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tv   Cant Pay Wont Pay  Deutsche Welle  October 28, 2022 8:15pm-8:50pm CEST

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and a whole lot of shaken going on. louis was credited with making rock and roll the dominant american pop music of the 1950s. his rags to riches life story was not without controversy though. he faced a scandal when he married his 13 year old cousin, the 3rd of his 7 marriages. lewis died in his harm in mississippi. what she did of it is live from berlin coming up next. is a documentary called can't pay about pay looking at the history of taxation. thanks for watching. i'll see says i have been threatened. i have been better because we tried to to show 3 of face mafia all over the world. environmentalists are in danger. the enemy,
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roofless corporations, corrupt government agencies, and criminal cartels. targeted environmentalists in danger starts october 29th on d. w. ah. ah . greason the in the 1980s, driven by gordon unemployment working people from all over the country took to the streets. they started in liverpool and marched on london. the situation was explosive. the working class, which had been born during the industrial revolution, was taking his stand to defend its rights. with
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the service i should wait for you in this state. when you say job's wife, same brave home, destroyed by the policy of this voucher government. margaret, such as economic model was born out of the 1929 crosses. now, following the upheavals of the previous decade, choate was reviving its tiskus basil. this was on this on exactly what happened in the 1900 seventy's. optimism of the economic miracle years subsided. the same time economic seriously. milton friedman was from high up, put forward a counter theory, the less date, the better this clash of new development and theories lead to paradise island high believed that a big state was a threat to freedom. he valued freedom even above equality. and i think that that value meant that he constructed
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a sort of theory of how the economy should work, which we now call less a fair or the washington consensus, or that sort of very liberal tradition of economic policy making that we should let markets do their business and let individuals make their choices. his famous book, the road to serfdom, had a big influence on margaret thatcher as well as a finish that she took office as prime minister in may. 979. she implemented hyatt principles, comp, privatization, and to return to a pre world war 2 minimal state to redone. she's a very big figure in british history because she was really the 1st person who told britain, after many decades of decline, that actually britain shouldn't accept that it will forever be declining. it can turn it around. and then she, you know, in a very tough way said that some hard medicine had to be taken. some difficult
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decisions had to be taken by industry about taxation about government spending. and so the 1st country to introduce the 5th state also became the 1st to try to replicate it some 50 years later. to do this, she had to 1st strike a blow to the trade unions in her eyes. they represented a form of socialism. when she planned to close 20 mines, which were deemed on profit of $80000.00 minus, went on strike the longest strike in british history. it lasted from 1984 to 1985. using all her power, thatcher, crushed at the tragic results. 3 did. 20000 injured 11300 arrested, a 100 year old workers trade union culture was being suffocated. and the people simply shrugged. under mrs. thatcher, the welfare state was regarded as some getting something for nothing. it was regarded as a disincentive to works or if he were given benefits,
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you would not be not be interested in working so, so she reset everything really. the biggest thing she did and the most kind of unnoticed, almost because it wasn't can, if people didn't kind of put it all together was to privatize massive corporations which had been state run. it was always sold in a way that made it seem. am that it wasn't quite giving it all away? oh she did. they cancel housing. she did it with the utility and she did it with his gas. she did it, firm telecom's and for local council, she, again, part of the state less government met lower taxes and less money for public services. that she began drastically lowering the tax rate for those with the highest incomes . and for companies, inequality increased almost immediately. if you look at the sort of a,
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a measure of inequality of britain over the 1980s, it was one of the most sharp increases inequality anywhere on the planet in there. so these were savage policies when you get to the end of that. and she introduces this thing called the poll tax, which effectively makes it even more expensive for poor people to have houses. the fact she governments poll tax called for a per capita housing tax, a tax per individual, regardless of income, and no longer her household. thus it resembled the english pole tax of the middle ages, basically taking money from, from the poor and giving her to the rich. it was the opposite of robin hood. it was so obvious to people that they were going to get enormous bills. oh, and that's why the post as movement took house off across the country and in many places since nobody, even instigating
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a be amazed at people's suddenly kind say. and they put aide what people do in those situations and have done so at history again is i'm not going to pay it. and the slogan became, am, can't pay, won't pay. ah, with no self proclaimed leader like today's yellow vests in france, the pole tax revolt by past party politics, massive demonstrations like the one in trafalgar square in march 1990 turned into ryan government realized belatedly, that they, they had taken a step too far and that they needed to kind of her back down. and of course, it also played into the whole politics within the conservative party about margaret thatcher, who sort of had outlived her purpose. i think the poll tax protest to
