ukraine continues to regain territory in areas claimed by russia. president zalinski says troops have liberated more towns and several regions. ukrainian forces are now pressing their counter offensive in the southern region of kirsten.
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also coming up, north korea test fires, a ballistic missile farther than ever before sending and soaring over japan. the u . s. and south korea condemned the lodge calling a dangerous and reckless plus the nobel prize in physics goes to a trio of scientists for their discoveries and the field of quantum mechanics advances that have broad implications for secure information transfer and quantum computing. ah, article really it's good to have you with us. ukranian forces have broken through russian defenses in the south of the country while expanding their rapid offensive and the east there seizing back more territory in areas annexed by russia and threatening supply lines for its troops. officials there and sold by moscow have acknowledged ukraine's advances in the her on region one,
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a 4 that russia illegally annexed last week. granting troops are said to have gained territory as much as 30 kilometers away from where the front stood just days ago. from the regions of hockey in the north to her son in the south. b, ukrainian flag is being raised in villages across the country is east once again as keys counter offensive continues to push forward. showing you for the day, the offensive movement of our arm and all our defenders continued yearly. there are new liberated settlements in several regions in my fears. fighting continues in many areas of the front. but beyond the victory, the cost of war emerges. here in the man we captured by ukraine at the weekend, bodies of russian fighters lined the streets.
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ukrainian soldiers must also collect the bodies of their own that are you. we fight for our land for our children, so that people can live better. but all this comes to very high price residence like 85 year old valentina struggle with what little they have. the russians may have been forced out but life here remains grueling. was a which then already fed up with everything even for peace drank quality and for our children and families to be alive and healthy with a family home in towns likely mom, things are far from normal. but there are moments to pause and reflect on what the success means for their future. our respondent ne, connolly told us more about the significance of the latest ukrainian gates. this is
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certainly a big deal. and all the summer we were expecting some kind of movement near have san suddenly that was what prison zalinski and took, great officials were always promising. in the end it all ended up happening is for the reason hack of reason. it seemed like her son was kind of distraction tactic and that actually you grand wasn't trying to do much there, but now everything is changing there. and we are seeing villages as decay, media report 6 villages taken in the space of the day. information trickles through to us pretty slowly. ukrainian army is doing pretty well at keeping tabs and keeping a lid on all the information flow. it's actually weird enough. we end up finding out more about what's going on from russian military bloggers and russian social media, where there's a lot of complaint about the lack of resources that the russian soldiers around capstone have. they're basically trapped on the west bank of the dipper river. the bridges have been destroyed by the ukrainians and had run out of supplies as the real sense that ukraine is push home. it's advanced right now trying to kind of
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push the russians of the west bank while they still can. and before russia mobilization has any real effect. the u. s. just today promised more military anti ukraine. will that help keep the counter offensive momentum? definitely the flow of western weapons to sort as a trickle is now really a much, much more significant in terms of the timings in terms of the time frame and the scale of the help coming in. and it now is really visible that ukraine is able to outdone the russian forces in lots of ways. and that attempt at being the last few months of his destroy russian logistics, destroy russian weapons deposits really now lead situation where the russians are really having to think 3 times before using any of the weapon systems. they still have and are often able to a lot less damage. they could just a few months ago. now the lend lease program has come into effect from beginning of october, which basically allows the u. s. government to send a lot more in the way of weapons. ukraine with a lot less red tape and a lot less in the way of congressional approval needed was
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a real sense in ukraine. that this is a time where ukraine is on the up and really able to can take advantage of those russian weaknesses. nick, there has been speculation that russia may be preparing to use tactical nuclear weapons after a video emerged as a huge convoy of equipment moving towards ukraine. what's your assessment on that? we'll see the russians want us to see that video. this was a video that was spread through pro kremlin telegram channel. so this is definitely something they want us to be talking about maybe to distract from their loss on the battlefield. but also to get people, especially if you're worried about what the growing ukrainian conference could mean in terms of russia trying to use the nuclear auctions. it's only kind of lost wages, maybe turned the tables in all this here in ukraine's not really being taken seriously. it's being seen as bluff and certainly we've heard from top us generals former us channels as be said, retard juicer was talking about what the u. s. might do if russia would usually weapons what kind of retaliation that be to the sense that yet the americans are
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doing enough to make clear to russia that this has a cost. but certainly the russians are playing with called, and i think we're going to see a lot more in the way of potentially neglect suds and more talk of this before yet, the week is out. nic connelly, thank you so much for that. and your excellent reporting throughout the war time to take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. german foreign minister and alina bab, oak has rejected a request from poland for world war 2, reparations. on a visit to warsaw bab, oaks of germany's position on the matter was settled on monday, poland government formerly sent a request for 1.3 trillion euros and compensation for damages incurred by occupying nancy forces during the 2nd world war. upon them. it doesn't show the mediator for west africa as regional block echo was says he's satisfied after meeting were keener foster's new military leader is as he is confident,
