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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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ah, and some great cultural memorials to boot w travel off we go ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, black house across ukraine, russia escalades attacks on ukraine's energy infrastructure. and russian strikes have knocked out around 40 percent of the country's power stations. millions of households are now without electricity, plus the chinese communist party rubber stamps president jean pings griff on power
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is poised for an unprecedented 3rd term in office and coming up and sports, defending champions, buying really close in on the top spot in the goodness bigger, they ease into a 2 mil when against hoffen hines to keep up the pressure and surprise leaders. union berlin. ah, i'm healer mohammed, welcome to the program. officials and ukraine, se roches attacks and the countries energy infrastructure could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe. rush and strikes have hit at least 40 percent of power stations there. a 1000000 households are now left without power. many more ukrainians are facing black house for hours a day as power companies shut off delivery during daylight. casea aid workers and
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nikolai of prepare food for the cities hungry power and gas outages have left many unable to cook. these meals are going to feed new mothers in the dark and hallways of mc alive maternity. hospital number 3 didn't show any person is al thursday. without electricity, we can't cook with them, but we need to feed the maternity ward the mother's with newborns. the hippa lawyer un yeah. mom's it is at the ciocca. the donated lunches help a lot. they're saving us, it would have chances, per se, engineers, a racing to repair the damage before winter officials and keith to say it could be days or even weeks before power and heat are restored in the capital in the unless city, some businesses refused to let circumstances shut them down, this restaurant staying open by candlelight and adjustment that dinars are trying
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to embrace as a sign of resilience with her. as a matter of fact, it toughened this up even more has been of holocaust, but it helps our ukraine to say power and apart. from that you can feel the mood, but it's very romantic with him and see what phil walker on the front line say again for from thoughts of romantic dinners, ukraine's defenders are trying to remain up beat. despite the constant shelling from russian lines, commander yuri compares the destruction to a famous siege from world war 2 flag stalingrad because they fell, may be in 90 percent of build in sorrow. demolition. yeah. yeah. like starling allan god, we haven't really call them solid ground. but it is solid, are a few minutes down the road from solider is the city of buck. mood which moscow has been trying to capture for months. analysts say it has no
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strategic value, but the ukranian defenders say the enemy keeps sending troops in droves. release them with al guys. we're fighting with them. their bodies are just lying there. $5100.00 per day. daniel. luckily they didn't even take the bodies away along with him. our guys going to have a look and took their guns. some other news of it, i can give you a gun if you want. like the civilians whose lives and homes they are defending. ukraine's frontline soldiers are hanging on, but at a devastating cost. damage alert sa grandma. so as a senior lecture at the department full war studies at kings college london, he told us what she makes of rushes increase the tax on ukraine's critical energy infrastructure. when i think it's already a couple of hours since or 10th of october that russia has spin ah bomb being quite to her by to brutally. i'm not of you playing any infrastructure under there in my
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opinion. see objectives. one is a military objective, a to make it harder for ukrainians to mount a more effective county offensive when she bow righty doing the areas of had san but of course if there isn't the right sort of infrastructure in place, it makes it harder for ukrainians to carry out base operation on to have the right to sort of logistics are behind it. it also he's intended to sub destroy the ukrainian economy, so as to make it really hard for ukrainians to have old. so they're sort of the, the economic and financial abby betty to, to carry on as a state. so to turn in a way ukrainian to completely face stay done. there's also, i sort of ha, humanitarian objective or an objective to, to change potentially sort of the that the willingness of ukrainians to continue fighting on to put pressure on the ukranian government. so that if negotiates an agreement with russia, because russians, as we know,
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i was growing militarily and out from here to so, and they started the, i think yesterday, more and more broadly to, to withdraw him for their forces from, from the areas in exxon. so they are really trying now to send men to the, the areas that victories over the area, something on chrome. so the idea is really to, to exert a lot of pressure, also fiddle these attacks on the government of key if so that key. if i feel that it, you know, it has to reach some sort of agreement because otherwise that population is going to go through an extremely harsh and painful winter. china's president, seizing pang, sealed a 3rd time in office as the communist party, wrapped up a week long congress. former president rouge in town was seen being escorted from the great hall of the people. the 79 year old seem confused and reluctant to leave . some analysts see it as a purge of arrival faction to jeez, within 2 or she's within the party. while she will now unveil his new inner circle
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and he becomes china's most powerful leader since now they don't opening china's 20th communist party congress last weekend. president eden pings set out his vision for the country's future, and implied here to be the one at the helm to make it happen by you about from ball comrades. by new me, the party has made spectacular achievements through its great endeavors over the past century. the yet sure, and our new endeavors will surely lead to more spectacular achievements. but china's seemingly infallible leader had humble beginnings. she was born in beijing in 1953, the son of a high ranking party official. but in the 19th sixty's, his father fell foul of chairman mao and the communist leadership and was thrown into prison. the young she was sent to the countryside for political re education
