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tv   Dirty Business  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2022 8:15pm-9:01pm CET

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destroyed our country is being destroyed, biden and the far left lunatic. so waging war on pennsylvania, energy, crashing pennsylvania jobs, gutting, pennsylvania communities and strangling pennsylvania families with soaring prices. like you've never seen before. all the, with the elections just days away. vote his face a fateful choice. lou. this is the dublin hughes life from berlin up next wealth stories the week in reports is much more news on websites. d w dot com for all the latest news on analysis. i am eddie micah junior. stay tuned for more news on the top of the out o, where natural spectacle proved world. the return of the spiky yellow with louse will ensure the survival of the entire ecosystem. one of the many
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success stories from a bastion of bio diversity st. helena starts november 18th on d. w. ah, hope we can close as i need a thump in the city for them. hey, what do you think it is? massive? i don't know who's i but there's lots of austin. they try oxide around here. yeah. are snacking? wow . ah,
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if the 7th avenue, this is the cemetery thing she's buried here. i believe her death was caused by all the arsenic and blood we have here day. you'll see a bay. i still asked myself why i was never allowed to see her medical records. but again, why is that? he was alone. i wasn't even allowed to take a picture of her if she lost her hair due to the chemotherapy and was completely bald later by a ship every time i wanted to take a photo of her. she said no mama, no. she didn't want to have her picture taken that way.
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medical brumbalow on her final day, she said, come with me wait. i said to her later, darling medical. very rarely she asked me if we don't. i said yes. and then i'll be sleeping next to you. she put her head on my shoulder and drew her last breath. did i miss? i looked it was, it was like when a baby says when alma for the 1st time in mamma, a medical smile, she breathed mamma. and at that moment i lost her. you will never forget that. ready ringback ah
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ah no, some old, 14 years ago i began retracing the steps from my home town in sweden's fat to my native country chile, and the desert town of our rica or earth installed adrica full cat said 2 places that have been connected my entire life wanted some unconnected by the mining company, alida, and we'll either mon, the had issue many people hear a sigs and thousands initially. they say it's because of the wasted at their pocket and of all follow their some to the waste that's left over after we finished mining for gold. back at home, after we've extracted the precious metals from the all good mama
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viewed a field, we've made this film on to tell that story for that visa. awesome. hm. okay. yeah. i'll add a yellow to this. i'm yesterday today. yes, that next me is now a lush. happy mantle. my 1st question dear count, you feel about what your country sway jennifer has brought here. okay. what do you mean the toxic waste? cynthia i i think my country's responsible guns. i would an should do something to help all of you as her uncle put it aside with her.
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ah whom amy in the mid 19 eighties when chile was ruled by a military dictatorship, bullied and shipped nearly 20000 tons of toxic sludge to a rica in northern chile till erica. ah. m. the nun hugo halted almosha neat, quicksilver oblique. this lodge contained high levels of arsenic luxury and lead she landscape all logged, promote t malone a corner for lead and paid that she lay in company promo, 1000000 euros to dispose of the toxic waste. but only a fraction of the sludge was processed in promised furnaces, rest them lively kunda box lumped. the rest was simply dumped into
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a pile on the outskirts of a rica and forgotten me. order, scalable studded, except from alice until who's the modern day. and it stopped it forced us project in the years that followed by a densely populated neighbourhood emerged right next to it off was her again live only that ah, had him mom back han, bullied and is a pillar of society. you might say that it helped sustain and provide a living to my community. but what does bullied and have to say about how swedish mining ways ended up on the other side of the world upon does he that you'd be at this afternoon? you're simply not interested in a fair portrayal of this issue or as bleeding as a company was a must do, sir. is bailey?
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that's not true. we described bullied in as an important company that has done a lot for the community here than our big dental school. you know, plan on trying a connection between the people who work for bullied and to day and the situation and oscar gemini, of the. okay, give me a 2nd. i don't think that's fair to the people who work for the company to day with her and that ought to be it that mozilla working on this film. i eventually came into contact with one of bullied and former directors rove the sped buried. was one of those responsible for shipping the toxic sludge to a rica. ah ha ha. we led us to wagner. he returned to over eager because he wanted to see with his own eyes the consequences of his decision. ah, are you the music over there? where it says k 15?
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if you cool, glad i my children used to play there in about a kid on the where did you hear about the young man who died of the tumor in his head? he was also poisoned. will do no one ever told him what was going on. the doctors in santiago didn't say anything because they said it would just affect the people here. uneasy. g o, b, 10 year old children have to take these 3 months and the doctor see that they're insulin resistant. i don't understand what's happening here. there are so many drugs in examination or you know what? i don't understand this one.
