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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news coming to you live from berlin. renewed russian strikes target, ukraine's energy infrastructure. power is knocked down in the capital, keith, and many other towns and cities. president lindsey says russia is carrying out the air attacks to terrorize and kill civilians. also coming up, concerns grow over the fate of an a rainy and competitive climber. i nuts brick,
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a rabbi key went missing after taking part in an event in south korea without her head covering or our fear, she may have been forced to return to her, ran and could face abused by the morality police also an exclusive look inside the blood go blood gold mine so the democratic republic of congo were brutal rebel group holds the wealth of a nation in its hands. ah . hello em, terry martin. good to have you with us. russia has carried out more strikes against kids. this time apparently targeting energy infrastructure. president, bottom is zalinski said russian courses had destroyed 3rd of ukraine's power stations in repeated attacks. tuesdays strikes had an unspecified energy. lottie
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and northern key is ukraine says russia is targeting power facilities and other cities as winter approaches. but missile and drone attacks are also hitting the civilian population. at least one person was killed when a c, 300 missile had a residential building in the southern ukrainian port city of mac alive on tuesday . and a wave of deadly drone strikes a day earlier targeted the capital and cities in the eastern sumi region, ah, a team of generalists insecurity, gods run for cover. they've spotted a drone overhead. antea craft batteries try to shoot it down before it can strike. but it's too late to talk with oliver. this is the destruction the
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drones left behind. one side of an apartment block, reduced to rubble among those killed in the attack, was a pregnant woman. in a week after russia renewed its attacks on the capital, the as strikes have already become a new normal for some key residence. but a shipple and you'll a blog. zhang last monday was scary this week. but now it's like we're used to rehearse miguel air rates every day. slime. we wake up, look at social media to see what's going on. and so this morning we woke up and after 10 minutes or so of alarm, we heard the 1st explosion while of the warrior for the shore and life in the capital goes on despite the looming threat on that which was void, you think it out, i feel really bad, i have 2 children and i am morning started very loudly mumbled because the area
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where we live in the train station was hit because a lot of what was pretty close out of water. but after the air was finished, i had to go to my job. this was done allen up a week that's i tried to my work, but there was an air raid again, denise, the windshield. i'm trying to stay close to a shelter. but i'm still outside and was exposed to the line while previous russian attacks on keith were mostly missile strikes. this latest assault was carried out by what appeared to be iranian made so called kamikaze drones. in his nightly arrest, the ukrainian president followed him as the lensky said, the ukrainian army managed to shoot down $37.00 of the transmission, and that aside from the capital of $25.00, other areas of the country were hit. i spoke shore while ago with our correspond mathias bellinger in chief. he gave me the latest on the attacks. yeah, there were again a tax this morning. my rockets this time on an energy facility. the prosecutor's office has just said that 2 people have been killed in this attack,
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and the infrastructure has been damaged, but pretty much fits the pattern that we've seen throughout the past few days. russia mainly targeting energy facilities, heating power stations, and electric power stations. before winter in order to inflict more damage on civilians here in ukraine. so far, these attacks keep happening and keep happening in a massive way. today several targets throughout the region. yes, to day 40 drones. we're hearing. we're launched on ukraine. 37 were shut down by defenses, but still approximately 10 came through and they were hitting facilities here. and here, 5 drones hit, not the facility itself, but a building next to the residential building. and that's where the yesterday 4 people were killed. you say there's a pattern there mathias. how do the attacks that we've seen today compare with
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yesterday strikes on key event, other parts of ukraine besides the fact that today that we're using rocket yesterday, jones, it's pretty much the same pattern. it's that these are attacks on infrastructure objects. these are attacked also on civilians. both keep happening at the same time. we do not know for every rocket to a job whether it hit the intended target or something nearby. i just said the drones yesterday here and they might have been targeted at the energy facility. but for example, this morning, the rockets that we see in mac alive was hitting a residential building again. and that's what happening in the cities near the front line. they're mostly hit by as 300 rockets. so target's trying to inflict
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damage not on military facilities, but on energy infrastructure and civilians. what are people you're talking to they're in the capital and elsewhere around ukraine make of these wide spread attacks? what do they suspect is behind them? what's the strategy? people he call it terror? a terrorist strategy as strategy that is meant to inflict tara, among the civilian populations, thus says, presumably the kremlin hoping to weaken the ukrainian resolve that's obviously not working. is also an attack on the economic infrastructure in order to weaken the country. all this according to people here linked to the failures on the battlefield and the, the criminals seeking revenge mathias. thank you very much. char, correspond mathias pulling of their in chief is lucas, mother, ukraine related stories, state media in russia. report that the death toll and
