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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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we can be, the generation ends it, so good. malaria must die. so millions can live with. ah ah, this is, these are lean is live from berlin rights groups born of protest as in iran are now whisking torture and even death. security forces make more rest as nationwide demonstrations enter a 6 week. meanwhile, tens of thousands march here in the german capital fella doroty with iranian before coming up back house across ukraine. as russia launches
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a new wave of attacks on key infrastructure pro moscow authorities order civilians to leave occupied her sand. ball keeps horses press their counter attack and coming up in sports, defending champions, bar and munich, close in the on the top spot in the buddhist iga, the east to a to know when against hoffen hind to keep up the pressure on surprise. leaders union burning. ah, am hello mohammad. welcome to the program. security forces in iran have made dozens more arrests as anti government demonstrations enter a 6 week white's campaign or say the protesters are putting their lives at risk. the death of a young woman held by you on so called morality police set off the 1st unrest. rallies have since grown into
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a nation wide protest movement. a brutal crack down by the authorities has failed to prevent hundreds of thousands taking to the streets. oh, once again arrives, young women took the lead, removing their head scarves, chanting anti government slogans, and facing off against the security forces. a 6th week of nationwide protest sparked by the death and custody of massa meanie. the protests began with demonstrations against the mandatory he job, but they grown into the greatest challenge to the islamic republic. since the 20 o 9 green movement over disputed elections. shopkeepers, students, and factory workers are showing their support for the nationwide protests. security forces have responded with violence, barring live rounds and dispersing gatherings with tear gas rights campaigner, say more than 200 people have been killed. public anger, but massa means death has gone global from tokyo to berlin. in the german capital,
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80000 people joined a rally in solidarity marchers led by a women's group made their way through the city in the autumn sun to i'm hoping the leaders up the free board to hear their voice up. he radiant people, they ask for their ambassadors to leave that 3 me now. robert man, not to negotiate with that. can we not government? and to have it keep it to be a bad to be able to choose the kind of neighbors and government and life. take one to me, i'm amazed. it's the 1st time that our nation that so many people in our nations are in united a regardless of their political beliefs before revolution and after when ocean. and yeah. so i'm really proud to be here today. waving flags and holding signs criticizing iran's clerical rulers. they chanted women, life freedom, t w's jerrod,
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read, watch the rally in downtown berlin. we know that these demonstrations in iran are being largely driven by women who have been tearing off and even burning their head scarves and standing up to bullets and tear gas in a violent crack down. and so it seemed spitting that these demonstrations had been organized by a women's collective here in germany under the title. solidarity with the protesters in iran. york browser is the correspondent with the german podcast that said df into iran. and i asked him what that the international support is like it to make any difference. i'm whether it will have an impact on the regime. i don't, i don't really know, but i am as far as we talk to this to this young protest. i hear she was very happy with what she saw and the picture is coming from berlin. she told us that for them,
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it's a, it's very important to get this support from abroad because it means that their voices will be heard. and that they, you know, i'm motivated, you know, to keep on with their protests, whether it will have an impact on the government. i don't think so at the moment. and they, they try to go against, you know, every, every critical voice from a brought every measure being taken by the european parliament or other governments with sanctions or other measures, which, which they deny. alice janice york brazza in teheran. now what to the latest situation with the war in ukraine when it strikes on energy infrastructure are causing whites but back out or to supply facilities have also been affected. moscow and cheese are accusing each other of plotting to blow up a vital hydro electric dam. after sunset,
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darkness descends on neighborhoods and towns around keys. street lights are out and people navigate the suburbs with flashlights. ukrainians are getting used to rolling power cuts after russian missiles destroyed a 3rd of the country's power infrastructure. in the last 2 weeks alone, ukraine dominated the un security council meeting on friday about the destruction combined with storing gas in cold prices. caused by these attacks threatens to expose millions of civilians to extreme hardship and even life endangering conditions this winter. and to be clear, under international humanitarian law and tax targeting civilians in civilian infrastructure are prohibited. but in the latest phase of russia's war on ukraine, moscow defiantly says it will intensify a tax on ukraine's power water and other vital infrastructure up. there are growing fears. the next target will be the hydro electric works at kafka. russian troops
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took control of the dam, north of care sun on the nipper river. back in march. moscow has warned that ukrainian forces are planning to destroy the dam. give, says russia has mind the dam and is planning a false flag attack, which it would blame on ukraine. this terrorist attack could lead to many thousands of victims and the flooding of dozens of settlements. we call on the u. n. the e u and other organizations for an international monitoring mission to kafka hydro electric power station, international experts should arrive at the station immediately along with ukrainian personnel to might be able to miss latonya spits at least the resume. grades can personnel, military analysts, fear that the russian army will blow up the dam to destroy, have sun, and cover their retreat from the area. a mass removal of civilians from capstone to russia and other russian controlled areas of ukraine is only fueling those fears.
