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tv   Cant Pay Wont Pay  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2022 8:15pm-9:01pm CEST

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our o starts is in nigeria, a warning of a looming hunger crisis. the was flooding for a decade, has killed at least 600 people left more than a 1000000 homeless and destroyed for the former a to donald trump has been sentenced to 4 months in prison. steve bannon had refused to give evidence to congress about the january 6 storming of the u. s. capital it called foolish. we'll have more world news at the top of the our coming up next on d. w. a documentary looking at something, none of us can get away from taxation. good. i have been that done. i have been better because we try to to show 3 of face mafia all over the world. environmentalists are in danger. the enemy, ruthless corporations, corrupt government agencies,
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and criminal cartels. targeted environmentalists in danger starts october 29th on d. w ah. german. peggy de protesters, french yellow vests british briggs a t is for years now. anger has been brewing and spilling out in protest. united by a common question. where does my tax money go? most people don't understand taxation mon about it. think it needs to be lower, have no idea what proportion is spent on lot in many ways. i think taxation is one of the most extreme actions by government, but it's also the definition of government because without taxation, there's no government. oh, people's distrust in government is growing at the central, the conflict taxes in france, carbon taxes have provoked the most controversy for months. it drove thousands of
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people to the streets many who feel abandoned, to protesting and discovering a strength in numbers. communities, because you will not crush us, the people will not put up with isthmus treatment. for ela, you know, all around france at the yellow vests, sparking a democratic debate. taking up the symbols of tax revolts from history, they list their grievances in writing, outlining their demands and complaints, like in the french revolution. ah, 400000 pages in total address, 2 elected officials, all over france. these open bill, people are afraid to call it a revolution, but i think it's just the beginning of the revolution. no taxation without representation with this basic principle of democracy,
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the yellow vests of vocal tradition. going back to the middle ages when citizens all over europe revolted against taxes and duties. mm. i way back in 1215, that was a very unpopular king king john. and he wanted to raise money to fund his army for various expeditions, and he turned to his aristocrats, his nobleman, and he had given me the money and they said, ready for the 1st time in english history. no, we will only give you the money if you in future consult us all things and we are involved in your decision making. and that was a very small beginning of democracy in britain with the magna carta or the great charter. the british were the 1st in europe to lay the foundations of a parliamentary democracy. in france,
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king secured their budget in other ways to school or to get them set until the 13th 14th century. the french kingdom did not finance itself primarily through taxes on demand that the french kings had real estate and agricultural land that brought an income of new revenue from royal land holdings was the main source of income for the state budget. j little therapy. no new moon, however, this was no longer enough to cover state expenditures with people, especially because of the very high cost of warfare that again, it was use of the king's therefore used to their power to impose duties on their subjects in order to balance the state budget multi law her lobby. this was a specific strategy of philip the fair known as one of the occur said kings. of course, the financial motivation was at the time of parrot if the more politically zone was . if you book with the 100 years war, leaving francis coffers nearly empty, charles, the 7th claimed the royal prerogative to impose taxes,
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wielding absolute power. he bypassed taxing the clergy and nobility instead targeted the peasants and craftsmen. these commoners, known as the 3rd estate, found themselves suddenly squeezed by foil taxes. that exec to melissa to book it. it was at this time that the gabriella was created in france on the poor, the tax on salt, which was an indirect tax, which was extraordinarily unpopular at the time. next salt was a basic necessity. and as such, the tax was a heavier burden for the poor than for the wealthy window of new presented. the king sent out tenant farmers to collect the taxes the pool of the poor people work constantly. all that remains of their labour is sweat an abject poverty, so everything goes to paying his majesty's taxes and do majesty the thought tax provoked a great many revolts as to the tie,
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a direct tax based on land and income. we are calling for the extermination of these leeches, death to the profiteers and collectors of land tags who are ruining the provinces. all over the empire, peasants rose up to revolt against their rulers. they had nothing to lose and clashed head on with the king. soldiers with the revolt was violently suppressed when louis the 14th didn't hesitate to demand new taxes to finance his conquests and build the chateau to versailles. old while the french people fell into extreme poverty. ah,
