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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2022 10:45pm-11:16pm CEST

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for refer people to analyzing the island, the french period bridge period, dutch, and then come a period where mercia talks really transforming itself and that period is from the post independent candidate. so motion architecture is quite brief. we have one specific definition, creating an architecture that works within the indian ocean context. he's challenging to use your managers and his buildings like the regions 1st scenario. ah, it is the project which is quite unique to complexity. one foot of its overall surface area is dedicated to technical spaces. so that was a starting point during the staying how to translate those technical complexities into design. that was one of the biggest challenge, how a building, which is so functional, yet to translate it into something which is an experience of what mercia is about.
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origins, where we come from, where we currently. oh, and sharing that with the rest of the world. ah, i'm moving through my feature. how does this a bring you my top 5 favorite stories from ad, from ag? we have some incredible art galleries and one of my favorite space to pop in see is wallet and that a designer that expresses how creates a play a little cloud is doreen my. she got were made up with her on the beautiful islands of that 3 bar. i just look at nature. nature never asked, can i be yellow? can i grow a bit taller? you know, so it's just like the universe decides in nature. dream
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machine guy is one of the most recognizable residents of the island of zanzibar profession. brand of the same name is inspired by for healy culture and the sights and sounds of this beautiful island that she calls home to day and obey a sample then maybe tomorrow or the day after. i can come and pick the rest. i decided reset the cheek in the heart of thought, found zanzibar because number one, it po, number 2, it's american ford of different cultures. and it's exactly that. the sense where i really draw my inspiration from either from local people or even tories for visit our beautiful island. zanzibar is a land of many contrasts, old and new, traditional and modern coexist side by side and nonchalant hominy. this wonderful island is the perfect backdrop for darwin's vibrant and colorful designs. i always look for those 3 things, histories carter and heritage. and you will see that in our designs,
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that we use the very famous fabric known as conga congo designs always uses a mode of communication in the past. and even today, you would see that, you know, the congress, as you saw, that, you know, some of them are quite sassy, you know, and some of them have words of encouragement. for example, the congo that i was actually working on today has something to say about, like, you know, it's talking about hoping that this will becomes peaceful. so it's really sometimes about the moment we represent africa to the world by assuring that we stay true to the textile and its origin and weight comes from. so for example, you see design would keep the wording of the congress and it brings that brings the conversation wherever i go, because 1st of all is for healing. and people ask me why do have these words and i
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tell them what it means in our culture. in that it's used as a mode of communication, especially for women, because in some parts of my society, women can be very vocal. so when you have a message on the congress, it's a way of maybe telling something to a neighbor or to husband or to your mother in law. dorinda design fair as signature island feel. they are like crazy and a wash with color and print. they people homage to her africans and i can tell the story all zanzibar in fashion so you will see that sometimes we would incorporate some hand work that is very popular here. you'd find it maybe on the fisherman boss kit. and i also take color with me, but it also takes the congo print with me and express it when it's on stage. born and raised in tanzania, doreen, my,
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she carlita spend time in switzerland studying and working. she is now part of a going home bound african diaspora actually thought it from switzerland where i used to work in private banking. and i was involved together with a in a team that was into luxury good. so i was already exposed to the designers, the way that we went to milan. i had the chance to meet at that time the, you know, a creative director of gucci, you know, and all the fashion st. okay, let's try and fold this very quick and see what it looks like because i always like to wear my clothes like i just say with short sleeves. it's very hot is on the golf course for the pattern mixing part of unexpected colors is the most effective part of design. in fact, on if to me it's fun and simple, but i can understand that to others. it's complicated. i would really like to 1st of all, inspire more and more people to be very bold
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and go out there and do what they want, whether it's fashion or art. but we would like to make sure that we have a wider footage in the continent. and of course, also around the world. one of my final favorite spots, especially after a long day is right here, where i can look to wants to hand is where to not have something to eat my signature called cell and relax. no better place to bring you my last story from the streets of gonna re imagined popular st food this he said, look out for been that way. why take you? so what is a good gunner? but i did what increased to it, which i call watchable guy. with