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the ellis ross is rove. he doesn't speak spanish. aloud. i heard beth. yes. well metre, then? yes, this, let me, i got she had to have surgery away because of the toxic waste extra nipples grew on her year after mamma. that's why she had surgery did. if she got pregnant, all of these nipples would have produced milk. that's why they had to be removed. i am at it, it isn't your fault. but i can't remember. no, i wouldn't say that. but i feel terribly sad about this bill and very, very angry. if i'd made a different decision, though,
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none of this material would ever have been sent here. no matter again. and when you know, when i go, when he came here to our account, when you eat, told me i came to my house. when we talked for quite a while, they all feel explain the deal to us. we have to tell them who am i remember that he was very emotionally affected after visiting the area and talking to the young people there the after that experience and i think that he said the bulletin has to address the damage done to the people there. for me, it was a question of justice, you know, and human rights. he did he again, when a go. so i went to my teeth. yeah. did i did it month, rodrigo, my sampler and i from from all rodrigo and i have known each other for 14 years. one of him he is from a rica and is an anthropologist. madame somebody be true when i 1st met him,
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he had begun working with the people affected by the toxic waste from sweden. he dog. today he's probably the person who knows the most about the waste scandal, lina rica in chile, both that she lay in state and promo that the company that received the ways were convicted in court. some took him and a small group of victims received compensation for the damage they suffered in elite and their lot on the arbiter men bully them, but bullied and has never been taken to court. i thought a target had o laden has avoided commenting on the a rica case whenever possible. that a committee erica father they probably assumed the case has been forgotten about clump
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with welcome kimberly. hey, you are now, but i, i, i'd like to speak to eva wooten. yes . hey, you wanna? my name is johan, either from carrot, law, firm in stock overflow. understand that you believed in this legal representative? yes. i mean, you can go on the, um, her, i'm calling because of the exports of toxic mining waste to the mid, 1980 chilling partition. i assume you're familiar with that. you thought you all to some of my thumb. i've been looking into this case for a while. i it together with some colleagues from sweden, she lee and the u. s. and we've prepared a lawsuit her against bulletin about from missouri. justice anderson's are come boldly don't ah
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come sir, can said malformations bone and joint pain. the waste that's believed in ship to chile in the 1980. this is dale, causing serious harm to day for 3800 people from a poor community in the desert of northern chile have lost a claim against the swedish company. mm. with this has to it feels good to see that there are people who are pursuing the matter in a way that we as filmmakers aren't able to do it. kenyatta if you don't tito from the court cases the result of 4 years of preparation which began after the release of
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a documentary film. as much as the report showed children played in the pile of toxic waste, which was full of arsenic lead, and mercury with the waste came from sweden and bullied. and none of this would have happened if the waste had stayed in sweden to study. ah, we were struck by how symbolic al representative was of cases of this type. there are many, many situations like this around the world where typically multinational corporations based and developed countries do things overseas that they would never dream about doing in their own country. ah lewis
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gordon lewis gordon is the founder of an american non profit organization backed by private donors that provides legal support to environmental cases around the world . he and a team, a swedish lawyers watched our film yet he can. why are we lee, suitably i wish for each one of whom believe between the outdoor it is very crucial for becoming a violin on savage to me. we have okay. miss young. this was the case i dreamt told when i was in law school to represent the
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weak against the mighty step tried to let him push no kiss in air at sight. it's flattened out. problem with the had a plot. this is you city o f, that bull the place where bullied into waste was kept until 1998. when she lane authorities instructed prom l to move the waste about a kilometer away. lance can mean bought for 14 years before that. the sludge was located next to a residential area, volta islam, methodical nellikka. if you on all the people here say that by that time, toxic dust had spread across the entire area. say that if they had on how to speed it's your middle that a thank you for how to food problem still
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existed? yes. oh. really from before we were talking about when the waste was moved in 1088 and when it arrived here in 1995, before the waste is still here. it's unbelievable when you watch your film. in fact, it's hard to grasp how close the hoses actually are, who not, and nobody there knew anything in color, but nobody knew what it was or some loss of the wind blows from here, straight over there. what can diana say and nobody knew what it was like them back then? there wasn't even any walls when this will help later. mommy, the kids we used to come here to play. mommy, that was easy to get inside went up what he ended up, the children would play her. what were some of the things they would do specifically come, why the m a on people? they were piles where kids would play in the do, all of them in some of them build castles with the minds