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no, early 18th century france, the royal taxes, were no longer enough to cover the state's expenses. having squeezed the people for all they had, the state was forced to borrow. by the end of the century, the debt amounted to a 110000000 louis door, the french currency at the time, to repay the dest louis the 16th, had to agree to reform. he summoned the estates general, made up of the clergy, nobility and representatives of the 3rd estate. but in doing so, he opened pandora's box consent to taxation in exchange for political representation left also at a booky dumpy key to become a trance at that time was a country that a bit like today was passionate about the idea of reform, but couldn't bring it about as it was this inability to bring about tax and justice
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reform and insure efficiency as well which led to the french revolution. eva la have wouldn't. kenneth bertrand, it wasn't only a tax revolt, but was born to a large extent out of the anger at the injustice of the tax system during his district system fisco. and for the 1st time in europe, the people finally had to say. and they didn't wait to be heard. lists of grievances in the thousands was sent to representatives in the states. general glazer prism a present and future taxes shall be shared by all citizens of every order, according to their ability to hold it without distinction of rank birth or privilege. it the privilege is in the inhabitants of exile hall, the demand, the abolition of the compulsory taxi. they paid 1300 leave for roads far away, while all the roads around their town are awful and impassable. we'll put together
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a common complaint found in the letters of grievances both in 17892019 unfair taxation tax equality for every one. every citizen must contribute, even a small sum. we want the protection for the commoner, the end of the privilege, dignity presented tax hikes and social hardships for some that politics is our mission and social needs. you lighter, raise awareness about tax revenues and government spending. about we discussed everything, the economy, politics, money, unemployment, oil, it follows on oh, on the body shop. people are not being listened to. and that drives them crazy with
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at the close of the estates general assembly and $1799.00 revolution broke out. the king was beheaded in the 1st republic was born. ah, let him go to shuffle, says way it's fed used to move what you go. the french revolution was about taking the power to impose taxes from the kings and giving it to an elected chamber. so the taxation system goes hand in hand with democracy. lou, democracy was established so the citizens could work on taxes were yankee vote lamp, citron vargas shaw voting on taxes. it's an essential task of parliamentary de la ample. articles 13 and 14 of the declaration of the rights of man as it got to find that all quite wonderful. millions on don't off to grew close. article 13 justifies taxation as indispensable to fund the administration and the army goober shall come renewed on shore. so it says it should be shared by all citizens,
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equally a god. this refers to the uniformity of taxation to them. and as it says, according to each person's ability to lofty greg got those in. and article 14 says that it's the citizens themselves or their representatives who must disgust the necessity, the amount of the duration, and the exact terms and conditions of taxes, you'll do more than the boise fair taxation. a wonderful idea. but what exactly would be taxed ah, mercy, florida. she's scheduled to claim and i go to sure, since she's going to take you put the tax system created at the time of the revolution was based on the property. yeah. what we today call property tax was created at that time. the dominant theorists were the physio kratz, who believed that the conditions for the creation of wealth came from land and agricultural asked them to custom,
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lucia. mm. mm. but this theory would face opposition in the form of another revelation. the industrial revolution, which began in england with the invention of furnaces and steam engines, now wealth was being created from investing in this new machinery and through exploiting the newly created working class. with throughout europe, tech systems were adapting to this new economy. in addition to property taxes, revenue was raised from consumption taxes on products such as wine matches and tobacco. this tax applied to every one, no matter their income, which is why it hit the working class. the hardest
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me but these taxes alone couldn't cover the cost of capitalism. aah! states had to borrow to invest in roads and railways. urban sanitation and colonial conquests. the interest on the growing kid made the rich credit, his even richer debt, became an obsession. and the industrial revolution opened a new chapter in the history of taxation. in the 19th century, the ruling conservatives in britain were asking the same question as the french revolutionaries of 1789. how can it be paid back in the government needed to raise revenue? now an easy way of doing sar, i would be to raise taxes on consumption. but also there was a sense that perhaps excise taxes were not particularly fair. and
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the idea of fairness was important. but the shares mainly by the popular movements in britain in the 19th century, which really tried to bring forward the idea that income taxes were more fair than the excise taxes. and they should be implemented and, and raised on the larger number of people. because the income tax supposedly at least has the potential to be progressive, right? so in the sense that those that have a higher income for example, will be charged a higher marginal rate. but the u. k. government defined the demands of the labor movement while they didn't raise consumption taxes, they refused to create a fair tax system. ah,