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the last he said, it's a chef you know, see a suburb of a crowd that and what is more than gone. no better pleased to give the traditional guardian days of watching new and delicious to west historical watch. it is to no more more than regional gone. but now this meal, as enjoyed from all the 16 region. ah, there is why to remake as the vision of chefs. and while it packs the symbol conditional part, asked your original chefs to lassie how to read class for best humble dish. ah, me my experience between y t as a young kid not cra b y t auditor. yeah. so the 1st time i,
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i tried to put really nice. i was working with my dad and he bought it and i had to put in the air force to be a critical thing when i came in. yeah, i wanted to do something different. that is all the less than that. but has, has it look up to you, but that was what came to mind and then what you bought. it didn't take last long on things on the one of this record, right? why this we make will be a bad one. the wasn't very suggested. i was filled with excitement because basically where i'm african restaurants were trying to recreate what the dishes about food. but home version of a year ago was the last the joy and he's cited that he would make wasi plus. so on
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tuesdays we offer something called watching bog down. that's why t but as a 34. busy so you have a welcome drink, you have the watching whether you want to face or goes be. and then it is that. so then that started a year ago. the demand for watching has, has actually become even more of a best seller. you need your being, you need to right, and you need your millet needs to be done making pounds, but i wanted to have that international fuel to maintain the look out. so we we took cocoanut milk and then at because we changed the me because they were whitey, guess you'll be secure tragedy. huge august,
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believe garbage. and then you take the lead out and they add your right. and then you add, i think your thought then does it lane what it together for about 10 minutes or so by the year. and we add a little twist and add a little bit of job on the, on the add on to milton, just to spicy them. yeah, food are on my office by know i was really craving for them to watch you. so i came here just to have it was like the free to watch it, mainly being the right with us one when you think the watching without the few or is it all those feel in there and it's very, very special and the friends and you can only get to pick up here today. next time you visit god to talk any to the new we all the jaw in this traditional meal to
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your list. it's been an absolute pleasure sharing with you my favorite story so far on aftermath as well as showing you around. my sister had is taken out on d w dot com, forward slash after my full name time. ah ah ah ah, with
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ah mm. with who enter the conflict zone with sebastian the death of a young iranian woman in police custody spots weeks of violent protest in iran and
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around the world. palmer, i'm the professor around university blames the western nato, aggravating the process of fair iran denies supplying jones to moscow. i take in the ukraine, russian war conflict zone in 30 minutes on d. w. b a. i have been threatened. i have been beaten. i have been taken straight it because we try to show the face of mafia all over the world. environmentalists are in danger. the enemy, roofless corporations corrupted government agencies and criminal cartels. targeted environmentalists in danger. 60 minute w. with
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enjoying the view she can take to look at this tv highlights every week in your inbox. subscribe now. on the green, ah, do you feel worried about the planet we to i'm kneel, host of the, on the grievance of cost. and to me, it's clear. we need to change the solutions or out that join me predict, dive into the green transformation for me to do with the country that will host the world. i will have these once you visit, you never forget it. up cause between transformation and exploitation. factor combines the modern day present with the traditional pattern. none of my friends has died about so the thing does happen some times between education and
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tradition. between cosmopolitan fleer and captivating wilderness. the portrait of the desert to state full of contradictions. guitar starts november 11th on d, w. ah, ah, ah, this is d w. news line from berlin, hollowing celebrations turned a tragedy in south korea. nearly 150 are crushed to death as a crowd surges forward in the capital, sol. many of the victims suffered heart failure and russia suspends an
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international deal ukrainian green exports. moscow says the move is in retaliation for a drone attack on its navy. the agreement helped seize the global food crisis. environment our back at the top on the, on the top rather, the voters league thanks to high school when the kids, mice will have all the goals and much more coming up at our sports news. ah, i'm here until them welcome to the program. we begin with news of a catastrophe unfolding and south korea. they are officials say at least 146 people have been killed in a crowd stampede. during halloween celebrations, the crush happened at a party hot spot in the capital, sol, eye witness the same street crowd. streets rather were so crowded. it was difficult for ambulance to get through. now we have
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a warning for you. this report includes some images. the viewers may find upsetting the. it was supposed to be a celebration, but ended in tragedy. the late night party goers were crushed by a crowd pushing forward in the heart of soul. excitement was building in the run up to the 1st helloween, after 2 years toned down by colbert 19 restrictions. just before midnight, local time, dozens of people fell unconscious in an alley. authorities are still trying to find out exactly what happened. emergency workers tried to revive the victims who have suffered cardiac arrest in the cares of the narrow st.
