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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2022 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, this week ukraine have seen some very tangible proof that when it comes to leaning on allies in the fight against russia, europe, the u. s. and nato are in this for the long haul. air defense systems are now in the hands of ukrainian soldiers with more weapons on the way and the european union today saying that it will train ukrainian soldiers right here on e u soil and unprecedented step at some say, polls ukraine closer to its european family. it's russian cousins, they say remaining as estranged as ever. i, bird, dolphin, berlin. this is the day ah,
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we, we do revising media daddy support, you know, the to face any kind of russian media attorney at back. we will stand by your grade for us. don't face, we will step of support any particular we will provide more assistance that you crave. we have to protect just guys from the terror of russia. if this is done, it will be a fundamental step to end the entire war in the near future. if hughley providing systems that can meet the immediate means, we will stand by ukraine as it fights to defendant. so also coming up this week, relations between the u. s. in saudi arabia went decidedly south oil and fuel prices were part of the story. according to the white house, russia is playing a role here to well, we believe by the decision that opec plus made last week,
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there certainly are aligning themselves with russia in right now, this is not a time that to be aligning with russia. which of our, of you was watching on p b. s in the united states, into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin the day with those important alliances connected to the war. and you, great this week, dozens of countries along with nato members agreed to increase aid and weapons to help you crane battle. a russian invasion ukraine's allies are international and many in number united in their opposition to putin's war. now, despite his public cries of defiance against western sanctions, russian, president, putin is more isolated now than ever, having a few powerful friends with connections to your enemy appears to be a priority right now for mr. poo case in point. the turkish president wretched. tie up air to what everyone says, he wants to continue. peace in ukraine. now turkey is a member of nato,
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and it has retained close ties with both moscow and keep and is even offered to organize. peace talks when they air to one in putin met face to face on the side lines of a summit in kazakhstan, grandmother. if you could isn't, but we are all cozy experiencing the effect of the crisis in ukraine on a regional on global scale. all didn't be about if i always say that it just peace can be established with diplomacy. so i think that there are no winners in war. what is a no losers and equitable piece? it talks of peace there, but the bombs continue to fall russia again pounding ukraine in a renewed air offensive. now that in its 4th day, whilst gal claims that it is striking only infrastructure but civilians are also the firing lines as drones and cruise missiles seek out non military targets. or the dozen people died just in the last 24 hours.
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for pre dawn air raid sirens in my dance square and keith ringing another day in russia's war on ukraine. daylight reveals fresh horrors. russian shells struck an apartment building in the southern city of mich alive. an 11 year old boy spent 6 hours trapped beneath the rebels. before emergency workers pulled him to safety. in har keith, the death toll rose in a recent rushing, shooting on a civilian car convoy. ukrainian prosecutor said 25 people have now died, including 12 children. investigators say one passenger, a 75 year old woman, crawled nearly 200 meters towards help before succumbing to her injuries. authorities fear the death toll could increase further. body fragments are being sent for dna analysis to identify those killed and harrison region,
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re taken by ukrainian forces. survivors share what they endured. who are you? so if you will give me, is this a disaster? i have been crying from months. i'm still shocked. i've lost everything now that i am 72 years old and i was left with nothing. all my clothes, i hear everything is the hill, elderly and disabled ukrainians have been forced to start over. in the western city of kolinski aid workers welcome new refugees driven out of their homes by recent attacks on separation. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski vowed again to hunt down those responsible for ukrainian suffering the sorrows. if gus potentials are intelligence, special services, law enforcement agencies are finding out all the details regarding these and other russian strikes and they did. boom, no russian terrorism will be able to remain unknown to justice,
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that we will know all the names and all the details for ukraine will bring to justice. every russian murderer, an executioner, line from commanders to privates who carried out criminal orders, looking into the will of ukrainian people to fight on continues. and so does this war and my 1st gift to night is bradley bowman. he is the senior director of the center on military and political power at the foundation for the defense of democracies, a familiar face here on the program. brad, it's good to see you again. we always talk about military and defense and i want to do that tonight. as well, but 1st talk to me about the role of turkey in this conflict. i mean, turkey is a native member. it's also an ally of russia. how do you read what it's trying to do right now? it's a great question. you know, turkey by and large, i'd say is
