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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2022 2:00am-2:15am CET

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ah, many success stories ration of biodiversity say don't starts november 18th. oh d, w ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, u. s. president joe biden says the upcoming midterm election is a defining moment to pull the nation. are the big name, politicians from both parties are campaigning ahead of the crucial boat on tuesday . also coming up iran admits to sending drones to russia,
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says they were sold before the war in ukraine began, and twitter rolls out its new $80.00 a month subscription model. companies also being sued by former employees, often new boss in on mosque laid off nearly half the workforce. ah, i'm really mohammed welcome to the program. you as president joe biden has told a democratic rally that next week's midterm election will be a defining moment for democracy in the united states. he and former president of barack obama hit the campaign trail in the swing state of pennsylvania, making an urgent appeal to voters. democracies only on the bower. this is a fine, a moment for the nation. and we all, we almost speak with one voice regardless of our part. i understand that democracy
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might not seem like your top priority right now, especially when you're worried about paying the bills. but when true, democracy goes away. we've seen throughout history, we've seen around the world when true democracy goes away, people get hurt, it has real consequence. this is not an abstraction. government start telling you what books you can read and which ones you can. different and start getting locked up. reporters start getting locked up if they're not torn the party line. and a former u. s. president. donald trump attended a rally and support of republican candidate, ma'am. at oz, near pittsburgh. trump accused what he called the radical left of destroying the country, and called for a giant red wave to help his party take control of the u. s. senate. all the w mikaela cove. no, was at the rally near pittsburgh and sent us this update. we president headed to
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pen all day long, and this head of the time alexis georgia in congress will be in the household representatives. joe biden. democrats have that right now, but speak a red wave. red su nami carlo. john did hear rally in pennsylvania. trump's message is that he mail, wow, be bad about declaring reps he will indeed potentially run again in 2024 as president obama is trying to use things. but the polls point to the different directions, the democrats are very much on the defensive, to buy them is pulling out a demo play. iran's foreign minister has admitted that the country sold drums to russia,
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but terrified that this happened before the war in ukraine. moscow says it's been using only russian made drones in the conflict with accusations right? that around is supplying russia with drones in its war with ukraine. iran's foreign minister offered his most detailed remarks to date at a defense meeting, inter run or your wheelchair. by thea, regarding the outcry started by some western countries, we're saying the islamic republic of the wrong has provided russia with missiles and drones to help with the war and ukraine. the missile part is completely false. backs in the drone part is true, bella has, we gave a limited number of drones to russia months before the ukraine war. that last more hope that blood zango will crank directly on it. not true, says ukraine's president, who claims that his troops are shooting down 10, a rainy and made drones daily, and that the supplies are ongoing. vladimir zalinski issue this morning to tehran.
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he actually wanting, if iran continues line above the obvious, it means that the world will make even more efforts to investigate the terrorist cooperation between the russian and iranian regimes. and what russia is pain iran for such cooperation, nikiya, these terrorists are their accomplices, cannot remain unpunished. in the modern world, valasics and nebeker, there has been a surge of drone attacks in ukraine in recent weeks targeting energy and civilian infrastructure. western countries have impose sanctions on a ran over alleged sales of the weapons to russia. moscow claims that the drones it uses in combat are russian made, and not ever rainy in origin. around foreign minister says that if there is proof that that's not the case, to ran will not remain indifferent. and staying with the topic, ukraine has some of the richest agricultural land in the world that rushes invasion
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has hit. farmer's hind fields are being burnt, and bonds are becoming the targets of russian strikes. exporting their purchase is the next challenge. a farm inspect? what's left of his livelihood? 3 russia, missiles, hate demitra, augustine coast, grain, stormy odessa. destroying the building. most of the machinery, a nila, his entire harvest. susan is loose, in total, the damage runs to nearly $700000.00 euros. our livelihood is destroyed. how are we to survive? how can we go on? stow stood. dillard farmers have pinned our hopes on demand from abroad. this week, moscow will rejoin the grain agreement with ukraine, allowing keith to safely transport his produce to the world. but the deal will have to be extended in just 2 weeks, yet desist it out. i believe the green agreement will continue in the current
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climate grant is reliant on it. oh so then yeah, so the, but the boy brought the which is t. so to a ukraine, farmers shipping grain in war time is dangerous transport capacity is limited and transportation costs high, but mean farmers get far less for their grain even though there's huge demand for it. so is demitra augustine coke. and so what's left of his harvest? you will only bring in a pittance putins war is threatening global food supplies, and hitting ukraine's farmers ever harder. now the balkan route taken by refugees into the european union, has not been in the spotlight for some time. but it still busy and getting busier. ear officials recorded more than 100000 people without documentation entering the block from the western balkans in the 1st 9 months of this year. zavion visa rules make it easy to go from there into the u. t w's. it wrote safari went to or been of
