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a design targeted environmentalists in danger starts october 29th on d, w. ah . this is d w. news line from berlin. you crate and it's western allies denounced. russian claims that keith is planning to explode. a radioactive bar monitoring cranes, president says he feels moscow could be planning such a move itself. also on the program. britain's former prime minister, orest johnson pulls out the race to replace list trust,
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saying that to take part in the contest would not be the right thing. to do disgrace, to build producer and convicted rapist harvey weinstein face is more sex crime charges in los angeles court today is already serving a 23 year prison. i'm in support. we bring you highlights of the weekends for middle one and football action. a shop result of the chairman from the bottom of the table, bolcom beat lead leaders with that and more coming up. but later in the past, ah, i'm fo gail welcome to the program. ukraine and it's western allies. her hit back at russian claims that keith is planning to destination a radioactive bomb on its own territory. russian defense minister. so gay, sure good has told his counterparts in britain,
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france and turkey at moscow is concerned. the situation in ukraine is deteriorating rapidly. crane's president, savanski has warned that russia is manufacturing a pretext to escalate the conflict. holly all your history, when the russian minister of defense sets up phone calls and rings foreign ministers with stories about a so called dirty nucular bomb. everyone understands everything very well. me, daughter will lay understand who is the source of everything dirty that can be imagined in this war. if russia calls and says that ukraine is allegedly preparing something, it means one thing. russia has already prepared it. i believe that now the world should react as harshly as possible. what you're sure a here last that dw russia, unless roman gods ranko in bomb about the likelihood that a weapon of this type would be used in this conflict. well, i would say it is extremely unlikely for several reasons. ukraine wouldn't do it
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because it would mean a lot of civilian casualties. and it would mean that western partners of ukraine would be very critical of it. so ukraine would not risk for destroying relations with those countries with united states forced to war and other countries or nuclear powers like france or united kingdom. so i think it is on the ukrainian side extremely unlikely, but it is also unlikely, i think on the russian side, because it would hit a civilian population, it could hit russian soldiers. and it would of course, mean a reaction from the west, probably more sanctions or more weapons to ukraine. so russian wouldn't nothing of it. i think there is a very small probability that russia might try to use it as a false flag operation. but that probability is rather low, i would say ok, so why make the claims then, why's russia making these claims if it's in no one's interests for this to happen?
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well, my guess is that there are 2 plausible reasons for russia to do this. first, russia is desperately trying to talk to the western leaders again to try to persuade them to put pressure on ukraine to enter into negotiations again on russian terms of course. which would mean a cease fire. and russia is in need of a cease fire, or at least temporarily because the mobilization writer is trying to conduct is very slow. and russia cannot hold all the lines the front lines, which was the aim of that mobilization. so russia needs a few weeks of kind of a cease fire. and to achieve that, it is trying to scare the western leaders that ukraine would use nuclear weapons, or that nuclear weapons would be in any way involved in this conflict. and any time russia says, nuclear weapons, the west is very alarm, so the red light go on. the 2nd reason for russia to use, in my opinion,
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is that it is a signal to the population in russia. look those ukrainians. they are so brutal. so we have to fight them, have to fight them hard. so it is a propaganda purpose directed, mobilizing the russian population behind this war. you mentioned that russia has as used this tactic before. we've seen it, russia talked about the use of weapons of mass destruction, and as you say that the red light go on in the west. what effect has this tactic i had in the course of this war? well, not much so far. we remember when this conflict started president vladimir putin, the russian leader also claim that ukraine was aiming to become a nuclear power. which is nonsense. of course, there is no evidence of that. and ukraine stated that it is not going to try to regain its nuclear status. is inherited from the soviet union in the early ninety's
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. and so it was just a propaganda trick. and we also remember in spring russia claiming that ukrainian was working on a biological weapons program, which was also a false claim. russia try to bring it to the united nation. so try to publicize it widely in the media. nothing came of it. no, no evidence was shown, and russia dropped it so we were here less and less of it in the last time. but the effect was propagandistic mostly. so roger was talking about it, showing how bad ukraine was for its own population, but there was no evidence nor proof at the w, russia, unless roman gone to reco in bomb. thank you. while in other developments, russia continue to attack southern ukraine with missiles and drones in the north and our growing fears at moscow's planning a joint inviting better bruce in troops. russia recently deployed thousands of soldiers that to barrows fueling fairs. i could be about to open
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a 2nd front as they w z, fanny for shar. reports for the journey have region. nearby. villages are preparing for the worst fear it keeps you alert when it's dangerous. the soldier sat mortar attacks and shelling have increased here and paper maps work. when technology doesn't. he staking us close to the water with bell road? there's no need to spend time thinking will inoffensive happen or not. we are preparing for the enemy to come to play. this part of northern ukraine is where russia and forces sweat through when they 1st had it for keith. at the start of the war. the push back broke though ukrainian 3 took the area in april may but to remove that but we patrol these positions was forest welsh and we really proud to have such trophies for the ukrainian army, vanessa low grade. so this is a former russian position. dirt. yes. it is a little,