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bernoulli introduced income tax did nothing to change. wilson equality as it was not progressive. it became law in 1848, for before any european neighbours adopted the system. the 2nd country to implement such attacks was germany, albeit 20 years later, just after having been unified into the rise. my auto from bismark bismark had 2 objectives to consolidate the new german stage, and to keep in check the demands of the working class, who were now leading. the struggle for social justice ah hated debate was held in the newly elected parliament of francis 3rd republic. on the one side with the defenders of the status quo, who feared to redistribute of tax system that reduced an equality. but on the other
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side, with those who increasingly wanted the nation state to play a protective role. not only militarily, but socially, between 18701906, no less than 210 taxation bills were put before the low house j u. luke over k u, the great reform or french public finances and the tax system came up with and tried to push for 3 taxes through parliament, through the senate. oh, and the lower house until it broke income tax law. well, taxes new and inheritance tax electric says he proposed the 1st income tax bill in 19 i $1.00 and $4.00 very hard for it. leave us with in 1997, he introduced the idea of a progressive scale via and with the 1st world war. in august 1914, the income tax was finally introduced because they had to finance the war, russia, so they through friday, march, good, ample show of new breski full financially folder gail. because of the 1st world war
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and income tax was established in france in the summer of 1914, it was based on both the british and prussian taxation systems. but it was more symbolic than anything bringing in very little money, especially because declaring income was voluntary and high, earnest weren't taxed at high rates. as the expensive war churned on government once again had to fall back on loans. appealing to patriotism, governments convinced the citizens of france, germany, and britain to finance the 1st world war the highest price was paid by indian soldiers with their lives. but on top of that, it was the vos debt, that, of course, the people would have to pay back later. ah, for the defeated germans, the bill was even steeper,
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since the victors forced them to pay war reparations. harling debt on top of debt meant the german people was stripped of all they owned . in addition to old, i had lost in the trenches, one could hear the rumble of revolution. germany in ruins teetered towards bolshevism. the state was quick to react, 1st with brutal repression. then with the weimar constitution, the 1st democratic constitution in german history, a doctors on the 11th of august 1919, and finally with a large scale tax reform designed by mathias s bega. i destroy other form devotion i'm shock. this tax reform was a shock of a food, especially for the higher classes and those with high incomes and asset life. yet because now they suddenly had to pay significantly more taxes. somebody in prussia
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for example, the top tax rate was 4 percent off, 1900. not often. 1919, it was 60 percent. so for those with high incomes that was definitely noticed, throw on us, grew about korea, they different asperger him or i. so i know of his speech by asked baccha in the right stock, indeed in which he shouted at those in parliament who represented beside him. a wealthy lady love. you haven't shed any blood up. your son's didn't fight this war . the young you didn't pay with your blood and it was the little people who did. we brought us up the woods, bizarre, left the glide. so now it's time for you to help us recover from the consequences of a war. evade for which you were response and voting up. this didn't make him popular with everyone during the troubled years of the weimar republic. and in fact, he once told his wife is the bullet that will kill me who has already been forged device for there had already been several attempts on his life. nissan dish meet it
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before he got to see the results of his tax reform. but he was assassinated on the 26 of august 1921 by far right militant on top of that, the allies presented germany with a new bill. 133000000000 german marks. germany said it couldn't pay into 1923 french troops moved in and occupied part of western germany. the german mark collapsed and hyperinflation and shoot basic staples became affordable me to fight the differences. the french and germans agreed on one thing. those who survived the war must pay. it was the only way of keeping the dish in check. the left wanted to use taxation to reduce in a corner seat and as a means of redistribution. and many agreed with the idea right after the war. in
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the interest of national unity, the tax reform adopted in france in 1920 rubber stamped the principle of progressive taxation. the wealthiest would have to contribute more than those with modest income. across the channel in britain, the opposite happened. ah, soldiers returning from the war had been promised home financed with public money. that these homes fit for heroes to the eye of the establishment, which didn't want to pay. the owner of the populace daily. man, lord rather mia launched a vicious press campaign, attacking what he saw is government waste. he created this, this outfit, so this organization called the anti waste league and the anti waste leagues rather than talk about home for times for heroes. the anti waste league seems to have said
