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ah, europe revealed starts november 3rd on d w. ah, this is d. w. news live from berlin, uncontested and unopposed. she ging ping seals. the 3rd term as head of china is communist party, surrounded by loyalist. she retains his grip on china's only political party. cementing his place as the most powerful leader in decades and get out immediately . that's the message from russia to civilians in the occupied her soul region as
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ukraine's counter offensive gathers momentum. ah, a michael ok. it's good to have you with us. we start with some breaking news. coming in, gunmen have stormed a hotel in the somali port city of cas, my o killing. at least 3 people. the attack began when the assailants detonated a car bomb at gates of the hotel in the city center. authority say events are still unfolding the al qaeda linked elisha bob militant group has claimed responsibility . let's bring in d. w. 's or felix marina in nairobi. a felix, what more can you tell us about this attack? saw 3 gunman, i went in to town, coll hotel, increased my o,
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and they started having a gun exchange with the police. some of the people who witnessed their incident said that the police were quick to respond and so ah, there was not much damage. but at least by the time the police came already, 3 people had to ask so far been, ah, i found a dead end about 10 other people had also been badly injured. so they were rushed to, ah, kiss my or hospital where they are recuperating. but the police ah, released the state when seeing that they were and sure they were handling the situation to just ensure that ah, they think gunmen are actually do not get their way out of their hotel. understood, of felix, our viewers might remember there. there been many other deadly al your bob attacks . in august the, the group launched a 30 hour attack using guns and bombs and
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a mogadishu hotel president. her son shake mohammed who was elected in may, has pledged to defeat al. sure. bob, why has in he a so president chic mahmoud has actually been very much active in trying to ensure that their guns are valuable, are quieted for good. but if you can remember, since $27000.00 bob have been a grouping injury grouping, they have ad decentralized and they are found in their rural areas. they are found in almost every other part of a somali, and saw the as they have been. i removed from the main capital cities, of course, with their a you foresees that started whacking in 2011, but are they still so much more that needs to be done? and a president mar, mode has been laying ah,
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the necessary structures to ensure that i as much as i shall, bob militants, are being removed from the city centers. they're also being removed from the rural areas where they have also become part and parcel of the communities that they even attend from social activities and within the community. so it's not just our one, a one off thing to just say that you will wake up and remove their shabba militants, but their influence is so wide. and so president chick mahmoud has actually been walking behind the cut ins to just ensure that by the time he's done with our sub. but then they'll be a thing of the past. but under president they have been seeming to add to. okay. okay, felix, i'm a ringo in nairobi. many, many thanks. felix prisoners. she jim ping has sealed a 3rd term as leader of the chinese communist party is now confirmed as china is most powerful ruler and decades. she's appointment, wrap up the week long clarity congress in the great hall of the people.
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constitutional changes cemented. she's dominant. he also shook off the party senior ranks promoting several close. alas. i ask responded fabi and crush mary in beijing. whether she now has complete control over china's communist party, i guess you could call has power absolute by now. i mean, just look at the 7 member standing committee that was announced today. the list is full of allies of him. and basically he appointed the people of his political network that he, you know, are gotten ordering his last decades as a party secretary and several provinces. and they were not rewarded or you know, because of their qualifications, but rather because of their little yellow t at or seating ping. it's a list full of yes men and m he also, i mean teaching ping broke was a several norms decade ought norms are the most obvious is of course it and now he is serving a 3rd term in office. but also there was a golden rule,
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basically saying that am, you know, the 1st rank of party congress. they should retire once they hit 69. but of course, a seating thing did not care too much about that any more. he also appointed an people who are already older than that, and that gives you an idea that, you know, he feared so an hour, his grip on power. so firm that he doesn't really need to care about those old rules. so fabi, in the question, all political observers were asking, today is, what is this mean for china's future? what am, let me point out a 2 aspects, for example, the economy and the most likely a future prime minister will be leach young. that's are the 2nd most powerful man in china right now. and what did he do? he served as the mayor in shanghai when the city imposter biggest corporate locked on in history of the spring. and, and yet he did so by being very loyal, he followed orders of paging, but he did a lot of damage. am to the most wealthy and most economic am powerful city of the
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country. so for example, if you're an, an international company here in china or, i don't think that's very reassuring message that you know, a very dogmatic leader who are yeah, dealt such a blow to shanghai now becomes a most like then the next prime minister. in other aspect is our gender equality. i mean it's not a surprise at the m a standing committee that there's no fema party carter, but not even them to hold politburo in the 25 member poly bro, this not even one single fema politician. of course, the says long term effects on gender equality. there's not really a role model for young chinese women to look up to am. so just to give you a tour are like 2 ideas. how are the am that yeah, how this announcement off the standing committee will transform the country. that is a correspondent fabian questioner in beijing. many fact a
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look now at some of the other stories making use around the world. in rural meyer, druggie has formerly handed overpowered to georgia, maloney in a traditional bell bell center ceremony. maloney is italy's 1st woman prime minister and it's 1st for right leader since world war 2. a russian fighter jet has crashed into a house in the siberian city of quotes. both pilots were killed. it's the 2nd military plane to crash new homes in russia within a week. official say the accident happened during a training exercise. now the latest on the war in ukraine, russia is again telling civilians to leave the occupied region of her son. ukrainian forces are pressing their counter attack in the south, hoping to retake the territory. the kremlin wants people to leave the areas of her son under its control, moving them to russia itself or other occupied jones. russian attacks on infrastructure are still causing blackouts and water shortages across ukraine.