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this is what's left of one russian fighting vehicle after those battles in march. the soldiers here expect new ones to arrive soon. so i'm dumb. we are prepared when motivated, we have no way back. we are defending our homeland at militia, so you still many are suspected their neighbors in bella. ruth had helped the russians from the store. but now it's official. on the other side of the frontier, they are joining forces. they say they are preparing to defend themselves, but people here at the border with bella, ruth assured that will take the form of an attack, although they don't know when it will come. village or snow. they are russian soldiers just 30 kilometers away. good as carry tuckahoe. tell me who should i go to the car? hey, i'm not afraid of the wind, said as i am afraid of the russians. they are traumatized by the violence and very worried that rush in forces might return. but they won't leave say
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yet, casual law. so this is our homeland. we were born here. it is. we live here and we won't go anywhere. so valentina, like most people in his village has lived here all her life. she desperately wants peace. that's what the soldiers in the forest say. they are fighting for new york. i want this war to stop with me. i have much to lose. there's only one life, but it's better. i fight this than my children or my grand children. and yet some of his children's generation have not been spared the war there prepare for the winter for the russians, and now for the bell russians using fear to stay alert. and britain's former finance minister is favorite to become the country's 3rd prime minister. this year, richie sooner cast the public support of more than half of the m p. 's from the ruling. conservative party, though he could still face
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a contest with house of commons liter penny morrant. if she gets the backing of more than a 100 of her colleagues, former prime minister barak johnson withdrew from the contest and despite plenty, he had the numbers d, w sap target. masa jones has started 10 downing street in london that say your prime minister's official residence, welcome packet. and so is this now a 2 horse race with forest johnson out of the way for us johnston is out of the way. but what we're waiting for is who is going to lead and isn't going to go to the members in the and say, we're really every one is biting the nails to see whether penny more than the leader of the house of commons will have the backing of our at least a 100 m p. 's, because only if she has that, then there will be really in another race between her and reach the sooner we know that richie soon august leading at that moment. so he has the backing of almost half of the m p 's in the house of commons of the,
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of the year. conservative and p. so he's by far and the lead bud. penny morden hasn't really. i'm step back yet. a lot of people are expecting honda, conservative m p 's even for me because of her are urging her to step back and to let his so called unity candidate reaches soon. ok, take over, but we're not there yet. and there was an hour left to really i'm yes sir, show down here in downing street and westminster. i'm going to calls from opposition. park is on from the conservatives themselves for a general election. is that likely to happen? so the conservatives are almost patty points behind the leading opposition party. the labor party say they will, most of them really try the utmost not to have to go into a general election because they know that they would really be pounded and many of them would, would really lose their seats. and they are saying, well is a parliamentary democracy, and it can happen that the party elects the prime minister and not the whole
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country. but then again, it's the 3rd prime minister within just 2 months. so there are really many in the country, and we know also the, the british public would favor a general election for them to have to say was eating the country because britain is really and in a very economically difficult situation. the new prime ministers has to take a lot of tough decisions on how to get the country through the winter, how to help people who really don't know how to heat the homes or how to get there that children fed and sees. it's really a very important moment and, and many british people, the majority say that they want to have a say ah, in the next prime minister, thought that bergen berg mass in london will disgrace that movie mogul harvey weinstein. going back to court, he's currently serving a 23 year sentence in new york for sex crimes and looked at a face trial in california. the 70 wrong this just with and raping them sexually
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assaulting 5 women in the los angeles area between 242013. and today, hearings begin in the city where he once call the shots is one of hollywood most powerful produces weinstein scandal triggered a wave of sexual misconduct claims in hollywood and cause women all over the world to speak out about sexual harassment. as part of the me to movement, the story was broken by 2 female journalist to search for the truth will feature in a new hollywood feature fil. but as it exactly that we're looking at here, these young women walked in to what they all had reason to believe were business meetings like until the hotel on the floor plan. he kept trying to touch me, hollywood, taking a hard look at itself at the premier of she said, the 1st film of the harvey weinstein accuses in film. crew stood side by side. the film slave to me was being full of women being alive
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with the film recounts how to new york times. reporters broke the story of sexual misconduct allegations against the now convicted hollywood producer weinstein. hi, my name is jodie canter. i'm an investigative reporter for the new york times. i don't wanna be caught at period. understood before 2017 u. s. movie mogul harvey weinstein. was one of hollywood most influential figures for the investigative new york times article actress ashley judd and other women went on the record for the 1st time about the harassment and abuse they had endured . the article was a turning point. numerous female hollywood stars subsequently denounced systemic sexual abuse in the film business. but ours is labeled that me as it's important that we all talk and support each other. and the people understand that it's wrong . because many men didn't even understand that it was wrong in the i get more and more women in the industry showed solidarity as here and can. in 2018 or 82