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medical teams, i feel taking many of the injured to hospital earlier journalists, william gallow in with the voice of american soul, told me more about what happened really, we don't have a lot of detail yet. all we know happened about 10 pm, where the story is again to get a lot of emergency all crowded club district with narrow alley ways. there are reports that it was sort of a downhill in wine when the stampede started. and from there it was the k i n c still has come down a little bit as if we were, i am where officials are sort of updating the media and providing the latest figures as very recently there were still bodies being loaded and ambulances in this area would not be surprising. all right, so you are at the scene of the stampede right now gives us give us a sense of what the situation is in the area at the moment. well, this is
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a party going area on the weekends. i would say there's a lot of foreigners, but also a lot of korean, especially of halloween. though. why the bizarre situation even hours later here i am the many people who will remain dressed up in their halloween, austin. and like many are still in club having a good time, sort of on the friends, isn't that others are sort of the day, many people to live, right? not knowing what's going on, there's a lot of frustration, but honestly, a lot of people are drunk and so it's very confusing, really nightmare see. all right, that was william gallow reporting to for us from sol. thank you very much for that update. russia has announced its pulling out of an international agreement which allows ukraine to export millions of tons of grain. the kremlin says the moves in retaliation for an attack against black sea fleet. ukraine says russia is using a false pretext to block its exports.
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m, these grainy exports were guaranteed safe passage out of ukraine under the international agreement. now the kremlin sees, the deal is off. the defense ministry claims ukraine and britain attacked it's black sea fleet. and the occupied crimea, suspension of the agreement signed months ago to 8th, the global food crisis could mean no more shipments of ukrainian grain. the kremlin also accuses britain of being involved and explosions in the north stream gas pipeline. last month. i mean issues in 4 months it was through the british navy, took part in planning and carrying out the terrorist attack in the baltic sea on september the 26th, well aimed at blowing up the notes dream pipeline supposedly will go over all of those little garden this year and they put the well, britain rejects that claim outright saying the russian ministry of defense is
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resorting to peddling false claims on an epic scale. this invented story says more about arguments going on inside the russian government than it does about the west . the united nations is worried about ukrainian grain now, not reaching world markets at once. the deal to be extended saying it's a critical humanitarian if it been hodges as a former u. s. military commander in europe, or that, or he told me about russia's motives for pulling out of the grain deal. well, the, the gremlins goal is always been to exert maximum pressure on, on all the capitals of the west to, to lose the will to continue supporting ukraine. i mean, they, they see that they're losing, the russian military is losing, in every single category of this conflict. so they've resorted to the missile strikes against energy infrastructure of ukraine, blocking grain shipments,
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doing everything they can to cause us. and also by the way, the. busy threats to use a nuclear weapon, all of these are intended to cause the west to lose the will to support the grain or to, to stretch out the conflict for as long as possible. that's how, that's how desperate they are. they have no other real options. so, so losing on the battlefield. let's take a look now. it's some other new stories making headlines around the world. for israelis and palestinians were injured in a gun attack in the west bank city of had a bron security forces shot dead. the sealant israel says the government open fire your check point in the city, which is a home to hard line jewish settlers. at least 29 people have been killed by 2 car bombs and the smaller capitol. nobody shoe dockers targeted. the education ministry, the 2nd blast hit as emergency services helped victims of the 1st. the islam group alger bob regularly carries out attacks there,
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but has not yet claimed responsibility. south africa is celebrating the coordination of a new king of the zulus. king misses, who is the 9th monarch and the 1st to be crowned in democratic south africa. thousands of revelers joined the festivities in durban prisons. room poster has given me some official recognition. 2 months after he took the throat or south africa corresponded increased, told me more about the significance of the coronation. hey, absolutely. erin, a truly historic moment here in south africa, the last coronation of a zulu king happened in 1971. those were the days of the apartheid era, and where the wide minority regime acknowledged the existence of the zulu kingdom. but they also made it clear back then to the king. they want him to do the ceremony in a suit in a western attire. to day, we saw a stark contrast to that it was a true celebration of zulu kosher not only the new king himself, but thousands of zune was showing up in their traditional outfits celebrating their