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millions remain without power. aid workers and nikolai of prepare food for the cities hungry power and gas outages have left many unable to cook. these meals are going to feed new mothers in the dark and hallways of michel lives maternity. hospital number 3. you didn't show any person is al thursday. without electricity, we can't cook over much. we need to feed the maternity ward, the mother's with newborns to picket below you and your mom's name is if a ciocca, the donated lunches help a lot. they're saving absolutely. what checks is fossa. engineers are racing to repair the damage before winter. officials and keith say it could be days or even weeks before power and heat are restored in the capital in the unlit city. some businesses refuse to let circumstances shut them down. this restaurant is
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staying open by candlelight and adjustment that dinars are trying to embrace as a sign of resilience. i did say, as a matter of fact, it tough us up even more. there's been a power cut, but it helps our ukraine to say power. and apart from that, you can feel the mood. but it's very romantic with a good m a. think. what phil walker on the front line say again, for from thoughts of romantic dinners, ukraine's defenders are trying to remain up beat. despite the constant shelling from russian lines, commander yuri compares the destruction to a famous siege from world war 2. like a stalingrad because lee fell, may be in 90 percent of milton sarah demolition. f like darling island, god, a heavenly call. them solid ground. but it is solid dot
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a few minutes down the road from solider is the city of buck moot. which moscow has been trying to capture for months. analysts say it has no strategic value, but the ukranian defenders say the enemy keeps sending troops in droves. release them with al guys, we're fighting with them. their bodies just lying there. $5100.00 per day. daniel. luckily, they didn't even take the bodies away, them with him. i'll guys went to have a look and took the gun. some underneath of it, i can give you a gun if you want. like the civilians whose lives and homes they are defending. ukraine's frontline soldiers are hanging on but at a devastating cost in the women's bundles, slager, the 2 top teams when had to had voiced burg hosted by iron with both sides going into the match undefeated. but byron streak was snapped as the wolves showed more bite. the star studded squads of volkswagen bye and went head to head for the table
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lead in front of just over 21000 fans a new league attendance record for the hosts. both teams began to match rather cautiously with germany sta. alexander pope, the main source of few early chances, she did find the back of the net in the 21st minutes, but had straight offside and the goal was correctly ruled out from then on. it was all about volkswagen. shortly before half time, the deadlock was broken. if a player got a healthy dose of luck to claim her 5th of the season after her heavy touch and attempt to clear the ball from by and sat as others you ricocheted off by your into the opposition go after the break vote spoke double they lead through captain spinny a hoot who spectacular finish was also teed up by a poor clearance from by on the leagues best defense conceding their 1st 2 goals of the season. in fact, the last thing to score against them in the buddhist think it was vote, spoke back in april. the visitors then finally showed some attacking intent late on
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with a nicely worked goal to shoot the lead linda down and put it on a platter thick. lot a booth, but it was merely a consolation, as most books, victory puts them 5 points ahead of their opponents in men's been his league of football by iron munich, a beat hoffen heim to nell that victory, cut their gap to league leaders, union berlin, to just one point, so it was a suite homecoming for byron munich, coach julian novels man who started his top flight coaching journey at off in time . yo yos, muns attack is firing on all cylinders. his strike force is the most prolific across europe's top, 5 leagues and currently led by the surprisingly inform eric maxine to promoting. oftentimes resistance was broken down 18 minutes in after some sloppy defending on a corner kick left jamal marciello all alone at the back post. one mill, as the bye and team had all the time he needed to control the bull and net his sick
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of the season. soon after 2 promoting doubled by uns lead, latching on to the end of a says cannot recross the camera union strike back to full goal in 3 games across all competitions. to nail the final school ceiling, a suite homecoming for jojo na guzman business. as usual for bion to keep up the pressure on surprise, league leaders only on berlin. meanwhile, oftentimes slip out of the top full and in motor g p. francisco, banashali, i've won the may lation grand prix to edge closer to claiming his 1st ever championship crashes. in qualifying saw him and main title rival fabio potter row start further down the grid, but both were soon competing for podium positions. dechaudis vanya came out on top, but by finishing 3rd reigning champion, put around, still has an outside chance of a title defense. the season finale and championship decided will be held in
