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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2022 3:30am-4:01am CET

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as we take on the world i, we're all about the stories that matter to you. with those who we are, your is actually on fire mines. ah ah, this is focus on europe. i'm lar bubba lola, welcome. as the war in ukraine rages on, we've seen men on the front lines and millions of women's fling with their children
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. but that's not the full picture. societal norms are being rapidly redefined as a result of the conflict. women are performing vital roles and have proved a crucial part of the war effort. an increasing number of women are undergoing weapons training and tens of thousands are now fighting for their country against russia. well, the war has changed the landscape and other professions as well. for a long time, many jobs were considered to be male domain only. some were even officially off limits for women. discrimination is a reality in victoria coin profession. but she is determined to break down those barriers and is becoming a trailblazer in her line of work. victoria is showing that gender equality is not only fair. it is essential each time she starts work is a moment of validation for victoria calling. she's ukraine's 1st female trained co
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driver until recently sexy regulations banned women from the job. it was considered risky to their reproductive health. now in the war, it really is dangerous. for every one on the trains. boulevard got i level of washcloth, it's hard mentally and physically because you very often hear the air raid siren a ye accused that a war i've even seen when missiles head of an alibi that they jak, we try to suppress these emotions and continue our work because it's not just about our lives. are those that are what are the lives of the passenger is sitting behind us also depend on us is that you are society. it is not what it's as i mentioned was panama. victoria had to try many times before she could even study for her dream. john yeah, the all of that, but they were baja thought when i was applying to many universities and colleges and asking if they could teach me them all of their popella to lend. everyone said
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the same thing is sima yi casala know you're a woman that need, that was it. so we did a good mobile, i did give a non one of shannon was ugly youth gazelle at that then. and one school said they did not have the right to refuse me with a view of what time they could not promise that i would ever work in this profession. i didn't get the what is a laugh. only now be say mom should the boys but novice not abundant. but by the time she graduated, the old soviet iraq ban and women doing suit. jobs had been dropped. victorious started as a co driver, a few months before rush invaded in february buffalo to put attention to passengers . our destination is rebeca station on time of departure from keith is 18. 27. william. there is a lot to do. the update log books checked the speed of the train, the signals, the electrical contact line and speak to passengers. and if something were to
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happen to driver she'd have to take over to like yes but john. oh, but she misses. ha ha. at the beginning, men treated me suspiciously because they didn't believe that we can do the same jobs that they can't use. and that was let even live up on the you can get a lot of asian can. and women also didn't think that in our patriarchal society, we could take on such positions, jacqueline, or just shot them more. there's a lot that by avenue that keep asada, ukraine's women are becoming more visible everywhere. hugley sank when expert on gender study says the necessities of war are changing society. oh, yeah, because also something, you know, it's an interconnected process. started meaning that women who are on the front line become role models for civilian women in regional. but also those women in the military, they want to see examples of women in civilian professions. they want examples of women in traditionally male professions, outside of the military,
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told me what my staff members, school were when the victim of, of severe only anna also wants to be part of that process. she graduated in economics, but 2 years ago decided to join the army as well, and is now an active duty. she served in the key free agent at the start of the war when the russians try to invade the capital. although i have looked, i set up checkpoints prepared molotov cocktails, helped order medicine, helped elderly people. it was a mixture of both military and civilian task, asking what she says. now, even though the russians are food that way, her current job is much more difficult. lamb was feel by said this like we talked to parents whose child has died alone and we organized funerals. sasha, i'd rather be at checkpoints than speaking with the parents of dead soldiers in. she says she feels it's important for women to serve in the military to break gender cliches. but she says civilian women who want to volunteer are being turned
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away. why men are taken on. alexa, if you'll just show up at a conscription office and tell them that you want to serve, no one will take you. if you have no experience, they simply won't believe in you. it's probably part of the skeptical attitude towards women where sca fitness always is you know, back on to train it. slight. victoria's shift will be at least 12 hours today. although let them narrow trains have become a vital form of transport in this war. and there is never enough staff, nobody, he cares whether it's a man or a woman in charge. saline says it doesn't make any difference at all. it. no singer is the same to me if it's a man or woman, as long as they can do the job genie long as of this palazzo horrible death. i was our little zynga soon. there's nothing wrong with the woman driving the train. this is just work, work is work or both of the see her what this little boil. victoria sat,
