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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2022 4:45pm-5:01pm CEST

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look at how a ruling elite benefits almost exclusively from the country's economy. welcome to the show. i'm seeing beardsley in berlin. of the chinese economy beat expectations to expand 3.9 percent year over year in the 3rd quarter. it's a positive glimmer for a country facing stiff economic head winds. being strict 0 cobit policy has dampened domestic demands and cut into factory output. a collapsing property market has meanwhile undermined investor confidence. a china had delayed releasing the new numbers until after the communist party congress, which ended this weekend. it secured, she jim pings 3rd leadership term or for more on this, i'm joined by guido quotes. he's professor of macroeconomics at the university of st. gallon in switzerland, quito. thanks for coming back to the show. on the, on the facebook, the seems like a positive development. china's economy beat expectations. but these numbers are still quite down from what we expect from this economy, aren't they?
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yes they are. but don't forget that the whole world is learning down at the 3.9 percent. the growth rate, the china's g p certainly higher than the expect that the 3.2 percent the world growth rate. and also we shouldn't forget the inflation figures the most recent. it's september where 2.8 percent expected to drop the $2.00. despite no currency appreciation and no restricting monetary policy. so that would be a dream for western economies. at the same time, we're so accustomed to seeing growth figures of 6.6 percent, almost 7 percent in china. will china get back to those days? or are they over? as some economists predict? i think they're over also because this grocery to where a little bit doc to buy excess, to speculate speculative growth in the estate sector. and now on the instead the real estate sector has been disciplined more. and also there is a nature of low down
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a growing economy as an economy gets richer. more there macroeconomic theory predicts that its growth rate will inevitably decline to hours in the long term. you know, what is the 3rd term procedure? ping mean for this economy? well this will bring stability on the other side. i think that it may reduce a nova even as an dynamism because it is also a little bit paradoxical. that a constitutional in a close, only to 2 mandates has been overthrown by by a very strong leader. meaning it wasn't so strong and so the signal is that the county is a gene and is not the rejuvenating. so this confirms many economists expectations are the country heading towards the middle income trap? outside investment has been falling in china by some measures. should we expect to
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see beijing try and learn that back now? the she is in place? yes, of course. of course they will. they also will try to, to, so some, and some issues related to, to code that they, i think they are still struggling on that, especially because a lot of the over eighty's are not yet vaccinated. so my impression is that perhaps this civility will, will bring about policies. jumping, didn't have the courage to take in the past few months. all right, that's get caught. see at the university of st. gahlan and switzerland. thank you so much. welcome thinking. yes. or any one following the news in recent weeks has seen the extraordinary evolution of protests in iran. what began as anger over heavy handed morality policing has turned into criticism of an entire system. a system that by many measures has also failed the economy. look at this in 2011 gross medic,
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domestic product. that is the value of all goods and services produced was at 66626000000000 dollars last year. a mere $241000000000.00 on that's partly due to sanctions imposed by the west as a result of iran's nuclear program. but miss management is also to blame. state institutions, including the revolutionary guard, run oil and gas companies, banks, transportation, even telecommunications firms. and there are no reliable figures, but experts estimate that the elite paramilitary forces alone control one 3rd of iran's economy at the expense of normal people. and my colleagues, don hearse fell file this report, take a look. every tourist or business traveler passing through the mum from any airport in a runs capital to run, become an unwitting customer of the revolutionary guard. they're responsible for running runs air and sea ports, letting them decide which goods can enter the country and which companies receive
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them. the revolutionary guard also runs a wide range network of companies in all economic areas. they built streets, dams, railways and high rises. they've won clinics and direct trading companies. the also controlled the largest money maker in iran, the oil industry. they are a strategic power that hold sway overruns entire economy, including determining what companies are successful, the private company, which does not belong to them or not working with them. they cannot compete with them. because if you want to imagine i urgency, have their own institution which the money is, belongs to them, and they even through us in many other private sectors, then the private person which is not working with them want to compete still have not too much asked me him and runs a religious leader, ayatollah. how many is an economic deal maker?