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valencia in 2 weeks. and a reminder of our top story gunman have killed at least 3 people at a hotel in the port of his bio in somalia. the ash above militant groups, as it carried out, the attack authority, se events are still unfolding. coming up next report looks at campaigning for the mid term elections in the us state of wisconsin. i'm michael. okay, for me and the rest of the berlin news team. thanks for watching. ah if you ever have to cover up a murder, the best way is to make it look like an accident. raring to me. you've never read a book like this. do you literature list under germany must reads
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a vibrant habitat, lou ended listening place of longing, the mediterranean sea, a mustard, and to far a dual career drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and mediterranean meeting. people actually hearing their dreams mediterranean journey this week on d. w. ah, its selection season in the us, wisconsin is a swing state, could come down to the wire in the mid term. the city of milwaukee is a democratic bastion, and black voters are an important pillar of support. but democrats can't take the black vote for granted this year because republicans are making inroads and voter
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turnout is attacking as issues like inequality, inflation, and public safety fuel frustration sometimes would be hard to say, because i know i'm trying to put these people as much as we push the vote republican and put something new and give us a chance. ah me. it's a busy morning and franklin heights, a primarily black neighborhood in northern milwaukee. the community outreach group block is getting ready to head out and drum up support for the democrats. but 1st, they break down the lady, the debate in wisconsin. senate the organization has endorsed the democratic
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candidate, mandela bar. i feel a little bit better because he did so well in debate and everybody sigh like, i don't know, i'm not trying to be biased. i know, i'll be honest, i like, you know, it doesn't feel like we have a lot of time, but there's a lot of time for something to happen, right. they call the october surprise for everything. and anything can happen between now and election day, but i feel a little bit better. the block runs campaigns around election date and issues that impacts the black community most definitely, it just is just me re, we know who he is. we so i'm in person, we talk to him, we already knew he had it like a lack of economic opportunity or the need for criminal justice reform. this zip code has the highest rate of incarcerated black men in the us. the executive director angela lang tells us the community needs investment and attention all year round. not just during election cycle candidates and, and parties that kind of come around august, you know,
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or even maybe a couple months earlier and say hey, you know, we haven't been here and 2 to 4 years. don't forget to vote for me. and that's very transactional, that doesn't work with our, with our community. people see right through that is offensive. and you're just trying to see people as votes in commodities and trying to extract as many votes out of this community as possible for your own gain. you know, it's time for brochure jackson and his team to start knocking on doors brochure. he didn't care much for politics. he started working for block 3 years ago because he needed a job. but the 2020 election and helping the democrats when made him a believer. you're used to tell me what you're comfortable with. so we flip to stay by blue to me. we had a big part of it was when that is my, me feel sometimes just a little bit right there and it may change and i've seen it with mile and i was
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a part of so that's what i believe around 27 percent of milwaukee voters. are black and they've helped deliver big victories or the democrats, but voter turnout in black district has declined steadily since 2012 teams. some here are asking what the democrats have done in return. what he said to be on the phone speaking to a friend, believe, democrat, senate candidate to song on crime over here. i would vote for him. i wouldn't dare vote for it to me. black remains to have been killed this year in last year. my registrar lose a domestic violence. yeah. becky words are the stereo from road safety to public safety and inflation crochet. jackson tells us many voters are growing, frustrated be, are so tired of it because like trying to help me like, i do understand that people need mental ways. i was telling what i work. that's
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just terrible. how can i live off to part to live all day food? the current is a dollar for talking about 12 eggs. mr. rough out here, and i gotta find some kinda tight in in wisconsin has seen plenty of political change. joe biden won in 2020, but donald trump prevailed 4 years earlier. for some that back and forth. it's an opportunity to tip the balance cancer senate if the african american outreach director for the wisconsin republicans. they opened this black community center 3 years ago. kids or family hills from haiti and leans democrat, but he realized at a young age that his views on abortion and faith made him a republican go up to the north, towards county one, many people come in here and you know, the question will be, will have who you voted for? who do you vote for? or why are you with democrats and the response?