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she will still need to push hard to make it from the co driver to driver. that top job is still done by a man, one more share born. it's been that it hasn't completely changed yet, but if we still need a lot more time. ah, yeah, yeah, we need to raise a new generation, a young generation with the idea that women have the same rights as ma'am has. it's like it's hillary game, i think your family victoria is pushing through the unknown, but she says there is a brighter future for ukrainian women. one day, she will become a trained driver while gender roles are also under scrutiny in turkey, female musicians are facing discrimination with their concerts being canceled more frequently than their male counterparts. women with liberal and critical voices are
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especially affected as our female artists who are considered to be provocative. images like bees draw the ire of islamic conservative politicians and turkey ahead of shows in places like the city of dana artists are fraught with nerves. not knowing if authorities will pull the plug at the last minute. oh, a final sang chick turkish singer. okay. okay. yeah. and her band are getting ready to perform. but will the concert in the southern turkish city of atlanta really take place in recent months? many of okay, yas performances have been cancelled often at short notice. oh man, it man i read on twitter the night before. i come sit on mans in that it was canceled for them to get their log. lou, because there it shows. it's pretty rough every time today. i mean the been user rented audit, the equipment is on its way. the musicians are booked up and then all of the sudden
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it's forbidden due to some regulations that we legit. ha, they a circle on the to them are more concerts and festivals have been banned and turkey this year than ever before. just the list of canceled music festivals, aluminum long. in past years, many were attended by tens of thousands of people. the fans are usually justified by protecting public order. but elca acadia is suspicious. it be high. it started the oldest that they tried to impose a certain way of life on us, visible high up tires itself. and female singers who are affected by the prohibitions thought a lot of them because these people think women should stay at home. i love sham daughter's good, louisa. sions who stand up for fair and free conditions? i will also affected it's taken as criticism of the government, and this is how they're silent to the bottom. the says kissimay children can help singer gulshan is a thorn in the sight of the ruling. religious conservatives under turkish president
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red chip tape or to one for another reason. prove government media outlets claim her outfits violate the values of the people. she is currently being tried in court for allegedly making disparaging remarks about his lamar, religious schools. the islamist party, who the par welcomes the states crackdown for them is a question of morality. it is, i'm, is amanda. become concerned that a little pop these concerts familiarized people with such immorality, significant group. and there is not only a serious economic crisis in the country at the moment, but is what that is. there is also a crisis of morality and decency that will allow, can, could, in this moral crisis, is only exacerbated by such concerts that which are incompatible with our faith and he nasty. i lit him, his elder, consolidated, the other did an issue in the stomach. did it go over? some conservatives in turkey, rock and pet music such as luca. okay. yes. i mean, is as dangerous as drugs. a concert doors and donna say,
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these are just excuses. some fear that turkey is becoming more and more religious them ish with the bands. they want to prevent this part of society and culture from growing the anesthesia that offset a. mama's, can them as a check back with you leave attended homeless concerts in our lives and enjoyed ourselves in the nearby music. some medicaid, kidding me. and of course, a fact that our children might not have the same experiences, worries us again. and then i, this particular concert does take place. freedom is a common theme in ill copy of music, the audience cheers her on. ah, but rock and pop music is increasingly being portrayed as immoral. critical observers suspect this is intended to satisfy conservative voters before next
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year's elections, islamist parties like who the par recognize the opportunity. oh yes, ugh, thumbs down to become consumers get to come out and we shouldn't talk about these bands all the time solutions. instead, we should talk about the alternatives for young people manella. we also organized concert sports and cultural events that are good ones that actually connect young people to their own values. and traditions with shibel muslim, a book until baset, mom and animals elca acadias tour through this turkish province came to an end that evening. the following concert was cancelled this time by the organizers, possibly due to pressure from the authorities building they did leak. they all, i did not just me, he was being slowly deprived of a livelihood. it's my 10 musicians, cement collaborators and them, and their families too low to be on. this policy is simply unlawful and,
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and michelle huck solution but ill takia and many fellow artists and turkey will continue making music despite the threat of being silent. river your head. it's a dream destination for many the mediterranean sea along the italian coast. but beneath the pristine facade, the sea is suffering from over fishing of the coastal town of tallow monee in tuscany. the fragile ecosystem is slowly starting to make a recovery. and this man has played a key role fishermen. paolo, financially, he is fighting to restore balance. but not every one is on board. and so paolo has come up with a unique solution blue pound. if i'm truly works a long day. it's late in the night by the time he returns to the port of tele, monee in his fishing boat, which pow no does more than fish. he's also fighting a legal couch methods,
