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peace by making britain safe and strong. the final consequence of the great depression. the 2nd world war in 1942 as bombs fell on london. william henry beverage presented a report bearing his name is advocated for full employment with the states intervention. he turned on its head the economic concepts from the great depression and proposed model as complete odds with the get his acts. with this report, the united kingdom would put the minimal stays on hold. the people having survived war were about to be on the receiving end of previously unimaginable generosity. the same time beverage also introduced another new revolution. social security
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in the idea of a welfare state didn't come out of the place, but it did receive a decisive boost after the 2nd world war. and the united kingdom, germany, and france, the fledgling social security systems that had been cobbled together since the industrial revolution were being consolidated. but it was, it's about reducing inequality, but also about rebuilding the economy with a labor force less reluctant to work with. only the protection of the law. there are 2 ways of financing a welfare state. there is a german model and based on social security contributions. and there is a british model which is based on tax stations and also the protection social. but when it's funded by social security contributions, like bismark, the original model, so keep a,
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it is reserved for those pain contributions and their beneficiaries as that the land as a model very focused on wage earner. so in theory, access to it is not universal. it's not for the whole population i love going with, whereas the british model, funded by taxation, is open to and the benefits the entire population who level progress are building on the achievements of the phone popular the french national council. the resistance introduced social security. the year was 1945 and the counsel which directed and coordinated the french resistance had to face the reality of the postwar economy. new social groups emerged dividing the population into salaried employees, small farmers, and the self employed. in, in germany, the economic situation was even worse. the stretches bankruptcy haunted people once again for the 2nd time in a century,
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the deutsche mark was worthless. mm. soon the country was split into on the one side, the zone occupied by the capitalist allies on the other, the zone controlled by the communists and the soviet allies. in 1949, the capital of federal republic of germany brought back the model of the weimar republic. and in doing so, opted for a market economy regulated by welfare system and left him griego, govern either by to me i indulged and shy and as a child is at scale. after the war, a large majority in germany was for social legislation for a welfare stating that after the 2nd world war conrad out of our city. you campaigned for nationalizing industry and for a functioning welfare state. even more generous than in the weimar republic, milford and other, they wanted a stronger a fed tax system, and
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a strong welfare dogs charged me. on the other side, the german democratic republic adopted the economic model of the soviet bloc. private property was abolished and the economy nationalized in contrast to the liberal minimal stays, the social est shims responsibility for all social issues and east germany was practically free of taxation. in both the east and the west politicians and pow, we came for their side to be seen as the only true germany capable of providing for its people like a push about to boil the whist watched the east and vice versa. in our search. and emma of vest person showed east germany was always watching west germany and trying to be better than west germany as well. east germany had more equality large, but with a much lower level of prosperity which done a scab kinda alberts. those id cards are there was no unemployment ration,
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but wages were also much lower on discovery in for and every one benefited from state welfare to start from birth to dare to presume lives, ender? no, but the level of care was far, far inferior. or dis, up by the fog light, this is white, any comparison with the west german welfare state. it was a challenge for east germany. start because they could see how much better off the west germans were. how shar starship ah, in with against the backdrop of the cold war, germans in the east and the west will locked in a permanent contest in the west, the economic recovery of the 1950s known as the vert shafts,
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wonder drove up wages or people started paying income tax, which was becoming more progressive. never had the tax rate for talk earn, has been so high. people were living better and longer than ever before. with consumers society seemed lacking paradise. when you found prosperity along with policies encouraging, having children drove a baby, a social spending increased, so do the need for more infrastructure. how could this economic boom be financed? since taxpayers were already at their limit with income tax, government turned to a tried and true solution. a consumption tax. with in france in 1954, a tax inspector. maurice law had the clever idea of inventing
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a single indirect tax on goods purchased by consumers. this was the beginning of the famous value added tax. all that to don mpo nobela. i've been more fucked soon . it led to that is a tax that's collected fractional late. this is due. it's levied at different stages of the production process. none. so not part from the final consumer. those who pay the bad can get it refunded i q. diesel, says esha. if you figure out as a result, companies are refunded a lot of the vat they pay. the lativia can bake, which makes it not such a burden for them. oh, this is what makes it so ingenious urgency. in 1957, the treaty of rome was signed. establishing the european economic community within europe. customs duties were abolished and goods could move freely and so began the gradual introduction of the lucrative value added tax in all member countries were ga. gov. today that is still the main tax and france far greater than other taxes.
