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definitely the president, reinvigorated. i think we can say, based on the outcome of the mid term elections. so museum has got on capital hill. thank you very much. you're watching the w news that has been our coverage of the mid term elections in the united states. the vote counting continues and we will be there as the results come in. thanks for watching. ah ah ah, welcome to global 3 thousands. loved and fought over in mexico, the mafia and farmers are embroiled in
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a war of aligns one and yet lost the ta for to dale. between south africa, endless soto hold, but 1st bought and then thrown away. the chilean desert is a dumping ground for old clothes with cheap, easy to buy, worn, briefly or not to told, then thrown away this kind of consumption creates mountains of textile waste. but it's actively encouraged by the fast fashion industry. some produces boast up to $24.00 different collections per year. since 2000 global clothing production has doubled every year to an annual total of $100000000000.00 items. the fashion industry also emits more than $1200000000.00 tons of c o 2 per year. more than global air and ship travel combined. and yet 4300000 tons of cost of closing
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land in the trash or even far away in the chilean desk. were in the utter. com, a desert in northern chile. this is where the global fashion industries, discarded clothing ends up. locals are taking us to the dumb site, past informal settlements, where mainly migrant workers live in makeshift huts without electricity. we drive past piles of used tires and then mountains of discarded cheap clothing. the stench of chemical vapors hence in the air. freddy is a local man. he's angry about the desert landfills about it, but he's also aware that they give people an income
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you're with you and ian vehicle. he and some people come here to find clothes for themselves or to sell at 2nd hand markets in town. but there's no one here at the moment because some of the waste was incinerated recently. jennifer, jennifer, i'm fine. the robot. manuel. oh, leave us is in charge here. she collects unsold clothing and brings it all here. you know, they don't go to fight that. they, that the unilateral by that the little by you say bit of the clouds come from all over the wow. if federal bar you'll effect that sometimes they come from local shops in warehouse as well by telephone. if you would that go masada, i go there and ask if they have any stuff they can give me pony it. but i want to say you are sudak, manuel olibo st decides who can help themselves to the piles of discarded textiles . you'll been, dea, a thought. i get money from people who come here looking for carrots. yeah,
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we'll get you about either for themselves or to salanda. that's my livelihood. you're going to stop that back to your cobra. manuel olivas lives in a wooden hut on the dumb side. she and her husband get a state pension worth the equivalent of 115 euros a months. now the money she makes here is much needed extra income. no, not in income plus young lena. no one takes pity on us. dinner are gone, i keep chickens and ducks or were you do or you can and i grow some plants. okay. oh well, you've been with us. you in bro, yahoo! in new by alto of species. oh, authority. see the mountains of used clothes as a nuisance, but the environmental officer says he's powerless to do anything about it in while . and he was a given that business with used clothing is highly lucrative. fidelis in the freight trades, own of a kicker, who import secondhand textiles. there are 53 of these companies and their business model is very profitable. you look at it,
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but only for them. it's detrimental to the wider community miller. i'm in the little and i wanna we had to e, kiki, the provincial capital. sandwiched between the desert and the pacific. this used to be a depressed region until the container port was built here and the free trade zones off recreated. companies operating here enjoy tax exemptions, including apparel importers, unsold and used clothes from around the world, including germany are partly sold to buyers in the region, but an estimated 40 percent ends up in landfill sites. you can even go medina, it depends what's in the containers at the in some of it's in good condition have an hour, but sometimes we have to throw low quality textiles in the dumb weapon. good venue . sheila is south america's main importer of used clothing in neighboring countries . it's illegal or restricted. the result is the vast dumping ground in the desert.
