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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2022 5:15am-5:31am CEST

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judges with these exceptional juggling skills. meanwhile, take title and slip to come. the women's crown, after impressing with her trademark flit old looks impressive, becoming the 1st american women to win even and that is a program for the south. they dudley's world stories is next week in reports, takes us to poland, indonesia, britain and the u. s. i don't forget this morning's coming up at the top of the hour and more to be found at our website at d. w dot com says they up to date, don't miss our highlights. the d w program online d, w dot com, highlights in many countries. education is still a privilege. hummadi is one of the main causes some young children work in mind.
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jobs instead of going to class. others can attend classes only after they finish working with millions of children all over the world can't go to school. we ask why? because education makes the world more just make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, this week on the world stories debating head scarves in indonesia fighting over water in the united states. we began in poland,
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where the nazis deported more than a 1000000 people to auschwitz, to be murdered. a collection tries to preserve the memory of the victims honoring those whose last steps led here the mountain of shoes at auschwitz, birkenau, especially those some little feet is a sight. no one can forget. but few visitors to the former nazi death camp will have to remember what survivor aria pinsky does. this is all has left of these children. i'm wondering if some are from one of my siblings penske a recalls the day he and his family arrived here from his village in transylvania. after days of in humane transport, he was sent with his older brothers in a different line from his parents and younger siblings. pentigrast a boy who'd been there longer, where he could rejoin his family when they came out after the shower. they've been told they were taking a martha loaded up on him. so he said,
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you don't know. and he pointed up to the chimneys and he said, see the smoke? that's where the came out early of thrones yamma. now 92, he frequently shares his story here and all over the world to help keep alive the memories of those who didn't make it. but the tangible remnants of their lives are crumbling, with age, even as preservation experts work desperately to save them. a new effort is underway now to restore 8000 shoes from children killed at auschwitz. it's called soul to soul funded in part by organizations like that of iter nationalists who calls this his duty to his grandmother who survived the holocaust of her one true that heard the words cinderella at the bottom. when i thought who was the cinderella in that shoe. and while the prince was in the shoes and saw the remarkable stories. and i really hope that we will to an exceptional job to draw those stories off. and most importantly, to show them within the firewall. as one of just
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a handful of children to have left these barracks alive. aria pinsky lament that the world seems not to have learned the lessons of horrors past. the meal google hates. it is still everywhere. you only have to see what is happening in ukraine with putin to understand the friend that is a dictator who can decide anything, anything can happen without call making sure these shoes survive isn't just to remember the children who didn't. it's to help guide the steps of those who will make tomorrow's decisions. a debate has broken out in muslim majority. indonesia should women and girls be given the choice to where the headscarf. the job are report from jakarta shells just how big the opinion divide is to where he dropped or not official leads. every girl's choice in indonesia like this high
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school in jakarta. the loose garment covering the head, neck, and chest is not part of the obligatory public school uniform. but when her daughter came home one day in tears after the teacher forced her to wear the religious covering, this muslim mother had had enough. she complained to the regional parliament about what she called, he job bullying at the school to protect her daughter from more stigma. she asked to stay anonymous. after i failed to complained my daughter told me, many of her older female friends came forward and so part of her they were complaining that their where to force to when he job back in the 7th grade. in my mind, the, the politician who received the complaint says that similar cases of intimidation that have been made public or just the tip of the iceberg. deep psychological distress is often the consequence. she says, give us a call. we are really concerned about the level of intolerance in school,
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and it's not just the children that are being bullied and even some teachers were forced to where he just knew we belong. colleagues say you look more beautiful or you will go to heaven if you where it can be very traumatizing, ma'am. barely ever since the early 2, thousands, most of indonesia, the provinces and dozens of cities have gradually mandated the job. the rule effects over 150000 schools, including this primary school in southern levy. teachers here say parents have been very supportive of the new regulation mandatory and islam. he, we are trying to introduce the he jumped to the girls as early as possible, even though they haven't reached puberty yet. this way, there won't be any problem when the time comes for them to wear it. the jakarta educational authority disagrees. a joint decree on school uniforms, by the indonesian government recently even banned public schools from making
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religious attire mandatory. the move followed the national outrage over non muslim students being forced to cover their hair chasm teachers believe that girls must where he job. but that is not part of our regulation. i was the there is no obligation to where the he job as part of the school uniform. if you are a muslim at the, it's a matter of choice for the student and their family. while the central government's position is clear, indonesia, the supreme court has revoked the decree in support of local autonomy. how far religious freedom actually goes is now in the hands of the countries provinces. in the case of the jacoby high schooler, the teacher has since, apologize ah, for years the american southwest has been suffering from a drought affecting millions. locals depend on the colorado river,