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at thought on bon, some of jocilan is one of the many children who grew up in this neighbourhood. in the 1st time i met her, she was 10 years old, the home of t. o. i lived with her family when i was in a rica and the normal one on that. yeah. body with and this class at 10 o'clock. so i watched her grow up on my visits to a rica and soon shew have a baby herself, scone child for bottom, where it is just a little over there. this is simply of the family 1st, because i'm pregnant. my baby is sharing my blood, or you're suffering from drama from that or, and arsenic, and as
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a me arsenic. as anything the now you're going to have a new member of the family. i only wish that the baby is born healthy in. wow. if i figured that i had a film with 3 out of city, i knew that 8000 people and all were tested and 2010 out of 8000 samples or 6600 were examined by lab and santiago means and arsenic was confirmed. some of this will, so in the $6600.00 samples that are arsenic poisoning was confirmed and 12.9 percent of them which is approximately 8 on the 1st. cpp. yes is by 800 the follow the people who are already part of the lawsuit as i just said minority of the local residence, 825 people out of
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a group of 15000 or 18000 different persona. a possible to join a new group of clemons. we can add people who have suffered harm, even though the case is already before the court. in sweden. if you have arsenic levels of 30 or more, you can join the lawsuit. the whole idea with this is a court case we might win or we might lose just like in any lawsuit. okay. oh thank you to think of how many thousands of tons of toxic waste with doors here. it was contaminated with whole teen different heavy metals. we presented the case don't belinda wound up or dealing with a huge company. it has a great deal of power in europe over the next level. celia they the mainland given the opportunity to super legion in a swedish court. that's already
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a success even without knowing what will come of it and guided me now. oh i lost your lars. you're responsible for launching the biggest lawsuit we've ever had here. so era really? very common health and home garage. huh. thank you. so this is our home for 8 weeks . we'll public office, each guy. yeah. can you watch out, dan polluters from f. we're coming for you? ah, it all been all. don't start robin alden's tom. i'm a lawyer representing bulletin in this case of over and i won't
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be the we know fairly well what they'll say. we've been exchanging arguments for several years now. it's been a long journey job. my name is lucille sydney, head of communications of belinda boley them. so boldly the hard so bullied and has done nothing wrong here of it. so these are so be our standpoint, is that we have a responsibility to clarify what happened, support the cleans with fatness in the fact that everything is on the table. oh, it is an emotional chase is an important case for many people including gleaton ball. so we have to get to the bottom of this would almost be what it and get closer to the truth lovable would necessarily be the most spectacular truth from it . it should be that they did not the full truth. there are some oliver older than it must have been left thus far less at a fresh trace. it's lock the case is the 1st of its kind in sweden. both sides have
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submitted thousands of pages documenting the various investigations a show and the evidence take these denise thing. mm aah. sees it for the hearing will begin in case t 10. 12 flash 13 between the adrica plaintiffs and bullied and mineral ab long board. us even both sides have brought in witnesses and scientists from all over the world explorer experts on chile and law, meteorologists, toxicologist, as soil experts at chemists, semi metallic. jessica politicians and former employees and directors were schafer under meaning. 7 holden, utter cassie, them hotel, exempt, and expended. plaintiffs from america will present experts who will support the claim, that toxic levels of arsenic were found in that urine operation, and that it originates from bullied and smell to sludge. all fun. i am
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a professor at chapman university in california. and my expert opinion, the smelter sludge, is a clear and significant a source of arsenic in the area to discounted as a source of arsenic. it takes that tremendous stretch of imagination when i 1st heard from one of the lawyers that the bullet and waste had 17 percent arsenic. i didn't believe it. i've never heard anything like that. a pile of waste that close to a city to with that high of arsenic concentration. in one woman, how do you tell your children that their father is going to die in? let me last sunday thought of your thoughts. he was my reason for everything he
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wanted you to and they took him from me as i think would i believe this could have cathy a little better than darrow's good of kevin finney. we have plaintiffs here as well . i got the 2011 study sure that there are high levels of arsenic here. anyhow, i've been in the honeywell t like you're going to recover this woman who lived in the house with the bars of them. she sold the house and died of cancer. donnie t. conan lived next door. she had an aggressive cancer in her head and died to them . you for you. he died. i'm e s as a. yeah. and the wife of her son had a baby who died. but her son doesn't want to talk to anyone about it or hear anything about the contamination. and i used to be here for this. and another
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neighbor, marty subpoena had the stomach cancer. the woman who bought her house had a tumor on her face, put in the men across from her, also had cancer way. and then there's so many cases you, this seems like every one here and marty on madina. she had ovarian cancer, qualified by the time she died, the cancer had spread everywhere. then there's mrs. yaya, who also died of cancer. it started in her years and spread you can, and then there's mrs. theresa's husband, who also died of cancer. he had lung cancer and skin cancer gum from libyan and then mottos, father, we thought about it, no more. melanie korea bigger. i guess. what's the health situation like in other parts of attica, is he gets a home in the area near the disposal site is very striking. you know that we can in place not only compared to the rest of america in the me, but to all chill, little put him blood cancer. when we started our research in 25 a,