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a nato ally that in recent years has not been acting like an ally. they've been engaging in behavior. that one would not expect a reasonably from a nato ally, i would say in. and the premier case in point is the acquisition of the s 400 aaron missile defense system from russia, as a nato ally, buying a major air missile defense system from the leading threat to the alliance, russia. and in that original contract, they had an option to buy a 2nd tranche of those weapons in turkey. hasn't even ruled that out. so on one hand, they're doing things like that. on the other hand, they provide the t v to drones to ukraine, that were very effective in the early months of the war. and they've also provided some ground equipment as well. and so they're trying to, in some ways play both sides. and, and i also note that turkey is one of the last countries to ratify the accession of finland and sweden, the alliance delane, their edition of the alliance, which i'd say is very unhelpful. so when it comes to anchor,
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i'd say their track record is decidedly mixed. you know, the, the weapons in this war, let's talk about that this week. ukraine said that it's received air defense systems from germany. it's already had deliveries from the united states and more on the way these weapons to ukraine. would you say the deliveries are better late than never? or is this too little too late? a late is better than never. you know, just putting some facts on the table, united states is provided 1400 of the stinger systems to ukraine, which they've used to great effect. you can see of videos of the employment of those on social media. we're also moving to provide them 8 ne sam systems at which but they have not arrived yet, and germany is beginning to have their air missile defense systems arrive. but i got to be honest with you. what we've sent is just a fraction of what key needs, especially when you consider these,
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i'd say deplorable attacks on ukrainian civilians that we've been witness in the last few days. is it possible bread to send the the number that the ukrainians need to be successful? you know, i'd say in the short term, sadly, and i say this with reluctance. no. the united states does not have enough aaron, missile defense capabilities to take care of its own needs. you know, we just don't period. and the industrial capacity in the us, even though it's impressive and unmatched by any country in the world, is, is sufficiently on ready for this moment where we're trying to conduct the biggest modernization effort and 40 years for ourselves while arming ukraine. and also preparing for potential conflict in the endo pacific and publish a piece yesterday. and what i describe is a munitions production capacity. crisis in the united states requires immediate attention. and what we heard from nato this week,
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that air defense for ukraine is a top priority. nato says that at the same time, we know that a no fly zone is out of the question. and do you get the feeling or are you concerned that maybe nato is, is making promises to ukraine, that it can't keep i think i don't question the intent of any nato members, i'd say the behavior of nato since february 24th has been on balance quite admirable, i mean we lead, i'd say, by the united states, we've been alliances more unified than anytime and memory. we've strengthened nato's defensive posture on the eastern flank, and we provide extraordinary support to ukraine. but you know, we're in a dangerous moment here where you have rattling is nuclear saber. and some of you know, a lot of the provisions we provide, at least from the united states perspective and come out of the apartment defense of stocks. advantages, we can provide those quickly. the disadvantages,
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we don't want to draw down our own arsole too much. so when those start to get lower, you have to start the contracts for new weapons and that takes months or even years and, and the poor people have ukraine, don't have that long to wait. yeah. and you know, the warning about the punishing those, those stocks you made that morning here several months ago. so you know, you good on you for being on that the european union before we run out of time. the european union says that it will begin training ukrainian soldiers here on e, u soil, and this is a huge step. it's unprecedented for the e. you, what are your thoughts on their you know, there's a long staying debate. the role of nato versus the role of you know, we don't we, we compliment terry. complementarity is good redundancy, unnecessary redundancy, less good. i would just know the united kingdom has been training ukrainians for quite some time. now in a very successful program, obviously the united states has been training ukrainians. how to operate the equipment we've been provided. but there's a huge need. so if,
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if more europeans are getting in on the act of helping to train ukrainians so that they can defend their homes against this unprovoked attack. i say that's a good thing on balance. and the possibility of a nuclear strike, the threat of that coming from russia that has been mentioned every day this week, here in europe and in washington. i mean that, that is being firm with let me not to even think about using nukes yes. but there's also been talk of a possible army get that we've heard of it was, you know, the u. s. president was quoted or we over reacting to this or, or is it just being portrayed in the wrong way? what's your take? you know, when assessing a threatened national security domain, it's helpful to look at and adversaries intent and their capability. russia has the capability to conduct a nuclear attack. no doubt they have, according to 2018 nuclear posture review here in the united states. they have roughly 2000 and tactical nuclear weapons, so they absolutely have the capability to have the intent well to measure intent.
