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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2022 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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in mario pulse, it heard from top ukrainian intelligence officials who say that some of course is best equipped and best trained soldiers are still in his own city. that some of them, it's believed changed in civilian clothes, more difficult to identify them. and they certainly said they haven't seen any evidence of the russian military pulling back we have seen in recent days, checkpoints disappearing, police disappearing. russian flags being taken off admission buildings, but no conclusive proof so far that the russian military has left have stolen. so there's a lot of cautious kind of questioning here as to whether this is really something that you can can take advantage of, or whether it really is going to be still a few weeks and some very difficult before you credit troops. finally, to cousin of area near connelly in keep the latest on this breaking news coming out of ukraine. thank you. next i also spoke to mike martin, he is a former british army officer and a senior visiting research fellow at the department of war studies at kings college,
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london. i asked him whether this announcement could be a trap set by russia. it might be perceived as a chat, but there is some simple facts. this was a region that russia annexed about 6 weeks ago. and supposedly this is part of russia. and now we're seeing the commander of russian forces announcing withdrawal . so i'm sure that will be our list. listen in you as president biden speaking. well, we had an election yesterday and it was a good day, i think for democracy. and i think it was a good day for america, a little hoarse. our democracy has been tested in recent years, but with their vote. so the american people spoken improve once again that democracy is who we are, the states across the country, i saw
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a record voter turnout and the heart and soul of our democracy. the voters, poll workers, election officials, they did their job and they fulfilled their duty. and apparently without much interference at all. so it looks like, and that's a testament, i think, to the american people. while we don't know all the results, yet, least i don't know them all yet. here's what we do now. while the press in the pundents are predicting a giant red wave, it didn't happen. and i know you were somewhat miffed by my my obsession optimism. but i felt good during the whole process, i thought were going to do fine while the seat last is painful. some good democrats didn't. when the last night, democrats had a strong name. and we lost fewer seats in house representatives than the democratic president. first, mid term election, the last 40 years. and we had the best make terms for governors since 1986.
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and another thing that we know is that voters spoke clearly about their concerns. about rating cost, the rising cost that there, and then the need to get inflation down there. still a lot of people hurting. they're very concerned about crime and public safety. and they sent a cleared unmistakable message that they want to preserve our democracy and protect the right to choose in this country. and i especially want to thank the young people, this nation who i'm told i haven't seen the numbers, voters historic numbers again. and just as they did 2 years ago, and they voted and continue addressing the climate crisis, gun violence, their personal rights and freedoms, and the student debt relief. last night i was pleased call maxwell frost. the 25 year old who got elected, i guess the youngest men ever elected the united states congress. and i told him that he told me that i was 1st elected. the 2nd youngest person ever like united
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states senators 29, and i have no doubt he's also incredible start. and what i'm sure will be a long distinguished career company's president. and i say joe binds out in the outer office. i don't wanna say joe who but the voters raso clear that they are still frustrated. i get it. i understand it's been really tough, few years this country for so many people. when i came to office, we inherited a nation with pandemic, raging and an economy that was really and we acted quickly and bowling to vaccinate the country and to create a stable and sustain growth in our economy. long term investment to rebuild america itself and roads are bridges, our ports are airports, clean water systems, high speed internet. and we're just getting started. the interesting thing is that this is all going to really come into clear view for people in the month and the month of january, february, march of next year is just getting underway. hey,
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so i'm optimistic about how the public could even be more embrace of what we've done. historic investments are leading companies to invest literally hundreds of billions of dollars combined to bo semiconductor factories and other advanced manufacturing. here in america, it's going to create tens of thousands of good paying jobs. and by the way, a significant number of those jobs are going to be jobs that are average a $12627000.00. you don't need a college degree to get those jobs. they were dealing with global inflation as a result of the panoramic components or in ukraine. we're also handle it better than most other advanced nations in the world. are lowering gas prices. we're looking. we're taking on powerful interest, lower prescription drug cost and health insurance premiums in energy bills. after 20 months of hard work, the pandemic no longer controls our lives are still a concern no longer controls our lives. are economic policies created and record
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10000000 new jobs since i came in, the office unemployment rate is down from 6.4 when i was sworn into 3.7 percent near a 50 year low. and we've done all this while lowering the federal deficit in the 2 years by $1.00 trillion dollars. let me say it again, $1.00 trillion dollars. no ministration has ever cut the deficit that much reducing the depth is one of the best things we can do to lower inflation. but while we made real progress as a nation, and i know it's hard for folks to see that project that progress in their everyday lives. and it's hard to see the results from actions that we took go while we have to implement what we've done. but i believe we took the right steps for the country and for the american people. in fact, if you look at the polls, overwhelming majority, i don't look much anymore because i'm not quite sure how to read in a more. i hope you are uncertain as well. but overwhelming majority of american
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people support the elements of my economic agenda. from rebuilding america's rose and bridges to lauren, prescription drug cost, historic investment and tax tackling the climate crisis to making sure that large corporations begin to pay their fair share and taxes. i'm confident these policies are working and that we're on the right path and we need to stick with them. all of these initiatives take hold as they do from lead pipes be removed from schools and holmes to new factories, be building communities with researches for american manufacturing. it's already created by the way, 700000 brand new manufacturing jobs. you've heard me say it and not him. i don't know where it's written. it says we can't be the manufacturing capital of the world . we are now exporting product, not jobs around the world. people across the country are going to see even more clearly the positive effects on the day to day lives. but i still understand why
