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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm CET

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, a sent back for russia in its war in ukraine. moscow confirmed its troops all withdrawing from the key city of hassan. so what does this mean for the future of the conflict and the new weapons making waves in the war and ukraine could the sea drones targeting rushes black sea fleet become a game changer?
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also coming up u. s. president joe biden praises his policies strong showing in tuesday the midterm elections, but with votes still being counted. in some races, it is still unclear who will be calling the shots in congress. and south africa breaks new ground for a ground station to help nasa track missions to the moon and beyond. ah, i'm an nicu. mckennan. thanks for being with us. russia has ordered its troops to withdrawal from the strategic city of her son in southern ukraine. now, her son was the 1st major city to fall after the russian invasion in the only regional capital under russian control. the move is being called a major setback for moscow with some unless saying it could be
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a turning point in the war. keith, however, is urging caution. but the good news. russia's commander in ukraine announces a retreat in a military briefing on state tv, arguing it is no longer possible to keep supplying the city. were there more so like your book book, when you refer to which a nibble this is a very difficult decision, but we will be saving the lives of our service men and the combat capability of our troops, which is necessary to stay on the right bank in a limited area russian troops swept across southern ukraine from annexed crimea, at the start of the war. seizing her son in early march. ah, in recent weeks, ukrainian forces have been closing in the city. and russia has been relocating tens of thousands of its residents. the streets of her
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son are now virtually empty. a ukrainian takeover of the city would be seen as a significant blow to russian president vladimir putin. only weeks ago, he announced what he called the forever annexation of the her son region, along with 3 others in a big ceremony in moscow. on the streets of tea, if some had their doubts about a russian retreat. and when is this is i think this is russia planning something? yes. and a media. i can't really believe it. why would they gather 40000 soldiers there in the 1st place? i think they are preparing something for the ukranian army at me. a feeling i could buy the country's president would a little with jeremy does not give us gifts away, does not make gestures of goodwill lives. we fight for it all. the more we will
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move it very carefully, listen without emotion that without unnecessary riskless, haley to liberate all our land and minimize our losses. yet name lynch, recapturing her son could allow ukraine to win back more last territory in southern areas, including crimea, which russia i legally ceased in 2014. and i spoke to a correspondent in keith nix, commonly earlier. i asked him why president per cent was nowhere to be seen when the withdrawal announcement was made. well, certainly this is typical putin, whenever this bad news to present to the russian people he is nowhere to be seen. and we don't know where exactly he spent the last few days. he's also very cagey about his security. but we have seen basically the kind of political responsibility for this move being delegated. firstly to defense minister said geisha go and also to a general sort of, he can the man in charge of the war hearing ukraine. and it kind of was even clear
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up a couple weeks ago that sort of, he can one of many people to be in charge operation has been kind of huge rotation . lots of generals being fired, that he was being kind of built up and prepared and kind of introduce the russian public as someone with authority to then bear the kind of political responsibility of this basically, unavoidable move as for, you know, how it's actually playing out. and whether it should be believed, obviously there's lots of red flags there in the past, when russia has withdrawn from bits of ukraine, it hasn't admitted to doing so. it's maybe called it a good. well, just good will gesture often the fact after they pulled out, but never have we seen this kind of announcement, this kind of an admission of failure by the rational torches. and also the rhetoric about saving russian solves lives doesn't really fit with the behavior we've seen in recent weeks of them throwing unprepared newly mobilized people without equipment and without training at the front lines. huge losses. so all of that made people here and kia, very suspicious, wondering whether this is attract, trying to your ukranian troops intricate song with her sill russian soldiers on the
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ground potentially ready to provide you. st. street can hand to hand fighting. so looks question marks, but definitely assigned that russia is on the retreat. so if we do take her face value, if it is an admission of defeat, what does this tell us about the state of the russian army right now where this war might be heading? we're definitely shows that the ukranian strategy of basically avoiding direct confrontation with the russians. avoiding kind of sending people at the russian front lines of the russian trenches is working. instead, ukraine has basically done its best to starve the russian garrison. there were some forces in had san west of the new pro river of resources that food in winter uniforms, but also artillery munitions. they're really having to account for their shells and really think about when they replied ukrainian fire and they've been doing this, the cranes. we do this methodically for weeks and months now and actually quite some cost internally in terms of your public opinion people here ukraine have been
