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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2022 5:30am-6:01am CEST

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ah, read in 60 minutes on d w. these places in europe are smashing all the records. step into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you up to record breaking sites on google maps, youtube and now also in book form. ah ah ah with
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but but south central station today i am in burt county a region in the federal state of north ryan westphalia. that is shaped by its industrial history a 100 years ago. but i was dirty, loud, and crowded. it was the center of the textile industry in germany, a working class city. well, the city's no beauty at 1st sight. if you're planning a city trip in germany, you probably think of munich, berlin, or hamburg. but potter, i don't think that many people are there no about the city and to be honest, neither do i. so let's just discover papa thought together. ah, the city has something very special. a suspension railway. it has been the number one means of transport here for 120 years.
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the construction of the suspension railway has to do with industrialization. the traffic increased fast at that time. in order to relieve the streets, people had to move in the air. the suspension railroad follows the river voip up and over the by a factory premises. some of the few companies that still exist here for me, this is something very exciting because this every day life take the overhead tree . this is crazy. so close to the houses and this is fit tick kimberly worth see. the turning maneuver at the full vehicle terminus. there are 20 stops. each one is different. i like this one best, the purplish cause it looks like a small castle art lavolle. when it comes to architecture
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booklet top is extremely diverse. there are so many cool places to discover old ones with tradition, but also some that are brought back to life with good ideas. ah, the vizier hope a former gas boiler gets a new interior utopia city viewport. our residents are committed to the future of the city in the disused train station and loans than bridge germany's pious railway bridge. and the only one that you can climb on to be out, the hustler is the city guide and has promised me insights into the history of a baton and great views. here we start the vizier dorm, a decommissioned gas boiler that is used inside as an exhibition space. with
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precisely composed projections, a great feeling of space here. one floor up, you'll find the sky walk with a $360.00 degree panoramic view. it was not until 1930 that the individual industrial places along the flippa merged into one city and they named themselves after the river that connects them for battle. every author shall be out . i heard that for battle is rain whole. that's true, right? is it always like that? it is that it was all i, as of a battle always gets a lot of rain. here the children are born with umbrellas and brought the boots, saw him 1 may go miss different combos. though why did the textile industry choose to set up shop here to fish that young visited the gun and their services due to the water of the look the river and the plato of the yawn he had, which was already practised here, back in the 16th century that the textile industry developed count that the
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bleaching required, the sun and rain and whip a tad was the path at place for that size. oh, full song playing toughness will my thought am for perfect 150 years ago. vip auto group to one of the largest industrial sites in europe, in the 1970s automation and competition from low wage countries, led to the decline of the textile industry. scott, it's, i resume will have as follows, and sign in hearts. unemployment was very high, him, but the medium sized businesses here are very well connected. and afterwards they were able to create lots of jobs that then the university came along and it's boomed for the last 20 years. it is a wound in an, as the fans in the old factories and they're chimney's still shape the cityscape today. yeah. here's this, i'm there. let's. this is one of the last remaining places where textiles were once produced. dana, i bet they made ribbon when he been down here,
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the straps lehman everything still as it was fun, martha ah, the highlight there are still original looms on the 1st floor. it seems like a lost place to me. you can walk through history here, and you can even touched it ah asked if the workers had just gone home. all the machines stopped thus far and thus far allow it was cram out loud and how deep stone, the looms were steam driven. so it was an incredibly stressful place to work, grassy and tightened. yet for our boy, ah, the splendour and misery of the industrial revolution was experienced by this
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gentleman, 1st hand and foot. but i've freely hang is textile, entrepreneur, philosopher, revolutionary and leader of the labor movement. obviously twice a text here in germany and chinese instead of english. for instance, if you're, if that's a sang, sang call that for faculty keana, this statue is a gift from the people's republic of china, a thing as an author, the blanco's is of great importance to the chinese duties. communist ideas. com. hello, gary. yes, they come here in big groups to visit angle statues and take home a bit of this state's industrial culture. waco swore often ave made for. let's take a look at angles. house falls and some that are come on. lucas. you came by? the grandfather's house where it's grew up is now a museum. angus wrote the communist manifesto
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together with callmax. he's famous for that english found his 1st inspiration in the family's textile factory, which he later took over as i was a boss and entrepreneur himself and had many workers, how did he actually treat them? bonded almonza, keep that one touching the system as i said, is new stella that there are different views. so she suddenly wasn't the most progressive boston guy that definitely weren't. and he found building exercises as we know them today as, as this elisha mata. but what he did in his enterprises, without a doubt, was to abolish child labor, which was still common at the time thus far in gawain, gale with all these outside the rich angles families still lived in the immediate vicinity of their factories and workers. ah, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the rich moved away from the dirt of the city up into the heads of baton. here they built their villas.
