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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2022 7:02am-7:31am CEST

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ah ah, on october 16th of 1934, the chinese communist started the long march the epic track defying the nationalists that cement at mount a dog's position as undisputed party leader. yesterday, on october 16th of 2022, the current leader shooting ping, kicked off a party meeting aimed at doing just that cementing his position as unchallengeable helmsman. but the challenge exists and domestic criticism is growing. unusually bold. this banner in the heart of beijing is as brave as it is damning. it slammed . she's 0 covert policy and concludes, we want a vote. not a leader. we want to be citizens, not slaves, and nicole freely. and this is the day ah,
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central tasco for the communist party congress will lead to leave the chinese people all ethnic groups or football. i don't think the congress will bring any major policy changes. we still need to wait and see through all my work, but i do hope that coven measures will be easier to send the chart now will start to so rolled. i don't think i've done that day. any more is more like a political thing. see the party street tallest capital. oh. also on the show and dramatic you turn in the u. k. the new finance minister. and does the tax cuts that send british mark as reeling but at all may be too late to save the prime minister pool. the prime minister is not under a desk, a c o. oh,
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my goodness old house that she is with regrets. she is not here, a very good reason. ah, china's communist party congress is underway and the week long meeting is poised as the men shading pangs hold on. power is due to be reconfirmed as party leader for an unprecedented 3rd term at a meeting with regional officials. on monday, she called on people to embrace party ideology with one mind which could be interpreted as another way of saying that no opposition will be tolerated. that of course, includes his 0 covered policy which as triggered economic fall out and sparked rare protests after more than 2 years of strict lock downs. in his eagerly awaited dress to the opening session president, she made it clear that he intends to continue
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a strongly nationalist course going forward to shana, from this day forward from central task of the communist party congress will be to lead the chinese people of all ethnic groups this effort to realize goals are filling china into great modern socialist country in all respects to put on to the rejuvenation of the chinese nation on all fronts. what you're offering them now joined by liz. elisha is a journalist with wall street tv and the house of live with eliza lee, howard by the china project in new york. miss lee, welcome to the day sheeting thing is set to become the most powerful leader in china, sends mounds the dong. what does that mean for the country you are absolutely re did. she didn't being is on the edge of assuming his 3rd 5 year term in the center of the communist party. which means he will likely ensure that his vision for the
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country will guide china for many years to come 5 years, at least, perhaps a decade. she simply will continue to booster. china's military prowess. she didn't . you will steer china's economy further away from the market track to a more state let approach. and she didn't, he will likely commit the company's party to a more ideal logically driven route. economically, i think that means she thinking is going to focus a lot more on domestic technology and innovation. devote more resources to high tech, which will potentially be important in china's competition with the united states. james, he also made it clear that his goal is to restore china to it's rightful, historical place, which means we will probably see more assertiveness on the international stage, especially when it comes to construct a confrontation with the west side of it. he spoke about high winds, a choppy waters and dangerous storms ahead. what will be the biggest challenge
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he'll have to face? the grave is challenging, is likely to face is china's economy, which is not in a very great shape. now, our tennis g, d p growth has stalled or considerably slowed down tennis unemployment is high and tennis property market is in this slump. also cove, it locked downs, have cost many public dis that, that the sets, vacations and i think another potential challenge is succession. there's a lot of uncertainty over when or if you might eventually retire, or is he actually going to be the leader for life? and i think an uncertainty over a successor can potentially so instability, or even the, to a succession stripe further down the road. are there any likely successors that we might see popping up this week? not this time. i don't see any,
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any reason for seeking being to make himself elaine duck this time around. if there is any successor in his mind, probably next round we'll see more clear signals. what can you do to turn the economy around? so that's a great question. i want to be clear that china's economic woes is a combination or mixture of structural slow down, and she didn't own policy missteps in the past few years. i concretely some sort of phasing out from draconian, 0 covey restriction is a must, that might take some time. but ultimately it's going to happen. other things are more complicated. for example, awesome. when he complains policy initiatives are correct. ellie's indirection, china's reduction of debt from its financial system. redistribution of well are written in of probably mark his speculations, poverty reduction,
