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tv   Qatar  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2022 5:15am-6:01am CET

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is our retreating from the southern city. here san moscow announced a pull back on wednesday. if you cranium force has regained control of hairs on it . will represent a major step back or perchance, invasion as there is up there at this hour. i'm clear. richardson in berlin from the whole team working behind the scenes. thanks for watching. oh, where natural spectacle improved the world? the return of the spiky yellow with louse will ensure the survival of the entire ecosystem. ah, one of the many success stories from
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a bastion of biodiversity. st. helena starts in november, 18th, on d. w. ah, ah, this country is a promise. i will have its place. no visitor, ever forget. guitar preserves its traditions while at the same time, daring to embrace progress. it's a difficult balancing act for liberty. but that is because the emory is having its future built at breathtaking speed. it's basically what i'm facing. will investigate
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i this is the way katara used to be. dusty and harsh. i shania is the country's camel capital, and today is race day. the riders have long been replaced by remote control jockeys. it's the grand finale of the racing season to day. even the emir will be there just before the race, the high tech jockeys are placed on their mounts. that's why this human jockeys would be too heavy for the camels like to be right. but how much that's why we use these things in our my, my view is that they're small and way under
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a kilo model. it's better for the camel new york average. i'm a little more about the agenda. la norris love if a model. oh, this is the most important day of the year here. and i do the math mood ob who are made is the most important man here has more behavioral problem in water manner, but are a team and we all get ready for the race together. up williard guzman with komatsu, will we make sure everything is ready and organized, so the race can go on as planned, took it out of the household, and for quite a large on anto knows every one here, including those who have a lot at stake. i shall godaddy for day. i feel good. like a kid tare who wins. raised a shallow there's a race almost every day. each winner gets a brand new s u,
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v, or truck. and he and why reckon i've 110? this is that when i jump on to the alex up and there's a cash price for the winners to today's, his stake in the final race is 2000000 re hours that around 500000 euros. with even the king, the emir of cutter isn't about to miss this event. camera racing here is a national sport. ah. for the other the lynn. i come to this after i've been doing this for 31 years. smith. i love this more to humbly on john. it's actually a very deep love. it's my passionate affair, clara, with
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the camels reese over a distance of 10 kilometers at speed of up to 60 kilometers an hour. donnie would know, but the actual competition is apparently alongside the track with the trainers and owners are giving it their best to support their camels. we event is broadcast live on television. in less than 15 minutes, the shows over. oh. number 4. winds and is crowned in a traditional way with
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it's a big day for everyone, especially the locals. the winning camel is from this area. the competitors from the other gulf states will just have to be satisfied with simply taking part this started. but now these 2 fans came especially from oman, with their proud to have been year and deductible. will look at her. so i'm now going home to have a shower. then i'll take a long night and relax way or can i? that's the old traditional guitar. it's a man's world. oh, the capital doha seems to be on an entirely different planet. some 2800000
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people live in katara. 2.4000000 of them in go ha. clear a female drivers are par for the course. good luck the to my been in guitar combines the modern present with the traditional past. we proud of lance and we love it. we love being in the past and present at the same time this combination of tradition and modernity is ever present here. although that with when ream ok, which i read was born here 30 years ago, this was mainly still a stony desert. a lot's changed since then for ream too. and oh, so barely got to thank goodness, what was it on?
