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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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a little bit targeted. environmentalists in danger starts october 29th on d. w. ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. russia says it's a draft is complete for now. moscow says more than $80000.00 reservists are already on the front lines after prudence controversial mobilization order to boost troop number's worth of war in ukraine. now, on the show, brazil's amazon rain forest under attack fires and illegal walking or causing rapid
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destruction. now the forest future is at stake in this weekend, hence runoff election. ah. hello, i'm clare richardson. thank you so much for joining us. russia says it has completed its call up of 300000 military reservists. defense minister survey showing who says over 80000 reserve proves have already been deployed to ukraine when the rest are still in training. vladimir putin issued the mobilization order last month to be fought russian forces in ukraine. the call up led to protest, prompting hundreds of thousands to flee the country to avoid it. for more on this, let's bring indeed, the russia analyst konstantin exits in vilnius lithuania, constantine, russia says its mobilization of new recruits is now complete. i remind as wide as
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conscription was so controversial. well, it was controversial because no one expected it before, but the idea was that russia's mostly professional army will tackle the war in the grain on itself. there were no more general mobilizations or even partial, ah, mobilizations of such scale. ah, since the 2nd world war in i would say that the only one that is comparable is mobilization of for the war in afghanistan was a sorry, june and conducted in the eighty's. and it was completely unexpected society and it wasn't in the controversial one civil reason before that this war was just wearing television accompany your dinner. and after that, this world became suddenly became a reality for millions of russian families, which actually many of them do support pollutants war. and this, to
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a large extent changed how the see the situation and 82000 of those recruits are already in ukraine, according to the russian defense minister. and where have they been sent and how much of a difference do you think they're going to make to the war effort? well, i think that they were sent to mostly of those areas of ukraine like the have song is up, patricia ob, lusts are that put him essentially. and next, if you weeks ago, they are supposed to boost the frontline and judging by all reports of russian and international media and a testing one is from the ground. these people, of course, are not prepared to fight their family, trained, even those of them who have small military experience from previous service. let's see, the saw the russian army in the ninety's early to thousands. they're being sent to black holes in a russian defense is in their role essentially
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a pardon my saying that is a cannon for their full more professional soldiers that do operate more sophisticated weapons and and, and do fight ukrainians. i think that's one of the indications that we have from the battle ground is that a lot of these formations that actually use as a kind of teasing a target for let's say you bring in of hillary ukrainian motors or ukranian drones . and this just serves to discover ukrainian positions so they can be hit by professional russian forces. this is a fool, those people who were cold up of course not would be expected. konstantin, i got for us in vilnius. thank you so much for that update. while iranians living in ukraine are demanding their government stop supplying russia with attack drones in frames as it has shot down, hundreds of iranian drones launched by moscow. a terran insists it is not providing
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russia with the weapons the blood of ukrainians is on your hands. that's the cry from a rainy and protest is in cave as rushes. drone attacks and ukraine continue. caves, wisdom allies, including the european union and the united states, claim. iran is supplying the weapons of sola so, but boylen, this is especially painful for us. the iranian people living here, the country we were born in, and the regime now in power is seemed in drawings to kill us, our friends and acquaintances, and keep us in iran denies that it's producing the drones which have become a key weapon for russia in the past month, the invaders have often used them to tag a crucial energy infrastructure. ukraine has been pushing back with from september 13th when the 5th shaheed, 136, kamikaze drone was shot down. until today. we have shot down more than 300 shaheed
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drones. there fools burger you're asking for here. still seeing with the should be . are you standing along side one of the down? we fins president volota me. zalinski says 30 drawings was seen by russia in 2 days with defeats courses, shooting 23 of them down. nearly the ukrainian government has given iran a formal demand to stop supplying the drawings to russia. this is for to brazil now, where presidential candidates have faced off in their final televised debate ahead of sundays run off elections. right wing incumbent dire ball scenario and has left as challenger louise ignacio lula da silva, repeatedly called each other liars. and another fiery tv ex appearance a warmer present lula has promised to strengthen environmental protection, giving a right to indigent peoples, and raise taxes on the wreck. he is seeking a major come back after sending 18 months in jail on overturned,
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controversial corruption charges. wilson aro, has marginalized indigenous group, and i grow business over exploit the amazon rain forest will also condemned wilson r. o handling of the pandemic in which i've been 100000 brazilians who died. oh, you know the use? johan ramirez is reporting for us from rio. he watched that final debate and he set out what a victory for lulu or bull snarl will mean for the future of the country. a victory for lunar hill with the 1st and foremost a vindication for him. his political parcher. let's remember that he was convicted for a corruption case gets back up here to prison. so becoming president now would be and the taxes are coming back for him, but also major victory for the laughter here in the country and in latin america. let's remember that many countries in the recent months and years in latin america have turned to the left us. so brazil turn to the left. it was the very person. this is the largest democracy of the region. on the other hand,