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he controls religious taxes from muslims, from around the world, which are collected by a charitable foundation, has billions of dollars which are re invested in iran's economy. and they are mostly us, those on those money order companies and stock tops and organization. we should be collaborating with the regime. so that's mean for to song minorities for example, we are totally on the suppression from the regime like a reunion. curtis on they won't have a chance to earn money. financial support is a competitive advantage and the deciding factor on which companies succeed or fail . cuz we're our be leads the a ran program at the tony blair institute. he joins me now from london. cause or what does it mean for protesters if the revolutionary guard benefits most from the current system, i would imagine that dislodging them is going to be near impossible. well, i think that's again by making absolutely clear what we're seeing in iran today is
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not about the economy. it's not about the u. s. withdrew from the 2015 nuclear agreement and it's not about sanctions. rather, it's about living under an authoritarian, misogynistic ideological regime that a source to impose its ideology over every aspect of iranian life. and has prioritize the ideology consistently over the needs of the radiant people. what can we get him? but to what extent can that was, you know, point to the economy and point to sanctions. for example, in say, the west has done this to you? is that something that protesters, how do they respond to that level? the regime will try currently the regime strategies to claim that what we're seeing on the streets is a quote zionist plot. so it's reverting to it's old and i think conspiracy theories . but look, if you look at the radian economy, it's very similar to that,
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or putin's racy. these line republic is a oligarchy. socratic corrupt regime to it's cool. and you know, while the iranian people live on the die economic conditions and also have a hard line is list, are y'all imposed on them a small percentage of the lease? namely those tied to the clergy. and those tied to the revolutionary guards are controlling the economy. not only that, their sons, that due to their families, are living lavish lifestyles in western capital like london parish, new york. and so it's an oligarchy, exist in the r, there is the so well as we call them in policy, the noble but one of the regime relates. they will have a lifestyle as well the right in the west while the are the people that live on the diary cannot make conditions. not only that they have a hard line is limited order imposed on that. and i think that i mean the staff,
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the 22 year old iranian girl who was murdered by the so called morality police of the regime. her murder really gets exposure to what life is really like in the islamic public. this been happening for 43 years. so it's not about sanctions. it's not about us. withdrew from the j. c. p. o, a. it's about living and i don't story terry dictatorship. that is correct to it's cool. but to the same extent, i mean that regime has created an economy that only works for the elite, as you have said, to what extent can the west, if at all, play any role in alleviating furthering the protest of the wants to whatever it sees. you mentioned the poor regime, or putin, obviously, sanctions against many of those oligarchs. what if anything, what responds to finish the west have in this case in a run that's really important. i think the west has many policy data is that it can take a gate to the atlanta public to support the protest is until the limits of bloodshed
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on the street. so i posed real consequences that will be felt by harmony ratio. one of the measures the west can take is sanctioning and targeting regime oligarchy, living abroad and their families, blocking their assets, imposing travel bands. a 2nd measure that the west can take is to impose magnets the sanctions against i, r g. c, revolutionary god, commanders and those involved in human rights abuses. and finally, the west can take effective measure against the revolution regard. by listing it as a terrorist organization, the i r g c is no different to the likes of isis or al qaeda. it operates in no different way. for example, it uses indoctrination to radicalize all of its recruit in a hard line is list ideology, which by the way, refers to irradiance that are gainst the regime as enemies and the enemies of god and colds for them to be tortured before that death. the r o g c is also involved
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in terrorist operations globally. it has been for the past 43. yes. it should be described as a terrorist organization. that's a really important policy. labor west can take. all right, we'll have to leave it there for now. cause we are be at the 20th, is to london. thank you very much. thank you very much. all right, and so shifting gears a little bit over in japan, researchers in the center of the country are driving to new depths for a better tasting broo. they've teamed up with a local brewery to age beer and sea water. they've kept $200.00 bottles that adapt the 4 meters for several months. the result, they say is an increase in carbonation and a stronger aroma. researchers have done similar tests with wine and saki believe that change the savory mommy taste in the beverages. hope to seek a son or some they become a local specialty. you
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. all right, that's our show. you can find out more about these and other stories, including more on those protests in iran, in the rainy an economy online. d, w dot com slash business. check us out on youtube as well. for under the dw news channel, i've seen beardsley, thanks for watching. ah ah, with with
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with ice contain the answer to fixing climate change. a team of researchers is digging into the icy pattern war time is running out because the glaciers are melting at an exponential pace. and along with them, centuries of invaluable climate history. to morrow to day in 30 minutes on d w. ah sure.
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