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poverty merged kids are clean up. are all marable in spirit. but the problem is, the scale of those regulatory storms have been too big. and china has relied too much on the state sector at the expense of private ones. so some kind of course correction, some kind of returning to opening up every form is called for. but we can't really expect him to change course drastically one hero. now, can we, what does the rest of the party think about that? do they, as he demands, think in one mind or is there position so as you know, i, rumors of, in fighting and power struggles are a fixture of chinese lead politics, especially in the lead up to important events like the twenty's party congress. but i think in a past decade, what she didn't pick has successfully done is to clean up the party infrastructure
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under his teaching team. people who are loyal to him are more likely to be promoted and this time around is no exception. that means the voice of descent has come considerably, quieted down during the past few years are the power of parties, factions, and older is have also been significantly weakened through seeking teams into corruption, corruption campaign. so there are people who may not be satisfied with teaching teams approach, but i don't see them for me. meaningful coalition to post challenged if you can. if you think they have used the taiwan issue many times to strengthen his position and his remarks on re unification with the island, actually prompted the most you for a response on sunday is that something he will actively pursue in his 3rd term. that's a great question. there's actually not much new information on taiwan coming out of the, the national congress beach meet by shooting being this past weekend. she didn't p
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repeat that, beating will resort to peaceful means if possible. but he will not promise to read now. so use of force and she can pin also emphasizes that complete reification of trying to our motherland is a must and a will be realized. i don't think she can p has any concrete timeline or a deadline for reunification. but there are 2 scenarios that are likely dangerous in terms of taiwan. first, if taiwan declare independence, that's going to be a trigger point for being. and also if united states deployed troops in taiwan defense, that's also going to be a really triggering point for baiting. or if baiting believes, the united states will deploy troops into one. those are the danger scenarios that i can imagine. but there is no concrete timeline as far as i can tell. excellent analysis loosely of the china project in new york. thank you so much for them.
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thank you for having me. ah, explosions have again rock the ukrainian capital cave and what president volota marizza landscape is calling kamikaze drone attacks carried down by russia. ukraine says at least 3 people died following an attack on a residential building. rescue crews are trying to free. those tramped under the rubble authority, say russian strikes and other regions of ukraine have left several more dead and knocked out power to hundreds of towns. well, how is the ukrainian government reacting to these drone attacks are corresponding, but he has building up the chance to talk to alexi arrest of it. he's an intelligence officer, lieutenant colonel and advisor to the head of the presidential office. for villa, we are zalinski. let's listen. messiah storage. this is the 2nd big attack on the capital, and also on other regions of ukraine. what do you make of it?
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what's behind this? i don't think it's not to last one. because sir, for our information next, her parties of drawings from around came, came here for us, and dispersed it from bill russia to from the north west and the northeast and source. today we have her talk to ukraine, was sucked by a 46 drawn center, 28. from this we go down our, our air defense and 16. i miss her cruise missiles from my strategical bumpers from caspian customer region. we seem policeman, shooting with rifles towards these drones. is this how to do it? the last major cities erm always released in drugs. we just can't already come and key of territory. but really we need to as specific air defense systems like eloquence, like or in metal. we just designed for 4 kittens drawn switch or special with or do you germany, sweden, switzerland. this country has
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a stable webinar. we're strong vineyard of this, maybe south korea because they had a lot of such a problems from said north korea. and they have a great defense system for this. because iranian iran, russian, sir, by in iran, 2040100 drones, which is men, a lot of the use still just to, to hundreds. and we have a lot of problems there. what's going to be ukraine's answer to these attacks? are we just kinda doing what we're, what we have to do, we just to fight in on the battlefield. we don't shoot to the russian territory. we're just shooting their here and getting in ukrainian territory and the army. fortunately for france and managed on the plan and the we provide an attack and dra circuit attack michelle attack air strikes for russia, commander center for the russian artillery and the russian beside marcell units, which is already on our territory. you said you're not so striking into russian terror into these explosions in belgrade that we've seen over the past few days