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filmmakers and actresses made a statement against silence in 2020 harvey weinstein was found guilty and sentenced to 23 years in prison in new york, among other felonies for rape. now he's on trial in los angeles for more sexual assault allegations. the me to movement, which has been ongoing since the scandal broke, has changed the world. women in all walks of life are fighting back. i no longer silently accepting sexual abuse. us get more from d. w coach, corresponded to scott rockbridge, welcome scott. let's start with the man himself, officer late. but the latest charges on the weinstein is now facing aim los angeles . yeah, hi, fall, um yes, the charges he's facing here are 11 counts of various forms of sexual assault including 4 counts of rape against 5 women. um, in assaults that allegedly occurred in law in new in california between
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20042013, if found guilty on all counts on harvey weinstein could face have gotten 40 years in prison. and has an to the play. yes, he has. he's a similar to what he said in the new york case on which was found guilty or glancing to said, he's not guilty on all counts on he said he claims he never engage in any nonconsensual sexual acts with any of these women. at his trial like me to be as explosive as his new york trial, which did so much to boost the me to movement. well i don't think so because at trial was really a watershed a moment in me to it's sort of on catapulted the movement and not just national in the united states but, but really globally. and i think what about really huge change within the film intelligent history, but also a spread across of many industries. i'm in crayton,
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sort of massive social change. i think you can claim on this case is the, this, this charles unlikely to do that. but it is very important because it comes at a time where on harvey weinstein has now been a, has now taught start to appeal his new york conviction, which is now going forward to the new york supreme court. um, so if that case, if that trial is that conviction is overturned, it will be this trial itself in los angeles that will determine whether or not a harvey weinstein stays in jail or actually goes for it. and how much has me to change to hollywood practices beyond just talk? i think, said, really lasting change a youth. i think the whole sort of culture that harvey weinstein represented the sort of casting a couch a culture and of the sort of acceptance of, of sexual harassment and sexual abuse, i think, is, is almost gone in, in, in, in hollywood. there are, have been a lot of safety measures put in place. there's been
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a sort of complete change and how production and, and, and hollywood works. and so i think there has been really lasting, a change. what i think a lot of people been frustrated by is that that change has not been as not been reflected in sort of the justice system. so harvey weinstein is the big exception, and that he is the most egregious offender within the me to movement that has been brought to trial. but the vast number of men who have been accused of abuse have not a face trial and have not been convicted. i think that annoys a lot and frustrates a lot of people on it. but in terms of the sort of the structural change within hollywood, i think that's been really significant. i thank you for scott did. every culture correspondence got roxborough now to iran, where people are continuing to demonstrating what's being called the biggest challenge to the regime for decades are protesting against efforts to control women by forcing them to wherever he job. but they're also angry about a lack of freedom and declining living standards. iran's economies been shrinking
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for years in 2011 gross domestic product value of all goods and services produced, stood at 626000000000 dollars last year. it was down to 241000000000, not drops, partly because of western sanctions imposed over iran's nuclear program. but economic mismanagement is also played a part at least a 3rd of the economy. so to be controlled by the countries elite revolution regard to how powerful ave travelers arriving at my home. any international intent on may not realize they're doing business with the islamic revolutionary god. the core runs the airport and the iranian capital has they do other ports and hobbins across the country. they decide what goods are permitted into the country and who is allowed to do business here. but there is more the revolutionary god owns an extensive network of companies in every economic sector. they construct streets,
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dams, train lines, and high rise buildings. they run medical facilities and trading companies, and they control iran's most important source of foreign capital, the oil industry, the revolutionary god decides what happens in every sector of the iranian economy. they decide who's allowed to be an industry success. the private company which does not belong to them or not working with them, they cannot compete with them. because if you, if you want to imagine i just see has their own institution which money belongs to them and they insure in many other private sector, then the private person which is not working with them want to compute, still have not too much asked me in the country supreme leader, ayatollah ali ha manet, is also a powerful play. economically. he runs a foundation that collects religious taxes for muslims all over the world. it amounts to millions of dollars, which are then secretly pumped into the economy. it enables certain companies,