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which can no longer feel reservoirs. farmers fear for their livelihoods, and cities need to adapt. could the expensive fountain water display in front of so called sin cities iconic coating bellagio? be a thing of the past soon. know, at least not yet. but as the entire southwest region of the u. s. is facing a mega drought water or not having enough of it anymore has become a big problem for las vegas and the entire state of nevada. we're meeting with christian gear like a community activist and senior representative of national environmental organization. the sierra club christian wants to show us a place called echo bay, within what is known as lake meet national recreational area, just a few miles east of las vegas. hardly anybody ever comes really to echo bay. unfortunately, it was a very popular spot, so popular, in fact,
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it had an airport. but as you can see, the water levels dropping so dramatically. it's affected the economy of the area. there are not people coming out to visit and recreate as much here in echo bay eco bay is not the only spot falling victim to the lower water level. tear lake meet created by hoover dam is the largest man made water reservoir in the us in terms of water capacity. however, the reservoir is water level has dropped visibly by unprecedented amounts in recent years. as christina top flight, attended from germany, visits hoover dam, she is alarmed by what she observed. i think the bell should have rang long time ago in this. it should keep on ringing and something has to be done about it. absolutely. it is very dangerously low and we actually up a flight through so we flew over here days ago and just to see it also from a buffer 40000 feet, i can show you pictures. it's unbelievable meets water level, shrink by a whopping 150 plus feet in the last 40 years,
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an ever growing so called white beth top ring here and at other reservoirs would have devastating effects for all us states in the lower colorado river basin for tens of millions of people and hundreds of thousands of businesses in nevada, arizona, california, and even in mexico. fixing this problem requires understanding where it starts in the rocky mountains. little global warming, mild winters, don't produce enough snow. melt any more for the colorado river to carry down stream into lake mead and built the solution. unprecedented cuts in water use strict water conservation. and ultimately the d. corporatization of our economies, not a can do any longer, but a must do experts say, ah, our last chip is to the u. k. the nation known for its pin striped suits the pandemic has taken its toll on london's tailors. but
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a proper gentleman still cares about how he dresses in london sackville ro, where men's wear meats tradition. james slater opened his shop here in 2008, before that he was a banker. now he offers custom tailored suits primarily for the office. and he was doing good business until the pandemic. i'll generally taber business always. he took a, you know, took, took a huge hit, reported by 80 percent down in revenue. and since i'm looking it's, it's, it's been incredible. and very few people remain the same shape actually lot down a we're not the one on the health care. cool it know they sat back and became lazy and older. lots of takeaways, it was nothing else to do. oh. so in other ways, the lock downs helped fashion changing physics meant new wardrobe's. james slater's
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employees have never been busier. after months or even years in lockdown. well, many gentlemen feel like trying something new. something a bit looser and more comfortable. but fashion starts before stepping out the door with ropes of velvet and silk. this issue of entrepreneur marcus davis might easily where something like this to a business meeting with the pandemic, i think things have gotten more casual. you might even say more fun. so at least for me, this is a way to express my style in a way that doesn't feel so formal shirt and tie. but still gives you that janice quasi even now it still takes a special kind of spirit to go for iridescent magenta rose.
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and yet the traditional dark business suit sat become quite rare. and downtown london this summer, the english gentleman preferred a more casual look. it's all to do with a yearning for frieda, says fashioned blogger, i'll expect coverage. and with the hope the lock downs are now a thing of the past. the business suit is having quite a tough time. but that does something. i think something quite exciting. because if men no longer have to wear the suit as a uniform, they can use the suits as a tool to express themselves. so what we're seeing in london, what we've seen over the last sort of year and a half or so is a big d corporate thing of the suits. the suit has become much less corporate. and much more of a lifestyle garment, a different top colson than you'd normally bought. and so james slater needn't worry that his crowd will go out of fashion. yeah, looks,
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looks very good. ah ah, this 10 story pyramid made up of a 100 people. is a cadillac tradition known as a castell what appears to be a breathtaking climbing exercise. actually, it hears to a precise plan that his cells world championships interrogation not for the faint of heart details of vibrant habitat, ended glistening place of longing. the mediterranean sea. it's waters connect people of many cultures. on to our next destination tunisia,
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jafar abdul karim meets young entrepreneur and visits the jewish community on the island of tour book in 45 minutes on d. w needs. tina a saxophone operator, wrote her master's thesis on but potato raring to read a not a turn on. well, it gets more would that there was from there. t w literature list 100 german monk street. ah. these courageous people are taking human pyramids to the next level.


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