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that we, we can't fold homes for heroes because the government waste a lot of money. and he started his campaign against against the government. the government of the day apiece him and they set up something called a committee on national expenditure. and this committee was headed by sir eric, get his the transport minister. so eric did ease implemented a series of deep spending cuts, which became known as the getty sacks mm . the getty stocks was constant, the most severe piece, time cutting of government spending on record. so. so over 2 years, i think 1921 to 1923 government spending was caught by about a 3rd which is savage. and, you know, and instantly they cut the government spending the crash, the economy, they cause deflation. it procedures a decade of unemployment,
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of about 10 percent. during the 1920s in britain, many came to believe that the state should have a little role as possible. what came to be known as the minimal state. contrary to britain, the french tax system was experiencing its childhood growing pains, rich and poor alike struggled to accept the income tax, which they called the suckers tax. the wealthiest discovered the benefits of tax evasion, and found safe havens for their fortunes. ah, the loan is an evil gurley bunk streets of commerce and the 1920s of the purest swiss banks started advertising in the french prices. also the proof for selling the wealthiest people in france, you can put your money in a swiss bank, who is a bit of worse in order to avoid the newly introduced income tax. and on that more lump. ooh, i couldn't. so you can see that tax evasion underwent
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a research on this memo. once the wealthiest started to be taxed more newly presented which germans used switzerland as a hub to avoid high sack sation and inflation soon. the amount of equity managed by swiss banks was equivalent to the german debt, which in the early 19 thirty's, was the largest in the world by allowing such huge sums to be hidden away in swiss volts. these countries were betraying the principle of tax equality. the little people had no choice but to obey the rules, while the wealthy felt entitled to evade them. less and less money found its way into state coffers and resentment grew among the middle france. then in 1929, the stock market crashed. following
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the wall street trash, europe was left really soon. the great depression plunged millions into unemployment. western nations devalued their currencies as a form of debt relief. once again, it was the people who picked up the tab in france, a policy to reduce the public deficit increased on employment, hurting the middle class. this social crisis was followed by a political one as anti parliamentarian isn't became more popular. ah, the french national federation of tax pay as fuel to brewing, marvell opposing workers unions lambasting civil servants and threatening members of parliament who opposed them
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with the vehement demands of these tax protests plate into the hands of far rifle denies ations parties on the left came together in the front populace to fight for fair a text distribution and social justice. decades later, the 2019 jello vest protest is a fighting for the same thing. well known plan to duplicated that the little guys are always getting robbed. it had ruin also the rich pay nothing and are always. busy protected with any dicky, solidarity is incredible. inquires yellow bass is white, cold pink vasily, kindergarten teachers. yellow. every one is united to non violently and the street didn't measure them. we won't back down. ashley, i am wanting, ah, for months the yellow vist hoped alliance as could be made with other social
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movements. might the kind that made the election of the 4 popular possible back in 1936? ah, it wanted to find a solution to the economic crisis. after being voted in from popular decided on higher taxes for the upper middle class, the party became a force to be reckoned when. finally pushing through legislation on some of its most important issues. workers were happy with their brief success. i at the same time in germany, there was much less cause celebration, chancellor bruning strict austerity policies brought the country to its knees and provided the knots for the route to panama. me
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not says use taxation as a weapon into opposite ways, lowering taxes for some while ruthlessly raising taxes to choose in the that's an i looked at this time just as this team, the national socialists then use the taxes and their criminal agenda and i just successive expropriation of the jewish population took place 1st of all via the flight tax, had already been introduced under cleanings and before the nazi regime floor in order to discourage people from playing abroad to immigration. walton was if people wanted to immigrate, they had to handle the 25 percent of their asset. this then in 1938 after the violent riots, especially taxes levied on the jewish population. another 25 or 30 percent in what? not. and then during the deportations many assets were taken away. norman of the
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assets were basically confiscated by the state, but sometimes by party organizations. whole party bigwig provides a vicar norman. despite the threat of war, the united kingdom still continued dreaming of a minimal stage. his briefcase contained details of britons, draft budget, and rituals known as budget de the chancellor of the exchequer, to place it in front of their official residence. but in 1938, like everywhere else in europe. lord simon, had to call for investments in the war. tax is only with people who haven't got to pay them. contributions them making to the country's defense are the contributions of a free people. determined to maintain its freedom and ready to pay it, but in promoting peace by making britain safe and strong. the final