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particularly the use of troll nets just above the sea bed. his battle has made him lots of enemies. if yesterday he legalities of the illegal fissures hate me hold or they've tried to intimidate me. i've gotten death rebels are, i've been banned from all the fish market, the world. and the worst part is that instead of protecting me and sure, did the authorities have threatened me to do not showing until oral oh, these marble sculptures are at the root of the conflict. how no dropped the man to save fish, stocks, and corals. his method has proven effective because illegal fishes, expensive troll nets get tangled on the sculptures antenna. may see my day. no, no, no personal could be illegal. fissures, don't like me at all and annoy me. the big players don't want me to sink these blocks of marble. these aren't, we're not in the sea because they can't fish anymore because, but they're required to fish 5 kilometers from the coast. my see in the blocks are
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only 500 meters from the shore. i think you limit there are a few questions on i did a lot, eva. paolo has been working the see since he was 15. he seen how industrial fishing has got bigger and bigger in his homeland. meanwhile, the fish scouts have got smaller in smaller, at some point he started catching fall, few fish. it started looking like paolo and other small fishes might not catch enough to survive. that it is very much will fondle. traditional fishing means the net stay above the sea bed without destroying the ecosystem. during industrial fishing hot, it dropped trauma as onto the sea floor. reformed or anything there pulled with chains that way, tons, valley, because that wrecks everything. it all. it's as if a hunter would burn down an entire forest to just to kill wild boar. what should i be locked up? i'm not something gone to protect the sea. i'm still pursue his passion. paolo launched fishing tourism. he takes travellers on his fishing boat and winds
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them over to him. his cause on each voyage he tells of his opponent. mm. it's got thought he legard, the legal fissures, don't even stop at marine protected areas. somebody, the professor, he also tells his guests of halla corey oh, now once gave him $100.00 blocks, map on and how artists from all over the world used them to make sculptures, each weighing several tons. he also recounts how he overcame bureaucratic hurdles and recalls the boat. he used to bring the sculptures out to sea and place them on the sea bed. that's mocked the birth of cas had a passion, palace of fish and under water sculpture pock. fish stokes here have already recovered because the fish can again find safe places to spawn. cloth drop. oh,
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did i know the aim of our work is to protect the sea and restore what humans have destroy the law? i live out to the modest that paolo says, consumers have something to contribute as well. i was wondering when he got back to rory la. it's like, i always say it will save the environment at our own table's not cold, because if we keep eating fish that are cut industrially or formed using hormones in the illegal fissures, will never change their catch methods where separate thought they don't, don't, don't just keep on producing and fishing run using a system that is no longer sustainable up. it's got it. they don't 1500 pixels anybody foresee ah, with how low is strategy has had another consequence to it is been going on with the dolphins have returned because they find lots of pressure loss. they know that there's food for them along the coast tissue. but the ongoing battle against
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illegal fishing has been grueling for paolo the same for $0.33. i often feel sad and disappointed more. but then when i'm with the guests who come on my boat, i get the strength to say, you have to keep on going down north, got a garden, little want in water. so pound oh fun. julie sent off again each morning to save his c or well, the french port city of mar, say, is also picturesque, but troubled. some residency there living in fear as gangs and drugs plague the mediterranean city, or residents are becoming increasingly desperate. and some have opted to isolate themselves in housing complexes fortified by security walls. but that has created a new problem in france, is 2nd largest city has turned mar, say into
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a giant obstacle course. ah, it's early morning and more say tayo is on his way to school. to reach his destination. he needs to get past walls, fences, barriers. it's a veritable obstacle course tales, father is angry. gender plug that is till notate really just arrive at school on tide. aqua was going to not the alternative. we been waking up and leaving the house much earlier. do a bunch of people that i me go, ah, this wall is an obstacle to and many others need to overcome. it restricts access to the residential complex next door. there have been calls to install a door, but the neighbors refused. mm. it was in s. oliver monta, gar, children are me to so ostracized. from a young age, you can trigger criminal behavior already because they feel so rejected till it's
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even suffocated in a. what are you supposed to think when you're treated like a croup throughout your childhood to for central adopted it, but she eventually you start acting like a crook on kind the why you want to go on to love where you live and they will you walls and fences are going up across the city because people fear crime. as of early october, 28 people were killed in marseilles. drug seen this year. vehicles have been torched, car parts stolen apartments broken into pascall in hard works as a caretaker and security guard. he takes us to a residential block. only residents are granted entry through these fences and barriers must have really good. i've seen this neighbor who develop bit by bit year when residential blocks have enough money. they put up barricades only the 1st the install. gates with intercom is f. a n a n at cameras is blocked. i only
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a build fences on the i ipad because these days when you called the police. so i mean the unfortunately won't come mo, road. they're overwhelmed in back from the body, but i yeah. there aren't super wealthy people living in this complex. it's ordinary people, bus drivers and retirees. they're willing to pay a bit more for extra security. dominique ramos welcomes the new key padlocks. he's a retired police officer. he and his wife live on the 7th floor was usually on the rule judging by what i read in the paper every day. marcy isn't a very safe place. we last unique here. especially in the southern part of the city drugs are everywhere. funny dot org our neighborhood is still fine. it's, you know, you, she's got g, i kneel. sometimes the fear of crime looms larger than the actual threat. pascall in hard knows this well. she could or she creepy. should resident start calling the moment a gate when one last beverly them on the asking when it will be fit people worry