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i was just a network. she had that even obstacle i faced was the attitude of my parents and they found things strange at the start together, especially because women had never done what i was doing. it really is hard enough to convince your parents that it's okay to be the 1st person who does something particularly a thing, no woman before. you ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha! whether jasmine, well, you can be, had i go. ah, masha arab is a brand new district. it's typical of the new could tar ah, ah, ah, ah, traditional and modern at the same time. just like re evenings she spends time with her siblings and
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a friend of mine who is in that email. it only modern monotony company us up with the highest. i think bream is a role model for guitar. you women, what she's mastered, everything she's put her hand. tilden lin, us the big 3 us and that's why she's a role model here for all women who still have inhibitions about opening up to the world and realizing their dreams yandy have a phenomenon. ready in the upper class category society today, gender is no longer a determinant of who can live their dream. this too is ream. ready ready ah ah, early in the morning before work,
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she goes out for a short flight in her ultra light playing fill up the law and said school no luck the it i said i am when else voted up like of lit up a lot. the most important thing about taking off in an ultralight is to make sure that you're going fast enough for that. you have to concentrate on keeping your aircraft in the middle of the runway. so you have to see the speed stays constant battle the it you need to check a few things on the instrument panel like engine temperature. oh, what about with . ready cream as the 1st guitar, a woman to own her own aircraft and have a license to flight. she really is a model woman for the emerett. to
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be honest, when i started flying, i didn't even consider whether i would be the 1st cause, hurry, woman, or indeed the 1st arab woman pilot. that wasn't why i did it. it was just my determination and dedication to fidelity overhead. when you're born he feels so free. it's a different type of freedom, especially in such small light aircraft. what freedom enjoy. from up here you see the world with different eyes thought that it was to tar is a world of contrasts. ah
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. ready doha is the center of the country which oil and gas have made the richest nation in the world. ready katara would like to be a modern monarchy. ready more than 2200000 foreign workers, about 8 of 10 people who live in for t r. r. toiling to make this vision a reality. and nearly half of them work in construction. most of these guest workers come from the pal india, bangladesh or the philippines. this development is home to 63000 foreign workers. the poor condition, some face on the job, cast to tar in a completely different light. ah,
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you kinda t tree shows a room with 3 colleagues. lou key works as a security guard for a big construction company. but there are many harder jobs on building sites. the heat above all else is a real problem for his colleagues. villarejo. yeah, that is a typical get up sofa. none of my friends have died. one took i did that happen sometimes. we usually hear about incidents involving heart attack life. but i think that's pretty rel, but call me and something like that never happened to our company, or if it has only been very rarely, once us you kendra is from the paw. he's been working in crew tower for 19 years. oh,
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my apple. but i'd like to what it all noted, look into, you know, what, you know, what did it, i'm a bit said i have to leave my children this so far away and i missed them. i did the last time i visited my family was 3 years ago, and after that i had vacation days, but couldn't travel because of corona, probably godaddy. what accompany gives us vacation every 2 years to the needs. i'm used to it now. i don't cry any more any 2nd. i used to cry at 1st, but not anymore. so this little madeline, do i little, did i? ah, so that emma look a bit more money than that. the government of guitar could pay its guest work as a bit more, just a few percent increase by, you know, but it took a boston, but that go wrong. yet he already earns more than some here, 1300 reale, a month or 340 euros. gay,
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some way nobody got the amos to work for a time and earn money and then go back home. that's the thing. and all of us have to go home at some point anyway. that's why then men like yoga kendra are making guitar what it is to day. oh, in the same city, there's another universe. ah, with a playground just for the grandchildren. ah, it's the home of a powerful man. his excellency abdulla a tiaa ah
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other motherland, but fidel castro are that's fidel castro. i was in cuba in havana. i saw here. i'm with president obama at the united nation. i'm her ama sort of you. this is his highness, the former amir her. and this was taken with the emperor of japan, a good, a sore hurry, and all these pictures tell a story of my past and the challenges that i faced 30 and proud of them. when i became minister in 1992 katara had the world's biggest gas field of, of but we couldn't export any of it due to my efforts when now the biggest exports are of liquid natural gas or l n g. that's a source of pride for me, but the other side of it, they say i was able to achieve my own dream, and also the dream of all of could tar and of the amir, the dream of every katara. today we're one of the richest countries in the world to do what it out of this with