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pushing for faster advances have been kind of impatient to see more progress there . but ukraine has just been methodically destroying those russian supply lines. and now we're seeing the russians coming out saying they're basically unable to provide enough resources to their soldiers in fed a song. and it also shows that rushes, now like looking to kind of hunker down, they've got a perspective of taking more your grant archery further advances that basically off the table for now, they're just trying to hold on to what they already have at the smallest possible cost neck, thanks so much for that analysis. that's net connelly reporting from keith and the ukranian president says that he wants to start raising funds to buy a fleet of what he called c drones. i'll keep used see drones to attack the russian black sea fleet at the end of october and according to the ukrainian military, they hit 3. russian worships. these images taken at the end of october, captured the 1st attack of its kind. what you're seeing is the view from the
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ukranian c drone speeding towards its target rushes black sea fleet. near the crimean port of savannah to paul, also known as an unmanned surface vehicle. it comes under fire from the russian military. there were reportedly between 6 and 8 nautical drones involved in this assault. what remains unclear is the damage caused to rush his fleet. 3 vessels were reportedly it according to naval analyst h, i sudden the small vessel was developed by modifying a jet ski. it has an ala minium hole, and possibly russian designed fuses that detonate a warhead. it also includes a remote control camera and sends video feedback to ukraine's command and control center. in these images shot earlier in the attack and under the cover of darkness,
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it's believe the see drone captures, shots of moscow's flagship. the admiral marker of experts agree that these c, drones are extremely cost effective. they are relatively inexpensive, unmanned, and can cause large amounts of damage to mimic had couldn't a tova is a senior, a 30 at the center for security studies in zurich, and she joins off now. here at d, w and we hud in that report that these drones are cheap that how effective are they? good afternoon. hello. we are the number of the carrying explorers. definitely big know to disable direction like see, late in the fall, but they did actual damage as we have heard at least one mind speaker and 2 other words,
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which means that they can create an additional headache for ration force is gone down. resources for sort of a level based that what i consider more interesting about this whole thing is that these are wrong vote were used in combination with ariel jones. so i see a potential venue for more innovative use of this actual systems that can imagine, for instance, using a as a decoy to cleared up for the drugs or vice versa. so there's an interesting development in the use of systems here. now we're hearing the president that is trying to get money together to buy more of these drones as the war drags on both sides facing budget tree pressure. will this presumably necessitate the use of even more of these types of weapons?
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oh, really, exactly. we can see the progression, like if you remember, early times of the war, attempts to the point is large rooms and especially if you're able to use them. a fact that this is a conflict in which on either side controls this guy. so these are large, larger object want to draw on a c to replace, and which means it series on both sides and discovered cheaper commercial alternatives to military grade drums. and so they're using a, they're usually on available on a few $100.00. and they use them on purpose to a ability to improve precision actually. and the point, i mean large numbers. so i'm, yeah, the, so the availability of cheaper jones and that,
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and user friendly and easy to re purpose for military missions are comfortable way for me with lesser resources to replenish the abilities. if i could ask you, it's been reported that iran has been supplying russia with drones around today, announced it's developed to hypersonic miss style that it claims is capable of penetrating all defense systems. can you tell us a little bit more about this and what it might mean of a missile like this would be used by russia? well, this already and still it, to me, it signals and russia doesn't have resources to deploy sophisticated, what cheaper jobs from here. but they, they managed to go so i'm frustrated ukrainians, especially with the a jones because they're deployed in the ukraine territory and in large numbers
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and which is difficult to get to them all. but when the announcement of hypersonic me, so what i call this press release weapons, because i know if you remember racial, so claim to have used a swing me in ukraine. and a striking, a narrative is that both countries, russia and, you know, and they already have my new cell and stuff like high speed. so when they're referring to hyper something, you know, as a new technology, it's not about the speed, but it's about the ability to, to change the trajectory of the resale and about the altitude of life. and the kids of the ration lounge of, you know,
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in mind that was owned by the cell and there were no extraordinary characteristics of, of dismissal. so, i mean, we don't, we don't have much details about this. i personally. so maybe it's only the ring, you know, 3 days now. so i would expect either it's, it's a, it's more of the type of lighter or they are attempting to, to build a new engine, a we're going to have to leave it there. i'm afraid our time is run, i run out and thank you so much for joining us on the w. thank you. and here are some of the other stories making headlines around the world. the family of a prominent jailed and kept an activist ela, a bell sutter who is currently on hunger strike, says he has been moved to a hospital, and a statement on twitter family said they had been notified by prison authorities.