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we meet dario blanco, head of the key k free trade zone users association. he says the situation is improving. oh, boy, well, if you'd care he thought a, what i can say is that the clothing important companies want to help things improve . they want to address the negative impact of their business model. the other the situation is definitely going to change it with me. most of the clothing is made of synthetic fabrics and takes years to buy or degrade. this family sifting through the piles of used clothes or refugees from venezuela. they're looking for clothes they can wear and also anything they can sell. and i thought of in the to go that the, my 2 children and i came through the desert. let me call we had to leave behind our suit, cases containing all our clothes. but we'd have never made it. but i wonder if i've
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used to pull my savings. glad every where we go. we see refugees who have travelled through the desert despite the scorching midday sun. this family wants to keep going until they reach a key case where they hope to find work. the city is 200 kilometers away. the family looks exhausted. normally, it's hot. oh, it took us 4 days to get it from the border. 20 kilometers away on board. we're not making much progress, landed, but we haven't lost hope. gonna happy get ya, my year venezuelan refugees in chile often end up working for a pittance, including here in the landfills site. this one is 12000 kilometers from europe, but it doesn't take long for us to find items that are clearly from germany, us side about your partner, but we find discarded videos and
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a phone book from breyman bowl and cotton socks that cost for euro's $0.49 a women should see the mountain of clothing in the chilean desert is a symbol of shocking, hidden cost of the global fast fashion industry. this new and native casting session. these little packets might be handy, but they quickly land in the garbage bin, and they don't ross. in all web special, we chant the journey of such a sashay from the origins of the raw materials it's made from to its ends on the rubbish heap. we find out why the number of such haze is growing and why they're so lucrative for businesses. and so disastrous for our planet. find out more at d, w dot com slash plastic. the small kingdom of la soto,
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known as the roof of africa, is one of the world's highest situated countries. as an enclave, it's entirely surrounded by south africa and is largely economically dependent on its bigger neighbor button. the soto has something very valuable for drought played south africa water. increasingly, however, this provision of water for its neighbor is creating problems for both local people and the ecosystem. walter rich le soto is keeping thirsty south africa alive. but the tiny, landlocked country as paying a high price for it. we didn't anticipate, to dodge dams here in the so to liberty did miss of that is bringing well, perhaps worn. we'll put away. i see nothing of the better life that they promised us would. rather if it were up to me, i would decide against building the dam. that
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is needful. water islip, africa, grains high and the souls of such water remains the little islands. what approach we have been able to divert water add to a sub africa, but we are limited by the quality of our environment. the pit i had when i back when the children were growing up, this was a beautiful and peaceful village. we looked out for each other. nobody here went to bed hungry. but look what happens now. people don't trust each other any more. it's just not the same. here in much harbor right, he sees village, phase 2 of the le soto highlands water project started 3 years ago. one of 5 diamonds is being built here to supply water to neighboring south africa. the entire village has been moved to another location warmer. the construction work hit
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us hard. they had promised us jobs. our children are supposed to be earning something from this, but instead they're out of work for adults. while other people and south africans get the jobs, we go hungry. one and they also took our fields till another about gas in the cornfields and grazing land. now, how's construction workers? far from leading to greater prosperity, the dam has brought misery for residence. driving 8000 people from their homes. the water will flow to south africa's financial hub, johannesburg, 400 kilometers away. for the 16000000 people in the city and surrounding province, la, so toes dams a vital and already provide 60 percent of their water. since the project is financed with south african taxpayers money,
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union kline hans has been monitoring it for a long time. he works for the organisation outer, which seeks to expose corruption and mismanagement, urbanized ations taking place and future development and expansion of business needs more water. and the problem is we're only very limited to the water that we have in south africa. we don't have innovative technologies and circulated infrastructure yet to recycle water. and currently we highly rely on the las joslyn's face to scheme to provide future demands. it's one of the largest infrastructure projects in africa, and it's supposed to benefit both sides. south africa, paisley soto, nearly 70000000 euros a year for the water and a so to use this, the dams to generate electricity for its population by the local project manager from the list. so time highlands authority tells us that to him 5 years time, the dumb wool bull stand, bright hair,
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$5000.00 hectares of land will them be flooded? as we are all away, this kind of projects would have social impact and environmental impacts. and i, we, as the project public number of programs, which had been there is customer, greed with local amenities are as ways that means ha, ha, ha, mitigating against the laws of land that the laws over her, my crazy alia friend, or perhaps that but to see sick we heard exactly the same promises 24 years ago when the cancer down was built. all other dams feet of water into this reservoir from where it's piped to south africa. sick we worked for the sand, only legal center. it's helping local people like here in the village of maha. lang to now claim the compensation they were promised