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ah ah. so the bottle is really city full of contrast for new york has got the highlight and book, but us has got the not on a former railway line across the city. me at 22 kilometers. the not on top. it was the longest in a city train route. the people here fought for years to turn it into a bike path. now the route is there, so we'll talk. yeah, shot or utopia. city is right on the bike path. it is a citizen project, something like a test laboratory for urban change. you can read containers here and try out ideas
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from coffee roasting to urban gardening. people meet here and discuss what good life at the city of the future could look like. the. center piece is the train station, open workshops and event rooms are being built here. it's another big construction site and he hasn't been here in the fast cost waiting room. it was the jewel at the entire station and will be once again, like right now it's the construction site. the woman is boston. what i'm telling me is here. it was hope you're stuff behind utopia, city in the design to create possible space. a physical ones like this room, but also idealized space, have mental spaces for a long extremity of listen. who's came up with all that? that's going to offer that does, this will do
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a good question. i was going who comes up with such an idea of lots of people from the creative and technical sectors of all about neighbors. in the next, i want to help the city starts oversize. we continue outside. there's 40000 square meters of playground, for ideas financed with loans, grants, and donations. it's from citizens for citizens of f. i 1st it looked like a huge construction site. what's going on here yet? isn't both. now it's a bay construction site. you next summer, a big student competition will take place and it is a free week, 18 buildings made by teams of students from 11 countries whilst idea form after they're gone and the ground has been leveled again, thought the containers will probably come back right now. we are holding a competition seeking ideas for the development of this whole other than victim 5th of absolutely wrong can be made of it in victim. he's a hollow here. i will. it's about bringing up as much space as possible. my
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experimental urban development. i have all the movies through experimenter stuff and vic long psalm hunt off that when i can i see something finished here looking at when ever if it were up to me it had never be truly finished because experimental oven development needs development. be kil patel is the city that has been reinventing itself since the decline of the textile industry. you could feel it here. ah, this is exhausting. there over $500.00 stairs in football thought more than in any other german city. each one has its own name. as some are designed by artist, like the hosting stairs. if the people are volva, when it leaves the city and see some nature,
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they can go to baggage is lunch, or burke county. it lies at the gates of the city, and it's just half an hour away. or on weekends, not just the look are toddlers, but also people from cologne and dusseldorf, head to the hills and forests of the baggage his land. this region of north rind, westphalia offers a wide variety of recreational activities. eats extensive forests are a great place to explore on height, and even cyclists will also find well sign posted roots. but a hot air balloon ride, it's tough to top. the bare gushes, land is also rich in water. there are many small rivers like the ripper. the dune
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and physique and countless reservoirs created to keep the annual floods in check. no other place in germany boasts as many man made lake in summer. they are popular with water. sports enthusiasts. bag is german, 4 mounted, but the bag of sugar land. is it named for its hilly terrain? the name comes from the counts of bag, who ruled this county for centuries. many castles and palaces here date from this period. now they provide the perfect destination for relaxing weekend getaways. ah, oh, do i dear to go up there? louise bridge spans the flippa river near zoning and it is the highest railway
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bridge in germany, 107 meters high. the crazy thing is you can climb up 777 steps. lead up along the gigantic arch of the bridge. i want to try to go up there to 1st there are felts walkie talkies. who do you copy? yeah. and security check leads. good, else, perfect. done. the stuff i month i work here we go with 15 minutes a sent through the forest. we're not even at the bridge. and my hearts already beaten faster. mm. oh, yes. once you hook on right up here we're, i'm standing, you'll only exit the securing system. once you reach the, on the sides.
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it was actually clear to me that this would happen. my fear of heights kicks in. my mouth is dry. i'm starting to stutter. i'm not enjoying this at all. the group is almost at the top. sewland stays with me. i want to go up to the group is already taking pictures. when we're here on the east coast, but if you want to and day 2, you can look over here and i'll take a picture of your the motion as the said he every step as a fight. oh man, ah. and the others are already on their way back
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at me. i'm done with it with i almost made it, but then i was just to have free. anyway, i'm proud of myself. and i think i need a break. yeah. i'll these to you. gloria owned memoria hollywood with what that mean. um. but i think you performed a glorious feature, went above and beyond, and almost breached to tom mosca del vantage. yeah, the old building. i'll drink to that. and ellis, though, honestly, i'm glad to be down here again. because i mean, how long did it take from the idea to the moment when you actually had people up there? mentioned walker checked up the link longer than expected. and in our night we thought maybe one for 2 years. i thought in fact in our 10 before we'd cleared away
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the road, blah, the oh sorry it is. i wouldn't say pushing our way, but we weren't test case. they'd never dealt with anything like this before. mike, i'm kind fall off. there might be 15 content give medical entity. you have been very surprised how many people have contacted us and said they want to climate. we promised ourselves that if we sold a 1000 ticket on between the press conference in the opening and with the flight last a good to celebrate. and that will suddenly noticed we've sold 7000 ticket to open up many more times on that i, people buying a voucher wouldn't have to wait until march 2025 to use me. so there's lots of work ahead. the 5 on a good day. so we can guide 200 people across the bridge and we have our hands full . and we're really happy about that. just to follow up on your guess mostly come from germany or also from broad alert from, from also be my most of them come from germany g to the travel restrictions. but we