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we didn't find higher rates. i can start in, but the will have, but to day it are cases in almost every family that in the areas near the disposal site, the level to level rate of cancer is much, much higher than in the rest of kilo elephant to lynette and the grocer. yolanda roberson santo lasagna, be a bill doll who hung up for listening to him was very interesting. he paints a picture of what he sees as the situation in the region to us. but as so often, i don't believe his account holds up as evidence. it could be that in 1998, when people became aware that a big pile of potentially hazardous materials were stored there and they began to see it as the cause for all sorts of things for you. it became an explanation for all sorts of things. sca pacific gloria clogged
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ah offs on that. the still melon lady, a rica and bo laden are a world apart like 2 worlds that never meet the reality of what is happening on the other side of the world are you seems far, far away, long or less than i'm the lastest. hey you, i'm me fall i you had to live in all my father worked the boy lead me and visited chili when the sledge was being sold on a dale to have. i'm sure he died in 2008 other off, but often talked about how they, he and his bosses knew that the waste would not be handled properly in chile, the case haunted him for the rest of his life. turned down to sleep.
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the boy that my father spent his entire working life and in his last years he was dragged into the fray. a little sledge hammer. okay. to fun solid. saddam somebody until you meet them all to toilet. so even in the mid 19 eighties, there were people who doubted that the slides would be handled safely and chilly on accordions, father, martin lindstrom, appears on rovers, fed, buried photo from a rica. now you amanda, that a papa? oh yes, that's my father. definitely. men body tense advocate that said at fido laden's, lawyers say that the company because of its visits to a rica who gray to precautions than they were required to. and that it was impossible to foresee that people would be exposed to the waste atman. this was
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gillis pinellas, ralph holland. yes, you can jump into some of some sorts of hindsight and foresight are 2 different things. and nom hindsight, there's an elegant english phrase here, hindsight bias sham, which describes a psychological phenomenon where we as human beings, when we think about an event. in hindsight, some will tend to believe that it was much more predictable than it really was. more than a credit by just vol tour, monet for left or cash intense people in this town won't even dare to think that believe may have done anything wrong there. the only thing my father sent to that effect was we understood that they wouldn't take care of the material pro play. he never said i understood it. ya, but i don't know what he meant by. we may be only live else that way. or maybe there was some kind of consensus among mist off that they'd never have dad speak about it openly. i'm like bowman say ad hoc
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official, martin lindsey martin lindstrom passed away several years ago. well, and anna caught in can't find anything in her father's note books that refers to the regrets her father expressed pins. there is nothing that could be used as evidence in the courtroom ah, conversation and you see. so 12, if you, i just want to add that yet, i want justice to be done. here, tara beaver, my. my son was killed. gin, matthew osley, who killed your son. why bo leave a and my dad recently took secretarial here and he knew exactly what they were
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doing on are on the we have no further question there for all. look, nolan, fill them out. lessons on your side. i know your honor like locked up out of the opposing party, has no questions. the hearing us over now. the hall so titania ear spock form one other or we feel her for almost all to mother if you sleep all did. and i dear see that this was bullied as plan talk article. this is what happened was when big multinational corporations are accused of causing damage with their activity. instead of the social huge summons are spent on experts and consulting muscle from recall to produce hundreds of pages worth of reports of the seymour, all with the goal of obscuring your what is evident, i believe, and hope that this court has the ability for you to see through all that, all awesome. thank you from or got see a young thank ah
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bully them in that of manish name. all it into lead that almost called bullied and claims that the plaintiffs suffered no damages. and if they did, but it's not the result of their waste. bullied and doesn't even describe it as waste. boom. did salad material of negative value. did the rest of the out and they got the bad. ah. put them in that. ok. so they also said that if bleeding and as the a rica side claims them, it has contributed to a humana tearing catastrophe. then this was something the company could never have predicted say, ah,
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how are you? good, thanks. a bit nervous, nervous. that it? yes. oh, and you course still have the chance emotional, who? 11 years of work boils down to a single minute, 11 a m from alga. i note in the metal this, are you ready to talk her from okay, here we go. okay. the verdict goes, looked at fulton graham. mm hm. okay. oh i, i need to talk to the people here. what's the verdict of
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bowie and what, what in what ah ha, the interest will smell miss vica. how that, of course we're very disappointed we hoped for a different outcome. morgan morgan, there are many, many people in the city of africa or who stayed up all night there night. mm hm. it's not fair. it's not fair. you know, behind our lives. and now they're not even taking responsibility for it.
