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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2022 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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we don't do something our children won't be able to enjoy fresh air will be emotional, want to sit on. europe revealed starts november 3rd on d, w. ah, ah, this is dw is live from berlin rights groups. warren protesters in iran are risking torture and even death, tens of thousands gather in the german capital to show their solidarity as demonstrations in iran enter a 6 week. also coming up on the show blackouts across ukraine as russia launch, as a fresh wave of attacks on key infrastructure pro moscow authorities order
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civilians to leave occupied hair, saudi, while kids forces pressed their counter attack. italy swears in its 1st bar right leader since world war 2 ga maloney also becomes its 1st woman prime minister and coming up in a sports defending champion byron unit a close in on the top spot in the group. does luca, the east to a to know when against often higher to keep up the pressure on surprise, leaders or young fair lead. ah. hello, i'm clear. richardson, thanks so much for joining us. begin with a mass raleigh here in berlin, in support of the protests in iran. we say 80000 demonstrators turned out calling for justice and freedom for the iranian people. as on the regime in toronto. when
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is collective, let the march proclaiming solidarity with oppressed women in iran. as the unrest enters a 6 week security forces, there have made more arrests. your browser is a corresponding with the german broadcaster z d f. in toronto. he told me the protests are still going strong. right what, what we heard the whole night she and we still hearing is hooting in the streets and people shouting, we heard reports from the big assembly of protesters in the western district of to around. we also get reports from protest in the cities of the country and what we're seeing here in the streets over the last couple of days, which i find remarkable is the fact that the number of women walking the street sitting in can phase driving the car without he job is really growing. we managed to talk to one of the protesters who didn't want us to,
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to give her her name and show us a face. but she told us about how they acted these days that they try to communicate and try to keep this protests up. they are willing to go with a protest as long as it will take, but they are aware and they expect actually the security forces to go after them, even strict and harsher than they've already done it until now. and what has the government's response been so far? to these acts of defiance. well, if it comes to the women, i'm not wearing here, jumps these days as far as we are told them, they do not get warnings by the morality police. and it seems like the old story is decided in order not to raise the tensions not to go after these women at the moment. but if it comes to other areas in this country, we do get reports of security forces clamping down on protesters. we hear of
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massive arrests in the west of the country also of casualties. and people criticizing actually the government for the policy like one sunni clerics did. and yesterday, they got harsh warnings by the revolutionary gods, and they are trying to, to, to come, you know, critics and, and try to, to science. and we have seen an outpouring of international support for the protesters in iran. do you think that that will have any impact on the iranian regime? i'm whether it will have an impact on the regime. i don't, i don't really know, but i am as far as we talk to this to this young protest stay here. she was very happy with what she saw, the pictures coming from berlin. she told us that for them it's, it's very important to get this support from abroad because it means that their
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voices will be heard. and that they, you know, i'm motivated, you know, to keep on with their protests, whether it will have an impact on their government. i don't think so at the moment they, they try to go against, you know, every, every critical voice from abroad, every measure being taken by the european parliament or other governments with sanctions or other measures which, which they deny. journalist reporting from karen. thank you so much for that update . let's bring up this be now with some of the other stories making news around the world. target president russia type air to one once a nationwide referendum on guaranteeing the right of women to wear a headscarf in public buildings. everyone's party b a k p is preparing a new draft constitution to put before parliament german fitness tycoon and
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5 others are feared dead in a light aircraft crash of costa rica. reiner charlotte was known for his chain of jim's including golds and make fit. the plane disappeared from radar while over the sea. now is the latest on the war in ukraine. renewed strikes on energy infrastructure are causing extensive blackouts. water supply facilities have also taken hats. moscow and kia are also accusing each other of plotting to blow up a vital hydro electric dam. after sunset, darkness descends on neighborhoods in towns around kid. street lights are out and people navigate the suburbs with flashlights. ukrainians are getting used to rolling power cuts after russian missiles destroyed a 3rd of the country's power infrastructure. in the last 2 weeks alone, ukraine dominated the un security council meeting on friday about the destruction
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combined with storing gas in cold prices. caused by these attacks, threatened to expose millions of civilians to live stream hardship and even life endangering conditions this winter. to be clear under international humanitarian law and tax targeting civilians. insta very infrastructure are prohibited. but in the latest phase of russia's war on ukraine, moscow defiantly says it will intensify a tax on ukraine's power water and other vital infrastructure up. there are growing fears. the next target will be the hydro electric works at kafka. russian troops took control of the dam, north of kept sun on the nipper river. back in march. moscow has warned that ukrainian forces are planning to destroy the dam. give, says russia has mind the dam and is planning a false flag attack, which it would blame on ukraine. this terrorist attack could lead to many thousands of victims and the flooding of dozens of settlements. we call on the you in the
