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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2022 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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ah, ah ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, south korea in morning, after halloween celebrations, turn to tragedy. more than 150 people are killed in a crowd surge in the capital. so most of them young people. on a night after the death toll of twin car bombings in the somali capital mogadishu rises to a 100 somali as president vows defeat the al. sure, bob millage england, after he claims responsibility for the attack and international condemnation. after russia suspends a deal on ukrainian green exports,
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moscow says the move is in retaliation for a drone attack on its navy. ah, welcome to our viewers around the world. i'm michael ok. south korea has declared a period of national mourning for the victims of a crowd church during halloween celebrations in the capital. so the crush happened in a narrow alley way in a district of the south korean capital it tie one. it's a popular night life area and often attracts large numbers of visitors. an investigation is now underway into what caused the tragedy. a warning that this report includes distressing images. oh, it was a night of youthful revelry. that turned into a real life horror story. when a crush in the south korean capital soul left over 150 dead
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around 800000 people, a thought to have flocked to the narrow alley ways of it's. i won what happened next in the streets remains and clear. but as dozens of young people collapsed, strangers administered cpr to those in need. witnesses described scenes of chaos unfolding on the streets around them. toys re game you're around, denby. and what we saw was like a scene from a movie in front of laura del, over there, written down. it was like things that happened using a wall. they were doing cpr, and people were rushing around and nothing was being contained there. and it was completely out of control why it wasn't on the, on the story, people on it, it will. and i turned around and i had told the crowd,
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i come this way. people had thought go there in there. oh that it was south korean president units took you all visited the scene before announcing a period of national morning jimenez from noah angel as president who was responsible for people's lives and safety. how my heart is heavy and i struggled to go. but my grief tomblin on the garden was designate the beard from today until the accident is brought under control as a beard of national morning had all gone wrong and replace top priority in administrative of as it was in recovery and followed measures was have always war who's octo chair traditionally over 350 missing person reports had been filed since saturday night. so while the country begins to come to terms with a national tragedy,
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for the families of those and accounted for all they can do is wait for the news. nobody wants to hear earlier. reuters news agency correspondent josh smith told us how the tragedy unfolded. so investigators have still not pinpointed any specific incident or even whether there was something specific that spark woman. but what we've heard from witnesses has been that basically people were crammed into that tight alley way all through the evening. and then eventually it got to a point where people at the top of a kind of slope still there, begin to fall, creating a crush of bodies eventually at the bottom of that tight alley way, where you had to credibly heartbreaking scenes of emergency workers trying to pull people free from a literal pile of bodies. some people are conscious,
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obviously some people and others who were injured in that some way we said they were trapped in there for as much as an hour and a half. and so i did see that we saw on here the whole now in that 153 there, continued to be some seriously injured people in the hospital. so that could still ride. you can understand why survivors are likening it to a movie scene. we also understand that many people have been reported missing and their relatives are desperately wanting to hear news about them. how are the authorities dealing with the search? fortunately, by this evening, we've been told that the vast majority of the people who died happening identified . and there's only a small handful where they're still trying to contact family members. however, when we visited some of the missing persons facilities throughout the city today,
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they were certainly heartbreaking of desperation by parents and other family members. friends seeking any kind of word from their loved ones. in many cases, these were community centers that are staffed by bureaucrats normally do things like register birth certificates or new apartments. and they were pressed into helping gather information and collect information. i'm missing persons and are dealing face to face with really distraught and parents and family members who are finding out the 1st time that in many cases the children had been i can't imagine how much else is being talked about today in south korea. how is the country reacting to what happened? it's certainly a bit of a state of shock. we've seen a lot of cancellation of bearing festivities. this was, of course, part of our hollowing celebration, which is not really a big holiday in south korea. but it's been kind of increasingly become part of the
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goal, taking part in different parties and cost and parties, things like that over the weekend where we had major companies as well at schools, things like that. cancel a bunch of following thing, activities and other promotion. so we're expecting to see that last, at least through the period that president would have designated as a period of morning and also ex answers to the political by students. how did this happen? what was the official response, including an apparent lack of some police crowd control in that area? right? josh smith, corresponding for reuters. many, many thanks somali as president says, the death toll has risen to at least a 100 after 2 car bombs hit the capital. mogadishu, on saturday, hundreds more people were injured. the al qaeda linked, al sure bob extremist group has claimed responsibility for the attack.