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a war plane crash has risen to 14, a fighter jet cloud into an apartment building, and the poor town of yikes, near ukraine. defense ministry says an engine fire cause the crash. danish police say last month's north stream gas pipeline leafs were caused by powerful explosions . at least 50 meters of the baltic pipeline is missing. investigators believe it was sabotaged. germany is to keep all 3 of its last operational nuclear power plants online until at least next april. the government plan to phase out nuclear by the end of the year. but the energy crisis has forced a rethink and exxon mobil says it has left russia altogether. after president vladimir putin seized its properties, exxon says it has not received any compensation for assets valued at 4000000000
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euros. in rainy, in climber, who competed without wearing her country's mandatory hid job has allegedly made an online post apologizing illness. rick, a bead did not wear the headscarf during the final round of a climbing competition in south korea. human rights activists fear for record be safety and say she could face jail when she returns to iran. and instagram pursed from her account claims she was rushed to for coma heating and is now going back to iran on a pre arranged little schedule like a b is not wearing the he job comes as deadly anti government protests in iran enter their 5th. we're going to see the head of d. w is persia service yellow. that sar box is following the story closely. i asked her earlier for her thoughts on l. now's reca bees, instagram post that suggested her, her job had fallen by mistake. it's now obvious not only for us as,
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as the rang and journalists also for all right, bring in people that this is of course 8 for is kind of confessional. we are witnessing a lot in doing the whole time period of protest going on with oh, let me give you some some background maybe because and us disappeared after the competition and she was out of we saw her call was taken. we know that by a some real reliable sources, her form was taken, her password was taken, and there was no sign of her for the last 2 days until right, like this story is the one story post and actually made by herself around one and a half hours ago, and it is very clear that she must have been either either yeah, maybe also tortured or. and another thing that we know so far is that her brother has been detained in iran who is also a rock climber. so of course, there is trying it that that's the way to put pressure on her to post such
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a story. and we don't even know if she had posted it by being forced, or it is by originally cope's or intelligence. this is, the story is getting a lot of media attention. how are people in iran reacting to it? you know, of course no one falls for this because and knowing the, knowing the methods of iranian after it's not a republic. we've seen so many forced confessions on state t v. and now the recent years on social media platforms. and this is nothing new actually, you know, people have visited that with us that for the last 43 years, it's just that now for the 1st time the, like the world is watching or how, how they are operating. and there's a lot of outreach on social media, there's a lot of reactions, people saying that we know and as we know what,
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what is going on. and also people making fun of it in a way saying that, well, from now on we go on the streets without the job, it fell to his job, fell down by mistake or accidentally because it's very obvious that this was not the case. how can those record b expect to be treated by authorities when she's back in iraq? all this is of course very we have to worry about her being being put directly to the notorious evan prison, where housing off protesters in the last 4 or 5 weeks have been taken to. and of course, as i said, her brother is already changed. we have seen that a lot in the last 4 or 5 weeks that the young women who have been killed, who have been raped, who have been beaten up like massa many. but there was a lot of more like 345, at least other young girls. and they had their families have been put under pressure to confess. and to say that it was either a car accident or
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a heart attack or a suicide. so of course it is very boring, her situation now going back to on the other. thank you very much for your insights . that was you all the far box had a dw purchase service. now the democratic, the good congo, it's home to minds containing some of the purest gold in the world. but while consumers and rich countries are prepared to pay high prices for a finished product, the men who mind this precious commodity are paying a price of a different kind. extortion and writes abuses or rife at the darcy gold mines which are controlled by a brutal rebel group. access to foreign journalists has been restricted until now, but a joint investigation with the german news weekly. der spiegel has resulted in d. w. mario miller being allowed to enter to rebel control the gold mines, and speak to miners themselves. this gold may gleam brightly,
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but it is stained red with blood. people likely died for this precious metal destined for the rich world's finest juries. the democratic republic of the congo has some of the purest gold in the world. but experts say almost all of it smuggled out of the country illegally. that often means links to armed groups and human rights abuses. it all starts here in suffocating lea, hot tunnels that head up to 40 degrees celsius. young man scrape out the gold bearing rock there earn barely enough to survive on the for fear of reprisals. this man wants to remain anonymous when you go to work. he just pray to god because we're feeling like it's a death sentence. oh, often it is when the minds cave in 6 years ago, more than 20 people were buried alive. would it grandma? i was there with my 3 brothers and other miners,
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lusaka. all of them were trapped inside the mind. now being, you know, it even now their bodies are still inside a william. when i was sad bows really down and it was nice, but i can't be sad for long. i have to earn a living. i then it was nice and i do new my eyes and stuff with them. and on top of that, this mine is controlled by an armed group, the my, my, yeah, catawba, according to a recent you and report, the rebels demand what they call texas from each worker. it beat me up with an iron rod because i couldn't pay that tax. they threw me into a mud hole for days with no food. i was imprison there with 6 other people. he lost 10 kilograms. he says other minors tell us similar stories. they say the my, my a never far, even now they're hiding further up the mountain because they were informed we were coming. this is the 1st time journalists have access to mine. the both the my,
