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of their citizens. but what happens when the power of taxation is undermined? a tax on top of the tax on top of the tax. that's more that broke the camel's back . i've been ranching for m a thinking to myself, when's it all going to come crashing down? you won't pay taxation and politics. so talk to 21st on d, w ah, ah! in an effort to satiate our needs, we humans are exploiting our planet to the limits. forests are being burned to make
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way for grazing and farming land mines a dog in remote areas to extract valuable resources, houses, streets, factories where building ever more all at the expense of nature. welcome to global 3000. barely anywhere in the world is the rain forest, more under threat than in brazil. in 2021 alone. around $13000.00 square kilometres of forest were lost to cattle farms, mines and logging for brazil's president jaya both scenarios. the rain forests are inexplicable commodity, and it's the indigenous people who are suffering the most. some indigenous tarrot trees in the amazon rain forest are legally protected, but such laws are wilfully and systematically ignored. even the threat of force has no effects are reported. vanessa fisher visited the carry poon up people whose fear
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palpable the brazilian state of hon. donya, located in the southern amazon. it's capital his port to value a faceless, concrete city either you know, carry pul, nice, constantly on guard. he says, most of his neighbors are suspicious of him because he's fighting for the cause of the indigenous people. he moved here from his village 7 years ago. now at the age of $37.00, he's studying low, all in a bit to save his people and his homeland as bad as this is asking arnold palmer nozzle. bad is a lot of people in the city think we're out of place here. now bay. my z o z from now they think we should stay in our villages building. do you same mammals indeed and oh, but i am no less indigenous just because i live in the city they showcasing or because i'm studying, both these and one again, knowledge of it as
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a most good master me. ah, together we head out to the land of the carry, pullman, the journey by car, and bo takes nearly 5 hours. it's been many weeks since saturday. anna has been home. he suddenly received a message and immediately contacts his lawyer. but though i'd throw em up, that it was a man appears to have died on caddy pony territory and the police are investigating them. he was not a member of the community, and no one knew him. it's possible he was involved in logging like many who entered the area illegally, adriano caddy buena gathers all the information he can, as it could support his people's ongoing lawsuit against the state of california. and the brazilian government. ah, one of those observing the growing conflict is a jealous deputy to him to day. he's an independent environmental advisor for members of parliament. but he previously spent several years heading of the local
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environmental authority residential desires. a real disaster has been happening in brazil's environmental policy. it's like a demolition and orchestrated one of that. also, it's happening at local, state and federal levels. and with the involvement of the executive and legislative powers for days, it just give you an idea that they're running only a state parliament held a simple vote in the middle of the night, incidentally voting to massively reduced to protected areas that are strategically important as the chassis paramour reserve, and the ga jeremiah in state park, i'm not allowed to wasn't, they didn't seek any expert advice 1st, and there was no public debate officer dodgy. it was just because the jew areas were reported by stopping by expansion of grazing land for cara castillo to your can restart the states highest hold route, that the decision contravenes the constitution. but the forest is still being
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cleaned. both areas bode on carry buena land, not much. so this is where our territory begins. on the right hand side of the river, i need be in the village and 2 and a half hours we passed a number of giant, some all my trees. they are known here as the queen of the forest. the territory of the carrier buena covers more than a $150000.00, hacked us. a handful of families and a host of dogs await our arrival. the carry, buena go hunting, conserving the meat with salt and leaving it to dry in the sun. those jaffe, but on our river is a lifeline for the community. at the end of the rainy season, the swollen river offers welcome respite from the heat. relative humidity is nearly 90 percent. all the children attend a single elementary school class. if they want more schooling, they have to move to the city. right now it's time for the money. ok,
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harvest and every one is involved. the tubers are 1st soaked in water for 4 days and then pressed to eliminate that talk sense. mon yoke has a sweet, sour smell. each family has its own plot of land and customers in the city. minute flowers, an important source of income. every one here is short of money. the process of producing the flower takes many hours. roasting it in the heat is an art in itself . it was was no legal, but i lose it. brazilians don't care about the indigenous peoples fight to survive . wagon ma'am, so often i hear this incorrect argument that indigenous people own too much land. we don't thing and what do they need all this land for him with up there. and i always say,
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has anyone thought about why some major land owner has to have so much land and we'll see jack. yes, sure. now anyone will find it? no one gives it a 2nd thought up before we get to sean. nearly 14 percent of brazil's land mass is reserved for indigenous peoples. their right to the land is anchored in the constitution. the carry pony population was almost wiped out during the 1970s due to conflicts over land and due to disease gather at that he and his mother was one of the few to survive for the day. oh, what a day i take, i don't one aisd, a matriarchal figure of the community. its cultural and spiritual anchor at the diana says she gives him strength and courage to carry on the struggle. but of all, what do you think of the repeated invasions of the land about why flora? hey, we know we know we know we know that the great battle in the past
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they used to lie in wages as you add the dno translate her words from cutty tuna for us. they defended their land with the old means available. now things are different. their laws which the carry pony abide by what she wishes, she could say the same for the invaders. the next morning i brianna's brother and an office to show us where the illegal loggers have been at work. every one's a little bit apprehensive, they never know what they might encounter. after well, over an hour we reach an opening. at 1st it doesn't look that bad. but in the forest, we find swathes of devastation. during the dry season, the tree trunks are dragged over to the other side of the river. the illegal logging began here just over 6 months ago.