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darrow struck in the heart of the somali capital do gars loaded with explosives door to a busy intersection near several government offices. the force blast had the education ministry compound. several minutes later came the 2nd explosion. just as ambulances started to arrive, the cloud of smoke shows the power of the blossoms. ah, i was in the area when the 1st explosion went off. after that, i ran away, i saw many dead people, but i don't know the exact number. may god have mercy on the dead people and help the injured. this is the dead. he is attacking somalia since a truck bombing at the same spot in 2017 killed more than 500 people dozens of people gathered outside hospitals to search for missing loved ones.
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claiming responsibility for the attack, the archive, the linked, ultra bob group, quality, education, ministry, and enemy bees that receive support from non muslim countries. somalia president visited the site of the blast and vowed to continue fighting the islamists laconia high. that so, maria, we and the muslim somali people are war with these man in the mechanical goose fish, as good as we speak with fighting is going on in many parts of the country. i mean, did, aka, while the president, as government forces a winning, why does, from the group continued to steve attacks on military government and civilian targets around up now, some of the other world news headlines, the candidates in brazil's presidential election have cast their votes. challenger
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louisa, nashville lula da silva, is facing a tight runoff boat against the far right incumbent jaw. your boss in hour. more than a 120000000 brazilians are expected to cast ballads in what's being called a pivotal election. cruise in the philippines were still working sunday, to rescue people trapped by flooding. in the wake of tropical storm now got at least 48 people died and hundreds of others were injured in the storm. 18 bodies were recovered from just one village after it was hit by much western powers have criticized russia's decision to halt a deal allowing ukraine to export grain from ports in the black sea. the kremlin says it suspending the agreement in retaliation for a drone attack against its fleet moored off the coast of occupied crimea. u foreign policy chief, joseph burrell, called on russia to reverse its decision to help avoid a global from crisis. and
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u. s. secretary of state antony blinking, urged moscow to stop weapon ising food. the un brokered grain deal has seen more than 9000000 tons of grain exported from ukraine during the war and helped to bring down surging global food prices. now joined by joseph glover, a senior research fellow at the international food policy research institute in washington d. c. joseph glover. what does this mean exactly, for the world grain supplies? your michael, i think were, you know, the real positive aspects of this grandiose after months. where you claim was unable to export anything out of the black sea. or, you know, of a sudden great story florida you had mentioned about 9000000 tons of upgrading oil suits, have been export it out through the portion of it. so since august 1st, and that's good news for not just those countries receiving that grain,
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which include a lot of countries in the middle east, north africa, and sub saharan africa and other parts of the world. but also good news for consumers worldwide. just because that more is price. well, no doubt the repercussions of this will radiated corners around the globe. but give us an example of where people will now feel the impact the most from the collapse of this deal. well, i think in the countries that it does grain, you know, to receive grain from from ukraine that that is now tied up again, they are going to have to seek alternative suppliers. now that in the past, good news is countries have been able to find alternative sources. so we in mason, in farley and other other products. but again, is the question how much they have to pay for that exact means they have to source it for more expensive suppliers and that comes out of treasury's of those countries
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. one of course is always dealing with an ever changing situation when it comes to war. time, so do you see any way the grain deal could in fact be salvage? well, you know, you're probably well aware for the last several weeks, russia has threatened to pull out of the grain deal deal. it was scheduled to expire the mid november. and the question, there was a very good question about whether or not russia would renew the agreement. i think that, you know, russia has wanted to see some changes in the agreement for one day. like they would like to see the ability to export and hydrogen ammonia. rubio doesn't words from their plants on the go. there's a long pipeline that traditionally they, they export that way. so there are things that russia would like to see changes.
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but again, the broader issue of course is the word so ok, many, many things that is a joseph glover from the international food policy research institute in washington d. c. thanks michael. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you. south korea is morning at least a 153 people killed in a crash in the capitol. so an investigation is underway into the cause of this. and pete and a night life hot spot where huge crowds had gathered for halloween celebrations. most of the victims were in their teens and twenties. don't forget, you can always get d w news on the go. just download our app from google play or from the apple app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news.
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up next is our technology show chef living in the digital age. we'll take a look at how 3 d scans, drones and artificial intelligence can be used to create digital backups of monuments threatened by climate change. a michael ok for me and the rest of the berlin news team. thanks so much for watching. more news in 45 minutes. i'm just kinda, i want, that's hard and in the end the some me, you are not a lot us to you and more we will send you back her. are you familiar with this smokey's reliance of the what's your story. ready ready


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