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and hard labor for 7 years. but instead of turning against the communist party, he embraced it and worked hard to rise to the talk. in november 2012, the relatively unknown sheet and peng was named general secretary of the communist party. a few months later, he succeeded huge in town as president of the people's republic of china. and by the end of, she's 1st 5 year term, the communist party congress voted to have his philosophy written into the constitution. the only other leader to have the same honor is the father of chinese communism mouse a dung. since taking office, she has set about perceiving what he hailed as the chinese dream to turn china into the world's dominant power. under she, china has become more assertive on the international stage,
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fueled by growing patriotism at home. much of it based around teaching ping's image as china's strong man. but she has also overseen increased limitations on freedoms, expanding online censorship, and cracking down on opposition, voices, and legal documents, links she directly to human rights abuses against the muslim minority weakest. oh. in 2018, the to term limits on the presidency was removed effectively allowing she to remain in power for life yet jibley on. let's take a look at some of the stories making news around the world. turkish president read a type i do want once a nationwide referendum on guaranteeing the right of women to wear a headscarf in public buildings at egan's party. the a k. p is preparing a new draft constitution to put before parliament. german of thousands of people
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are taken to the streets of columbia's capital bogota to protest the government's proposed tax reforms. the draft would raise taxes on the upper class to pay full social programs. president gustavo petros, leftist government has promised to increase spending for education, health and agriculture. security forces in iran have made dozens more arrests as anti government demonstrations enter a 6th week rights campaign. the say the protesters are putting their lives at risk . the death of a young woman held by iran so called morality police set off the fest. unrest. rallies have grown into a nation wide protest movement. a brutal crack down by the authorities has failed to prevent hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets. oh, once again, rounds, young women took the lead, removing their head scarves, chanting anti government slogans,
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and facing off against the security forces. a 6th week of nationwide protest sparked by the death and custody of massa meanie. the protest began with demonstrations against the mandatory his job that they've grown into the greatest challenge to the islamic republic. since the 20 o 9 green movement over disputed elections. shopkeepers that students and factory workers are showing their support for the nationwide protests, security forces have responded with violence. barring live rounds and dispersing gatherings with tear gas rights campaigner, say more than 200 people have been killed. public anger about masa means death has gone global from tokyo to berlin. in the german capital, 80000 people joined a rally in solidarity marchers led by a women's group made their way through the city in the autumn sun. so i'm hoping that leaders up that free board to hear the voice up uranium people they ask for
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their ambassadors to leave that 3 me. 7 bad man, not to negotiate with that can mean i government and to have it people to be able to be able to choose the kind of neighbors and governments i lived on to me. i'm amazed. it's the 1st time that our nation, that so many people in our nation's, our own united regardless of their political beliefs before evolution and after would have shown. and yeah, so i'm really proud to be here today. waving flags and holding signs, criticizing iran's clerical rulers. they chanted women, life freedom, t w's, jerrod, read, watch the rally in downtown berlin. we know that these demonstrations in iran, again, largely driven by women who are going, tearing off and even burning their head scarves and standing up to bullets and tear
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gas in a violent crack down. and so it seemed speaking that these demonstrations had been organized by a women's collective here in germany under the title, solidarity with the protesters in iran. ah, is in sports news now and me start with german soccer by in munich beat hoffen heim to know that victory, can't they gap to leaky this union burden to just one point? so it was a sweet homecoming for buying in a coach julian nuggets. man who thought that his top flight touching jenny at hoffen high injuries forced julian now guzman, to make changes to byron's usual starting a levin, leaving a chance for some to stake a claim for starting spots. oftentimes, resistance was broken down after some sloppy defending under corner kick, left your mama's yella, all alone at the back post. one mill as a buyer's team,
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had all the time you needed to control the wall and put it in the back burnett. shortly after eric maxine to promoting doubled, byron's lead after getting on the end of a search now re cross the camera. rooney and striker is in red hot form at the moment, scoring 3 goals in his last 3 games for buying in all competitions. to neil the final and it's sweet homecoming for you. leon now goes man business as usual for buyer, who keep up the pressure on surprise leaders. munoz berlin, hoffen time slip out of the top floor. and bruce, he adored been picked up by 1st when in for been the sticker games by beating stood got 50. it was a special day for gerena, making his 1st big stop the season. rain us go,
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daughter and 3rd go. just before half time the u. s international has had several injury setbacks in recent years. the last time his side faced with thought in april, rena limped off the pitch and tears at this time though he was all smiles. he watching dw news live from berlin. stick around coming up next is reporter, i'll season a by ah, what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore fascinating world heritage site. d w world heritage is 360. get the app.


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