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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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bible sanks to music a cello player. well, i guess the only one i was super lucky and music starts november 19th on d w ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. their ways to save lives in towns in ear after a passenger plane crashes directly into lake victoria. the prime minister says 19 people have died. also coming up. global climate talks beginning in egypt,
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the president of 27 egypt foreign minister calls for more funds to take real action against climate change and more than 140 people waiting and ships of all these host allowed to disembark. mainly minors and duels considered ill, but several 100 more remained stuck in limbo. ah, i am eddie micah junior. welcome to the program authorities in townsend, he, i see at least 19 of the 43 people on board on abilene died after it plunged into the waters of lake victoria. bad weather struck shortly before the plane was due to land in the lakeside town of cobra. with just the top of the plane still above the garages of lake victoria,
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rescue was rushed to save. they still on board. emergency workers and bystanders used right to try to pull the aircraft from the water. while some passengers could be saved for many others, their efforts came too late. this small regional pain plunged into africa's largest lake as it was coming into land. but cobra had put situated right on the lake shore a hm. and when the aircraft was about 100 meters mid air, it encountered problems and bad weather. it was raining and the plane plunged into the water. everything is now under control. let the people and the want officials try to pinpoint the exact cause of the crush. the high death toll has sent shockwave, see the country the past. 80 as on track to be the hottest on record.
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that's one. take away from the world material, logical organizations, new report. it's not a stock warning for wild lead us on the call $27.00 summit stress and the need for less talk and more action. 2020 to another hot year. indeed, the last 8 years have been the warmest on record, driven by record levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. that's a clear warning. according to the world climate report and the effects are being felt everywhere. sea levels are rising fast and the seas themselves are getting hotter. ice sheets and glaciers are melting and extreme weather is multiplying around the globe. the seas have risen world wide by about 10 millimeters in the last 2 years alone. by the end of 2021. worldwide ocean temperatures were at a record high. and marine waves are becoming more common.
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ice melted from greenland to the alps at record levels. glaciers in some parts of europe last 6 percent of their volume between 202120. 22 and polar see eyes fell to its lowest level on record. but most people experienced climate change as extreme weather. much of europe saw rivers dry up as heat waves persisted, and also caused widespread wild fires. meanwhile, pakistan experienced massive flooding. they killed over 1700 people and displaced millions years of drought in east africa have driven almost 20000000 people to extreme food insecurity. has hurricanes last, cuba and the u. s. state of florida just months ago. too hot to
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wet to dry. the climate report says this new normal will only get worse unless government's act fast. in meal a studios dw climates or puerto agit erosion. hello, elliot. i mean 1st, ellis. what are your thoughts on the findings? well, the report for none of this is surprising, the past 8 years looks at be the hottest of our lives in. and what were bearing in mind her that the will, may certainly be among the coldest of the rest of our lives. for scientists have shown this very clearly burning fossil fuels release of gases that like greenhouse around the earth trappings, unlike baking the planet. and all of this makes extreme weather was it makes you levels rise. and this is something scientists have been for decades, oil companies as well. hm. and for decades, but to try to suppress those findings. and now what time does the kind of screaming governments to do is actually put in place policies to stop the v planet?
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heating up and talking about what to do based on the reports. what should that climate conference at gently tackle for the number one thing is reducing the greenhouse gas emission, greenhouse gas pollution, but if heating the planet, and that's one thing that well need is murder they have to do. and the rate which they need to do is astonishing. it's almost hard to wrap your head around how quickly we need to be carbon as economy. how quickly need we need to build enough green clean energy sources like wind, by the solar panels. so we stop burning coal and gas power society uses at the very key people know what to do. it's just not being done. it's not i think for the 1st time compensation for climate related damages on the agenda. what does that mean and why is that important? for rich countries have disproportionately heat the planet by burning fossil fuels, countries like the us countries in the u. k. these country,
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the historic responsibility comes to like germany, where we are right now. there's only 5 countries in the entire world who've been more responsibility. having heat the planet made the victory, whether it's worth, what that means in the countries living today on the front line, the climate change, we're already seeing heat waves get hotter within coastal flood, stronger, and more likely to take away the life livelihood. all of the people, i mean, they have a lot of these countries are asking and demanding even reparations to help pay for the damages they want money to not just to adapt to in a hot well, they're not just to clean up their energy system for the future, but really to pay for the damage of already been made was by the mission from our countries. and what's difficult here and then just the rich countries do not want to pay up. i mean, i would i do with that's exactly what it seems like right, because promises made, they've been broken leaders on the walk in the talk. so here's the thing with all that's happening in the well now talk about the war, rushes, boy, ukraine,