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that the 4 year old was currently under medical intervention. the taliban have ordered, amusement pass code is enough. gannon stone to refuse and treat women of this come to the country so called morality ministry said there would be restrictions on women being able to access public parks and fun says takes, you know, but i'm going to start off here. the taliban has said, women should not leave home without a male relative and must cover faces. the u. s. president joe biden has welcomed the results of the mid term elections after his party said better than expected. us media had predicted huge gains for republicans that these fail to materialize. however, biden's democrats do look set to lose control of the house of representatives. the battle for the upper chamber. the senate is also on a knife edge with 3 states still left to declare. there was a spring in the step of the us president to the face report is that the white house,
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the way to pre election fears perhaps lifted from the shoulders after better than expected midterm results. it was a good day, i think for democracy. and i think it was a good day for america, shoot me a little horse. our democracy has been tested in recent years, but with their vote. so the american people spoken to once again that democracies who we are. this was a big task for j biden, who couldn't hide his glee when congratulating democrats, who'd helped see off for predicted republican sir j o y rivers. in graduate, you like better, you was congratulations. and so her mom, earlier the democrats may i am better than even the president expected. who with vote still being counted. there is still much to play for what happens here in nevada. could be pivotal to who wins control at the senate is one of 3 states that
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could swing the us up a house back into a publican hands patients. now the watch word here with hundreds of staff working to process pallets another is georgia where the race between democratic incumbent, rafael warnock, and republican challenger herschel walker, who now going to have run off in december. at the end of the day, everyone wants to know that we have honest and fair elections. and we do. i asked the voters to come out and vote one last time. just a few days ago, former president donald trump's mood had been buoyant, as he celebrated initial republican successes. he ham pigs many of the names on the ballots in key states. but in true trump style, he's now described the vote as somewhat disappointing in a message to supporters on his own social platform, while also hailing a very big victory an air i ass michela cook. now,
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our correspondence in washington dc, whether this was as good a day for the democrats as president biden was suggesting. well, overall, it wasn't, but it wasn't as bad as expected. i guess success always is what you get against the initial expectation. and there was lots of talk about a red wave. well, that simply didn't materialize. and the republicans fancied themselves of expecting a red tsunami. so in due vines, democrats held up much better than all the pollsters predicted, and then that many of themselves actually believed. and this is against the backdrop of an almost political tradition that the party of whoever is president usually doesn't do particularly well in mid term elections. there was a very high turn out that you favors the democrats. so this is a highly politicized country, certainly. and by mid term terms and do biden his party,
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i would like to stress pulled this off against a backdrop of a fairly low approval ratings of their president and 3 quarters of the country saying that the us isn't going in the right direction. so figure that over all the democrats held up a sweeping success looks different, and trump failed to meet all expectations. which brings me nicely on to the next question. where did the mid terms leave the republicans now? and what about trump? i mean, is the republican party starting to question his leadership? the sort answer is yes. clearly the gloves are off and we're seeing mike pence or the former vice president now come up publicly with a statement talking about his last days is up in the office. are talking about the president after he told him that he didn't have the power to overturn votes to the
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present bessie telling him to do so. this is very interesting because mike pence, too, had followed the rhetoric of doubting elections, doubting the results throughout this campaign, and appears that the gloves are off, the republicans are launching something that one could at this moment describe as soul searching where they went wrong. donald trump, a box candidates didn't do as was expected. and the big news signing star is ron de santis, who is released with a surprising the large margin. one in florida is managed to capture the all important latino vote a group. and he himself is speaking of a new political era. so it's very interesting timing that trump still looks set on declaring this coming tuesday that he wants to run again as president, but a lot can happen in a few hours in us politics. mio electric,
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now reporting from washington. d. c. thanks so much for that. now it's been a good week for space enthusiasts in africa, zimbabwe and uganda launched their 1st satellites aboard a nasa rocket. and south africa held a ground breaking ceremony for an africa deep space ground station, which will help nasa track missions to the moon and beyond. our correspond and other increase was at the ceremony. in the village of mattie's fontaine about 3 hours from cape town. it sometimes feels like the clock stopped taking here a long time ago. my cheese fontaine was built around a railway station and it still is the rear arrival of a train that brings a bit of life to the sleepy village. the fall and residence mainly make a living off traveller. stop here on the journey from cape town to johannesburg. but this could change because scientists say that this is one of the best places on