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do have foreign visitors, especially railroad enthusiasm on now that they finally have the chance to scale a railway bridge. yet folks from all over europe coming here, look at best buy because it's some extraordinary as an occupational slander. but you're here as opposed to all think of english. so they look at the river. it's not the view exactly to fail, how it vibrations, when a train passes over it with there's like a climb of the bridge only here one dawson, it's one of a kind in germany and here to globally, it's comparable to sydney's hobb braids for those for whom sydney is too far away, says winston bridge. i'm good stuff quicker. so this day to day, i will not forget it all my life. i'll stay a little longer in burke county. fi and book is one of the most beautiful counts here. i need to recover from the adrenalin rush. this
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is really pretty. the houses are all clad with slate and have a uniform color combination. there is a name for it, the birth try it. white's green and black blue by and look also has a reservoir. i think it's perfect for an autumn walk, freely relaxing here. even in the countryside, you can discover industrial history. you can book a tour on the form of viewport velli railway with a hand car. this section of the track was laid in the upper valley in 1880 to service the textile industry to day hand cars run along the line, past former cloth factories dating back from fried rich ingles day the field. the tours highlight is the old voting textile making complex. perfect. i thought yes,
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of course, both and complex is germany's largest remaining industrial ensemble from that period. we reached the former factory town visits of him and of 8th, and sir, 4 of us are touring around enjoying the landscape lest once yes. now let's see what they'll tell us about wolfing and angles angered yet. so it's quite interesting to gain some insight and learn what industrial life was like a century ago. no. john wilkins zulu thing was something special back then. it housed not just textile factories and workers apartments, but also shops, daycares, and sports facilities. in flipper towel, a person in a working class household had just 2 to 3 square meters of space. here doors, they had 12 loans on best buy and they said were injured voice. it wasn't just a humane gesture lloyd. they had to do something to draw city folk out here to the middle of nowhere to day. the thing is
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a museum. voice gang masonic was the factory manager here for over 30 years and witnessed 1st hand how jobs were lost was at one time, 300 looms stood here. shoshua felton hutton in we had 60 weaving machine that one waiver would operate 18 machines. each of these power looms ran 10 times as fast as the single line run by just one week. we were in the marshy another, despite the automation in the 19 ninety's voting could no longer compete with cheap textile imports from the far east to day, the looms are only operated for the museums, visitors. suzanne guitar. i'm quite impressed. hungry with a time they take and how precisely they explain things. so it's very good regarding the food offer. what's now history still has an effect on the present. our name, irish to earth. what's our position? workers' rights and your social security health insurance on all these things came
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out of it, stores and we and hotel can be browse the whole angle is one of our own law. and on to him, so denying and or from from angles day right through to the present. this tour leaves you with plenty to think about. ah, i'm in votel again in the hot facilities. this is one of the oldest city parks in germany. also an example of citizenship created by citizens for citizens in cathy and either a specialty of the region is waiting for me. ah, take a look at this. the burg coffee table? waffle rice pudding. black bread, cold meat raisin bread scrambled eggs. jeez, cherries whipped cream and liquor. oh okay. i need support. subpoena from coffee.
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these it keeps me company to send the miller in order here. going what do i have to start with the waffle or? or maybe i can say end of all half the raisin bread, the cheese, or is it a rule that you have to start with the wrong? there's no set order, but i really like to waffle on set him up and we can start with them if you like, the damage you're stopping. okay. so then let's get to the waffle for mr. mrs. good. i mean to so that the waffles lights down smoothly. you definitely have to drink something. what's that when a biography to offer a delicious coffee? of course, i've heard of it. sharon angelica, a nice coffee from the to up to mina top amendment and unusual names. anomaly doesn't oil very german looks unusual where does come from the
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theater film of and so it looks unusual because it originally comes from the netherlands form. so it's called cuppa by because it drips out a little bit. as you can see here. the web page not been talked norma yet. now that's why there's also a little dish underneath this. and next round at a coffee table like this, you sit with friends and family for hours. we can do it to a when you're not to recall that, is there an apron. i'd say sinful. it's very 50 deluka. what kind of issues i'm just getting into it. the appetite is coming fun comes with the game you. that's true. but well then both. thanks. sabina ah,
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i would say this is like a grand finale for my dad bought the city. it may still be an inside or 2, but it shouldn't stay that way. so if you want to get away from the usual tourist roof, you should consider a trip to hope. i thought, by the next time. ah ah ah ah ah ah with
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ah ah with who do you like it with do you want it? i love it. okay. then buckle up, put the pedal to the metal and lets ride with
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revealed starts november 3rd on d w. ah, ah, ah, this is d, w needs live from berlin. black house across ukraine, bratia escalates the tax on ukraine's energy infrastructure, knocking out power stations and living millions of households without electricity. plus the chinese communist party, rubber stamps, president changing pains, trip on power. he set for an unprecedented.


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