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while income tax brings and $70000000000.00 euros, or that brings in 125-2130 1000000000 euros mendoza and song. so i'll talk to y'all, do me a it's no coincidence that the yellow vests have made that one of their main targets. this was your question, the lower or abolish taxes on consumer products necessary for survival in that is the answer to that on basic products like the food, hygiene and clothing as a scandal is good to raise that on luxury products to balance things out. i did up killing artisans and shopkeepers with all kinds of taxes. i, after the main 1968 votes in france, many employers relented. wages increase, especially minimum wage, which shocked up by city 5 percent. purchasing power was on the rise. and the
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working class could see a way out of poverty was well the quality finally within reach the oil crisis of 1974 crush. this dream never before in peace time had western europe suffered such a shock. once cheap energy prices quadrupled. and business production costs skyrocket. to maintain their margins, companies laid off workers. my son, employment not seen since the war was back. a social model designed to offer full employment was cracking. once again cash had to be found and quickly. ah, could a will text me the solution in france a plant tax capital was back on the agenda. his proposal was discussed during just can't a 27 year term as president and was proposed by the left wing coalition that came
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in to power off to him in 1991. i also don't fulton this. my tax on largest states will never be supported by the owners of largest states, but the tax reform, the country is calling for is on the way and will hopefully bring about more equality. 8 upper can space, you guess, is your lulu fixed it to dish a communion room? the bill was far along one you mom's lily for it was close to being passed into law don't so that we did the lawyer because the finance law imposed deadlines. good. most our evie duly then came questions from their alizae poly yellow light. what are we going to do about small shopkeepers, or artisans, and fishermen, or a pre se good to do? and isn't there a risk that the owners of large family companies will have to immigrate to the yearly tauriel the commissary he. thus the bill gradually took shape over
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lawyer coupon law and more so for a whole month i wrote messages that were taken by no home abuse to the l. a z palace. to explain that if we did this, the only people who end up not paying the wealth tax in france would be the very wealthy stolen. came a speech by president meter honda, he declared he i have decided to exempt from taxation real estate that is relevant for purchase. it's good us. after all, do me a yahoo directive to the president. i push one of the wealth tax has been implemented and real estate is exempt. now i want this necessary tax to be included in the bell. this is, as you sit up with this, is it. and yet, despite considerable tax breaks, much of the capital migrated to switzerland for the most part, the wolf tracks missed its target. bringing in very little, it made only a symbolic contribution to reducing inequality. perhaps it's equal the end of the
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fight for well for quality. meanwhile, from the u. s. and the u. k. a quite different sentiment arose too much taxation kills tax revenues. or as margaret thatcher often put it, there is no alternative to economic liberalism. for the next few decades, this idea would dominate political thinking in western democracies. and the welfare state would slowly crumble after more than a century of protesting and pushing for change. what would become at the people's achievements with
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ah, ah, with with africa. agricultural ways if your energy within you can power your vehicle with and of course fertilize your crops. how does this work in practice?
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and we showcase examples from the ivory coast eco africa in 30 minutes on d. w. the flood is over. ah, but people continue to die in pakistan in more than 1000. 500 have died from drowning flood related diseases. countless have lost everything. there is hardly any support from the state on private initiatives helping as best as they can. little 3090 minutes on d w. i have been threatened, i have been beaten. i have been sick, a straight it because we tried to to show 3 of face of mafia all over the world. environmentalists are in danger. the enemy, roofless corporations,
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corrupt government agencies, and criminal curtails. targeted environmentalists in danger starts october 29th on d. w. ah, ah ah. this is the w news live from the ukraine and its western allies, pronounced russian claims. the key is planning to explode. a radioactive families, our territory crimes president says he fears moscow could be planning spectrum move itself also on the program, which is former prime minister parish johnson called out to the.


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