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the leadership is preparing for a democratic transition just days after the country 2nd military take over this year. echoes envoys arrived on tuesday to protesters chanting their support for russia and anti french slogan. large parts of bangladesh including the capital deca, have been left without electricity after the countries power grid malfunctioned. the blackout has impacted at least a 130000000 people. that's about 80 percent of the population. officials say they're trying to restore full service and i government protests in iran are continuing to spread to universities and high schools. the countries president has echoed commons by iran supreme leader who blamed the unrest on the us. and israel protests began after the death of 22 year old masa. i mean, ne, following her arrest for allegedly violating the islamic republic strict dress code
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. the protests have evolved into the most widespread challenge. shoot ron's leadership in years ah, calling for freedom from the campus of their university and arena and city of san john. across the country. universities and schools have become sites of mass protests. many of them let by female students. reports of plain clots, police being deployed to campuses have stirred concerns of a further lethal crack down against young peaceful protesters. president abraham bracy admitted to what he called certain shortcomings in the country. but the iranian leader still stuck to the official line. tremendous molly cars are the enemy is aiming to reduce or so so taboo. it wants to people to lose hope on it. want to reach saturate of weaknesses and shortcomings were don't deny weaknesses and shortcomings below that one. you seem,
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rosie echoed claims made earlier by iran, supreme leader, ayatollah ali khamenei. he had accused enemies of iran, the u. s. in israel, a fueling protest to destabilize the country hominy has refused to acknowledge widespread opposition to his religious government. despite the violence suppression that us so far killed, dozens, protests have shown, no signs of dying down. and north korea has fired a ballistic missile over japan for the 1st time and 5 years authorities and tokyo say the missile flew more than 4000 kilometers. before landing in the pacific ocean, the government activated its missile alert system and ordered residence in the north east to seek shelter. ah warning, sirens sound out of the north of japan. passengers on their morning commute had to wait as trains were halted. while outside lance speaker,
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announcements warned people to take shelter. ha, it's the 1st time in 5 years that north korea is fired, a missile over japanese territory. north korea has fired a ballistic missile. it flew over our country and we believe it fell in the pacific ocean. it's another barbaric act after a series of ballistic missile launches and we strongly condemned this is the 7th time a north korean missile is flown over japan. but cherokee has said, this may have been the longest yet. the ballistic missile travelled for about 4600 kilometers before crashing into the pacific ocean, fired in a different direction. that would be far enough to hit the u. s. island of graham. the u. s. was quick to condemn the launch and called it dangerous and reckless. and
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south korea vowed a tough response. i had only little more hon heckle such reckless nuclear provocation. we would face a resolute response from our military, as well as our allies and the international community put on on hello thalia jr and pushing north korea's leader came john own has long been working on expanding the country's missile program and it's nuclear capabilities. last month, north korea declared itself in nuclear weapons states ruling out any possibility of d nuclear as ation. military experts believe this message was an intermediary range, ballistic missile, most likely of our song 12 shown in these images of a north korean military parade from april. this year the miss, i launch comes after japan, south korea in the u. s. conducted naval exercises together for the 1st time since 2017 south korea and the u. s. have been warning that pyongyang is preparing to
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conduct another nuclear chest, which they say could happen soon after north korea's ally, china holds a communist party congress on october 16th the nobel prize for physics has been awarded to free physicist working on quantum mechanics, ala aspect from france at john klauser from the united states and, and on filing of from austria, or a given the most prestigious prize in science for veterans dialing. oh, was nicknamed mr. beam after successfully demonstrating quantum teleportation and 1997 through a call with china. anton xilinx receives a standing ovation. he's been doing research here at the university of vienna for many years into particle physics. now he's won the nobel prize, the biggest award in science with justin. during the 1st experiments i was sometimes asked by the press what the whole thing was supposed to be good for. and
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i said i can tell you quite proudly. it's not good for anything. i'm just doing this out of curiosity. awesome, are you the siding is sharing the prize with francis allen aspect and american john klauser. all 3 have made groundbreaking discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics and puts simply, it's about the interaction of the smallest particles, much smaller than atoms. the nobel committee and stuart comb tried to explain what the implications are on them. the thing you can apply these findings. for example, in the security tightened cribson field of cryptography and alt fine quantum computers and very specialized sensor technology with the sick. but anton salinger has explained these complicated physics concepts with the help of foam dice. the smallest pairs of particles can automatically change shape with businesses said one, even if they're far apart. this goes back to einstein. this goes back o including on a guy called john belen son. it's all about how we view the universe and how
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particles in this case light particles interact with one another. so in this particular case, you've got 2 particles that could be in different areas, but they may be still entangled, as they call it. that's the technical term. entangled with one another. it's a bit like having 2 family members that might be on different sides of the world. you still kind of connected. you might even have sort of a telepathy between the 2 of you. the scientists will share the prize money, which is almost $1000000.00 euros. yes, so there with us now after the break route. what has the latest news found? the world of business anika for thank you so much for a complete lack of interest. the global economy, our portfolio d w. business beyond. here's a closer look at.


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