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succeeded with the trade unions had failed. in the end, they brought down the fetch government. but the legacy of fetches neo liberality, ology, something she shared with ronald reagan left a lasting mark on the nations political life. in germany to neo liberals promised an economic upswing and prosperity. on november, the 9th 1989, the berlin wall felt the liberation of the people in the g. d. out was followed by re unification. something that was widespread celebration in really good to in a few hours, a dream will become reality. now, after more than 40, better years at the vision, german jumped, our fatherland is reunited. i am in the midst of all this euphoria, the governments of the east and west still had to find some common ground
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of your mac and i. and then we are creasing and economic and monetary unions when you decide to your fuel monday day by this means we will introduce the deutsche mark that into east germany, knowing full well that its economy was no competitor. certainly the did a on his congruence vague walk, this monetary union, imposed by the west wood to the detriment of the east, which had to adapt quickly to a market economy. when by fritz wiser, the, i need to know mark to there are sturgeon verges. for example, the traditional markets, these german economy kilometers from one day to the next day. and if west germany, farms are allowed to buy off from a small east german for then it is clear, of course that the west germany is accumulating much greater prosperity than east germany are to our storage land. during his election campaign, helmut kohl had promised east germans that the market economy would bring them prosperity to finance the re unification he introduced in your tax
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each day he bought a gig, rob sanford resident, that i can sort who has all is against it all. then argued that such a solidarity surcharge was needed to bring the budget back into some sort of order in the medium term in order to bring in the new solidarity tax. all sali was paid by all germans based on income. it was seen differently in the west than in the east. many west general felt that they were carrying the burden of re unification. while in the east, people were grappling with an entirely new social system in the mid 19 eighties, neoliberalism and privatization also too cold in france, unemployment and poverty skyrocketed with societies, inequality becoming increasingly pronounced. french people were going hungry, but it wasn't the government who came to the rescue. rather an actor who went by the name of kalu stepped in. he created aristo sticker or restaurants of the
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heart. a french charity, which distributed food to those in need. for the shallow hewn for me all dress, if i like russia is all these unemployed people with families, not homeless people go, we prefer to keep our groceries instead of prepared food, eating here with the family. which shame here, i think you pick up groceries and no one knows it was a donation. awful. let me in 1009, he the social security contributions of the work as an employer's was no longer enough to cover social security and unemployment benefits. so prime minister michel ro, car a socialist, created a new tax. the c s g. this is very clear, mean a socket one and it's so oh, celsius g was introduced in 1990 in that and as a type of income tax is proportional and non progressive. the tax rate remains the same regardless of income level. it is a tax is executed, but it goes into the coffers of the social security system and not into the state
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covers. they brought it to you if the school is own reorganize, so to speak, in order to be able to finance an ever larger part of social security through tax situation and not only through social security contribution, it's not bound equities as also so this meant that the financing with social security was moving away from the model that had been in place since the 2nd world war 5 years later, as you pay plan was intended to push this change even further. we love was it the like, was it? yes. fraud is at a crossroads. love. yes. france to day has only the choice between change who decline regular? ah ah, the will cause rebelled. seeing the plan is a diminishment of their social rights. within 24 hours, 2000000 people were out on the streets. something not seen since may 1968. the
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unions brought france to a standstill force in the government to dropped as you pay plan, which would have also raised the retirement age for civil servants. 30 years later, the retirement age, still a contentious topic. oh my god, i'm just being fleeced. i get 1902 euros pension and i pay $550.00 euros rent. i'll starve to death. and i worked 40 years in a hospital with another though i have been working since i was 15 years old. i will be $62.00 and as t contributions for 47 years. 15 years we've been retired. there hasn't been a dime of increase. and today you want to saddle us with a social security tax as a married couple get used to our complaints until we're dead. i am a widow. please don't cut what little money our poor husband slave so hard for in full to 2 years of hard work. but never been a drainage study. i've earned my retirement fair and square don't destroy the
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system. with the signing of the master treaty in 1992, the welfare state was further eroded. the treaty enabled the free movement of goods, people and capitol within the european union, a win for the audience chief thatcher and reagan. such arizona reagan is almost a, such are ism, and reagan is amazing. i mean, the regulations, the fleming softening board in carbon government protectionism for blood, the market sorted out the only the companies growth is a plan benefit key york that makes for high profits, which have held some emerging markets prosper me. you would allow developing countries to come industrialized and grow. a comment also has drawbacks you design, especially when it comes to taxes at that moment. your tax age now playing almost dominate ra hip on the weakening capital taxation net. phoebe. it deprives