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they're hurting right now. so many people are concerned. as i have throughout my career, i'm going to continue to work across the aisle to deliver for the american people. and it's not always easy, but we did the 1st term. now be surprised. a lot of people that we signed over 210 bipartisan laws since i become president and we're revitalizing american manufacturing gun safety. we did it together and dozens of laws positively impacting on our veterans. and let me say this regardless, regardless of what the final tally of these elections show, and there's still some counting going on. i'm prepared to work and my republican colleagues, the american people, make clear. i think that they expect republicans to be prepared to work with me as well. in the area of foreign policy, i hope will continue this bipartisan approach of confronting rushes, aggression ukraine. when i return from the g 20 meetings in indonesia with other
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world leaders, i'm going to invite the leaders of both political parties as i've done fast and my foreign trips to the white house to discuss how we can work together. for the remainder of this year and into the next congress to advance the economic and national security priorities of the united states. and i'm open to any good ideas. i want to be very clear. i'm not going to support any republican folk. well, that's going to make inflation worse. for example, the voters don't want to pay higher prescription costs for drugs. we cut that now we're going to kick into gear next year, next, calendar year. and i'm not going to walk away from the start commitments. we just made to take on the climate crisis. they're not compromised, malicious to me. and i won't let it happen. the voters don't want more taxes for the super tax cuts for super wealthy and biggest corporations. and i'm going to continue to focus on cost cutting for working and no class families and building economies in the bottom up in the middle. i know you're tired, hear me say that,
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but i genuinely mean it. that's what makes america grow the wealthy do very well when the middle class is doing well, and the tor have away up. and while continue to bring down the federal deficit. now as we look at tax because we should be looking at tax cuts for working people and middle class people, not the very wealthy verifying. i look guy, if you can be a multi millionaire, that's great, just just pick your fair share. that's all. that's all just pay your fair share. like those $55.00 corporations in 2000 made $40000000000.00. you pay a penny in federal taxes. it's not right. everybody has an obligation. so now they have to pay a stagger, and 15 percent you all pay more than that new taxes. so i'm going to keep my commitment that no one, no one or less than $400000.00 a year. and that's a lot of money, right. come from are going to see their federal taxes go up. and i want to be very clear under no circumstances. while i support the proposal,
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put forward by senator johnson and the senate from down in florida to cut or make fundamental changed and social security, medicare. that's not on the table. i will not do that. i will veto any attempt to pass a national ban an abortion. but i'm ready to compromise the republicans where it makes sense and many other issues. and i'll always put the needs and interests in american people 1st. so let me close this. and this election season, the american people made it clear. they don't want every day going forward to be a constant political battle. there's too much that of that going on. there's too much that we have to do in the future. america is too promising to promise me trapped in endless political warfare. and i really mean you've heard me say time and again for the last 20 months or so. i am so optimistic about the prospects for america. we need to be look into the future, not fixated on the past,
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and that the future is bright as can be. we were the only nation, the world's come out of every crisis stronger than we went into the crisis. and that's a fact. i mean, i mean, literally mean we've come out stronger than we've gone in. never been more optimistic about america's shoot them to day. you know, ice particularly because of all those young people i've talked about 18 to 30. they're showing up to the best educated generation american history. that the least prejudice generation in american history, the most engaged generation in american history. the most involved look after long campaign season. i still believe it always have. this is a great nation and we're a great people. and it's never been a good bed to bed against america. never been a good bet to bed against america. there's nothing, nothing beyond our capacity. if we worked together, we just need to remember who the hell we are. we're the united states of america,
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the united states, americans, nothing beyond our capacity. and i'm pretty well convinced that we're gonna be able to get a lot done. i've been given a list of 10 people that i'm supposed to call on. and you're all supposed to ask me one question. i'm sure you will ask me more. and so let me start off with a list i've been given on seek miller associated press base eventually, as you mentioned at buncombe, we never hold you guys the same stand to you, hold us. and that was you as president by there speaking of the day after the midterm elections and similar misconduct on capitol hill, i'm going to say 2 things. he gave a speech mentioned the issues a lot of people say he should have mentioned before the election. but he also signaled that he's got plans for the next 2 years and that includes working with republicans. what was your take that? that's right, brent. and i know we don't have that much time,
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but i'll just pick out some of the points that he made. i think he did double down on some of the messaging from before the election saying that voters talked about inflation safety, preserving democracy, and protecting abortion rights. that those are the issues that he was campaigning for. any thank young voters in particular, you know, some of those victories came down to young voters. and what he said about working with the other side, he said he hopes he will continue a bipartisan approach. he's reaching his hand out across the aisle. of course, we don't know how difficult that will be because that we don't have the final numbers yet. if the republicans will control congress. but it was interesting to hear that he said there are few lines. he will not cross, for example, a national abortion bound, that the line he will not cross, but he's looking for international audience. interesting perhaps for bipartisan support to look at how the u. s. can protect its national and economic security interests going forward. he's going to discuss that with both parties after coming back for them from the g 20. so that might have a some consequence for the u. s. is a policy towards ukraine as well? yeah, it definitely the president of reinvigorated,
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i think we can say based on the outcome of the mid term elections. so mr. mas got on capitol hill. to me, thank you very much to watch and it'll be news that has been our coverage of the mid term elections in the united states. the vote counting continues and we will be there as the results come in. thanks for watching. ah ah ah welcome to global 3000 now and 40 that in mexico, the mafia and pharma.


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