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weeks is showing the zone, people feel safer with a gate lift group is about the feeling of security has met on. they need to understand there's no such thing as total safety. an exhibition at this library and more say shows how more and more parts of the city have walled themselves in. areas mart, read are off limits to non residents. will put only de la, saying what many more say streets were built in the 19th and 20th century by the upper middle class who carved up this area. it was, these were private streets levina and the city did not want to integrate them into the public network. and also pay for their maintenance. what can jail on i've what this means, many residents today have the legal right to close off street. the cities hands are tied, though it does have power over new construction projects in the future will withheld permits. the housing projects that are designed as gated communities and it's the
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afternoon schools done for the day. reggie loans jojo is picking up her son d'angelo. she bought a scooter to cover the distance off in the long route ahead of us and takes 2025 minutes. it used to take just 5 minutes on foot, but then this wall was built between the school and their home. well last in that we live over there with they set off past gates and walls and fences. and one is left wondering, are the residents and more say, locking others out with themselves in mm imagine having to part with your pet because you simply can't keep up with the costs. well, more and more people in great britain are now faced with that dilemma. during the pandemic, animal adoption boomed as people search for comfort during
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a locked downs. a back trend has now reversed. the cost of living crisis is leading pet owners to abandon their companions. an animal shelters are struggling to cope. ah, good, long walks. bell arose, gets plenty of those here. the young dog was abandoned in front of his shelter a few days ago. her previous owners likely couldn't afford her any more as dog food and visits to the vet are getting more and more expensive. that's why this london shelter is receiving requests from owners who want to give up their animals every day. an increase of 30 percent in comparison to last year. how desperate people must be actually to give the dog up like that. it is sad that we try to focus on what we can change. we can change the fact that the dog has been abandoned, has been tied to guide the con, change that will we can change the future. so we take the men, we lofton and recessive and fun loving her. this is crucial as spots and animal shelters are scarce with inflation at 10 percent and costs rising fewer and fewer
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people can afford to take in a pat. 9 year old hendrick has been waiting for quite a while. the sofa is quite expensive to to have a pet. i'm cats cost on average pay year around $1500.00 pounds. paid doc around 2000 pounds per year. i was unable to dudley afford them. julia camaro works at the shelter. she brings her 16 year old to all one jack to work with her every day. she adopted him after he was given up during the pandemic . she's seriously worried against the difference of the price of food, the vet fees, re send me the had just like the monthly flea treatment. i can see the prices are more expensive. definitely. i can imagine how hard it must be. and when you read that, they have to choose between their food or their pets. foods. pet food banks are already preparing for the winter as inflation could rise to 13 percent by the end
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of the year. that would affect dog and cat owners to and the already overwhelmed animal shelters, could see even more people giving up their animals. well, that's all for us today. thanks so much for your company and bye for now. ah with
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who is the end of the pandemic in site we show what it could look like will return to normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult
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a success in our weekly coping 19 special in 30 minutes on d w. ah because of the extra for you on her she threw her last breath. ah, she breathed mamma and at that moment i lost her children, played in the pile of toxic waste, which was full of arsenic lead. and mercury went out of the ways it came from sweden. business, how toxic waste poison i am sitting in 75 minutes on d. w. love has no limit. a love as for everybody. love is life. i love matters and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn char,
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mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more survive and deny that this i have invited many a year and well, i guess, and i would like to invite you to an end table. okay. and they get all the harvesters or immigrants, like if they come in, everything you enjoy, eating at home with your family, was harvested by people who are being exploited. a we're gonna need to, we can't keep doing what we're doing for that. we need to be commit sustainable as possible, and that's why your green revolution can absolutely necessary. europe revealed the future is being determined. now, our documentary theories will show you how people, companies and countries are we thinking everything and making made a change with stuff. we don't do something our children won't be able to enjoy
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fresh air. review this week on d w. ah, ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin. pakistan's former prime minister m ron con, survives a shooting at riley. he was wounded as he led a protest demanding snap elections. police have arrested the gunman plus an occupation of fish.


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