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countries of any ability to collect their taxes on that gap at regardless of their social market is i'm book, is that what they can good? when would they also sell their check? be on january 1st, 2002. the euro was launched. one single currency which immediately facilitated the free movement of capital with the exception of britain, which didn't adopt the euro member states gave up the prerogative of controlling their own currency. that was in the common market. no provisions were made for protecting member countries. text systems luck was short, will be n s. ed. okay, do something funny. the construction of the european union should have been accompanied by social and fiscal legislation that did not happen. work was only done on trade regulations to combat state monopolies if war and remove restrictions on the movement of goods vote no thought at all was given to the impact this might have on corporate structures law. but if a company has a space thick in which it can move freely and can locate its production in
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a country where employees cost less and there are fewer social security contributions and non wage labor costs, the m one, then it will set up its production. there are there that was if there are no taxes on intellectual property in another country. if that's a bits holding company, they're presented as a result in the e. u has created a new set of structures for corporations, all including internationally, operating french corporation to the will. p competing will process. and at the last minute to keep friends attractive to its own professionals. the government began granting special fiscal dispensations. this led to a boom in tax exemptions. ah lou polity do belong to present, present pre, so shoot to fit, do, or politicians are becoming increasingly powerless due to the strong influence of you legislation. so one of the few ways to respond to the demand for tax cuts i did
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is to give tax. great. notice it's easy to do that. if i just pass it looked good and that i was being danville dickens, that is a political tool to serve tax cutting interests. the problem, unfortunately, we category is that only a few benefit result isn't that the general public key does not benefit if you're golden and diligent on, reduces she stay systems of very complex and lead to great justices lives. understand how tax expenditure amounts to a $100000000000.00 euros. so me as one parliamentarian puts it in a nutshell, me behind every tax li park looks a dog l. yeah, sure. the old principle of fair taxation, a legacy of the french revolution, began to disappear. meanwhile, the quest, a tax optimization, opened up new horizons for some leg from complex edison fragment that even rules are complicated to you. they are varies, and they are global at the same time do accordingly. and there are many who take advantage of the situation. this is legal means assume they are not tax of eaters
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will fill up. the tax optimizations have been only ensures that they pay as little tax as possible to acquire you. they basically just make use of what the legal framework as a liar, look them at the fair the tax optimization of large corporations had a direct impact on the people who have all g 8 in g 20 countries support multinational corporations playing labor markets off against each other the global north against the south, the so lane remaining competitive in germany with the unemployment rate after reunification was 12 percent. chancellor schroeder government introduced measures targeting unemployment benefits and labor costs. and when in 2005 the heart's full reforms were announced. the middle class understood it too, could be threatened with poverty the only hip at all for the house, few of i will defer the of its laws. the real threat of hearts fought was not for the unemployed ocean. rather,
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the threat lay in the consequences for the labor market to such sheely floors as a result of hearts for a low wage sector established itself in germany, especially in saxony. um, our legal or the strategy of the state government at the time, i believe it was to sell. saxony hung up the low wage state. look here, people work here for less money to get. we then have hourly wages here or for euro, 6 euros, or zix. these were considered completely normal. so that was the real consequence of hans fork of an outfit. of a she spread in saxony, unhappy wiping out the last vestiges of the east german social model. the reduction of labor costs heard the poor 1st dish. no did origin of child morgan. i did not only the german social democracy, stopped at social costs as a creed, the skin it also applies to the party socially into in other words, the social democratic party. in france, as she knows of it, it is just as true of the spanish socialist workers party awareness. it is also
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true of the italian communist, whoever you look on monday. at one point they fallen for the dilution of neoliberalism dom written thus abandoned the thinking of the social democrats and socialists of game awe. with the decline of social democracy. the idea of using taxation to redistribute wealth and thus reducing equality was gradually fading. in 2005 europeans were asked to vote on common european constitution vote is in denmark, the netherlands and france rejected it. ah, it is. but what is the people's vote would when the market is focused on the movement of goods and capital? barely 2 years later, the treaty of lisbon was signed