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and everything else happening. do you feel that there's going to be a break to at this climate talks? i think some people have spoken to the little fines that a break for on the car or on indicate of to really for that's going to happen. but what we do see with every one of these climate summits of incremental progress. so countries are under some pressure to come up with big pledges to say that they're going to be carbon either economy to, to say that they're going to do things to help protect forest, to get money out of fossil fuel companies. and so the question really that has to be asked every time is on the promise of enough to do what scientists have shown is necessary for work, lead us to on a dare promise, because they did promise in 2015, that they would try to limit level $1.00 to $1.00 degrees celsius and we're on track really doubled up. ok. feet of you climate report. i did there on jan. thank you. let's look at a stories making headlines around the world. ukraine business was more than 200,
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so just fighting on both sides of the conflict serviceman who fought for russia was sent to the ration you by doing yes. region on sunday. fighting continues in the region with ration s right. i get in power plants and key cities aging how so that it's all martin, despite china's strict 0 covert policy, is the 1st major sporting events since that winds olympics around $50000.00 runners . took part in the race with some, completing the course in face. last for my encourage you as president of the campaign trail in the keys when state of pennsylvania. president joe biden was joined by former president barack obama wanting that the future of democracy is at stake. from our president, donald trump held his own rally, repeating the claims that the 2020 election was stolen
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or several rescue ships with hundreds of migrants on board are stuck in the mediterranean waiting for permission to dock in italy. one german ship has been allowed to dock in sicily and more than 140 people have been allowed to come on land. many others have been refused permission and are still on board. italy's new rights when government has had and it stands on migrations our last month last week now to her mena pawsman coordinator and spoke to 14 mission lifeline which operates that rescue boats. the rise above the ship that's waiting an italian waters with 90 people on board. hello hm. and what, what are the physical and mental states of the people on board right now? hello, and good evening. so as to raise the bath is already since the 3 days with the 93 percent on board outside of the and it went through a big,
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big storm with high waves. the people are now really getting a separate from the camera and also as our ship is in comparison to the other rescue ship to really small ship with only length of 25 meter, you maybe can imagine that the tech space is really, really limited. and so we have 93 people on board, most of them are women and children and it's a really critical situation at the moment. sounds very critical. i didn't get any help in any way while on board. so we have a doctor on board of course that can do some basic stuff that is possible. but at least we had one night before and made it back for one person that collapsed completely. and we can take care of every injuries that can so and just 20 minutes ago i got the message from board that we had another to motivate to do because to
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other person on board because of the weather situation. because this high level of trust also take a lot of stress. and yeah, yeah. now the request for the rise about ship to dog. how so far, not been and said bad about rescued vessel that you money to one was submitted to doc. what are you hearing from authorities? so we always get the same answer from the authorities and this is that they are not responsible for the guests on our ship. that wow. so do you have any idea about what will happen to the people waiting in limbo on your ship? what are the risks the longer this goes on? so the situation is getting more and more critical for the p for the situation is also getting more critical. i think from our to our now we have to
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yeah, we have to assume that all the people are going to suffer a lot more because as i said 3 days, this is already a long period of time. and we are waiting, and we are asking the authorities of italy to advise us the part of safety immediately have enforcement coordinator, and spoke to one for mission lifeline. thank you. thanks to you. ah, now, by an munich, i've moved back to the top of the man's wonderfully got table after a 32 victory of a hat. berlin, barbarians attack continues to impress, but the defense, not so much. he's only 19 years old, but jam almost the allah is proving to be the face of binds attack this season. and
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he wasted no time adding to his tele against hatter in the 12th minutes. poise and palla, seeing the germany international net, his 8th goal of the season, it was to nil. in the 37th minute, eric maxime chick promoting sliding home. and just one minute later he doubled his tele a large slice of luck. but they all can't. and it was the strike his 5th goal in just fall matches. 3, no binds defense, however, is still prior to slip ups. and dirty luca back here, smack time, a stunner on 40 minutes. just before the break, a had a penalty was awarded following the video referees intervention. dorothy selker stepping up to bring the schools back to 3 to the 2nd half was
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a much tighter affair as by and did just enough to secure all 3 points. top of the table, pending sundays results binds attack, now has a total of $41.00 gulls at an average of over 3 per game. this is date of the news life on berlin up next wild stories a week in reports. there's much more news on the websites, d, w dot com, all the latest news and analysis as you go there. check it out. i am mike a junior, i'm a stay tuned for mornings at the top of the hour. and he had a special hot spots in germany, a d, w travel.


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