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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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really get we still have time to out. i'm going with subscribe or more with a this is d w. news live from berlin. donald trump is summoned to give evidence about the storming of the us capitol. we are obligated to seek answers directly from the man who set this all in motion or make us vote unanimously to call the former
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president to testify to the congressional inquiry. also coming up a fresh wave of russian ass price on ukraine. more than 40 towns and cities come under attack. in a 4th straight day, all bombardments and nato issues. a sharp warning to russia not to use nuclear weapons in ukraine. the general install to beg, says there will be severe consequences. latimer put in resorts to nuclear arms on the battlefield. ah, i'm told me all logical welcome to the program. lawmakers have summon donald trump to give evidence about the january 6 storming of the u. s. capital g committee investigating the right has voted unanimously to compel. the former president
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testified and surrendered at documents. panel is assembling new details and evidence of from state of mind. on the day when his supporters swarmed the capital . as he refused to concede losing the election to jude by the you're the one that let's go across to the dw correspondence stephan simons in washington, d. c. stefan high. as a big decision there, do we expect donald trump to actually take the stand short answer. no, the former president donald trump, re reacted and very dismissive, of course, calling the committee and there work a total bust. and of course nobody really expects him to show up and follow a subpoena which will be issued. it's not issued yet, but so they're writing the subpoena and then want to put in front of the company, but it's unlikely that the president will show up. but there were other bombshells of course, the committee to day in the searing making clear that donald trump had actually
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a what they called premeditated plan to deny a possible election loss. and he started planning and working towards this, which culminated then in january 6th, 2021 in july. and this summer is of 2020 already. and 2nd bombshell, the secret service had actually information detailed information and intelligence about what is suppose or what was happening on january 6, before january 6 of the likes of the proud boys are old keepers radical extremists right when groups which then stormed the capital. so those were the big bumps on red and all of this news coming, you know, just before the midterm elections, do we expect any of this to affect the performance of the republican party in the, in this vote? no, not really. i think hot core republicans as well as, of course, the followers off off donald trump and fans of donald trump. they have long are
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classified the hearing and the company's work. s as bogus and a hoax. and, and a, you remember which hunt as the former president always called it. i'm so no, it will not have any effect. i'm fairly sure that this is not the case. there are other topics which are more important for the midterms here. okay. that, that, that's on the party itself. what about for support for trump himself, will that be? will anybody change their mind will, will, will trump supporters change their minds? ah, to chris, i'm stephan can not hear me, but i will have to leave it there. he w stephens, islands in washington dc. the there for us are either net turn to some other stories making headlines around the world. us jury has refused to sentence
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a florida school shooter to death despite please from the families of his victories . nicholas cruz was imprisoned for life for murdering 17 students and staff at a high school in parkland. masika inspired a wave of gun control activism or slovak president susanna. jumper tova has visited the gay bar where 2 men were shot dead on wednesday. prosecutor said the victims were targeted for their sexual orientation. police and they found the 19 year old murder suspect dead after an overnight search. italy's parliament has met for the 1st time since elections election winner, georgia maloney's brothers of italy party is looking to form a right wing coalition with much yourselves, any head of the far right league, ab silvio, berlusconi. of florida. it's area thousands of afghan girls and women of taken university entrance exams. 2 weeks after an attack that killed $46.00 female
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students preparing for the test. the ruling taliban have banned many women and girls from secondary education, but assigned armed guards to the exams at cobble university. russia is again pounding, ukrainian an air offensive. now into its 4th day over 40 towns and cities have come under attack. also claims its only striking infrastructure, but civilians are in the firing line as drones and missiles seek out none military targets. ah, pre dawn, air raid sirens in my dance square and keys bring in another day in rushes war on ukraine. ah, daylight reveals fresh horrors. rushing shells struck an apartment building in the southern city of nikolai of an 11 year old boys spent 6 hours trapped beneath the rebel before emergency workers pulled him to safety.