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they estimate that around 2000 trees have been felt so far and the trunks drive the wave. the woods such as the bad. oh, glad a beta fetches a high price. but many of these species are considered at risk. says image. so you're really concerned about the extent of the logging. it is so sad to come to a place like this and see this destruction or there nevada destroyed. are you afraid to come here? i asked was that the man douglas sick will i these days we're all afraid just to move around on our own territory. he david against softly. i me us, because the invaders often threaten us was or to keep the invite gentleness up there. how did they threat, mia? i'm jasa, they issued death threats. then they discover something else new. well,
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the wide disgust done that islam. chainsaw chains have been left lying around, so mccall her, but she she got a pony that explains that. the loggers replace them as they went down. so it's clear they're now cutting up some of the trunks here. the carry bonuses back that the loggers next step will be to cough up plots of land web. how can land that legally belongs to the carry? bruner simply be claimed by others. well, 1st, the new comers register the plot of land online. then while the applications are being checked, they create facts on the ground. more than 80 such applications have been submitted for this area. what is the mac mall build up? it's as though it were completely normal to destroy the forest, how to make way for grazing land or soil plantations. and so it just continues. and no one has called to account. no one seeks to prosecute these crimes against our national heritage morning who and for us. that's what the said either what or what
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. but not for these people. they just see the forest as a commodity. we want the forest to stay with them when they report all the violations, chiefly to the full night, the government authority that is supposed to safeguard the rights of brazil's indigenous population. no one at for nie is willing to talk to us. the carry bonus a, the authority turns a blind eye to what's happening in the amazon and that i had a poor not take says to another part of the forest. we send up a drone to film the area me in the capital part value. we have an appointment at the federal prosecutors office whose job it is to hold the constitution. the public prosecutor often acts as a regulator for issues affecting the environment and human rights. we ask her what
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tool she has at her disposal to stop this destruction. nothing that's quake, she says lengthy civil cases that drag on for years and otherwise they suspect criminals change. i think we always try to keep pace with these crime in my food and to the criminal structures behind them to call on to prosecute them . much know how much there are no state measures that are preventive and wicked. which way is that frustrating? i ask as i yes, it is frustrating. i've raised those interesting hasn't moved with some successes like with 2 of our operations in 20192020 heavy where we were able to curb illegal activities on indigenous territory or flight. so the area later
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showed that the d for a station was with g volta, st, revolting, quantum, to that new cases keep croaking up, for as long as there are no public structures to tackle the problem, that the root of all we can do is react. so had to fill adrienne is also in the city and has arranged to meet a close ally hub, but as de la without laura victoria from the missionary council for indigenous peoples, they might already have lost their fight. the council has helped to document all the legal encroachments of recent years with gps, and it's supporting the carrot bonus lawsuit, or both will cut a foreigner or with this legal action against the brazilian government, against the food i authority and against the state around don. you or the carry puna people are making it clear that there has been enough impunity violence and violation of rights that j pony the message to the judiciary is it's time for you
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to wake up and take action. yeah, you are all had they fast. so my will go mccoy. so the carry buena are pinning their hopes on this lawsuit which may have to go through multiple quotes for them. everything is at stake. ill say back, this is where i come from. i am part of the forest and all of us here for quite there are billions of buildings on us and counting enormous amounts of rule materials are required to construct them, including $50000000000.00 tons of sand each year. 2021. so the production of 4400000000 tons of cement, sand and cement a key ingredients in the world. the most important building material concrete.
