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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2022 5:45pm-6:00pm CET

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the burning, of course, also coming up countries in latin america have some of the biggest reserves and highly sought after all materials came europe dba, its ties with a region of export analysis. and we will take you among candy lovers in japan who are morning. the latest casualty with high inflation and chris caldwell, welcome to the program. india is banking on green hydrogen derived from renewable energy sources. it could become the country's main source of energy in the future. a government official said today after all, india has plenty of sunshine, which would make it viable for the country to produce green hydrogen. so far though, india remains one of the world's top greenhouse gas emitters with the government just recently giving power plants more time to reduce pollutants in their emissions . air quality often is already poor. not only through the burning of coal
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fields on fire, thick smoke rising. this time of the year when farmers in punjab turn off the old stubble to get the fields ready for the new said. the effects are devastating. the give the of the bellows gradually good will the 1st victim of the polluted leaders, the lobbyist, the farmer himself to gay little reply, much later about the 1st angle, him as a farmer. what he has he standing in the middle of a goose gables, body water. the farmers don't actually want to burn off their stubble, that it's the cheapest way to prepare the fields and also the dirtiest. there would be alternatives, but they're expensive. farmers could switch from burning to machines, but the government would have to subsidize such a mood. take a look in yeah, give it a government. he hasn't cash. the consensus labels, according to their regulated erickson's gave them it, would probably change the situation or to the farmers come not want to do that. he
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got all your helpless look at him. have no idea what by greek is all people i'm expensive to get rid of. all that i'll put in a little while ago. i'll get it goes on. while symbolic is uncles were bought, that expenditure body up and sorry, the smoke keeps rising. eventually it will reach delhi forcing even the presidential palace behind a thick blanket. prime minister movie, by the way, did not participate at the climate conference in egypt. but spring in dw correspondent char carter k for more charo. why did the indian prime minister not show up at cop 27? well, chris, that's actually anybody's guess. because the frankness i did not make any statement about it as to why he will not be attending cub. it's a little mysterious given the fact that are in spite of further label that india has attracted of being was her biggest emitter carbon emitter. india has not been really afraid of putting up at stanford climate summits and,
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and so it's the sort of combating the historically polluting nations in, in, in looking at their own track record and demanding their contributions to the climate family. in india, the prime minister appears also that this could be a my guess, that he is busy with elections in his home state in good art, which are just around the corner. and the driver is elect orally. it has been very important for the prime minister and are the ruling party. so that could be one of the reasons. however, india was represented at the summit by the environment minister been to the other, was there on the 6th and the 8th, and he made some critical observations there to chris a terrier mentioned darren. india is heavily dependent on coal that wants to increase production by 50 percent in the coming years. meaning emissions are likely to increase as well. why is india doing that? was chris simply because india has a massive challenge of providing energy to billions of people and the call is still
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the cheapest resource available to be able to do that or to be able to switch to cleaner fuels. likewise, billions of dollars of funding in there has been demanding that developed countries should or should make it a part of their agenda to contribute to this funding. so that india and other developing nations get this kind of money because these nations in doing india do not have the resources on their own to switch to, to make this switch. so this is the key reason. however, apart from that in it's a new nbc that india has announcing, as announced very ambitious targets of reducing it or dependence on non are driven . it has bending incident of independence on fossil fuels by half my 2013. now these are very ambitious target, but yes, a global funding which has been and as demand for a long time, if that doesn't come through, then it will be hard to meet these goals. chris, and at the same time
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a government official today said that india is intox to export green hydrogen made in the country. what more can you tell us about that? well yes, chrissa there have been plaster promoter, green hydrogen than your has set itself a target of reducing $5000000.00 tons of rain hydrogen per year by 2030. but these are still early days and there's not much if there's not enough demand. also to be able to produce and explored the kind of hydrogen. ok. so this is, these are very preliminary or this is at a very preliminary stage. chris dw is char card here in delhi charo. thank you. latin american and german business representatives are meeting in the northern port city of hamburg today to discuss ways they can deepen. business ties now exploiting latin america's rich reserves of raw materials does offer major potential chilly.