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a dollar was guitars, energy minister for 2 decades. then he became the m years chief of staff. when he was born, the career he's built was unimaginable. guitar was poor and not yet developed. he said, don't you not bother us? you know, so she comes good enough with the coach. i was 3 years old in 1956. i remember how we slept outside in summer because the rooms were too hot. oh so but in the courtyard it was even worse. it was so hot and humid that she woke up in the morning with damp clothes. one of our shop. okay. my father bought 2 air conditioners in 1959. i can remember my grandmother well, when she turned on those air conditioners she wished that the inventor would spend
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eternity in paradise and ally bert either with the little blue. ah, even today abdulla is still amazed at what for tar and he himself have achieved ah juvenile nature, you'll hustled how thither william item was yet me, london rather in a golden age. right now. if i had surgery in 2018 in britain of an receipt to, to new lobes of my lungs, when i came back to katara a year later, i got a real shock. i didn't even know where my house was. so much had changed in such a short time. there were bridges, streets, and the subway of. when my family picked me up at the airport, i looked round as if i was in guitar for the 1st time and need a what model of the country was developing rapidly,
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even before it was chosen to host the 2022 soccer world cup. this is sue quacking. the bazaar nearly burned to the ground in 2003. to ne, everything has been restored. here is as close as you can get to 1001 night. with i heat is all melody's work for mom at shaheen. i think the allen law about how much
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we blow the cheek pace for half an hour. then we remove the skins that come off as they cook them. then the whole things go to sim at low hate for another 15 minutes . and what's important is that it can't be stood during the 1st half hour. i'll be on the high level b route restaurant is a legendary place. it's hard to believe, but people of all classes come here from all over the city to dine on the best falafel in the country. the bay root is a family business. with a simple recipe, we will help to be honest, we're talking about to love of cooking and pride. i'm very proud of it. uh huh. i live ali is my son. he's following my lead. he's loved cooking since he was
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a child from other one. in the past, when we were fasting, we always let him season the food flaming platinums on it. i promise. and falafel, or the babe ruth specialties with my father, brought me into the kitchen when i was a table and i was passionate about it from the start. then i learned my stem with the bay route opened in 1959. and it's been from me in the shaheen family since then. a boy you, i'm in the up little how to bill. my father and uncle 1st had
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a restaurants in lebanon. campy mom lou land that was before the civil war. there. you can horrible alley a little, the war forced them to leave their homeland and come here. and while i'm in, i'm my and that kind of me and we'll come one on on. hollis fell in love with my father. and my uncle were illiterate. that's why they insisted that we study before we took over the business alana that we're academics. my sons are to, oh, humble mazda. they have completed their engineering degrees. now they're pitching in here and helping us to develop further haven't had been power, must labs them, especially on our lackland thought mission well, well i had another one. another mom here from number. this is one of the oldest
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restaurants in katara. yeah. idea. my mom was in the for julie is as they say, the restaurant of my childhood and my quality is unbeatable. oh, restaurants have a certain fear. if you have not come, why it's so unique. you keep coming back again and again. i mean, he's a donated knowledge of the family recipe has remained a well kept secret for 60 years. a family, the hardest part is to prepare everything just right. so we can it, unless the ha ha, constantly melissa bomb. he had the us have, everything has to be perfect ali howard was addison. we can't afford mistakes off to rolled up and we have a reputation to live in me. well, i can tell you all up, then i want to go. now if so i can act as allison at the muslim yam,
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honestly. oh, good reputation, something the whole country is fighting to uphold. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, an hour and a half south of doha. could tar is actually a desert nation ah once a year and extreme sporting event is held here. it's the ally de
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desert challenge with lula. murray is aiming to cycle 32 kilometers and runs 6 and a half kilometers in the middle of the desert with a friend of hers is also taking part. i. lulu is one o 4 for tory women in a group from all over the world. i miss the fill out the i don't my dream is to represent my country at the olympic games. that's why i'm working on myself so i can make it into the paris games. 2024. 0 wow. you got better? i love very pretty. i train every day to achieve xyzzy on y'all's little