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a near copy of the treaty that was rejected by voters. this fudging of the democratic process would have consequences by 2019 the yellow vests were convinced that representative democracy wasn't really working. a vote on a new e u. treaty that is inclusive and most importantly does not distort the outcome of the vote. a new constitution that also allows for referendums, no more invisible nps, they should talk with the citizens. one term only abolished the constitutional monarchy. the yellow vests revived political debate from crisis to crisis. the link between taxation and politics became more and more clear that financial crisis of 2009 may declare that there is globalization without regulation. santiago rather, there is globalization, thanks to the regular, really good as deregulation had arousing effect on markets. starting with
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the real estate market in the 2 thousands banks with the backing it there, governments drove citizens into debt for home ownership, with adjustable rate mortgages. you either got the good to meet all genji. as the number of loans exploded, interest rates rose, benefiting the banks and the markets, but hurting debtors home owners who could no longer afford their mortgages in 2000 a night. the number of people defaulting on their payments, multiplied true in the world wide sub prime financial crisis. the entire banking system was on the brink government's rush to save the banks, keeping them afloat with public money. much of what remained of countries welfare states was sacrificed to save the bankers. britain was at the forefront of bailing out their financial institutions. some of the most powerful in the world. don't decimate the welfare state a chance in front of the treasury. yet this is exactly what george osborne,
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the tory chancellor, was planning with his 30 program. it was a big moment my 1st budget standing there. i was a little nervous and i also knew i had to announce and rather surprise, a country that we're going to do a whole set of difficult things like raised the retirement age for people who hold public sector pay the pay of the nurses and the teachers flat incl, mister taxes that some very rich people paid. all these things are not easy to announce. and i think people were expecting me to do it in over many different announcements over several years. and i did it in one go. when it came to debt reduction in germany, the approach was strict. finance minister most can show bella was following the same course as george osborne mia liberalism was on the rise at the expense of the most vulnerable. on an up that did i did, one of the federal government mastered the crisis. well,
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thanks to some great economic achievement culture by with the use of part time work programs youth. many investment eats on many investment programs. examinable as well as with incentives for consumption and investments for social security. absolutely. master the crisis. good demise them with wolfgang show, a blur in charge of germany's finances is 0 deficit concept was set in stone, a strictly balanced budget mechanism to put the brakes on debt became part of the chairman constitution for a decade. it was represented visually with a debt clock is a show, it was i, i am boyd of her. that's man. the rich after july storms fish's debt clock is more of a symbol of the importance of balancing economic performance for a tax burden of citizens sampling. and the behavior of society were forced out and the death clock is based on the idea that you shouldn't get into excessive depth. that's money that you always have to make sure that i can repay the debt. you tick on monday, the demon can. these read numbers symbolizes the political action as implemented in
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financial or leasing, as political as instrument. above all the clock symbolizes the german tax credo of the last decade, which you spending at all costs. in france, nicholas suckers, these government chose not to focus on reducing debt, deciding instead to bail out the banks. and the rich. the finance mystery came up with the tax reform that limited the tax paid by the wealthiest introducing a tax cap said at 50 percent of their income. i pulled a look more, there shows just image that origin klemmer's i forced into of systematically raising taxes is a bad solution with a finance minister must find other ways to pack them up properly to do so. you must be able to generate enough political strengths to avoid an excess of public love your missile and allow the country to take another pas. democracy must be efficient with the citizens. money for come from your household,
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pays to much tax minute. the not money does not flow until the private sector. the money then does not benefit the economy and does not enable wealth to increase john to be passed on to one's children. individuals can no longer freely dispose of the money that i have, i believe are fonder don't fraud than a roar. can i give you? this tax cat went hand in hand with the reduction in social spending prescribed by the austerity policies imposed on the entire european union. a growing number of people was slipping into poverty. so workers endured austerity, they endured, restrain pay, reduce public services. where on the other hand, there were these massive subsidies going to the financial sector. say you have this really peculiar world that you know obscene world really, where the workers are punished when they didn't cause the crisis and finances rewarded than it did, could cause the crisis ah,
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to offset these policies favoring the wealthiest and demonstrate that the rich would have to contribute as well, each member states supported an initiative to rein in tax havens launched by the o e cd. that is on follicle on them enough on that you see a metal found. so a success in 2009 for the dressing tax evasion in switzerland, luxembourg, singapore, hong kong, cayman islands. bermuda given i could list 50 more countries in india, it was due to a strong political dynamic triggered by the shocking banking crisis. if you go the on the pallet what to put like, gosh, or here's all the country bizarre, where the government by right wingers are left with. yeah. we can't get billions of euros to bail out. bank was under the same time watch these banks help people not pay their taxes. are taxable asian it up on this last remarks that so the g 20 was supposed to make a list of which countries it made progress in the 1990 s. if. if in which not is a nicotine is deplete upon you the for it's ok buffet program for