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us near over over nevada camp near belgrade in serbia. new arrival said o'brien, of that scamp. they have come from around the world. here they get the medical check off or shower something to eat, and somewhere to sleep. hardly any plan to stay north again, we can take around 200 people in our emergency shelters, on average. they stay here for around 2 weeks when people come and people go, so we have enough accommodation capacity. other than bill are 2 of the few long term residents in the camp. they both spend years on their oldenburg, tired of trying to cross dangers borders. they are both a flight for asylum and here give me it is bag lab saw after i decide that i want to rest here because here i am, i am little bit peaceful. bill has also settled here. he flagged the war in syria
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4 years ago and can't go back. he's hoping to stay and work here. sony full in syria. i was a carpenter, and my father was to and i learned the work from him. when i left my country, i plan to go to germinate. okay, but then i decided to stay here. family. they gave me these machines and working space and everything. i wanted to make some sculptures. i'm stay here to work or shutter, homestead, diamond space for cricket, yet everyone is focusing on a different game. that's what they call the very serious business of trying to cross the board. there's into the e u. this is where it starts. this part near belgrade main bar station is where people prepared to travel to towns near the borders with croatia, hungary, and romania, e or countries. there, though bay smugglers thousands of dollars to get across the frontier. nikolai camacho, vicious,
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a belgrade lawyer and refugee activist. what kind of problems you have with will guardian police border men and meeting our pupil with one voice? police? yes, with a stick escapes staves. ne, let your sleep, sir. your search, your strip to where they see a future, what is your plan? our plans to go to the country do peaceful gun. she ran to the stair. say they want to live serbia, not because of violence, but because they see a better chance of finding work in the eel. serbia cannot thought them moving through cisco march of each. so be a cannot do anything so nobody can do anything by themselves need. that's the point . the point is that western balkan region, or balkan region, or europe in union or european region, should design a response which is human rights to record your law friendly. that was the people
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who would continue coming. they are flat from war poverty and persecution. the world over belgrade, it's my station, it's another step, the balkan route, it's open and for many, their best. all this winter to set has launched a subscription service for $8.00 a month, which includes a blue check on verified accounts. the company's new own at the lawn mosque has made the change just ahead of the us mid term elections experts born of a potential spike in disinformation across social media for next week's vote. and there are concerns that the new system could lead to the rise of use as posing as someone else and on verified groups looking to spread false information on the platform. earlier we spoke to sarah roberts, she is the director of the center for critical internet inquiry at the university of california in los angeles. she explained how these layoffs could affect content, moderation on twitter. you know,
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mark has just claimed in the video. sure that there's going to be no change in operations and yet he's to flash the data manager, the daily functioning of twitter, and that includes people who work in the content moderation part of the company. now based on what i've been told, only 15 percent of that direct production level content, moderation team was cut, but the rest of the company is deeply involved in content moderation as well. it's an entire ecosystem. twitter technical policy base human rights based there are legal mandates that need to be met. all of those people are gone. the implications of that is it's a particular kind of pre speech free speech our silicon valley. and what that seems to mean is behavior unfettered by any consequences or rules or guidelines. one must complains about losing revenue from advertisers. it's in fact the advertisers who
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are frightened of being associated with a site like that where rather than free speech, it's really a free for all. this is for scenes now and by and have moved back to the top of the bun to seek a table after 32 victory over hurt our berlin. the bavarian attack continues to impress, but their defense is still struggling to find similar consistency. he's only 19 years old, but jamal marsala is proving to be the face of bynes attack this season. and he wasted no time adding to his tele against hatter in the 12 minutes. poise and palla, seeing the germany a large slice of luck, but they all count and it was the strike. his 5th goal in just fall matches. 3 new binds defense, however, is still trying to slip ups and dirty luca back here, smack time, a stunner on 40 minutes just before the break. a had
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a penalty was awarded. following the video, rephrase intervention. dorothy selker stepping up to bring the schools back to 3 to the 2nd half was a much toucher affair as by and did just enough to secure all 3 points ah, top of the table, pending sundays results binds attack. now has a total of $41.00. gulls at an average of over 3 per game. his reminder of our top story, u. s. president joe biden has told a democratic rally that next week's u. s. midterm elections will be a defining moment for democracy. he and former president brock obama hit the campaign trail in the swing state of pennsylvania, making an urgent appeal to voters in watching de diabetes life from granted, a mighty can't find much more news analysis and video on
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a website that is d w dot com coming up next is the full flight ambria, mama's class watching, unceasing. ah, ah, he's got to use it. i'll say what grade he will.


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