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amazingly, construction materials are rarely recycled. when a building is demolished, they end up on this crappy, but it doesn't have to be like this. these german buildings don't only look bad, but they might also pay the wage was circular future. they're built according to the freedom to cradle concept. the idea is to replace our cradle to grave economy, where we take, make and waste, with a circular one where the products are designed in a way that its materials can be reused over and over again. normal sophie griffon is the founder of the cradle to cradle lab. it's an ngo dedicated to spreading circular regenerative design thinking across industries, politicians, and desires. welcome to the crate of the cradle app. you can come in here. we start here. if you see like from the lamps met, you can see it from a mushroom material totally fall biological cycles. according to the concept
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norwood, sophia griffon's, father michel brown got and his colleague william mcdonough created everything we built must go to either what they call the biological cycle or the technical cycle . that means the materials used to build the products need to decompose, thus becoming nutrients for the soil or dismantled to become what they call technical nutrients and re used in other products with. so room here, right? you can see a lot of products that are already produced in a cradle to create a manner this flooring you can see if i move, i can actually take it with me. quite cool that you don't need to do this. it is made out from the packing material, losing as an a credit crate. not the best idea to do because quite difficult to disassemble. the lab uses these carpets that are totally made of recycled fibers.
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and it's not glued. and you can bring it back to the company and they can recycle it and make it totally new. carpet of dorval's or grief on argues that there are a lot of natural alternatives to most of our commonly used toxic products. this material is quite interesting because it's like a material that you cannot just take from the inclusive and you don't need actually to change it a lot. so called them tune balls are basically dead sea grass that could be collected on shores and used as a high quality insulation. material on these examples seem perfect and relatively easy to implement. but we need to change the way we have built our homes and priorities for the past decades. 50 years ago, we knew that there are negative environmental consequences if we have certain building habits. so in the beginning be had felt that we require new knowledges to
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be able to build appropriately. but right now we have a different problem. professor arnold palmer condo is an award winning architect, mostly known for her sustainable projects. like these ones. when standardization is being imposed, then the must have the courage to question the limits of standardization. and the construction sector is especially standardized and rigorously conservative. some practices haven't changed in centuries. take concrete, for example. it's the 2nd most used material in the world, only after water. if it was a country, it would have been the world's 3rd largest carbon polluter. after china and the u. s. last year, we produced 4400000000 metric tons of concrete. according to the u. n's projections at this rate, we would be producing enough concrete to build the entire city of paris every week for the next 40 years old. that is
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a lot of concrete. and for several reasons, this material is not widely recycled. a big one is standardized, bad practices says marcel oser, a circular engineer focused on cradle to greater applications in the construction sector. if you use a gypsy plaster, all concrete uncomfortable is why looks good, so it will fit the purpose. but i will use the quality of the concrete by not being able to use it later. so, gypsum plaster makes the concrete on recyclable. but a similar looking silicon based plaster doesn't affect the reusability of the concrete. or let's look at steel, a universally used material in construction that could have an infinite lifecycle. just the simple decision to use bolted connections rather than welded joints will allow the structure to be dismantled, making it easier to reuse the materials. it's all about designing smarter. while
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these individual solutions are amazingly easy to implement, unfortunately, they alone will not be enough to make the construction sector, environmentally friendly says, nor was so fee grief on that. we need the market. we need that politicians and we need this as haiti to go for this idea. and i think we are already in a state where our society sees that we need to do something different. so credit to credit can show the solutions how this is actually possible. cradle to cradle is not a miraculous idea. it's just the guide for us to think and build them cycles. just like nature does, long resigned king agricultural waste, what could be more natural than that? it may even offer an alternative to plastic. it's got scientists excited products like paper made from leaves and cups made from coffee grounds are all ready for