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you look at rhetoric and you look at actions. the rhetoric suggests that it could happen. but the department of fence hastened to add that we've seen nothing that was suggest that any sort of nuclear attack is eminent. yeah, we hope it stays that way. bradley bowman is always, we appreciate your time and your valuable insights. it's really important at this moment in history. thank you. thank you. ah, the only apparent purpose of this car in oil supplies is to help the russians and harm americans from my perspective it's, it's pretty simple. we have done so much for saudi arabia. it's all what goals many of us in congress is the, in gratitude, is the in gratitude, the saudis need to come to their senses. they have committed a humongous blunder or ally, someone who we have helped for decades should be trying to help the american people
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. instead, they're hurting the american people and i am very hopeful that the president will act immediately. that was democratic senator richard blumenthal and congressman broken up, talking about freezing arms shipments, possibly to saudi arabia. some u. s. lol makers are angry with us all these over opec's refusal to increase oil production. white house officials is say that opec's decision to reduce output will drive up price is further putting more money in the pocket of russia. helping to finance vladimir putin's war against ukraine in the process that is prompting to bind administration to reevaluate its relationship with saudi arabia. here's the u . s. present. because right now they're falling for not being a part to saudi arabia. you support that legislation for that. saudi arabia,
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a back. all right, i want to pull the now to the party. he's executive vice president at the quincy institute for responsible state craft. he's an authority on geo politics in the middle east, from iran to saudi arabia, all the way the afghan is to ensure that it's good to see you again. we have no confirmation from there. from by that he requested an increase in output. but what speaks for this all these, what speaks for them? not if even if that had happened, what speaks for them? not wanting to give him what he requested? well, it's not just that they didn't care the president what he requested. it was very clear that at a minimum, the requested been for no cost to be made for at least another couple of weeks. but reality is that manner in which this was don further fuels to suspicion, if not the confidence that this was done specifically to harm biden, and to harm the democrats in the mid term elections. because at 1st the saudis were
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signaling that they made a little bit and then they said they made a 1000000 and then suddenly they caught 2000000 sending the shock waves through the market. this seems to have been delivered to, to maximize the damage that it was due to it. and this is all happening in the context binding originally saying that he was going to get tough on the south. he's in for about a year now. he has not. instead, they have pursued a strategy, essentially have been a piece of saudi arabia and it has completely backfires in. now what you're saying, i mean, that's quite an indictment to say that the kingdom is trying to it affect the outcome of the mid term elections. but yeah, the picture you paint, it's exactly looks like that if bite and falling through and says there will be a re evaluation of the relationship with saudi arabia. what, what, what could that look like? what would that mean? well 1st of all, i think it's important to recognize that i don't think it should be in the interest of the united states. what a present to necessarily have
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a bad relationship with saudi arabia. what country, what we have to recognize on whether it is that we currently have a bad relationship with saudi. so this, whatever measure ends up being the case has to be something that read balance puts back on a much better putting, one in which to read is greater mutual respect and this hours are not doing harm to mine. but also one in which the house is no longer should be protecting saudi arabia when saudi arabia is pursuing reckless and stabilize. busy policies and that'll make humans the warranty. on the 1st, this is one major point. the united states can end that war right away by cutting all of the technical assistance and spare parts to the saudi air force. and they would no longer be able to conduct that work. this is something by an issue that long time ago, perhaps now it will end up doing it now the fear. and the why it hasn't been that this salary is, would be going to the russian side if the was were to do so. but clearly we have
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seen that, you know, when the us doesn't to so you're kind of p sounds great. yeah, sorry, get nevertheless, aligns itself with rush. i'm going to be a cynic here and just say to you that the you as president perhaps will never tell the saudis we're cancelling our arms agreements because we're simply talking about too much money for the u. s. military industrial complex, if you will. what do you say to that? i think your cynicism is quite warranted and i see very much that you may be right . but if the president doesn't, must have the courage to do something like that. because even though it's a lot of money, it's not as if the american economy will collapse just because we see selling that much, what is our radio? but if we, if he doesn't do this well, then we're going to continue to have those like this in which to sounds accuracy on the u. s. economy. so the president has to make a choice at the end of the day. last question for you, is this
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a listen in reality politic in a world that is no longer unipolar with one hedge of on to one superpower instead, where you have these emerging regional powers that are wielding more and more power? to certain extent, this is part of the conflict with this take place. it multi palerose is a reality. america adjusting and managing may end up being trickier than many people have sought, particularly if there is some degree of willful blindness and which will pretending that the world is not often older. but even if that wasn't the case here, we do have a long track record of turning a blind eye when saudi arabia has been doing very problematic things. so in some ways we have helped create a sound you ravia that believes that it can do these things against united states, against its neighbors and get away with all type of already or not. for the policy is always excellent analysis,
