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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 6, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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a takes 2 twin food w ah ah, this is dw news lived from berlin, a horrifying attack as a nursery and ne, thailand, emergency responders removed the bodies of more than 30 people. many of them children from a day care center where they was shot dead by an ex police officer. also coming up russian rockets hit homes in the ukrainian city of chaper region,
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rescuers. search for survivors as authorities say, some residence, a still trapped under the rubble. and leaders for more than 40 countries gather in prague for the 1st meeting of the new european political community. but what does the organization stand for and what can it actually achieve? ah, i menu kips mckaden. thanks so much for being with us. in thailand, more than 30 people, mostly children have been killed in an attack at a daycare center. it happened in the town of nanda lum, flew in the country's north east. a man wielding a gun and a knife is said to have entered the nursery and open fire for later taking his own life. 2 scenes of panic and chaos, after a former police officer attacked
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a childcare center. armed with a pistol and a knife, he opened fire and stepped, dieter and children killing dozens of people. this dieter describes what she saw. he used his feet to kick the window and then he shot at the door. i thought you got inside, so i ran to the kitchen behind. i was in shock. i didn't know what to do. tightens prime minister said the moore to for the killings will be investigated and offered his condolences. society must take care of everybody. he might have something inside him and have been facing problems. i don't take any one side. this definitely shouldn't happen. i feel deep sadness for the victims and relatives believe, said the gunmen fled to his home and get his fight and site, then took his own life. the also see, the former police sergeant had been suspended for drug use. at the hospital, people rushed to ned black for the injured one of tell him that lee of masculine
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has left a community distraught and in shock. jacob goldberg as a journalist in the tie capital bank call can i asked him earlier? how common it is to shootings to happen in thailand. there the distinction between what you would call gun violence and mass shootings. there thailand is known for for gun violence. there are a lot of guns here, a lot of privately own guns and but violence is usually confined to gain violent or personal disputes or political violence. and up until recently, it's been a very rare for them to be a mass shooting. but this is actually the 3rd, the 3rd time in the last 3 years that a member of highland security forces has been involved in that shooting the, the most recent one was just last month when a soldier shot to his colleagues. and before that, in 2020, there was
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a soldier who went on a shooting rampage and killed 29 people in another part of northeastern thailand. and that was considered talents 1st, not shooting, and had the highest goal, but that's been surpassed today. jacob goldberg speaking to me earlier from the ty capital, bangkok, now the head of the international atomic agency energy agency is in the ukranian capital key for talks about security at europe's largest nuclear power station. rafael gracie is discussing plans for a safe zone. after months of shelling near the facility, the jeffery supplant is located near the front line and a southern ukrainian region illegally annexed by moscow. russian president vladimir putin ordered his government to take formal control of the facility on wednesday. but at a press conference and keith gross, he said it was quote, obvious that the station remained a ukrainian facility. russian missiles has hit residential buildings in the
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southern ukrainian city of javert apparition, ukrainian emergency services say at least 3 people were killed in the strike. another doesn't wound it. strikes come as russian forces continued till his ground, t cranes counter offensive in the south and east. gutted by russian rockets here ins, apparition rescue workers search the rubble for missing residence. local officials say several people were killed. while moore had been hospitalized off the initial dorn attack fire fighters headed to the scene. but a 2nd salvo, cent locals running for cover. as well as rescue workers present zalinski condemned the strikes was of but easier beast parisha after the 1st rocket strike to day when people came to pick apart the rubble. russia
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conducted a 2nd rocket strike, a deal of absolute vileness absolute evil. and there have been thousands of instances of this already, and there could be thousands more. unfortunately, she has run more humbled. locals were left reeling through them. why are they doing this to us? what are they trying to prove? killing or people? why? for what? the attacks come, as ukraine continues to force russian troops back in the south and east with these ukrainian troops and the don bass telling french reporters that they were using shells captured from the russians with winter. fast approaching, keep seems determined to press its current advantage, as long as it can at the head of the international atomic energy agency, his in the ukrainian capital keith,
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the talks about security at europe's biggest nuclear power station is the slough. discussing plans for a safe zone after months of shelling near the facility there, jeffery to plant is located near the front line in a southern ukrainian region illegally annexed by moscow. russian president vladimir putin ordered his government to take formal control of the facility on wednesday. but at a press conference and keith grossi said it was obvious that the station remained ukrainian facility matter. that past dw conley is in cave, and i asked him what gracey said at that press conference. there was precious little in the way of detail about how a safe so would actually work. and when exactly it's going to happen. obscene. most, the jonas, they wanted to press him and busy get him to make a political statement about what the russians are doing. there about russian attempt to take over the power station and you're given the roommate of his, you and body. and given the need to talk to both sides, he avoided making statements of those kind. beyond saying that the annexation was
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not something that they accepted. and i think the fact that he is still here, that he is still heading to moscow soon. and still projecting optimism is, you know, basically the main takeaway. he also told me that whereas bruce, they've been to inspect his day on a permanent basis. there would now be for, i mean that's a doubling but still very, very low level. if you just imagine your, how many people work at the station, how big of societies. as you mentioned, europe's biggest nuclear power station. this really is a very, very modest mission. but all you will be to cancel the odds and jones situation where this is a position that is called c being sheltered. is it seen it staff under extraordinary pressures? it's boss, was really kidnapped by rational authority. so this is still a very, very dangerous situation. now jeffery, here wasn't the headlines this morning after russian miss isles struck the city, several civilians were killed. can you tell us what else has been happening in their latest battles to retake ukrainian territory? we're, we're definitely getting more news of the villages being taken back by ukraine