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time. and again, this was not ukraine. it's good beer. just stare and fog of the war. you know because it were when, when it was striking, some shells can go down but we don't service, dont dont kid them directly. so we've seen ukraine making territorial gains, big territorial gains in the heart of region and in their southern region. but we also seeing renewed attacks by russia on buck wants new attempts to break through the lines. what are we out? what do we have to expect in the next few months to a sink? it's here could be, have a fighter. ah, it could be our orphans if the russians could, could officer because he collect a lot on the black people here and we see what, what is happening. but mom, because it's came a lot of prisoners of her, which us could collect a wagner group, and some ssl exists. a lot of artillery and as, as haber fightin on there all front lines from quite a gift for sound. i think it's good, mr. blessed, i don't believe the russian could taken anything,
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but we're weak and taken your territory. it's possible to how dangerous is this new mobilization, these new people further that are being brought into the russian army for ukraine's big problem. because i said a lot of amount people they say in about just to hassan salves at hundreds, but it's not really more bit bigger. biggest them all. and her problem is if they come here, if it's not, not, well, train it, it just a massive infantry units and we have a good god out. some problem it could be problem for cave knew a problem because it's thought to collect some for some units in their bill, russia to make a threat on the cave. and the problem could be the, was it the air in the middle of the november, the end of? no, ma'am, as of december, they could try to to move them through the border and just make a note and you dangerous. forgive. well, i you prepare for this? yes, of course we were prepared right now. thank you. i'm so so well here in germany, russia's war on ukraine was the main focus as heads of the country's intelligence
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services gave testimony to members of parliament. today. the agency said they were well prepared to counter possible russian interference and germany. a key concern is over a possible drone espionage, chancellor. enough show, it's got a look for himself on monday as he visited troops and a military training signed in northern germany. as part of his inspection tour, he was also shown one of the bonus bez own drone models. i've got more on this from r d w political correspondence. simon young simon. good to see you. so germany's intelligence services say they are well prepared to counter possible interference from russia. how big do they see those threats to be? yeah, i think they think they're pretty significantly intelligent services say they're worried about a whole range of potential threats, particularly in connection with russia. i think this, this story about spy,
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drones is one of the most serious. they have been a number of reports of small drones, sightings of, of drones operating near german military bases where ukrainian personnel of being trained to use the equipment that germany is providing to ukraine at the moment. and you know, the intelligence authorities say that they don't, they're not able to say who's behind those intrusions, but they are taking them seriously and stepping up measures to counteract. they're also worried about continuing cyber threats from russia. we've seen those in the past, and they also say that they're taking action there. i think they're worried about disinformation campaigns organized by russia on social media. we've seen examples of that in the past and also attempts by various russian sources
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to infiltrate the political process here in germany, in particular, just by buying using cash to buy, influence and access. i think in particular they've been reports that they've been able to access that kind of influence in particular through the far right to politicians, some of whom have sort of retreated and cheer laid for the putin know view of things to their followers. so there's a whole range of threats that the intelligence sheets of flagging up a big fear here in germany are attacks on the critical infrastructure. how vulnerable is germany in that regard? well, i think we've seen a number of things there are. there have been warnings about attacks on power plots, on the energy infrastructure and so on. at what we have seen her attacks just recently on the rail network. people cutting their cables there. it's a bit mysterious. again,
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we don't know for sure who's behind it. the same with the attacks on the gas pipelines in the baltic sea recently at that's been widely blamed on russia, although i think without clear evidence so far. so i think the authorities a war it not just that these kind of attacks on infrastructure could occur. but also that they could spark a wider response, particularly going into this winter. we know there are going to be a problems with energy. there's going to be potentially shortfalls in supply. price spikes or, and people are probably, yeah, demonstrating on the streets getting very anxious about that. there could even potentially be electricity blackouts. and i think all of that could create an atmosphere in which it would be rather easy for foreign antagonists to use that to sort of ferment st destabilization. so these are the kind of a scenarios and fears that the intelligence community are talking about. political correspondent, simon young. always a pleasure. ah.