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let's take a look at the mother. stories making is around the world. turkish president budget type. other one wants a nationwide referendum on guaranteeing the right of women to wear a headscarf in public buildings at owen's party. a k. p is preparing a new draft constitution to put before parliament. chinese president, choosing ping has sealed a 3rd term in office of the communist party wrapped up a week long congress. jeez predecessor, huge in tell, sitting next to the leader, was escorted from the great hall of the people in what analysts see as a purge of arrival faction disease. at least 15 people were killed in a bus. when a bus collided with a truck in central india police in my jeopardy state, say dozens of passengers were injured. most were laborers traveling home to celebrate devali, the hindu festival flights. ah,
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to some sports news now and we saw it with germans soccer by munich, beat hoffen, hind to nil. that victory cut their gap to league leaders, union berlin to just one point. so it was a suite homecoming for buying minute coach to you. you live now, guzman, who started his top flight coaching journey at hoffen high injuries forced julian now guzman, to make changes to byron's usual starting a levin, leaving a chance for some to stake a claim for starting spots. oftentimes, resistance was broken down after some sloppy defending under corner kick, left your mama's yella, all alone at the back post. one mill as a buyer team had all the time you needed to console the wall and put it in the back of burnett. shortly after eric maxine to promoting doubled, byron's lead after getting on the end of a search now recross ah, the camera,
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rooney and striker is in red hot form at the moment, scoring 3 goals in his last 3 games for buying in all competitions to neil the final and it's sweet homecoming for you. leon now goes man. business as usual for buyer and who keep up the pressure on surprise leaders. munoz berlin, hoffen time slip out of the top floor. i'll bruce your daughter, went picked up there, 1st went in, forbidden. a sticker games by beating stood got 50. it was a special day for geo rain, up making his 1st league start the season brain us for dalton stud goal just before half time the u. s international has had several injury set facts in recent years. the last time his side faced a got him april raina limped off the pitch and tears. this time though, he was all smiles. well,
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let's hear from gerena and another of docklands teenage gold scores. jude bellingham, starting with the man who is finding his form after those injury setbacks for myself and for the team. it was a really good, really good game today. so i think everyone's really, really happy. what's your comment on usa contribution to they? yeah. zora and i'm not theories, is it looks like and even been out. last one thing i would say i have our immuno comes in to the guy is from his 1st torture on applied ford and that's the con applies, you know, flying maybe just irritable. it does what he does and obviously gets his go dad, i deserve, you know, i'll not so many people work harder how he's worked to get back for him. football so is desire. everything he gets to die in for the rest of the season. and i talked, frank feds continued their run of good form with a 31 victory at bruce. you mentioned dropbox ah, yes, fur lindstrom double had the host and total control of full half time. this goal, his 2nd and frankfort stud,
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put the game beyond glad box reach. and despite proceeding in the 2nd half frankfurt held on for a 4th, when in the last 5 would dislike again that frankfort victory seized them. go up to the 4th and table just behind fiber, and that's after fiber beat bremond to 0 to stay in 3rd elsewhere, leipzig scored 3 in the last 70 minutes to draw 3 all at alex berg leave. because and, and volts berg also droop on friday. mines hammered cologne on sunday. there are 2 more games, including latest union berlin's trip to the bottom side. baha now let's take a look at some of the other stories taking place in sports. the drawer for next year's football women's world cup has been made in oakland. to time winners, germany will face morocco, columbia, and south korea in group h, australia and new zealand will share hosting the tournament. in july,
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rocco columbia and tennis top seed stephanos sits iep us has eased into the final of the stock home open. he beat finance and mil rissa worry in straight sets, breaking his opponents, serv 5 times. the greek player will face holger at room of denmark in the final, and we'll be aiming for his 3rd title and the doping investigation into russian figure skater, camilla valley ava won't be made public by russia's anti doping agency for leg tested positive for a band hot medication last december with the scandal overshadowing her winter olympics in beijing, the anti doping agency rachada says that due to her being 15 at the time and you believer is entitled to confidentiality. the 2nd to last race of the motor, g. p. c's and gets underway shortly. in malaysia,
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dechaudis francisco bug neha has as wrapped up with a title if results can go his way. but neither the italian nor his championship rival did themselves any favors in a chaotic qualifying caesar. with just 2 races to go, it seems the main contenders are falling over themselves not to win the moto gp title championship leader, francesco back knives, hopes to content when he crashed out in 2nd qualifying the ducati man must start the grown pre in one place defending champion fabio quarter out or relinquish top spot in the standings to bag naya and australia last weekend and a fractured hand caused by a tumble in practice, contributed to a hugely frustrating 12 place finish. the session belong to premier racing's hoary martin who followed his last record in australia with another in sipping and he a busty anyhoo with alice esper,
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guerrero still harbours faint hopes of the title was 2nd fastest. despite beg, nice disappointment, he knows that should he win and quarter out of finish outside the top 3. you clinch maiden title, but if the qualifying anything to go by things would be anything like that simple. ah, you're watching the debbie news live from berlin. stick around up next is sports life . i'm a him a homage, and so watching take care. ah a vibrant habitat ended glistening place of long the mediterranean sea scene of l muster. and to far abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and the editor reign, he's.


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