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e. u and other organizations for an international monitoring mission to kafka hydro electric power station. international experts should arrive at the station immediately along with ukrainian personnel to might be able to miss latonya spits at least the resume. grades can personnel, military analysts fear that the russian army will blow up the dam to destroy, kept sun and cover their retreat from the area. a mass removal of civilians from capstone to russia and other russian controlled areas of ukraine is only fueling those fears. and george at maloney has been sworn in as italy's 1st woman prime minister and its 1st far right leader since world war 2 alone. his brothers of italy party won last month's election but needed support from other right wing parties to form a government georgia. maloney is sworn in by the italian president sergio mac corolla. yes it is. i,
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i swear to be loyal to the republic to faithfully respect its constitutions, it slows and to exercise my role in the exclusive interest of the nation. 45 year old maloney takes office says italy's 1st woman prime minister, her deputy and foreign minister is antonio tal jani in part of silvio. berlusconi is conservative force. so italia, everybody got a 2nd deputy prime ministers, mateus saw vini, head of the populace, legal party fielding. any that is, is some ministries have new names reflecting the political makeup of the coalition . there is now a ministry of family and births and another for agriculture. and food sovereignty, suggesting a more nationalist approach towards the european union. the port to leave east looking at these names and the political language. it's clear there is a swing to
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a more conservative and radical right you didn't throw the gun. maloney will give more details of our plans to parliament in the coming days. and china as president, she's in peng sealed an unprecedented 3rd term in office as the communist party wrapped up a week long congress. and there was a rare moment of unscripted drama during the closing ceremony. she's predecessor, who's in town, sitting next to the leader, was escorted from the great hall. the people of 79 year old seemed confused and reluctant to leave. some analysts see it as a remarkable purge of a rival faction to she's within the party. she will now unveil his new inner circle and becomes china's most powerful leader since mounted on opening china's 20th communist party congress last weekend. president, keyed in ping, set out his vision for the country's future, and implied here to be the one at the home to make it happen long without from
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nol comrades. by new me, the party has made spectacular achievements through its great endeavours over the past century. the yeah, sure, and our new endeavors will surely lead to more spectacular achievements. but china's seemingly infallible leader had humble beginnings. she was born in beijing in 1953, the son of a high ranking party official. but in the 19th sixty's, his father fell foul of chairman mowing the communist leadership and was thrown into prison. the young she was sent to the countryside for political reeducation and hard labor for 7 years. but instead of turning against the communist party, he embraced it. and worked hard to rise to the top in november 2012, the relatively unknown sheet and ping was named general secretary of the communist
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party. a few months later he succeeded huge in town as president of the people's republic of china. and by the end of, she's 1st 5 year term, the communist party congress voted to have his philosophy written into the constitution. the only other leader to have the same honor is the father of chinese communism. mouser dung. since taking office, she has set about pursuing what he hailed as the chinese dream, to turn china into the world's dominant power under she, china has become more assertive on the international stage, fueled by growing patriotism at home. much of it based around teaching ping's image as china's strong man. but she has also overseen increased limitations on freedoms, expanding online censorship, and cracking down on opposition, voices,
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and legal documents, links she directly to human rights abuses against the muslim minority weakest. in 2018, the to term limits on the presidency was removed effectively, allowing she to remain in power for life. me. source is now in the wound us league . i a was a sweet homecoming for byron munich head coach. you leant novels man as they travel to hoffman high, the place where his top flight coaching journey began. the barbarians used way to no victory to cut the gap at the top to just one point. injuries forced julian now, guzman to make changes to barnes usual starting 11, leaving a chance for some to stake, a claim for starting spots. oftentimes, resistance was broken down after some sloppy defending under corner kick, left your mama's yella, all alone at the back post. one mill as the buyer team had all the time you needed to console the wall and put it in the back of burnett.
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shortly after eric maxine to promoting doubled, byron's lead after getting on the end of a search. now recross the camera, rooney and striker is in red hot form at the moment, scoring 3 goals in his last 3 games for buyers in all competitions. to neil the final and a sweet homecoming for you. the in now goes man business as usual for buyer and who keep up the pressure on surprise leaders, munoz berlin, hoffen haim. it slip out of the top floor. and boris jo norman picked up there 1st went in for wounded laker games by being shot guard $5.00 to 0 was a particularly special day for geo raina making his 1st league start this season. rain us for dorm and 3rd gold just before half time the u. s international has
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injured several injuries set backs in recent years. the last time his side, facebook are in april. rain limped off the pitch in tears. this time though, he was all smiles. quick of our top story. thousands have rallied here in berlin, in support of the protests in iran. they called for justice and freedom for ron's people as well as sanctions against the regime in toronto. iranian security forces made more arrests update at this hour. thanks so much for watching. a imagine how many pushing loads, i'll throw it out in the world. climate change division call to store. this is my plastic way from just one week. how much was going to really get we still have time to work.


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