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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 28, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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ah, we don't do something our children won't be able to enjoy fresh air. you are at the reduced ducks november said on d w. ah, ah ah, this is the w needs live from berlin. the world's richest man takes control of twitter. it on must promises to cut censorship, but start spite firing top executives on the program. u. s. house speaker nancy, close his husband is attacked in
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a breaking at the couples home. police are investigating whether there's a political motive. and finally, valley is take place in brazil ahead of the last round up a presidential election. we go to rio de janeiro. ah, i'm really mohammed, welcome to the program. the bird has been freed, says eat on mosque in a twin tweet off to taking control of twitter. the task the chief has hit the ground running mosque began by firing a string of twitter bosses. he says he brought the social media network to boost free speech and communication. but critics say one man should not have so much power over public debate. let that sink in. this is how you on mosque walked into twitters headquarters in san francisco. with the
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grandiose gesture, the world's richest man signaled to employees and users, it may be the end of twitter as day. know it. in a tweet address to advertisers on a platform must claimed the acquisition was not aimed at making him more money. musk told advertisers that his goal was to counter political polarization in traditional media. he set the polarization, had now spread to social media, and that he wanted to preserve twitter as a space for dialog. the reason i acquire twitter is because it is important to the future of civilization to have a common digital town square, where a wide range of beliefs can be debated in a healthy manner. an ambitious goal and in mosques own words, one with a very real possibility, a failure. the serial inter printers bold moves, don't come as a surprise to analysts,
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but his exact vision for the platform is still somewhat unclear. you have to grab that, he's a visionary that he's done some amazingly innovative things. but having said that, it's a little worrying in the sense that when you turn down to build it back up again, you have to have some sort of our north star vision to take people long to say, this is the reason why i'm doing that. and we haven't quite seen the other than some han weaving at free speech. but some twitter users fear that what musk wants for the platform may not be reflective of what they want. i believe that the deal on musk buying, twitter and owning twitter will be done already seen changes the algorithm on getting a lot of right wing stuff all the sudden on my feet that i wasn't getting before ever since. so ever since most grounds, this must has only vaguely implied what his vision for free speech, but look like. for now, twitter users are left,
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you wonder where the new red lines will be drawn. a foreign this i'm joined by jonathan nag lab. he is a co director of the n. why use center for social media and politics? it's good to have you with us. your andy w news now mosque calls himself a free speech absolutist, but implications with this mean for his takeover of twitter. depends if absolute means absolute, even in people in united states who think free speech is incredibly important. and believe that the 1st amendment is absolute. the generally accepted the notion that you can't, you know, fire in a crowded theater. can you know that the u. s. government is free to regulate speech that can cause eminent harm and mosque has said nothing about his understanding of that basic concept that you, that speech can cause immediate harm. so their speech on twitter suggesting to people that they can take, i think
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a cures for co would that actually cause harm. this could lead us to a very bad situation. now, teresa does have a trust problem. he had the conservatives who are fearing being censored, and then the, the on the other side you got the progressives who are worrying about this information and hate speech. is he able to fix these issues as well? no social media platform is completely fixed. those issues before and so there is no particular reason to think that mosque will, but more importantly, he doesn't seem to, to want to fix those issues. or at least in terms of hate speech. if he is an absolute is for free speech. he's essentially told us he's okay with 8080. if we take him at his word, he will lead he'd speech, run free on twitter and in all likelihood, that means twitter become a nasty place for a lot of people and those people will leave. there's a reason that platforms that don't have content moderation remain very small.