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consequence of the great depression. the 2nd world war in 1942 as bombs fell on london. william henry beverage presented a report bearing his name is advocated for full employment with the states intervention. he turned on its head the economic concepts from the great depression and proposed a model at complete odds with the get his axe. with this report, the united kingdom would put the minimal stays on home. the people having survived war were about to be on the receiving end of previously unimaginable generosity. at the same time, they've reached also introduced another new revolution, social security
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the idea of a wealth, if they didn't come out of the place, but it did receive a decisive boost after the 2nd world war and the united kingdom, germany, and france, the fledgling social security systems that had been coupled together since the industrial revolution were being consolidated. but i knew it was, it's about reducing inequality, but also about rebuilding the economy with the labor force less reluctant to work with only the protection of the law. there are 2 ways of financing a welfare state. there is a german model based on social security contributions. and there is the british model, which is based on tax patient protection social, but when it's funded by social security contribution dislike, bismark original model. so keeping it is reserved for those hang contributions and
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they're beneficiary as that the land at a model very focused on wage early. so in theory, access to it is not universal. it's not for the whole population of good. whereas the british model, funded by taxation, is open to and the benefits the entire population, root level production building on the achievements of the 4 popular the french national council. the resistance introduced social security. the year was 1945 and the counsel which directed and coordinated the french resistance had to face the reality of a postwar economy. you social groups emerged dividing the population into salaried employees, small farmers, and the self employed. in, in germany, the economic situation was even worse. the stretch of bankruptcy haunted people once again for the 2nd time in a century,
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the deutsche mark was worthless me soon. the country was split into on the one side, the zone occupied by the capitalist allies on the other zone, controlled by the communists and the soviet allies. in 1949, the capital of the federal republic of germany brought back the model of the vine republic. and in doing so, opted for a market economy regulated by welfare system and left him griego, govern either by to me i indulged and shy and as a child is at scale for after the war, a large majority in germany was for social legislation, for a welfare stating that after the 2nd world war conrad out and i was see to you, campaigned for nationalizing industry and for a functioning welfare state and even more generous than in the weimar republic and other they wanted a stronger affair taxes and
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a strong welfare stockens of charged me, on the other side, the german democratic republic adopted the economic model of the soviet bloc. private property was abolished and the economy nationalized in contrast to the liberal minimal states. this social state assumes responsibility for all social issues at east germany was practically free of taxation in both the east and the west politicians and pow wow. keen for their thought to be seen as the only true germany capable of providing for its people. like a thought about to boil the whist watched the east and vice versa. in our search and emma of vest version showed east germany was always watching west germany and trying to be better than west germany as well. east germany had more equality. but with a much lower level of prosperity, which done a scab kinda alberts,
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those id cards are, there was no one employment ration, but wages were also much lower or discovery in for and every one benefited from state welfare to start from birth to dare to presume labs ender knew about the level of care was far, far inferior or desert by the fog light. this is white, any comparison with the west german welfare states. it was a challenge for east germany stars because they could see how much better off the west germans were, shar starship ah, in with against the backdrop of the cold war. germans in the east and the west will locked in a permanent contest in the west. the economic recovery of the 1950s,
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known as the vic shafts wonder drove up wages or people started paying income tax, which was becoming more progressive. never had the tax rate for talk earn has been so high. people were living better and longer than ever before. the consumer society seemed lacking paradise. then you found prosperity along with policies encouraging. having children drove a baby, a social spending increased, so do the need for more infrastructure. how could this economic boom be financed? since taxpayers were already at their limit with income tax, government turned to a tried and true solution. a consumption tax. with in france in 1954, a tax inspector. maurice law had the clever idea of inventing