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we appreciate it. thank you. bye care. i kevin mccarthy is a republican leader about this and he called donald g finally got through to donald trump. you have got to get on tv. you've got to get on whether you've got to call these people off. you know what the president said to him? this is as it's happening. you said, well kevin, these are my people. you know, these are, these are and, and kevin responded and said, no, they're your people. they literally just came through my office, the windows and my staff were running for cover. i mean, they're running for their lives, you need to call them off. and the president's response to kevin to me was killing . he said, well, kevin, i guess they're just more upset about the election stuff than you are. you know, you've seen widespread report the kevin mccarthy and the president having a basically a swearing conversation. that's when the way that because the president was basically saying not, i'm ok with this that recording. they're coming from republican congresswoman jamie
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herrera outlook. is one of the revelations from the latest hearing on the january 6th attack on the u. s. capital the committee investigating the role of donald trump to day voted to subpoena the former us president. this will probably be the last such public hearing before november's crucial mid term elections. ah, the storming of the u. s. capital on january 6th, 2021. an unprecedented attempt to stop the peaceful transfer a power from donald trump to joe biden. these images shocked the nation b and the world kathleen. initially, republicans condemned the writers, but most have reversed course and thrown their support behind former president, trump again, only a small minority continue to demand. the trump and the riders be held to account classic including liz cheney and adam kensington. the only 2 republicans on the
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january 6th committee to investigate what role trump played in the riot room and efforts to overturn the election. shuttling out to the public so far, the committee as held a to public hearings featuring previously unseen footage and compelling witness testimony, pointing directly to donald trump and his inner circle to say the elections are regis mercy. congress has certified the results without saying elections over. okay, the committee accuses the former president of trying to overturned the 2020 election result of riling up the crowd of writers on january 6th, and egging on the attackers as it happened. when the committee finishes its work, it will submit a final report with its findings and recommendations, including one tea recommendation, whether donald trump and his allies said, face criminal charges. but in the end,
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it will be up to the justice department to decide what to do, and that will be a tough decision. does the justice department take an unprecedented leap and press criminal charges against a former president, or will it use its resources to go after other members of trump's inner circles, things in the dining room? most republicans have rejected these hearings as political theater. but with the report hanging over, donald trump's head, along with many other investigations, it is possible that the former president's popularity will take a hit, and that florida governor run de santis. the rising star of the republican party could become the next republican presidential candidate in 2024. he was born out from our washington bureau chief in his poll. this last committee ended indeed friend with a big bang. i mean, it was a bit of a theatrical moment. i thing to warden public was 9 a's, but it did was definitely a historic moment. so what does this mean?
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the subpoena is calling for donald trump to testify if she declines, which as we know is very, very likely food vote in congress could be held to hold them in content. and if that is to happen, the justice department could press criminal charges against donald trump. but that is still a very unlikely scenario. in finally with britain's economy and freefall in many blaming her, the new british prime minister lives trots was probably hoping that today's 1st audience with king charles would be more like a quiet curtain. but it didn't go that way. the 1st 15 seconds of their meeting have gone viral. take a look. no, it just isn't promising us to interesting to say again. okay, great pleasure to do it. no,
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i didn't wanna much they wanted. if you get that get that we got it for you. a lawmaker from the scottish national party tweeted this king charles speaks for us all your back again. dear. oh dear. well anyway, and then he goes on to ride. at least the king will not have to endure her for long . ouch. while the day is always done the conversation, it continues online. you'll find it on twitter either at dw news, you can follow me on twitter at brent golf t. v. i remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see. then everybody
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ah ah ah, with it is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like. return to normal and we visit
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those who are finding it difficult with success in our weekly coping. 19 special next on d. w. enter. the conflicts on the war in ukraine has raised political attention throughout europe, but notably between cost of our in brussels officials have told both sides to cool rhetoric and warn cost of own without an agreement to normalize relations with belgrade. the time for joining the e. u. is running out my guess this week from christina, because i'll been caught prime minister of course of the conflict zone in 60 minutes on d. w. oh
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we're all good to go beyond deal with as we take on the world, 8 hours, i do all the scans. we're all about the stories that matter to you. whatever it takes, 5 police, and i'm a deal we are your is actually on fire made for mines. oh ah, africa was hit, especially hard by the coven, 19 pandemic. across most of the continent,


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