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know when you know the race starts at 7 a. m. ah and for 3 or 4 kilometers, it's almost like a normal cycling weeks. with then begins the desert challenge ah, us, abject the law, or thought of a kid that the dunes, the dooms of the toughest partner it go. what i like so much about this event is that it develops your character and ask him if he teaches you what the word
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determination really means to connect. let's hope we finish finish line up and high yellow ads enough. there's still 20 kilometers to go for lola and most of the others here. it's not about winning. it's about finishing any way she can like i just want to leave it. i'm not going to present on next year. i still heavy . but again, it's of them not only that the co lead challenge, but it's meant to tell them of course, like self talking. mindset is what take me to the finish line because everyone here is facing what i'm facing well in this together. so to get that into la
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with the sun and a strong headwind, make the race particularly tortuous. after more than 3 hours, the 1st part of the race is done. now, it's a matter of running 6 and a half kilometers. ah, getting hot. that's one cape with the category women here aren't just fighting scorching desert conditions. they also
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face other obstacles. dominance, the honey, i haven't been an adult, but some people keep telling me to go some sports. oh, here in guitar we have customers and traditions which involve women staying at home . but so unfortunately you don't see many women doing sports. but i believe that sports a good for women's psyche and that women have more stamina the men. so i hope we can prove that in force men to think differently of cotton. oh, in the end, lola finished in 4 hours and 34 minutes to place 37th on the been her move. why this is? i can't promise. but it's my big go ahead, my dream is to carry the flag of guitar at the olympic games and to be a role model, adamant that they had the other many others are also dreaming me will benefit from the changes taking place in petoskey
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. the future is only a stones throw away from the beach. ah, this is a very special part of doha. it's katara and is known as the cultural village. ah, pedestrian zones are rare in for tar. mohammed maki cycles to work. he's the mom here, a muslim brear leader. anela, michael said, when i stand in front of the mos grass dressed like this,
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people ask is that really, emma mohamed, that i recognized me as they out of it? i probably look a bit different to who that can in the college, an invite to lou tower as a young, lavishly designed quarter with the planetarium boutiques, an opera house, a shopping mall, art galleries, and an amphitheater. ah, and mohammed's mosque now, during ramadan it's often full at prayer chance we're most him, most him. it's the time of year for everything in the body. the soul for everything most during ramadan, the stress we contended with all year round just vanishes, is even my children noticed that assisted sir eileen above by the met yet i'm about you have to fath yesterday my son foster with me, and when i asked him why he said,
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because i'm happy and i mean, it makes like would add them a so only about 65 percent of people who live in katara are muslims. many foreign workers are hindu or christian in daytime, during ramadan. doha is like a ghost town. ah ah ah, but when the sun goes down, the city gets up a mom mohammed is getting ready for evening prayers. ah.
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ah, it must be like you been one of the purposes of prayer was to bring hot close it together. a wealthy businessman stands next to a pole woke up. i'm off to pres, they say peace be upon you. how are you? that's what it's all about to sell it and think you might have been hello. mohammad islam is religion of peace with a wrong key. someone your foot and the according to let that
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a monday and i hope strangers will gather because god said human beings are created as male and female in nations and tribes. yes. so that you may know one another medical men coming together and getting to know one another build trust. if i know you, i trust you and madison and i love you if you will, and nothing bad that any one says about. you can change my mind. hello, slouchy fi it magically, kellum and it was not even if it was only evident ah, at sundown during ramadan, the parks and boulevards philip with people ah, everywhere people are eating with it. i was a habit. just move. dad don't, i don't believe, but he gets healthier and your circulation improves is up for you couldn't bravo. or lion met a button about after fasting the whole day. of course,
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whatever you eat, tastes delicious. but yeah, i think we're not going to live either. ah. while i sat her honey, a shot a bed ramadan is a spiritual months. a month of prayer, a month to which family, some people come together. you somehow feel are you led just them off? you know it's the best month. the holy shot it's i had more fun much out of getting out a monitor. ah,
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the mangrove forest in alpha kiera is half an hour's drive from doha. mo, mo, do man, john works for a company that rents kayaks, things are also quiet here during ramadan. mo, mo, do is from gonna, he's on his way to his favorite spot to have the underwrite bend is empty, because if you are not here right, then the, what i get that i saw a week are not guy. i went up there because as you can see, the water is getting dry. next 2 hours, then there would be no water at on this area. the barren desert and metropolitan doha, are