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my yet to me by and local government officials declined our interview requests. it's widely known that the rebels often work together with local authorities and even shap profits with them. but with the money they also finance, brutal attacks on an ethnic group who they see as their main enemy. the my, my claim the bunny lender don't belong to the d r c. so they burned down the villages, rape and kill scores of people east and under were survived one of these attacks pilot, who had to turn a fellow. they found us at the place where we had sought refuge and they killed 3 people. then they murdered my father in law and injured my mother in law night call me both of them were over 80. she says she and her family were forced to march for days with no food. then they took her husband. she never saw him again.
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later she learned he was hacked to death with a machete. they killed thousands displaced 100. now is that safe? sheltering at the friend's house. rebel control of the minds means conflict go. but that's not deterring this business man. the purity of the precious metal has convinced him soon he plans to open the 1st gold refinery in the country and export from d r. c to europe and america. at the moment we are discussing a lot with the government. they, we check all art is and war coming to work here. we will, they will try and trace how is going on, and maybe it will help. i hope it will help, but ensuring authenticity will be difficult. traitors tell us they fake certificates to hide the real origin of the gold. if the lender who can only appeal for an end to the trade and blood, i can mean i skia. when i my my go to white people to buy weapons. that is
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why they sell the gold i let me know is i want to tell the people to stop buying from them. so they don't kill us. will least about what is the it is a simple equation as long as groups can re profit from gold mining, they will keep earning the cash to kill. earlier i spoke to chris on fogle, he's an expert on central africa and has written about the role minerals play and conflicts in the democratic republic of congo. asked him why the d r c has rich reserves of minerals, yet it's people remain among the poorest in the world. there is, well, there's probably 2 things to say, i'm on the, on a broader scale. the 1st one being indeed the congo is like rich and minerals and produces a lot of very important minerals. however, the link between those are 2 mines and over t is
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a bit mistaken because the industrial mines were, especially copper and cobalt, are sourced in other parts of the country. and where there has been a lot of corruption molding. international companies in the past decades are actually sort of the main economic engine of the country that would need sort of a reform to actually benefit the people and fight poverty on large scale. and the 2nd thing is, if you look at the eastern congo we're, you have a lot of armed conflict going on. it is true that the story that we just heard about the may. my number is one of the clear cases where there is a control for the sake of mining by groups. however, out of the some $120.00 on groups that are currently operating eastern congo. that is pretty much an outlet case, where we see today that there is only a minority groups that actually operating with the main objective to secure
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minding area. okay, so it's important to keep an eye on the commercial aspect of minerals extraction in the r c as well. tell us why authorities in the earth who have not tackle the illegal money of gold? well, for number, since, i mean, the 1st reason sort of was implied in my answer in my previous answers, that in the end of the article mining of gold. but also of the substance substances such as colton does not represent a very important share of congress economy. so there is a limited attention as compared to other sectors such as copper and cobalt. we're industrial mining is, is way more important that than, than the gold being export from congo. the 2nd reason is that the threshold of what is legal and illegal is often not very clear. so you had a sort of contraband and fraud in gold, especially to neighboring countries,
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such as uganda has a very long story. not the not perceived necessarily as an illegal thing, and that has pre dated on conflict and will probably also extend, if ever, on conflict will and in that region. now there for international efforts to regulate unethical mining in the d. r. c. and elsewhere. how successful are those efforts? well, there have been efforts in, in other minerals, especially colton, tin and, and tungsten that broadly failed because they didn't, they neither brought an end to armed activities in the regent. nor could they actually give a reasonable assurance in the case of goal. it's a little bit more complicated because there is a number of pilot project through to trace the origin of so called conflict goal. but the, the chemical composition of gold, which is unique as in that it is exactly identical from
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a g o chemical point of view makes it harder to, to trace gold for its origin. and the um, the value for um, for weight, which is much higher in golds than in most of the minerals also makes it much easier to hide in small quantities that can then be brought together again into may bigger quantities in the maitre hops, such as i do buy or, or places in europe and else. ok. so thank you very much. my friend, ral time there. that was, that was offer and researcher crystal focal. thank you. now let's catch up on a few other stories making headlines, round world to day. the head of footballs governing body fifa and the indonesian president, java with dodo have agreed to reassess stadium safety measures. more than a 130 people were killed in a stampede at a match. this month could explain police for firing tears.