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special funding, less desirable ones, a bit left to go under, and they are mostly us. those are those money order companies and stock tops and organizations which would be collaborating with the regime. so that's mean, or to song minorities for example, which are totally on the suppression from the regime like a reunion. curtis on, they won't have a chance to earn money. financial support makes all the difference. it can be a deciding factor as to whether a company can survive or not. so how much oversight is this powerful economic for subject to ali al funny a's author of iran unveiled on political succession in the islamic republic of iran is also a senior fellow at the out of gulf states institute in washington. well, you know, the public has tried to have civilian oversight and civilian control. but at the
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same time, the very same revolution using that it got to protect itself against domestic protests. and whenever you invite an army to shoot in to be in the domestic politics of the state, you can never push them out of the game because they have the guns and the city. there's not. and this is why it got returned for support for the or she has demanded concessions. and some of this is economically as your report. so i got it in control of not the economy of you even also the politics. right, and this is all out in the open it, everybody knows that the revolutionary god controls all these companies. so in demonstrators complain about the state of the economy. are they also calling for? and so the involvement of
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a i r g c for the time being most of the protests are political. they have to deal with personal freedoms. iranian women, particularly the younger ladies and teenagers who go to the states. but i do believe that there is an underlying protest which has to do with the general corruption in this. one of the costs are going to be got involved in the economy is that the private sector cannot compete with them. it is impossible to run a business, you know, we don't getting a share of profit to them. and that is something that you are business classes for the time being here. see middle class progress. young ladies put this thing. but before i may want to see business class courtesy a. right, and you can't really talk about iran's economy without considering the effect of sanctions. the u. s. reinstated it sanctions and back in 2018. they've been
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expanded since we have the use, the latest set of sanctions against the morality police and other organizations. how effective have these latest sanctions, how effective are they likely to be in perhaps a bringing about change so that demonstrators are less unhappy with the current regime? the impact of the sanction regime has been somewhat mixed. on the one hand, yes, many owners loosely got own companies are sanctioned by the united states and by the european, by the other hand, because of the general sanctions against iran economy. the union state is using the smuggling network of the revolutionary god. for example, one in the black market, and one of the vice president of iran even said that as much as 30 percent of the money from selling the boy on the black market under the
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san wallace into the pockets of that of so it seems that the guy is trying to take advantage of that and he's also reaching and so i was going to clear and very interesting. thank you so much for joining us to alpha from the ira. go states institution, washington, d. c, and football, o'neill, and berlin. bring the story of the season so far in germany is bones is legal. league leaders were heavy favorites as they travel to bottom side. bolcom who had only one when all season. but the host had a surprise in store for the billing this when you and berlin are unaccustomed to being such heavy favorites, they needed to prove they could handle the expectation created by their stellar start to the season under earth's fisher. certainly nobody gave borkam a prayer, but their faithful were boyd by their last home outing, where victory was when i try frankfurt, if them their solitary,
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when this campaign philip hoffman got them off the mark that they and the journeyman straker repeated the trick against the noun heading home for the 1st corner, just before they fisher brought fresh legs off the bench in the 2nd half. but it was a borkam substitute who made the decisive contribution. fulton, just about keeping his feet to make it to nail through sweeping counterattack. noon were soon a lifeline on 78 minutes. when kevin bateman's was a judge to have been felt in the box. but former bullshit man, mulish pontiff, which so his, we saved front of it, eventually pool the goal back in injury time and hearts wherein modes, when the same player went down in the box with just seconds left. but the referee wasn't filled by the serbs desperate attempt to win a penalty. welcome 2nd. when the season was sealed jubilation for coach thomas
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ledge and for the home funds. the reality check for the traveling berliners is lead over by ernest cut to a single point. at st you're up to date, i'll have more world news at the top of the our up next hit on d, w, environment magazine, eco, india. i looks at what can be done to preserve our diversity and why it matters of good. ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah, with who go india? oh kimberly and whoa oh, in ongoing decline in demand has reduced the number of sheep hers causing the ecosystem to suffer. now the local organizations are trying to rejuvenate the war
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trade which would revive traditional craftsmanship and to benefit the environment. eco on d w o n. they get all the harvesters or immigrants don't like it. they come in, everything you enjoy, eating at home with your family, was harvested by people who are being exploited. then i d 's for free and we're gonna need to and we keep doing what we're doing. we need to become as sustainable as possible. and that's why a green revolution is absolutely necessary. europe review the future thing, determine now our documentary series will show you how people,
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companies and countries are we thinking everything and making later changes with women on for work about if a massive cyber attack or something like that happens and we can reboot our country from the outside a, it's our future after all. and if we don't do something, our children won't be able to enjoy fresh air for free lunch. the. so what is that on your if revealed starts november 3rd. oh d, w ah, [000:00:00;00] with every creature has a please. in the to be to predator in the jungle and insect of yet


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