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they're not pleasant places for most people to be. so what does he need to do now to appeal to new uses and also keep the ones that are currently on the platform. is he actually gets if he, i think he has to change his is vision as he stated, of what twitter can be. i think he has to understand that there is a reason that the platforms in gauging content, moderation. and you can believe in, in speech where you are politically neutral, that you let you know all viewpoints have, have their se, provided you accept the idea that ok, you can let new points have their say provided they are not trying to cause imminent arm. so if, if you have speech that says a why not go go to the capital and have a violent assault on congress tomorrow, you have to recognize that that is not political speech. that is,
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is speech intended to cause imminent arm ok. jonathan hagler, thank you very much and i'm afraid that's all the time we have a thank you very much indeed for your time. ok. now an intruder has a attack. the husband of us house speaker, nancy pelosi, at the couples. home in san francisco. hope of those he is being treated for injuries in the hospital, but is expected to make a full recovery. the alleged attacker is being held in custody. police are investigating whether there is a political motive. nancy pelosi was not at home at the time. well i, let's get the latest her from washington, d. c. and check in with a d, w, 's, mechanical that you've been keeping an eye on the story for some time. mikaela. what more have you learnt? well, what we can say is that is now being enforced by several us media quoting sources
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that the intruder asked. where is nancy, where is nancy when he came in? so quite clearly this indicates that nancy pelosi, the speak of the house herself would have been the target. she was not in the house, not in town at that moment in time. so her husband is still in hospital. we've learned at 32 year old man was taken into custody. police is due to give a press conference shortly to tell us what they know potentially on the motivation of this attack. there are very high crime levels in san francisco. but this clearly is pointing towards something else in the wider context of republican center. susan collins, for instance, just a few weeks ago having given interview, speaking of increasing threats against politicians and saying that he wouldn't be surprised if somebody got killed. so this is very disconcerting. less than 2 weeks
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ahead of mid term elections here in the united states. and as we head into the mid term elections in november, how widespread is, is this concern for the potential violence against us politicians? a certain degree. this isn't anything particularly new. we just saw this week, and 3 men sentenced 4 planning to kidnap create a governor here in the united states. at the same time, a polling is showing that more and more people see violence as a legitimate way to enforce their political views. at least, depending on which pole you believe is between a court and a 3rd, who see that as a legitimate method. and this is all of course, against the backdrop of the den re fixed insurrection, the attack on the you capital, which also saw donald trump. describe then vice president pens as a traitor. and he recently said that mitch mcconnell,
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the minority leader of republican himself, had a death wish that was the direct quote for backing democrat plans on spending. so there's very heated, increasingly violent, violent rhetoric. and there is more and more indication that people are believing that violence could be legitimate means to enforce their will. this comes against the backdrop of warnings, the head of the mid term elections and increasing doubts on the legitimacy of some of the election results. those doubts were disproven in the 2020 elections, but the legend of the so called big steel clearly lives on a calico now reporting for us in washington. thank you so much. now russia says that has completed its call up of 300000 military reservists. defense
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minister sir j show who says over 80000 reserve troops have already been deployed to ukraine. the rest are still in training. vladimir putin issued the mobilization order last month to be thought, brush and forces in ukraine. the call up lead to protest and also prompted tens of thousands to feed the country campaigning. 8 in the way and brazil's presidential election one off, left as challenger luis, in nasty lula to silver as pulling ahead of the current right wing leader j edible to nato lula has promised to strengthen environmental protections. give more rights to indigenous people and raise taxes on the rich. he previously served as president and had a corruption conviction overturned. critics able scenario has marginalized indigenous tribes, and led to business over exploit the amazon rain forest. opponents, condemned bolton, iris handling of the pandemic. so viola you look for, well,
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let's cross over to we edition arrow and speak to the deputies. right, you got your hand ramirez your hand. how are people there looking at this one election? what's the feeling? paula rice in positions. i've been talking to many people today and yesterday since i got here to ravage an error and you find paula rice and procedures on one hand, those who are convinced that lola the silver former president left this candidate is going to win the election on, on the other hand that those who support valuable to narrow take for granted their re election off the current president. but beyond those political to see shows, i think that most of them, most of brazilians that have concerns about the piece of the country, went to happen on monday. after the results will be announced, because once on again, so on again, the president joe, you basel narrow, has implied that he wouldn't concede in the face of fun. eventually the feed he has
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said repeat once. and again, that's the key loss as it is because something was one run in the electoral process . so there are those concerns, but we are hot now to wait and see one more day, 2 more days to, to, to day election a day. and just talk us through how via 2 candidates have been carrying out, think they are campaigns in the final days violence. i mean, violence would be at the heart of this elektra campaigns. sadly, for brazilians, it hasn't been, they political debating what has been at the heart of this campaign, and i'm taking that just above the violence. and i know this is in fact, sir, we have seen even our supporter been killed during this a presidential race. and especially the speech of folds, candidates have have been very, very violent to day to night. we have the last presidential ah, debate between the lula, the silver and joe boats in iraq. we have now respected something more than again
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a tax along each other. so it has been a very violent, a very difficult and dirty political campaign and just talk us through, depending on which side wins. what would this mean for a brazil this election election goes beyond brazil, actually, it is very, very important for latin america, an eventual victory for leasing. naso lulu, the silver would be a major victory for the left in the continent. we have seen many congress in latin america turning to the left and the reason, ah mont, saint e r. honda. if the brazil torn stood let, let's remember, prison is the largest democracy in latin america and the biggest economy in the region. so it would be a major victory for the laughter. if jerry bos, narrow ways, he could be the confirmation up here friday at winds up policies, and also a major change for the continent. k that is a company is your hand ramirez in rio de janeiro. thank you. i work with his
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reminder of our top story. the sour it on mosque has competed his $44000000000.00 takeover off twitter. the test, the founder has begun by firing a string of senior twitter executives. he says he wants to limit sent the ship onto the social media platform. you're watching the adobe news slide from berlin up. next is d w. news. asia aussie says about 3 people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away as the border families playing on the tax in syria for these.


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