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in harkey, the death toll rose in a recent rushing, shooting on a civilian car convoy ukrainian. prosecutors said 25 people have now died including 12 children. investigators say one passenger, a 75 year old woman crowd nearly 200 meters towards help. before succumbing to her injuries. authorities fear the death toll could increase further, body fragments are being sent for d. n a analysis to identify those killed and harrison region retaken by ukrainian forces survivors share what they endured. well, you just give me those a disaster. i have been crying for months. i'm still shocked. i've lost everything now that i am 72 years old and i was left with nothing. all my clothes, i hear. everything is the show. elderly and disabled
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ukrainians have been forced to start over. in the western city of kent lensky aid workers, welcome new refugees driven out of their homes. by recent attacks on parisha, ukrainian president vladimir lensky vowed again to hunt down those responsible for ukrainian suffering. larose curse for janice loose or intelligence, special services, law enforcement agencies, are finding out all the details regarding these and other russian strikes. maybe, boom, no russian terrorists will be able to remain unknown to justice. that we will know all the names and all the details for ukraine will bring to justice. every russian murderer, an executioner, won from commanders to the privates who carried out criminal orders. lodging in august, the will of ukrainian people to fight on continues. and so does this war says the war began. hundreds of thousands of russians fled their country when put
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in order to partial mobilization in september. that number serge, many have made their way to israel, one of the few places still open to russians and running direct flights. the government there is preparing for thousands more to arrive in the coming months. t w's rebecca written, met with one young man in haifa. a taste of home in a foreign land. ivan who doesn't want us to use his last name for security raisins is one of thousands of russians of jewish descent. it arrived in israel since the kremlin called for a partial mobilization valerio data, and israel's law of return. any jew around the world has an automatic right to citizenship. ivan, whose grandfather is jewish, started making inquiries in february, shortly after russia invaded ukraine. evangelists, vela, my sister, and then when the war began the special military operation. i started looking at
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the programs israel offered to symbol unless i had thought that until the new year i would earn money is on the board with plans to come later. splendid mister baton, the other. but on the 21st of september in fearing conscription, things became urgent. are a yard in epistles browser, shall i vehicle, is it am yet? i wrote the program coordinator in israel straits away fell store. he said, don't worry, just to get out of russia if it is right sir. gloves, just leave it isn't. then i left the cassock. stone that's done. more than 6000 people like yvonne have fled from russia to israel. since vladimir putin gave his mobilization order. that many of them have been too scared to share this story with us for fear of retribution from the kremlin. israel says it's preparing for tens of thousands more in the coming months, welcoming jews fling persecution is hardly something new for the jury site. the biggest migration was throughout the 90s,
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where israel and welcomed over 1000000 immigrants from former soviet union countries. what we've seen this year is a 20 year record. it does come naturally for us to open the door to any one ah, of jewish descent, according to the law return. this is our vocation. vacation. ivan was happy to benefit from it, though he has a military exemption. he says he knows of other men who've been called up despite having the same status here. i to me of it. here i go by train in ukraine. it's a fight. hundreds of thousands of young men, a desperate to avoid, even if it's hard to leave your homeland or to new york. here, of course i love russia very much. i was born and raised their like probably 95 percent of those you left russia. like i hope to return when dots, which the whole world is dreaming of door will happen and show which they advise me
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at home. sick as he is, ivan says he's happy. he's now living in a free country as he considers his future. he hopes one day to return to a russia that is free as well. nato has wrapped up 2 days of talks and brussels with a sharp warning to russia not to use nuclear weapons in ukraine. suffragette secretary general un stilton burg says any use of nuclear arms could have would have severe consequences. nato countries agree to step up their military support for ukraine and with their own national stocks of defense equipment. dwindling ministers also pushed forward a joint protection initiative. stem shaft, it's still in the early stages, but it's a project that marks a new approach by much of europe towards its military defense. with the european sky shield initiative, 15 countries plan to jointly purchase air defense systems and create a europe wide anti missile shield. under consideration is the procurement of
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the u. s. made patriot. and the german iris t missile defense systems. europe also has its site on the arrow 3, an israeli anti ballistic missile, with a range of up to 2400 kilometers, which germany has reportedly been considering purchasing for months. as more sits at who things need to move very quickly. now it's important that we close these defense gaps because we are living in threatening, challenging times. we must live up to the responsibility we have to close. such gad was looking socially. the urgency is made clear by russia's repeated missile attacks against ukraine and russian president vladimir fourteen's veiled threats to escalate against the west with nuclear weapons, putting up glow wooten thought he would overrun ukraine in a week. he believed that nato asthma crone had said,
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was brain dead. he thought europeans don't work together. and now the opposite is happening within nato. european alliance is being built off with 15 countries building up their defense together. and that is a very important and good sign via because we're deciding from being very reluctant to spend on its military to taking up a leadership role in pushing for a common air defense infrastructure. the european sky shield initiative is a sign that germany is playing a more active role in its own. and europe's security and defense. did have the correspondence. hurry schultz follow that natal meeting in brussels and she told us about nato's commitment to create an air defense system for ukraine . they have indeed seen that ukraine needs more and more air defenses, especially in recent days, as russia has continued attacks from the air on civilian areas. so what this ukraine defense contact group which met yesterday said is that it is going to
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continue collecting equipment from all the different allies and partners who want to help you crane. and then they're going to try to knit up as experts say, all of these pieces of equipment into more of an air defense for ukraine. now this is not going to be easy, technically they admit, and it's going to take some time. but this is indeed the aim and is something that a ukraine has been saying would save lives every day, lives are lost because they don't have this kind of coverage over there skies. but indeed the allies have seen this as a priority now. oh that's it for now, the business news is perplexed until people like to go. any thanks for joining us on the w's because of his injury to learn german vinegar. why not learn with him? d, w, learn, and course glucose, vague. i, in many countries age.


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