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i have no idea what we can do now. this proves nothing. well that it proves is that money talks and they have plenty of that. oh, well that program with below. but i think that the actually in the grammar, we're sorry we raised your hopes what, but i also want to ask for your forgiveness. another one. then you don't have to do that to rodriguez. that we're very grateful for all the work you have done that. yeah, i know you thought that you would win this i'm we all thought we would win. but now you're obviously i'm in shock. yeah, i can hardly move it. we didn't stand a challenge all i me done.
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life was a goal as believers at all, or during this preceding legion's rule and the material from fronts care. and i know you have been thoroughly scrutinized and then on the conclusions is unequivocal. i call on the residence of adrica, we want to try to accept the results of the investigation. sure. and this trial, i'm fucked to say. she left a teen threat. hardballs that the my, the chileans, the swedish court decided to apply, she lay in law. so the statute of limitations hadn't expired when i'm bored about the verdict states that there is no proven connection between bullied and toxic waste and the arsenic are found in people's urine to see it. despite the fact that the court says bullied and acted negligently and it states that this is not relevant because a level of 30 micrograms of arsenic per late to of urine does not represent tom.
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instead, the court said a new level for damages at $100.00 micrograms, which is what bullied and had asked for philip, ha. oh. and who caught an eye on an a 2 to 3 seemed to me, am men the men? ok. so the lawyers for rica of course do not agree with the verdict, but they also say that the court has made an important error on empty and hooks up in chile, the supreme court decided that 19 micrograms of arsenic per liter of urine represents hom, which the swedish court did not take into consideration if the lawyers are convinced that they can win on appeal on them. come been hold. oh no.
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i can. i see us. i got a 30 minute verdict is read the case file. ah no longer it is. oh, she yes. oh handle martin, i'm sorry. it didn't work. the court now decided to apply swedish law to the case also on the lease where a place if it's the statute of limitations. some tor, a plot this i can believe it's they dismissed you to the statute limitations and didn't consider anything else. no,
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they took the easy way out with all the pharmacy companies from sat up only than a comment on them. so bullied and got away with it. because they did nothing all this time. they didn't act in a timely manner, and so they avoided taking responsibility. my pal, us in finance law, get out near and if polo or pod is called, if you can bury toxic waste and your liability ends as soon as it's in the ground, you then in 10 years it's no longer your problem. the children affected by bo legion's toxic waste, have their claims barred by the statute of limitations before they're even born. or chris could be, are the don't, the number for this is for, it's difficult to accept that justice has been done. ah, don't students get a quote from to let the court should have told the whole truth and but now that the
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court has ruled that the statute of limitations has passed levels, the truth never even got a full hearing. so we will never know what the justice system believes about bullied and his responsibility for what happened, you know, rica for this amount. yes. i, we should name i. right. so citizen, it's not our fault. they got money from the government to bring that toxic waste that contaminated our life. we have to join forces and fight for justice. ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah, ah, lose holy women, ah, allow the patron saint of the receipt. and the mazda 80 stein, a wash? ah, what significance do they have in the church at that time?
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and what role do catholic women one today? oh, yes, 30 minutes on d. w. ah . and again, all the harvesters are immigrants, golden make is they everything you enjoy eating at home with your family, was harvested by people who are being exploited. and then i d 's for free and we're going to need to. uh huh. can we can keep doing what we're doing, and that's why your green revolution is absolutely necessary. euro revealed the future is being determined. now, our documentary theory will show you how people,
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companies and countries are rethinking everything and making may take change in europe revealed this week on d. w. ah, ah, ah, this is the w news alive from berlin. global climate talks began in egypt. gov. 27 must be the place and now must be the un secretary general. antonio gutierrez says i'm bishops, aren't credible actions. must be take.


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