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a long ways away. ah ah ah ah yes my fiddler best in this man worth because we have the simplest in our country like this. so when i was a kid i supposed to had from my mom, that is the bliss. i learn how to swim. so does that always if i came to this place, i remember but guitar is no home away from home, from mama to like most of the guest workers in the country. he's here to earn money . before he came here, he made 2 unsuccessful attempts to get to europe. he got on a refugee boat from libya. ready in guitar, he's welcome. so here is where he seeking his fortune
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with i don't want my kids to go through the same stuff on his him. that's why i am working hard. trying to and money for them. they can have a good education because i don't want this kind of work i'm doing. they begin to do to see him work had on lag that. so that's why i want to hustle. i want to woke hot on a very big business, which you know that tomorrow, even i'm not on my kids. they can handle the business. and what my, the him, i want to became a very big business. my m. ah ah ah
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ah, katara seems pristine here. but in most places, the transformation of the country has left its mark. and the barren desert is still typical of guitar. but the country has long since embarked on a different path towards the future. everything is just a bit bigger and goes a bit faster than it goes elsewhere. take the new subway, the 3 lines system and it's 111 kilometers of tunnels. was built in 2 years. and that's not all. not by a long shot. ibrahim, above sheree,
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is on his way to work at guitars, national library. the emirate has one of the most progressive educational systems in the gulf region. schools, universities, and the library are all free of charge. that's typical of guitar to allah . my husband baba, i doubt a adding a veteran. so happy honey. but when i go into the building, i feel proud to be working here on us, but sometimes i can't believe i'm allowed to work in this place out. i'm just so looking on a come on i'm, i have old a managed felony. he go food brave and were you mother with you? you do love that while barbara for you own i did buck abraham works in the children's section. the state is placing great importance on the advancement of girls. i and bob will you,
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i'm at home at least that will let them know what that would baba will. jarmetta. yes, ma'am. yama. good. deborah, he reads his story about gender row was completed to hire a homemade met him in abbey. yes. the girls know just what to say when asked about her father's most important job. a life. ah, and the hardly a suffer, sir, and so i will not accept she at this point in the book, i asked the children what the father's most important job is booked. and the children answered how i should love children to have me on the point of the story is that fathers should love their children. no, it was very emotional. honor. the girl's response made me and all my colleagues very proud and happy, and hon kill in. wow. i don't have it if i keep raheem has new fans just like the library or on any have book. i like looks a lot now and i and i can read books in peace here. all all wiper what?
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i like them because they're beautiful. throw her teeth and bearing in a bowl there's throng her about when i finished reading a story, many of the children take books and started leafing through them. so i've seen one little girl pick up a book and hold it as if she were reading. although she country read it all and i got it and that's a major success for me. and i just think this was the girl's 1st time at the library. for abraham, it's all part of the job in a very special workplace. 2 a good model, hansa young, anabolic yar, barnabas a corner to me, i won't forget that. you just feel well here, if any m o w was up at doha, watch over this very building is a work of art gone. it's a place no visitor ever forgets model hanser the after evidently mac,
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but other than up on you. ah, there's for t r a country every one has heard of. but no one really knows. a desert nation with everything from boomtown to berker and in between. ah, ah ah, to the point, strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives. ukraine depends on us weapons as a wages counter offensive,
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now prompting russia to withdraw from the key city of thought. well, american support to continue if republicans wheeled more power in congress, find out on to the to the point to the point in 30 minutes on t w. o. g music. com be destroyed. you can try, but it's impossible. ah, she performed for her life in auschwitz. jewish cellist anita laska on fish. he was the nazis favorite conductor. mm hm. foot venga, 2 musicians who lived beneath the vendor of this wants to go,
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ah, why was music so important to the national socialist? music of the arts were to be used as part of the machine, a film about the sounds of power and inspiring story about survival. thanks to music. the homo defense, the cello play as well. because the only one i was super lucky and music stores on the 19th on d w. ah, this is dw news, and these are our top stories. the ukrainian military says it cannot confirm with a russian forces or retreating from the southern city of her son. moscow announced


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