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for example, possesses 44 percent of the world's entire lithium reserves, but only accounts for 2 percent of global output. peru has 30 percent of the global reserves of selenium using glass, making it stand yet. it only makes up 2 percent of global output and 11 percent of the world shale gas reserves are in our gina. but it has 0 production that currently china is latin. america's most important trade partner followed by the united states and europe for which is in position number 3. can it expand its position? that is the question. let's bring in simon gerad iglesias for war. he's a researcher on latin america at the german economic institute. walk them to the program, simon, what has been hindering countries in latin america to make more use of the raw
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materials, which they have when the relations between europe and america not been married. recently, especially when we talk about trade partnerships or trends agreement between you and next to it has been for 30 years. but i think are relations with this as much do with the rest of the war ukraine. this was a turning point, awaiting not moment for germany, and i realized that europe and germany the pen extensively on russia for energies of land or on russia and sign up for a reason. and the same time, the countries in south america, those of the base amount of resources which candy, key technologies, this transition was coming in industry. so then the question is,
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do these latin american countries have interest in selling more of their commodities to europe? when the european union is looking to diversify their energy supply. yes, absolutely. so that's a whole created. it went from the explorer on here is and i think this time and environmental constrains all political constraints. when we talk about rocky with a, with strategy wall cooperation with euro to says products, but also to su, strategy of state in the countries. as i'm speaking of political issues up, people in these countries have elected leaders predominantly left from the center recently with president lula and brazil being the most recent example. now the
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central left governments tend to have a more protect to nist agenda. is that going to be a problem where it is true that a china is not necessarily a more reliable trade partner? so and i think the government, they haven't point if they care about the industry base and they care about on the trade agreements with not really head to them. but i think as a needs a export market needs to do that. and then potentially there, there is a way to hold for a more and this is also what we see now with presentation call
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it that he is really looking for. you're looking for investment else in the countries of the german economic institute. thank you for your insights. is rising prices for energy and raw materials are taking a toll on people around the globe. the latest casualty of high inflation and japan throws millions in the morning, especially those with a sweet tooth. there is sweet as they are, iconic japan sarcoma drops. come in many flavors, and in all colors of the rainbow, the sold and tin cans that have long been a staple in supermarkets and, and collect a shelves. but they are about to become a lot more rare. as can the makers sack, who must sika is going out of business. customers young and old are shocked. it took a muscular, i was sad that sack, who must drops are going out of business. it sat for the children. when i was
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a child, i used to eat them, i used to eat them with my family. they thinking that kids today can't make these memories anymore. and that makes me feel sad. that mother can go up and i didn't look at them, what looks to something she can with your family are going to give us some waterloo . i like the bumpy sick. who must drop said, looks like a strawberry. and the clear ones with a mindy. tis those were really good, right, nigger. oh, certainly, oh, not a penny. even the most senior consumers have known the brand for their entire life cycle. my psycho was founded in 19 o 8 and produced candy through the air rates of world war 2. but even though they may be sweet searching raw material, an energy prices paired with a drop in sales left a sour taste of the company. especially since many japanese firms remain hesitant to raise prices out of fear of losing customers. the icon a ferrari f 2003 just like its driver. 7 time formula,
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one champion. michael schumacher. this race car is a record breaker. schumacher notched up 5 res victories in this car and one the 6th of his 7 formula. one titles behind the wheel in japan in 2003, and it was sold for a record prize of just over 13000000 euros or they sotheby's auction in switzerland rivers record was held by another. ex schumacher car, the ferry f 2001, which went for 7000000 euros in 2007. that's a shall, thanks for watching. how they success with ah, ah. is the end of the pandemic in site?
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we show what it could look like. will return to normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult has successes in our weekly cove in 19 special in 30 minutes on d w. the problem has become worse in the last decade. it's like dumping the contents of an entire garbage truck into the sea. every minute. the scale is huge. europe's nature is unique and under threat can its destruction be stopped? the future is being determined now in europe revealed part 2, in our series. in 75 minutes on d w o, where natural, the world the return of the spiky yellow louse will
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ensure the survival of the entire ecosystem. one of the many success stories from a bastion of bio diversity. st. helena starts november 18th on d, w. mm hm. ah
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ah, this is d, w is coming to live from berlin. caution in ukraine as russian troops retreat from household. russia says its troops are leaving the regional capital, but ukraine says moscow's words can't be trusted. also on the program. you as president joe biden praises his party strong showing in tuesday's mid term elections. but states are still counting votes and which party takes the lead in congress is still up in the air.


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