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australia has reversed a previous governments recognition of west jerusalem as israel's capital. foreign minister, penny wong says cit. the cities status should be decided by peace talks. israel's prime minister yaya law. pete says it's a hasty response. haitians are protesting against the u. s. in canada, sending supplies to combat powerful gang suit taking control of the main port. the bandits have blocked food supplies during a cholera outbreak. demonstrator say for an interference will only cause more calles thousands of taken. 2000 people taking part in demonstrations and a nationwide strike in france. they're demanding higher salaries to counteract high
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inflation. industrial action has disrupted oil refineries and fuel supply. sri lankan author, she han caruana t hollow who has won the 2022. booker prize for his 2nd novel, the 7 moons of mahdi alameda, the book tells the story of a gay photographer who strives to expose the horrors of war, even after his death. to the j prestigious award comes with a military protest, rich and brilliant long list. now running a marathon is too much for most people. but what about running a race the takes $43.00 days and lasts almost 5000 kilometers? impossible. well, italian, andrea marquetto has just completed that very feet and talking about a different sort of feet. he got through 13 pairs of shoes during the journey.
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marie, who was, oh, this was the start of the world's longest foot race back in early september. competitors have to complete the 3100 mile, looped 'cause nearly 5000 kilometers in under $52.00 days it's rolling around the streets of the new york border of queens, run as average of a 2 marathons a day, but or at least allowed to sleep at night, italian, andrea marketo, one for the 3rd straight edition in $43.00 days, 3 hours, 20 minutes 27 seconds. he said storm stopped him, challenging the world record, which stands at 40 days. i am in tune with some, some long, superior power i believe in the power of prayer and meditation. and the, i do have faith, you know, faith hope and this thing they, they drive you forward. you know, it's not only about being strong and,
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and train well, so he suffered painful cuts between his toes. that's why they have only been 51 finishes in 25 years. he fairly deserved his cake. the world's best football players have been crowned at the balloon door awards in paris. the women's prize went to spain's alexia hotels. for the 2nd year in a row, she was the top scorer for spanish title winners. barcelona who were also champions league runners up last season. the mens but on her was awarded to francis curry bens emma, who scored $44.46 matches for rail madrid, helping the club when the champions league and little iga. now how's this foreign, environmentally friendly emissions? free lamborghini where the difference, this lamborghini is built entirely out of lego, took 400000 pieces and a $154.00 different shapes. this cool ride was showcased at the paris auto show
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today, and for those who can't afford the real deal. a smaller version of this lego model is available for just 450 euros online. here watching d w news coming up next and d, w. news asia, a probe is opened into the connections between japan's ruling party and a church that is often been called a cult that's coming up next, a news asia with melissa cham. i'm terry martin for me and all of us here is the though you news. thanks. want mm with
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it's waters connect people of many cultures. siena l must rock and jaffar abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and mediterranean. where has history left its traces meeting people, hearing their dreams ready to meet this week. d w. you're watching d. w. news. asia coming up japan's dominant political party faces public scrutiny. questions about its relationship to a religious organization that some call a cult. how compromised are the legislators and paradise lost top to its destination. them all these faces a mounting plastic weight.


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