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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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ah, europe reveals to future is being determined now how documentary theories will show you how people, companies and countries are we thinking everything and making major changes and stuff. we don't do something our children won't be able to enjoy fresh air. europe revealed starts november 3rd on d w. ah, ah, this is dw news asia coming up today. she didnt pins extraordinary political power play in china after he was granted a historic 3rd term is leader of the chinese communist party. who discuss what this means for the world's most populous nation, and the many implications beyond china's borders. class after almost
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a 1000 days of covey restrictions, there's excitement in taiwan as broad as they finally reopen to international visits. ah, i'm jared raid in berlin. thanks very much. for your company today, china's president, she in pin is this week beginning another 5 year term as communist party leader. the fact that it's his 3rd is historic and it's immense. him as china, as most powerful ruler in decades. she's appointment was confirmed over the weekend at a party congress in beijing. there he shook up the parties, senior ranks promoting loyalists. and protege is to china's top leadership while sweeping away factional rivals. and to for the 1st time in 25 years, there are no women holding taught jobs in the polar bureau. we can speak now to
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your political science as professor steve sung, the director of the china institute at so us london. professor, welcome to d. w. news asia regarding she jin ping, you've been quoted as saying that we have seen the end of collective leadership in china and that it's being replaced by strong man rule. in your opinion, what will she's 3rd term in power mean for china now and going into the future. what he means now china is being li shaped after she gin pins, mh he has now we paste any one from other factions within the communist party by his own papa jase and prove annoy this david or say yes sir, we will go and follow you wherever you want to take us and china is going to be rough for the rest of the. well, you've also said it all now depends on c p,
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getting it right. what does he need to get rise? where he needs to get everything right? because he say, said the part he leads everything everywhere in china and beyond china, which is concerned. so he has to get the con economy, right. he has to get his foreign policy, right. he has to get the social policy right. if he doesn't do so, big mistakes can be very, can be made and they will have consequences for the people of china and also for the rest of the world. could you outlined some of what those potential consequences might be? well, the civil corporate policy where sonco is causing significant slow down in the chinese economy. the policy on the real estate market is again, causing, you know, make or financial instability in china. if he insist on using force against
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taiwanda, we may be creating a situation when the united states and china will be activity in engaging in military facilities with each other. and you will also have continuation job to kind of be passion. got people in hong kong, any change to be get people. professor, there's been a multi party delegation from the german parliament, human rights committee that's been visiting taiwan. let's take a listen to some of what it's had to say, and then we'll come back to your hobby tune. we have noted she jan, ping's intimidation against taiwan at china's 20th party congress. i talked phenomena as ish still from our perspective. taiwan stands at the center of the rivalry between systems. i mean not only verbal attacks on taiwan, but a real military threat that we must not underestimate. i want to emphasize that
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from germany's perspective, the status quo in the taiwan street can only be altered peacefully and in agreement between the 2 sides that been counter professor steve's song. it's interesting that this german delegation came at this particular time. what message if any, does this into china and is this a trip to taiwan that beijing would take much notice of? well, beijing will certainly take notice and baiting is approve of it. but watch the delegation is saying absolutely right. that is how it should be able not go down well in china and the chinese government should we allow it for a german from quite delegation from germany, which is very committed to develop mutually beneficial relationship with china to come out and say so shows how far or opinions in a democratic west has change,
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but he won't be that way. beijing will simply seat is dedication as being and teachers. ok if we can turn our attention back to the congress that's just taken place. there is a lot of speculation around the former leader, huge and how he was quite publicly and dramatically led or forced out of the congress. there are various theories about what exactly happened. what's your take on all days? i think some of the explanations are not competing literally exclusive. we can see that quote and how it's not well but to say that he was being removed because of how i think is stretching it. he was not showing any signs of distressed when he was being removed, if the stress comes from being removed. and if this was not hand, somebody would be punished boy, severely for embarrassing,
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teach him pin at the most important political event. in his 10 years of rule in china, nobody has been punished. so it will have to be a deliberate attempt, but she can pinch, so she mediate cogent how and fairly clear that know that the ones making you the fractions of which porch and how is the what is the ritual. neither is no more nowadays only one b, the in china, and that is she to pain. pay attention to former leaders or anybody else. speaking of liter, sir, i'd like to ask you finally about needs young, who's been appointed. china's 2nd most powerful leader who is he and what does his appointment demonstrate? it was a former secretary of shooting pain and he was still in the pocket, separate critical shanghai and therefore department in shanghai. and he met and