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a single indirect tax on goods purchased by consumers. this was the beginning of the famous value added tax. all that to don mpo nobela, a bmo facts unit letter. that is a tax that's collected fractional late. this is due. it's levied at different stages of the production process. none, so not part from the final consumer. those who pay the bad can get it refunded i q . diesel says esha. if you figure out as a result, 3 companies are refunded a lot of the vat they pay. the lativia can bake, which makes it not such a burden for them. this is what makes it so ingenious urgency. in 1957, the treaty of rome was signed. establishing the european economic community within europe. customs duties were abolished and goods could move freely. and so began the gradual introduction of the lucrative value added tax in all member countries were ga. gov. today, that is still the main tax and france far greater than other taxes,
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while income tax brings and 70000000000 euros. or that brings in 125-2130 1000000000 euro mendoza on song. so i'll talk to y'all do with a girl later. it's no coincidence that the yellow vests have made that one of their main targets. this one you push on the lower or abolish taxes on consumer products necessary for survival in that is the answer to that on basic products like food, hygiene, and clothing, as a scandal is more to raise that on luxury products to balance things out. i did up killing out his arms and shopkeepers with all kinds of taxes. i, after the main 1968 rights in france, many employers relented. wages increase, especially minimum wage, which shot up by city 5 percent. purchasing power was on the rise and the working
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class could see a way out of poverty was well for quality. finally, within reach the oil crisis of 1974 crush this dream never before in peace time had western europe suffered such a shock. once cheap energy prices quadrupled and business production costs skyrocket. to maintain their margins, companies laid off workers. my son, employment not seen since the war was back. a social model designed to offer full employment was cracking. once again cash had to be found and quickly. ah, could a will text me the solution in france a plant tax capital was back on the agenda. his proposal was discussed during just cartoons 7 year term as president and was proposed by the left wing coalition that
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came into power after him in 1981 was a booster on fulton. this. my tax on large estates will never be supported by the owners of the largest states, but the tax reform, the country is calling for is on the way and will hopefully bring about more equality ada gives way. if you guess is your new text it to digit community. the bill was far along one you mom's lily for it was close to being passed into law known so never did delay because the finance law imposed deadlines. good most our evie duly then came questions from the alizae poly yellow light. what are we going to do about small shopkeepers, or artisans, and fishermen, or a pre se good to do? and isn't there a risk that the owners of large family companies will have to immigrate the yearly korea,
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the commissary v. e. thus the bill gradually took shape over. do you coupon o m more so for a whole month, i wrote messages that were taken by the home abuse to the l. a. z palace. to explain that if we did this, the only people who end up not paying the wealth tax in france would be the very wealthy. schusters. lynn came a speech by president mr. hong he declared he, i have decided to exempt from taxation. real estate that is relevant for purchase is good us. after all, do me a yahoo directive to the president. i push one of the wealth tax has been implemented and real estate is exempt. now i want this necessary tax to be included in the bell. this is, as you said, that will this is it. and yet, despite considerable tax breaks much of the capital migrated to switzerland for the most part, the wolf tax missed its target. bringing in very little, it made only a symbolic contribution to reducing inequality. perhaps it's equal the end of the
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fight for well for quality. meanwhile, from the u. s. and the u. k. a quite different sentiment arose too much taxation kills tax revenues or as margaret thatcher often put it, there is no alternative to economic liberalism. for the next few decades, this idea would dominate political thinking in western democracies. and the welfare state was slowly crumble. after more than a century of protesting and pushing for change, what would become at the people's achievements with
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ah, ah, with nafrica agricultural waste, your energy within you can power your vehicle with and of course fertilize your crops. how does this work in practice?
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we showcase examples from the ivory coast eco africa. in 30 minutes, d w o . in making the sand. what's behind them? dw news africa, the show the backside of the issues shaping the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally on the streets to give you enough reports on the inside of our cars fund that was on the ground reporting from across the continent. all the trend stuff, the mazda, u. d. w, lose africa every friday, only w ah
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ah, ah . business dw news line from berlin us lawmakers ordered donald trump to give evidence about the january 6th storming of the us capitol. a former president is required to appear next month at the inquiry into the riot, but it's not yet clear whether hell comply also come.


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