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earth to communicate with the heavens, clear skies and practically no rainfall. the conditions just outside the village and the carew desert ideal if it's time for africa to, to be counted when we're talking about the global, the global space market. today we're breaking ground for building a ground station that will allow us to be able to track and talk to satellites that go to the moon and i'll touch base to other planets. the project is the partnership between south africa, the national faith agency, and the u. s, space agency, nasa. we have been working with them for so many years to i don't like to find the proper the best location in all of south africa, if not on all of africa to to be part of a subset of ground station supporting the optimist program. optimists is nasa program to return astronauts to the moon by 2024,
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preparing the way for human missions to mass ground stations like the new one in south africa will play a key role in communication during the space flights. despite the last few on the missions that will also require helen's, the nasa team tell students doing a visit to a school in cape town that's igniting hope. well, the 1st person of color walking on the moon on a future mission is one of what they spoke about, the space explorer ation. it's actually intriguing for me. i love the stars and the universe. i was thinking of more going into on the engineering field, but more the engineering with nasa and working on rockets and rockets and stuff in the future. can i like looking towards a future plan wondering what that might look like? i'm going to different get it going out of the out of us. so the system exploring space and i just, all of it is exciting. it just makes it,
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it just makes you feel like you can do something to improve the well, this is the generation that's going to take us to marsh. i firmly believe that our, this new generation, i call it the internet generation. they, they put her possess. so much sir, capabilities, knowledge is within the tips of their fingers, but information alone is not enough. they really need to be guided by people who've been there. and this is the kind of thing that we do. we are trying to prepare the, the next generation to move in to replace us when it's time for us to, to fire. oh, megan matches fontaine. they can't wait for an nasa sign at the village entrance, bringing in more tourists. some see it as the hands of heaven. debt is a blessing from breaking because we really need then people can go up there and they can sleepier. thank god, this is a like a fountain that they found in
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a desert. and i know this business. so if we got people, we will survive. oh, an optimistic outlook for the future, but residents will have to be patients only in 3 years time. will the station be speaking to travelers in space? mid week bundis league football action for you and wednesday is top matt saw safe place, our delight, safe coming off a run of 11 unbeaten james host, 2nd place. tried that, and that's it came out. and tom was a convincing $3.00 to $1.00 victory. ah leipzig managed to surprise the fryeburg defense only watch in the 1st half. but christopher in cuckoos attempt only kissed the outside of the post. leipzig didn't come any closer to taking the lead in cuckoo did here. but after 55 minutes and after and cuckoo again was denied by the
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cross bar. the deadlock was finally broken. fellow frenchman mohammed c market. nettie the deserved live sickly. and just one minute later, christopher on cuckoo finally got his goal. number 12 of the season for the buddhist biggest top marks me who will hopefully shine is bright at the world cup. having made it into the french squad, fryeburg not only both the leagues best defense, they also pride themselves on being very efficient at the other end of the pitch defender lucas cobbler, netting fryeburg 1st good scoring chance. the life, the keeper uranus bloss wish could barely react. however, when christopher cuckoo earned a penalty after tumbling in the area, the game was decided. easy work for a meal horsberg converting the ensuing kick for the final score of 318,
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convinced leipzig victory. lift them the 5th place in the standings. fryeburg meanwhile, slip to 3rd after their 3rd defeat of the season. so it is all that means for the bundis league standings, while by an munich hang on to the top spot followed by one young violin fryeburg, frankfurt and lights ish in the bottom half step, gone in and out of the relegation zone, which is now made up of hatta bo hm and shy and that is all from me and now focused on europe coming up next. i'll be back at the top, the out with a with
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a virtually infinite forest landscape but look, are deceptive. yours is the for station threatened the woodman, but protest fled by greenpeace,
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and local reindeer herders are proving successful. and now many trees are left standing. focused on europe. on d w. into the conflict zone with sebastian. if you really want to know about war, who's murdering and torturing, who's giving me orders from which weapons are being used? much of it is out there on the internet. and higgins, british and the of the group bending can mining lateral data and incriminating the brutal and powerful conflict zone. in 60 minutes on d. w. oh, you become a ready know who's with
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hackers and paralyzed between your societies? computers, that's where you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can tell what was in for. and that's how they can also go terribly. watch it now on you to do with hello and welcome to focus on europe. it is nice to have you here today. so it is autumn or fall here in germany. but after the warmest october ever.


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