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new king. and just to put it a bit into context every 5th south african is in fact as you know, so it is the largest ethnic group in the country. all right, now walk us through this for people not familiar with south africa society. what rule exactly does the zulu king play to day in south africa? so the south african government regulates traditional leadership in the country. they acknowledged basically, aids kingdoms and monarchs. and they also do pay for them the zulu kingdom as the biggest $1.00. and they receive about $3000000.00 euros every year to run their affairs. but the rule of the king is largely a ceremonial rule. he is however, sort of a moral authority, a very important one for the zonal people as well. for example, last mancy already addressed issues of gender based violence. so he can kind of set the agenda, talk about important issues. and during his speech to day, the new king also pointed out some major problems in the zulu land. but often south
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africa had large unemployment poverty and lack of trust into the government, but also into traditional authorities. so he is likely trying to address that in the future. but on the other hand, he does still have some power, especially when it comes to the point of lands. there's a special arrangement in questions that are, that is basically the heart of the zulu kingdom, 30 percent of the land o l. and there is owens, by a specific trust that is controlled by the king himself. ah, ah, the right, we start with the bonus league. it were raining champions, byron munich, hosted minds, knowing victory would send them back to the top of the table. barnes, critics say they've lacked a cutting edge this season, but in an 8 gold thriller, the bavarian showed that they still pac some serious firepower by ins. players welcome mines to the alley and serena, hoping the raucous home atmosphere would lift them to a 3rd straight. boone is league a victory, and a repay the faithful after just 5 minutes. said can every slotting home from close
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range? the germany international sport strike of the leak campaign opened the scores. it was to nil before the half hour mark jamal museum. finding the bottom corner, after a neat exchange with eric maxime to promoting a death touch and an unstoppable finish. sorry man, i was harpooned in the mind serious. surely before half time and a senegalese took the penalty himself scoring of the rebound to put by and 3 up minds they got a penalty themselves. whence then all i smacked jonathan burkhart? the account did the honest too only for all i had to pay over the bar nightmare by ins. bands glee was short lived, however, as sil than whitman nodded home from the resulting corner. 31 at the break. mine speck in it longer it sca swiftly restored by an striegel lead off to the brake, a towering header from the germany man. a perfectly floated cross,
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t grit scrub re. second of the bundles legal season. substitute mathis tell got in on the actual on the 79 minutes, the teenager shots getting a little help on its way through at 82nd minute finish from moccasin bots and gave mites respite from the onslaught. travelling fan celebrated as if they were leading . but by and went down there to promoting, made it 62 in the dying moments, just reward for a fine performance job done for you. leon nozzles man sighed. i message to the competition. wire lever cousins. waffle star to the campaign, continued with a to no defeated, abbey lapses, liver cruise, and we're 3rd in the bonus league last season, but are at the opposite end. this term after a 2nd defeat already. leipzig, 2nd goal came in late in the game, courtesy of germany. striker timo, vienna, in contrast to leave a cruise in leipzig are now flying after they also changed coach just a few weeks ago. now, let's check out the results from the other. one is like
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a games played so far this weekend, dorman produced a hard fought to one when at funk foot. improving voice would be lowly bo hm. stuttgart edged away from trouble with a late to one wind over augsburg, and on friday berman ended a 3 game losing streak against hatter, berlin, when you in berlin are in action on sunday, when there are 3 games in total. and here's a quick look at the buddhist league. a table with 3 matches still to be completed this weekend. byron lead the way again, but when you can take back top spot on sunday. doormen, leap frog frankfurt into 3rd and life's ish are up to 6th. at the other and leave a who's an are already looking in real bother they sit in the relegation, playoff spot, or only squared of worse fate. by bull hm. also losing and now let's check out some other stories. mold of sports in the women's bonus,
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legal hoffen. i'm sealed ali 33, draw against i'm tough. frankfurt, caterina nation things. volley mid frankfurt blue with the chance to leap for voice board at the top. and in tennis, daniel madrid of his powered into the vienna open final after beating clay, go to me put off in straight sets the top seed needed just 85 minutes to seal victory. the russian looks in good form for the atp finals. next month denmark's a birthday kid shot appeal, but it's in triumph at the will triathlon cup event in japan. she prevailed despite choppy conditions for the ocean swim of let's i getting section and fast run helped her make up ground and seal gold. and here's reminder of the top story we're following for you at this hour. officials in south korea say at least 146 people have been killed in a crowd stampede. during halloween celebrations, many of those crushed died of heart failure. i witness to seek streets and sol.
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we're so crowded that it was difficult for ambulances to get through and you're up to date coming up. next are technology show shift looks at how digital recording can help to preserve moments front and by climate change. and if you want more news, remember there's always our website that's d w dot com. or of course you can check us out on social media where our handle is at the w news. i'm here until in berlin, behalf of me and the entire news team. thanks for watching we've got some hot tips for your bucket list ah, romantic corner chat.


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