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sale in switzerland. there's even an idea that could appeal to be a lover's. these prototypes may look rather modest and nondescript. but it's what they're made of. that's the big deal. they come from the waste products from 2 groups in those on and there's more than enough of these leftovers to go around. it says designer, no way me, nita hausa. o fits. if i did useful point. okay, go. even the small breeze produces a lot of multi regimen and the disposal of which they also have to pay full share any day i may have. so the idea is to use this ways to her and put him back into a circular economy. have any questions of finance? a binding agent is added to the residue left in the tank after the beer is 1st brood. once pressed, the material resembles plywood its color depends on the brewing process used. me
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cell phone that you. why don't? yes, it looks like wouldn't. and okay, that was part of my goal for chris to make something that's reminiscent of material folks are familiar with leisure, even though it's a recycled product. but unlike would the material can be pressed into pretty much any shape in june. no, amy, nita, how's that presented? her waste matter project at milan design week in the house of switzerland. she was one of 9 guests invited by the swift arts council pro helvetia as different as their products are. they all share the same approach as the exhibitions organizer marie may only through design. and with the emerging silence we have here in the old bringing and new ideas. and in order to have a better and more sustainable projects in products for the near future. the material made from b residue is still a nice product, but it still has
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a bright future. mike, fall of the projects on display here. they are, are very pragmatic, unrealistic projects. that's also a part of our criteria actually are when selecting them. when the jury selects them, basically, it is also that they have to to be markets readiness. so there is a reality in which those projects are set. low psalms, numerous breweries could provide more than enough raw material for local production . knowing a need, a house of says when scouting for business partners, she shows them what her waste matter can do after moscow's present. so i'm, what i'm presenting are the initial pro t i m o fit for her. i'm showing all fiddling or material can put on the shapes that it can be made in 2 areas. he le matchup climate, often del patrick. it's meant to spark people's imagination as a young. now that the development of the materialist completed the prototypes here
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are really the 1st stage should keep 7 or more in premier hit them larger pieces of furniture like tables and chairs could be next. all made from the left overs of beer brewing this week. we try a tasty st snack from ma'am by ah, in india you can find delicious food on every street corner for just a few rupees. here and when by bob lou joyce while is serving penny puri, his whole family helps to prepare the deep fried dough balls early in the morning for him to sell in the afternoon. no matter matter. i've been, i've been making this snack for 13 years. but i think i've been on good days,
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he sells up to 4000 pieces. i'm now bonded with the ingredients, a pony, tory, or a blend of onions, potatoes, chutney and spices. i use this mixture to make the fried dough balls and serve them with flavoured water. but will know, with many curry, literally translated means water in fried bread, which is where it gets its name. one portion costs $30.00 rupees, about half a euro. it said that women in particular like the dish because of its sweet and sour aroma. and because the spices tingle so nicely on the tongue, ah, by anybody faint, every malignant whenever there's a penny poorest. all, there's always a lot of indian women around them or, i mean,
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i always eat it outside on the street. oh, good. i love it for is delicious water. when the filling, it's a healthy and glassy be ready daily says in fayette, county bori as well known across india, but under slightly different names. and that's all from us, the global 3000 this week. thanks for joining us. let us know what you thought of the program. drop us a line at global 3000 at d, w dot com and visit us on facebook to d w global ideas. see you next time. take kath ah, with
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ah. with a b m. w with metric ac. haven't competition against the combustion engine, but the full,
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the future hits the road. let's look at the met you read power wagon. read 90 minutes on d w. i have been threatened, i have been beaten. i have been taken straight it because we try to to show the face of mafia all over the world. environmentalists are in danger. the enemy, roofless corporations corrupted, government agencies and criminal cartels. we work with a design. targeted environmentalist in danger starts october 29th on d. w is the end of the pandemic in site.
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we show what it could look like return to normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult. his successes in a weekly coping 19 special every thursday con d w. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning packs like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for free with
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this is dw news lie from berlin, russia strikes ukraine. again, this time in the southern city of separation. at least a dozen missiles hit, a school clinic and residential buildings. there are also fresh strikes in levine in ukraine's west the head of.


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