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it. i'm a, it's a while on yahoo way down with as everyone knows. yeah, a lot that you were severely impacted by the construction of the dam. will you your rights have been traveled on may about martha. we all know why your water springs have run dry load my which i who haven't yet, i mean it a low again. tell it then we had decided to use the money to get our village connected up to electricity 11 yet. but the development authority has done nothing . all look it up. we're still waiting for power in my polling. my bid in the area decry late, i don't know to tell them when i tell you we also promised compensation for the loss of our homeland and the pain we had because of the resettlement. and how could i help? some people here got injured during the move career much to this day. we have not received anything really got a blue moon on the, for you to was conceived joe by to an demote,
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antique governments of south africa, a possibility him and the military at the gym in minnesota. those governments did not have mandate from the people they did, they say a need for the review abusive reaching the project is also threatened by massive soil erosion the construction of the dams, along with overgrazing and climate change mean more and more soil is being eroded by the rain and ends up in rivers, a sediment in many places, only by rock, remains totally to say, lay as a consultant for a national project. the aims to protect the so toes, rivers, workers hair, rebuilding low walls into the hillside to reduce the speed and force of rain,
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water run off and prevent erosion. they also remove invasive shrubs, but what otherwise whitehouse endemic ponds? his roots helped to keep the soil in place with the current erosion the life off. such dems would be fairly compromised the lifetime, because in no time it will be more full of sediment done water. so this would be lost investment. and therefore, we depend largely on biodiversity, the type of visit to the neighbors infiltration of water. oh really? oh oh. we went to weird for 10 more. yes. there will be time will not be able to produce
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anything. and then we become a failed state. in my opinion, i read the rings of saving this or letting me 9 or popular ingredients in cold drinks. the green freights of a cool, delicious refreshment, and a lot of veterans to $100.00 milliliters of lime juice contains 30 milligrams of vitamin c less than lemons. but that impressive, mexico is the world's largest exporter of citrus rates in 2020 it exported more than 800000 tons of lemons and limes. now, however, the mafia is getting involved as the evening descends over the yucatan peninsula. w medina gets out his single barrel shotgun. he inherited the 20 gauge harrington
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from his grandfather. it may be an antique weapon, but it does the job. a vertical deal. i need the gun to defend my limes from being stolen. mirabelle rolled, i don't want to kill any one. i just shoot into the air and then they run away well at the corner on the run. a search in line prices has turned his farm into a growing small fortune. hence, the nighttime thieves for them a crate of lines means enough food for several days. let it run through until its paula, they come here and fill up their rucksacks or sometimes in groups of 5. hm. and they take several crates for about 5000 pieces, worth zeros, siegel, carmen, figaro group or the equivalent of 230 euros losses. that really add up the 76 year old sometimes stays out until dawn on the lookout for suspicious
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activity. for her i'll stay out for a little while longer and we'll see if anything moves or if i hear something more a 2 hour drive away. marcella avila patrols his families or chips together with his father, brother and nephew. thieves have struck here countless times in the process also destroying the next month. harvest when the rope of the unit on the rope as they pack limes into the clothes, they tear at all the trees around them. and in the morning we see that the smaller limes have also fallen off la mancha you the 2 episodes in mexico's growing plague of lime crime triggered by market price increases, leaving farmers fighting against thieves and customers. with high prices would have risen 3 or 4 fold since the end of 2021. mexicans is an average of 18 killers of the fruit per year, a stable fleet that served with practically every dish,
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all against you, salvazar back in everything from stews to tacos. you need lives in early morning. it without, it normally would buy a key low. but these days only a quarter kilo, because prices have risen so much marcial. but it's comic relieve content on social media with limes depicted as green gold as a cash alternative or a commodity. transported in armored security vans as engagement rings for making people millionaires behind the soaring prices. there are several factors, the climate, the season, and the state of me to walk on. the land here ought to be covered in lime green. but fighting cartels left farmers in the crossfire forcing many of them to quit. he bought it or chavez has decided to stand his ground defying the criminals with his own vigilante group. he's the only farmer here, willing to talk on camera. i'm going to have found the others they're afraid of