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when she applied for the job of prime minister, unless trash knew it wouldn't be easy, but she probably also didn't expect for her party to plot her. allister only 40 days into the task. after promising to deliver on the u. k. many crises, the opposition accused her of only making matters worse and a dramatic you turn on her controversial economic policies has been little to silence the ever growing amount of critics that want to see her gone is the prime minister. and i agreed yesterday to reverse almost all the tax measures announced in the growth from 3 weeks ago that have not been legislated for in parliament. what is she left with no authority, no credibility, no plan for growth. and it is clear to see the people who caused the chaos cannot be the people to fix the tail. i'll keep my head out of heart and out of time,
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mister speaker. what we have seen in the last month is one of the largest humiliations at this country has ever experimental. and it's directly as a result of the current prime minister's agenda. this humiliated prime minister simply cannot less. the prime minister should have spoke to the house to day, but we know that she can not do that with a shred of credibility. during that the survival of this government now depends on smashing to smithereens everything that she stands for. at the new day. this is a self inflicted crisis for las truss. and it, is it humiliating in a quite on pretty precedent? we, in terms of the claim, doug, i think the sooner at this pre minister and indeed this entire government departs office. the better that will be for everyone. let's take a closer look at all of this. now with data,
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we're corresponding bagget math. she's in london for us. big. how much damage has all of this done to list trust is government. enormous damage if there were electrons tomorrow, how party the conservative party, which is the traditional party of government in the u. k. they would be obliterated . and this is why at the moment this is not what they're planning, say, list process, personal standing is really in tatters. only about one and 10 british people are thing is thinking that she is doing a good job as prime minister and the opposition labor parties as leading and upholds up to 30 points. so it has done an enormous damage the all the credibility, the economic credibility, basically that the conservative party traditionally has, is put in question and it will take a long time for them to regain that trust of the voters for their economic credibility. when it's unclear whether or not les tress will have time to even
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fight for, for that trust to, to return, right? because there are people speculating, she might not even be able to make it to the end of the week. how likely do you think it is that she'll become the most short lived crampton, prime minister in british history? well, it's very much the balance for less trust. it's very difficult to get rid of her for the conservative party, quite dangerous, because then there would be a call for a general election and they would definitely lose that if, if that was to come soon, they would most certainly lose the general election. so that's the only reason why they are not disposing of her at the moment and may be hoping that if she said in power for some time things could somehow change. but i think there's also a feeling amongst them piece that it's with or without her. it's, it's, it's very, very difficult and there are some were plotting to get rid of her plotting to
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replace her with some sort of unity candidate and then say, well, if we can somehow manage to not have a general election, maybe that new, our prime minister, if we found one, you know, could turn things around, but it's going to be, it's very difficult whether they get rid of her somehow find a way to get rid of her or not. who could replace her or one alternatives to the tories have at this point. there is no obvious candidate that strings to mine. so some candidates, so some m p 's are hoping that there could be some sort of unity canada. the toys party is very much split in factions. and if there was one candidate that could unite the party and were m p 's and the cabinet could unite be behind that that could be a way forward. but at this point, this hasn't materialize yet. that doesn't mean that people won't keep on looking for that person. who at what is truly remarkable, is that since friday,
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unless trust has been almost completely silent. and today she went to parliament and just sat there. what's going on there? yeah, this is definitely peculiar when she heard the cabinet minister who was standing in for her to day are answering questions by the opposition. labor pidas had to say, well, no, she's not hiding under a desk because obviously empties were remarking. where is she? why is she not speaking to asked of the m p 's why she not accountable why she's not speaking to the public, but so far she has chosen not to she had given ah, when she had sacked her chancellor, at the end of last week she had given a very short press conference, but it was very, very short and her appearance was described as wouldn't she didn't come across as somebody who had this co has. it has a plan all was confident. the person that she has presented herself when she ran
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for the leadership of the party. so, so clearly at the moment she, she really doesn't. she doesn't, she is she is. she doesn't look like somebody who was in control and that might be the reason why she's not, not that appearing at this stage. once again exciting time is in london, beg at math, thank you so much for breaking it all down for us. ah . and finally, students from the st. andrews university in scotland have been taking part in a unique annual tradition. hundreds of students gathered on a main university, alon for the raisin monday phone fight. the ritual is the combination of a weekend event. we're older students, mentor new arrivals and round things off with an enormous shaving cream battle. that's our time for today, but as always, the conversation continues online. you will find us on twitter under act,
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straightaway news myself. nicole underscore. what, thank you so much for being with us tonight with ah, with ah, eco, india. in the northern metropolis of chandler goth waste separation has been compulsory for years. now dying prism period products will also be sources
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help in the environment while breaking down menstrual taboos india with a lender. for some just pure d motion. he has his finger on the world's pulse. me to the artist, choreographer who finished stone. i'm the chef in the kitchen art 20 in 60 minutes on d. w with ended glistening place of the mediterranean sea. it's
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waters connect people of many cultures seen of almost rock and to far abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and that it to rain where it has history left. it's traces meeting people hearing their dreams editor during this week on d. w. ah, with the choice to abandon ones who is painfully difficult, but it's one that growing numbers, fees as extreme rather than does entire.


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