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messed off the shield corporate policy earlier this year in shanghai. but he remains totally loyal to camping and to the 0 with policy. and for his loyalty, he's been rewarded to mulkins to the senior person in china and almost certainly the next premier in the spring professor, steve had sung the director of the china institute at so s london. we really appreciate your insights today. thank you very much. thank you. ah, will. taiwan is finally opened to visitors after more than 2 years of pandemic travel restrictions. people no longer have to quarantine when they arrived previously they had to for up to 2 weeks. there's still a cap of $150000.00 travellers per week, but it's the beginning of a transition to
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a post coven period for the island. he's the w's o n wang aah! dozens of visitors arrived at ty once airport with excitements and government officials swarm the will come them after almost a 1000 day of travel restrictions tie. one is again open to international tourist. holiday makers are ready for adventurous and it's a beautiful country are. by far, the 1st impression i have is that everyone here is super friendly and very nice and very welcoming to lee. ha ha. to not everybody cobblestone. and they say that we've been to a lot of other countries on that. i and they didn't order money in taiwan the origin. that was the country. we've been very curious about how comes all comes out on either to you. it's ellen chant has or you gradients prepared and ready now waiting for the costumers. he's delighted to see the boarders be open. his beef
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noodle restaurant is in one dr. famous commercial dick street in taipei, but it was heat heart by the pandemic. was this and i will come to you. i am the 3rd generation, the operating, the family business, involved just one month after renovating we saw the outbreak of coven 19. and ty, why help um we paid a fortune to redecorate his but revenue that month was almost 0. it was like you said back about, ty was too, or is an industry a county ford of all 4 to 5 percent of the islands g d, p. before the pandemic, but a number of inbound travelers, chombo, by more than 90 percent in a past 2 years, miniature is related comp is have had to keep the coast down or close their businesses. chinese tourists used to make up a sizable portion of tie was to reason, but everything change in 2019 china. ben citizens front traveling to tie one as individual tourists in an attempt to heat the islands economy rate go,
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lea c o. of charging travel service corporation has experience highs and lows. yeah, i wasn't sure what it will certainly be best if across the street relations remain peaceful mail for people who work in the industry. no one was strains and the relationship is only because when there's war, there will be no tourists, no peace, no tourists, no peace means we might lose. everything's going somewhere. due to the national security concerns, tourists for hong kong, macau, and midland, china cannot enter the islands without permission. as china ramps up military threats, tourist at democratic island tie was tourism industry is looking for new solutions . so on the income for the past 2 years, it's felt like running a new restaurant, not a 60 year old one, exploring customer demographics and habits, trying different delivery platforms. everything is new to me. and the pressure is huge values of alabama, elijah believe, said the fruits of hot work will be sweet. he hopes that they will see
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a rebound into resume. and that business will return to p pending mich levels. that's all for d, w, use asia today, that is much more on d, w dot com and on social media at dw news. believing now with more pictures out of taiwan, the relaxing of covey restrictions their mains, people are returning to their favorite outdoor hobbies like hunting for pokemon characters in taipei. i'm jarred raid in berlin. see you again tomorrow. ah, and with
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every journey is full of surprises. we've got all out. you've used them. why they in the footsteps of the right people?
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i'm in your northernmost count, please. ah, 3 times. why? so very much alive. d w channel, your guy to the central southern germany knew it. i recognized where exactly. it was fun and i learned a lot our culture history, all their d. w. travel extremely worth ah, ah, a bit of welcome news for china's beleaguered economy. it be growth, expectations for the latest quarter, but doubts linger, especially as she gene pink cement, a 3rd leadership term. also on our show as protests in iran brought to a criticism of the entire regime. we'll look at how
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a ruling elite benefits almost exclusively from the country's economy. hello and welcome to the show. i'm seeing beardsley in berlin of the chinese economy beat expectations to expand 3.9 percent year over year in the 3rd quarter. it's a positive glimmer for a country facing stiff economic head winds. being strict 0 cobit policy has dampened domestic demands and cut into factory output. a collapsing property market has meanwhile undermined investor confidence. a china had delayed releasing the new numbers until after the communist party congress, which ended this weekend. it secured, she jim pains, 3rd leadership term or for more on this i'm joined by guido courts. he's professor of macroeconomics at the university of saint gallon in switzerland heater. thanks for coming back to the show. on the, on the facebook that seems like a positive development had china's economy beat expectations. but these numbers are still quite down from what we expect.


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