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getting killed if they talk as every one he says, pays protection money one way or the other where the for the harvests or their transportation that gives the cartels a share of profits while pushing a prices. any one refusing to pay up is threatened, or worse. montana killed, traders are going in and fix line prices. and then for the surely more how they attacked you and dictate how much you have to pay them unless he local perceived the campaign and a similar manner. well, in wiley chavez is determined to carry on the struggle come what may hill was only me see who i lost one of my sons studies, i mean, and a lot of friends who fought alongside me on bunyan. it's a pain that you're unable very deep. you say you will not let them other farmers have already fled the violence, leaving behind tens of thousands of trees to wither away with no one to harvest
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their fries. and that gap in supply on the market is a further reason for the rise in prices. back in you can turn the farmers at least don't have the cartels to worry about. just the petty line theory was allowed. one woman that local law enforcement provide support for the farmers patrol squire is up of police. chief nelson avila has been analyzing the thieves tactics. it'll piazza let them alone. what do they do? they don't come in through the main entrance. they cut themselves a path through here to gain access to the premises when it, the thought is that i don't know if that well he hopes prices will come down a little soon and that com will be restored to the community. he currently had his 5 lime thieves a week together with their whole if the, if for employee, if that goose batch here is stolen goods, look into this and the themes won't say where they're from. so that means we don't know who to return them. let him on some of those apprehended,
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i'll repeat offenders, but there is little the police can do to the frustration of the farmers and order it by family, mournful the quantity stolen by each individual is too small to charge them up. so they're held in custody for $24.00 or 36 hours, whether it's a facial, some of them have to do a little cleaning work somewhere before they are released within. sadly made out this night has been a calm and quiet one for lime farmer, david medina. he summoned a sharmen in order to keep it that way. together they make a sacrificial offering of herbs to the sacred deities. gotta be asked to name was an esl, we do this because we have faith that will work on it so that we're able to harvest our fruit wanted and i also pray for the line prices to stabilize so that farmers like him can earn enough and sleep peacefully again, a,
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this lee can't label team comes from the nevin and i have a global team. i started karate when i was 5 years old. honestly, i used to find it a bit boring summer, but my father continued encouraging me to go to training agenda. i participated in many international and regional competitions. my name is name ma'am mazin. i'm 15 years old and i live in tripoli, lebanon. although my father was the manager of the program department, a at a company called soft wave and is one of for partners of the company. and my mother is a french teacher and has a ph. d here
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been the in many kids don't like school, but i do, i get to hang up with my friends and benefit from my education is that with them and i said, but when i'm older i want to be a lawyer. but it's, everything is heading towards technology. i'd like to be something in between a lawyer and a computer engineer. but on, in europe, of course, their lives are probably better. they have more freedom and more development. i'm on the other hand, in some countries like in africa, life is hard and they struggle to get basic necessities problem solving by ha, it might have been on the day when now the corona virus is a globe problem and in my opinion, poverty is
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a social dilemma it can be into many things such as murder, drug abuse, and insecurity. and hopefully there can be a solution for poverty. sola been added to the fed and that's so from us at global 3000 this week. and thanks for joining us and do sent us your views on the program where at global 3000 at d, w dot com and you can visit us on facebook to d w global ideas. see you next week. take care. ah ah, with
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who renewable energies and electron mobility dependent on the battery industry in can they be produced sustainably? absolutely. says europe. what about our own material minute and what are the
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alternative for electricity storage? made in germany. in 30 minutes on the w suite, a virtually infinite forest landscape. but looks are deceptive. yours is the for decent, threatened the woodman. but protests fled by greenpeace, and local reindeer herders are proving successful. and now many trees are left standing. focus on europe. 90 minutes on d w. o. what's it state for the well, when americans elect
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a new congress as us democracy faces, yet another stress test. we're here to ring you the latest or the fear of violence translate into action and what the thief midterms mean for the next presidential race in 2024. let us bring the back story across all platforms. this week on d, w. i wish i could in some more save you discover stories that me just a click away. find out best documentary on you to a really good morning to see the world as you've never seen it before. describe now t d w documentary, blue, rear natural spectacle,
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in an improved world. ah, the meeting of the little whale sharks. the remote island of saint hulu is a testament to the quality of the artisans waters. one of the many success stories from a bastion of biodiversity say don't starts november 18th on t w o . because the deal, beer news, and these are our top stories. partial results from voting in a u. s. midterm elections suggest a surprisingly strong showing for jo biden's democrats. republicans lead the race for the house of representatives.


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