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forces. nick epsilon. that's also not a 1000000 miles weapons. a patricia or the details are all pretty sparse. the ukrainian military has kept a real kind of tight lid on all this and it kind of filters out to people even here and kia just a few days late. it does seem like that is accelerating the center of a panic on russian social media among military bloggers and people who support this russian vision. they've also been speculating whether ukraine might soon launch and offensive in the producer region, so that speculation that there is ukrainian tech being gathered and up on the country. but no official confirmation here from keith obviously. and it seems like jackie of is still on a roll, it still be able to push back russian forces and rushes does not able to bring enough boots of the ground in the time frames needed in those people have been mobilized. just are getting the training. if they are lining up at the front lines to really make a difference, like the national catholic connelly reporting from keith time. now to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. japan and south korea have condemned north korea's recent missile tests shown young earlier fide
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fired to more ballistic missiles into its eastern waters and flew warplanes near the border with the south. sol scrambled plains and conducted naval drills with the u. s. in response to an air of a town in southwest, mexico has been assassinated in an attack. the left at least 17 others dead authorities. se gunman stormed san miguel to tele pans, town hall in broad daylight, local media. blaming a local gang connected to a powerful drug cartel. at least 22 people have drowned and dozens of still missing after 2 migrant boats sang in separate incidents in the mediterranean. the boats went down off the greek islands of kai, thira, and less boss. in a night time rescue, some migrants were saved from the boat. that founded nick, i theera and more than 40 leaders from around europe are in prague for the 1st
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meeting of the new european political community. now this european union initiative will bring together you leaders with countries beyond the blocks borders, including britain, turkey, ukraine, switzerland, and norway. the meeting has taken place with europe, dealing with an energy crisis, and economic turmoil that's been worsened by russia's war in ukraine. our political correspondent, lena has it, is in prague, and she told me earlier what the european political community hopes to achieve. this is clearly about sending assigned to russia, vladimir putin, that he's isolated on the european continent. so the idea here that we're hearing about a lot is that europe is about so much more than you. and at the moment it does look like the lowest common denominator for all european countries. apart from russia and belarus, is that they can m russia's lauren ukraine. and that is why they have created this forum to bring together people to have
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a free exchange. also of talks between all the hughes and leaders, but also people who have left the use of for example, the german chancellor will have choice seized this opportunity today to meet liz trust, the new british prime minister, whom he doesn't get to see that much of the british prime ministers because of course britain has left the you. so this is about creating a platform where thoughts can be exchanged without a set agenda without the pressure to agree on a written document. and this is vital in a time of crisis. when so many things are happening at the same time, and of course, the topic of russia's war and the consequences of it, like rising energy prices a high on the agenda. can i just ask you specifically, what role germany will be playing? what contribution will it be making at the summit? well, there is a debate about whether or not to institutionalize this kind of format and an, as of essentially the father of this format, the french president in monro,
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my coin is very much in favor of doing that. the german government has said they don't want to have an inst another institution, but they are very much in favor of you leaders and also the european leaders to come together in this flexible format once or twice a year. but of course it's not all hunky dory. here in germany at the moment because it is under a lot of criticism, the german government for its relief package that it announced a couple of days ago that is going to spend up to 200000000000 euros to help consumers, but also companies cope with rising energy prices in some countries here are saying, okay, look, we can't do this sort of thing. so that is very unfair. those also causing a risk for the european domestic market. you're creating disadvantages. so gemini is facing a lot of criticism here. and the polish premise actually even went a step further with his criticism. and he said that germany shouldn't be dictating the use energy policy. and all of that is setting the tone for tomorrow's informal use summit. that is also going to be happening here in prague, where germany says,
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okay, we mustn't have a rift, a division within the u, because that would only benefit vladimir putin. but of course, the topic of energy policy is extremely controversial. all right, nina has a in prague. thanks. i much at the swedish academy and stockholm has wooded this. he is nobel prize in literature to the french author, annie ever no. l. no. as a professor of literature as well as a writer. she was born in 1940 and grew up in normandy and france. i literally work his mostly autobiographical and maintains close slates with. so c ology outside her home in paris. and north said she felt very happy and proud. and here's a quick reminder of the top news stories at this hour. more than 30 people, most of them children have been killed in an attack on a day care center in north east and thailand. authority said the gunman was a former policeman. he reportedly killed his wife and child after the attack for,
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for turning his weapon on himself. and russian missiles obstruct residential buildings and southern ukrainian city of jasper asia, the governor of the region mostly occupied by russian troops as at least 3 people were killed in the dorm strikes and several others were injured. and without you up to date or documentary series coming up next looks at the great toilet battle. stay tuned for that. if you can, i'm and it gives me kevin, thanks for watching d. w. and nico, he's in germany to learn german lunch pinnacle. why not learn with him online.


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