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probably 99 percent of the time is well, that's all i know. and nothing is going to change that in terms of you'll have at least looking to the other side of the republican side to know what is the difference. tender goal is to get 16 percent of the black vote in milwaukee in november's mid term compared to 12 percent last time around. at least one voter seems ready to convert. you're going to be a want to get an office around here getting their paycheck. they don't care about the person. i looked at a neighbor who did the cd. she's going down hill, got trash, year everywhere. i mean, this is just a cheery is time for change. democrats say that republicans have stymied efforts to invest more in public infrastructure. but cancer is clear, he believes the democrats have failed to improve these neighborhoods. we asked him about accusations of racism and the republican party and in wisconsin itself, well as attacking black, senate candidates, medulla, barley through the cities,
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christmas parade. mandela barnes wants to in cash bel, completely a dangerous democrat, but that is not his fault easily with her. but once again, i'm carried about my folk that are out there that need help with alright. can i put groceries on my table for my family? can i have gas to get home from work or can i even get to work? those are the issues that i, i, quite frankly, only really care about in terms of the crime, a crime issue. the economy and education volunteers have gathered at the community center to head out into the neighborhood and hand out flyers for republican senator ron johnson. we asked deseret what convinced her to work for the johnson campaign. she's not a passionate republican yet, but she says her generation, if curious to know what else is out there, we want to know more. i really want to know why we want to know why you're doing
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this, why you're doing that. you do this instead of why you're taking away this, putting that we, we were going to ask a question. you don't want to know why. for cancer and republican, the central issue is crime. according to milwaukee media, there have been $184.00 homicide so far this year. 23 more than at this time last year. 83 percent of the victims are black. republican to say the answer is to beef up law enforcement. yet data show that socio economic factors like access to health care and affordable housing have a big impact on crime rate. and public investment here paled in comparison to wealthier parts of the city. dora drake knows those discrepancies well. oh hey, how's the democratic state assembly representative for the 11th district?
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hi, how are you? doing like where she also grew up. she was a social worker in the criminal justice system to she's out knocking on doors to make sure her constituents know she's listening to them. this is where you really hear firsthand what the issues are that people are concerned about and an opportunity for you to, for at least for me to share what work has been done and is being worked on your mind. it's an approach that has worked motors, you know her phaser, and then the conversation come out of a further on. we meet a voter who didn't want to be filmed. he's happy with dora, but not with the other democrats on the ballot. don't give me a bone when i was a boy. what's the mean? i mean don't, don't give me just mental a barnes and michael's. i mean, i want to be able to choose, you know, consider there is a lot at stake. well,
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i understand. yeah. i'm only inside so you can i think you guys have got a wrong at least audio of some of the places, not apathy, but frustration folks do have his frustration which you make with that. so i think it goes back to folks only coming around during election season or, you know, doing things are watered down when it comes to issues that directly impact the black community. specifically, members of that community are looking to mandela barnes to change that perception. his supporters have shown up in force for his 2nd tv debates against republican senator ron johnson. it's a spirited back and forth in front of a very pro mandela barnes crowd in liberal, milwaukee. but how does barnes want to address the concerns of black voters and make sure they vote and stick with the democrats? we have to create jobs right here with the bank, and johnson or johnston live in and out of state or out of the country. senator
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johnson, you have 32nd response. going to stand, how high the cross is because i feel at my own gas tank, i drive myself from a state unlike lieutenant governor barnes who is chauffeur rom, by state patrol, costing taxpayers over 600000 dollars. we wanted to ask him about his vision, but he didn't take questions after the debate centered johnson also wasn't available to speak to us. i really, i just felt like i talked to a thank you for being here. i mean, i guess it's barnes, when these voters will certainly hold him through a g clippers is an institution in this black neighborhood. the men we spoke to here say they're standing behind a democratic party, but we also hear skepticism towards elected officials. i've seen the bare minimum, you know
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a lot of these politicians be honest with you. they only stay for one thing real much rather be here. and i was born on a community and follow up with the people in the community at some point by bone where again we, we'll get some candidates there who talked the talk and walked the walk. so different, why don't you to vote a lot of people that i concentrate on one from a national perspective. they feel like that their vote was now hurt. what on the local level from our city council been our judges, ottomans and senate? are those votes count actually the most i do encourage anyone that is register your vote and is not registered to vote. to definitely get involved right now. a message to candidates on both sides of the aisle from a community looking for real change for the better. ah
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