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a threesome only wanted to pres for switzerland to me. friday, march 13th, 29. was looking back a very important data on them. that was when our government in the swiss federal council give a press conference and announced that from now on switzerland will comply with the we c d standard. the book, the theme as article $26.00 of the model tax convention. for the avoidance of double taxation that even this article says this does, the states must exchange information and tax matters is good. and importantly, who cannot invoke banking secrecy a circumvent the exchange of the question back in may 2015 very soon after the doctor, switzerland. even went so far as to see, we know also except the standard of an automatic exchange of information. automatic dawson m, like i fire field when there are ways to create a tech saving close to home luxembourg lewis companies with tax advantages. ah. either i know that could be me,
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quita or sandra. it is not normal for small states in europe to divert billions of euros in tax revenue from other state which in turn provide the human capital and expertise for europe. who trained the people who then work in these tax havens in equally, not only are the small states diverting tax revenue, but they are also not compensating at an e u level for the app that they have stolen today, tony tax rivalry within the european union created a tense and balance after the 2009 financial crisis, the banks was stronger than ever, and the rich just kept getting rich young people felt cheated. populism was on the right thing, came a harsh blow for the youth, breaks it in 2016, the british government put membership in the e. u to a vote remain is faced off, would leave it. the latter persuaded voters, the b e. u was to blame for the dismantling of the welfare state,
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which had actually been decline since margaret thatcher. time. one of the things that po, the leave people come by and all was this idea the 350000000 pounds a week to be spent on the, in a chess instead of going to brussels. they worked out some spurious figure, although actually a lot of the money we gave to bruce brussels or was given to brussels in tax, was actually given back through european structural fun. on june 23rd 2016, a majority voted in favor of briggs. it the northeast of england, formerly a labor stronghold, had tit the scales. ah, ah, gemini, was also still divided. 30 years after re unification,
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there was still aussies and vices. ah, this divide plight into the hands of the ifd, the right when populist alternative, the germany party, ah, the 120 ifd on the ifd is in or starts and stagger. we have the ifd and germany start until the sd is stronger in eastern germany. the ifd, but not because people in eastern germany more susceptible to the f b. it's because when, when people feel that they are socially excluded, ya'll ask a grand, send them wages a lot, resend that era. renton, the pensions are no good. that's in the overall of their living conditions are not good, but then you put a protest as thursdays which are that is social inequality is of the root of the i as these as s in the through the motor ifd a few
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foreigners combined with the dissatisfaction with texas, and suddenly the ifd rose in popularity. the movement carried a tone similar to that of the briggs advised in the u. k. and was particularly strong in disadvantage parts of the country. in france, that was the increase in the carbon tax in 2018 which highlighted the country's divide. those who relied on cars started protesting. it was the beginning of the yellow vest movement is political agenda would grow to include other grievances as well. the she does on the see on kit cost to not whatever she skull nakeila versus are a kind of tax reporting to them. it's a reaction to an increase in taxes, which is seen as unfair by a portion of the population. roy, it goes on in an environment with a very high tax per, is in low satisfaction, where the state visit such overheated reactions occur. korea was, we know from the yellow version decision. lots of that,
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that's of the 1st attack on top of tax on top of tax. that was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. there was already rumbling before that thought i didn't take to the streets because of the carbon tax, but because of the elevator. yeah. so they saw, but i think many at home were waiting angrily in front of their computers for it was highly. i've been ranting for ages and thinking, when will it all explode? all surface ah, desperation mobilized the people and is dangerous to restore fiscal justice. we must meet capitalism or moral or destroy it enough with the tax cuts. why not a basic income, especially for young people, aged $16.00 to $25.00, strengthen the civil service, close tax loopholes they are privileged for the rich. i thought i had
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a to say on the repeal at then, did we climb the head when you took the truck africa? in 30 minutes on d. w. o. the green. do you feel worried about the planning? me too. i'm neil. host of the on the green fence of coast, and to me it's clear we need to change the solutions or out the join me for a deep dive into the green transformation. for me to do for the band with b. o.
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this is the w news live from berlin tonight us house speaker, nancy pelosi, her husband attacked inside their home. an intruder broke into the couple of san francisco home earlier today and used to hammer to beat paul holmbsee elise now investigating whether this was a.


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