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a potential victory off a job o scenario would be, would be the consolidation of their far rights in the country and a confirmation for his controversial way of doing politics. so this is a very important election, not just the embrace, lola or bar scenario. this is very important also for latin america, because as i said, this is the largest democracy, ethnic continent, also the main economy of the region. so what happens in brazil has an insight into whole continents. johan ramirez reporting their environmental essay, the outcome of brazil's presidential election could decide the fate of the world's largest rain forest. the amazon plays a crucial role in soaking up carbon and stabilizing the world's climate. but deforestation of the amazon has soared under incumbent shire both and aro, who has rolled back environmental protections and promoted deforestation, or fires are raging in the rain forest right now. and then in over a decade and far as farmers clear land for cultivation,
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those fires can often burn out of control. armed with only a bucket molina ever coolly ana was trying to save her home as the flames draw nearer. but her house is completely surround it because the fires have beginning closer for days. the wind is especially scary. molina and her husband, wellington se they know who's responsible for this fire and brazil's amazon estate . it's the farmers who deliberately burned the jungle off. now the fire has reached us. deforestation of the amazon rain forest and brazil has increased by nearly 50 percent since last year. that's the highest rate of destruction in 15 years, according to the environmental n g o e amazon. in the neighboring state, the indigenous kara puna people are witnessing the devastation 1st hand. their land is under state protection, but every day loggers encroach on their land and chopped down the most valuable
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trees. to visit the la garza during ice so that later they can sell the logs legally in the way back soon to pick up this log into the tribal leader andre harpooner is worried in recent years, these criminals have become increasingly ruthless and indigenous territories with here they took away the best log screen log and then so everything else on fire. so they couldn't find cattle here. the car of who no people live far away from the big cities and receive almost no support from the bull sanara government. woods but h u t. that we are fighting for our rights to our land coupon, but even in court instead of food. however, if congress continued as plans,
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goals and weakens to protect things, dorchester road and h was chartres will lose allowed their goods be in the air as they had the brazil's agricultural lobbyists have been trying to get such a law passed for months without success. so far back at molina and wellington's house, the fires are growing more threatening as the winds pick up. wrapping paper at 1st only the dry grass was burning. now a few minutes later and everything as on fire, it will be weeks until it rains and the fires in the region retreat again. let's bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world's tropical storm. now guy has killed at least 72 people in the philippines. a countries disaster agency has sent in flash floods and lands lives left dozens injured and war missing. scientists have warned that typhoons are becoming more powerful as the world gets warmer because of climate change. nigeria is struggling
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to contain an outbreak of cholera as a contends with its worst flooding in a decade. it's estimated that a 1000000 people are at risk from the illness which causes severe diarrhea and vomiting. many of those forced from their homes by the floods have moved into temporary camps. taiwan has invited chinese vets to the island to help treat a sick panda. twan twan is bought to have a brain tumor. invitation is an unusual act of pendant, diplomacy during a time of frosty relations between china and taiwan. b. u. s. president joe biden and lawmakers from across the political. i'll have condemned a violent attack on the husband of us. how speaker nancy pelosi. police say they found a man beating 82 year old paul policy with a hammer at the couple's house in san francisco. he's now recovering after surgery for a skull fracture and arm injuries. police a,
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the attack was not random. the intruder allegedly had demanded to see nancy pelosi it was here, but the pelosi san francisco home, the police say they found the husband of the us house speaker, and another man grappling over a hammer. the alleged intruder is then said to have broken free and started beating the 82 year old before offices intervened. our officers immediately tackle the suspect disarmed him, took him to the custody, requested emergency backup and rendered medical a. all pelosi suffered a fractured skull and severe injuries to his right arm and hands. he's expected to make a full recovery after undergoing successful surgery. the suspect is now facing a series of charges including attempted homicide assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. he's reported to a broken in looking for nancy pelosi, but
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a motive is yet to be established. enough is enough. has it up, every person of good conscience, nature, clearly an ambiguous will stand up against violence in our policy regardless why your politics are all all of us together. as a merc knowing paul, nancy, the families i do. they're tough as they come. we're praying for rock domestic for his full recovery. nancy pelosi, who is 2nd line to the presidency and one of the most high profile democratic party politicians in the u. s. was in washington at the time of the attack and amongst americas fee, broad, political atmosphere. she's become the focus of hate campaigns and propaganda. the
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how speak is now understood to be at her husband's bedside in san francisco. as colds growing for her and her family to be given more security and protection. attorneys update as our coming up next. our technology series shift, stay tuned for that. i'll be back with more news headlines in 45 minutes time for watching with the country that will host the world. you offer these once you visit, you never forget enough of them caught.


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