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tv   DW News Africa  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2022 12:30am-1:01am CET

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[000:00:00;00] a short story guy with a testament with one of them and he success stories, bastion of bio diverse se, don't teeth p w b, this is d, w, news africa coming up on the show. when will the 1st african travel into outer space? south africa takes a giant leap forward in the space race breaking the ground for a joint venture with nasa. part of the optimist program aimed to put
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a woman of color on the moon by 2025 plus nigeria faces. it was flooding in years. hundreds of thousands of homes have been destroyed, and communities left stranded. and the oscar winning marvel superhero, phil black panther, changed the way the continent sees itself now the ground seek wolf, what kinds of forever is opening around the world. we take a sneak peak and ask fans in lake oss and nairobi what they think. ah, ah, i'm really mohammed, thanks for joining us. from africa. space industry has taken one small but significant step, breaking ground and the 1st in africa, deep space ground station. the project will help track nasa's artemus program to the moon and send the 1st astronauts to mars. in the village of much,
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he has found tain about 3 hours from cape town. today, lease asian chris went to see where they'll soon be tracking the satellites. do it sometimes feels like the clock stopped taking here a long time ago. much is fontaine was built around a railway station and it still is the re arrival of a train that brings a bit of life to the sleepy village. the 400 residence mainly make a living of travellers who stop here on their journey from cape town to johannesburg. but this could change because scientists say that this is one of the best places on earth to communicate with the heavens. clear skies and practically no rain for the conditions just outside the village and the carew desert are ideal . it's it's time for africa to to be counted when we're talking about the global. so they propose space markets. today we're breaking ground our for building a ground station that will allow us to be able to track and talk to satellites that go to the moon and outer space to add the planets. the project as
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a partnership between south africa's national space agency and the u. s. space agency, nasa. and we have been working with them for so many years to i dont quite long to find the proper the best location in all of south africa or if not on all of africa to ah, to be part of her. oh, subnet of ground station support of the artemus program are to mrs. nasa's program to return astronauts to the moon by 2024. preparing the way for human missions to mass ground stations like the new one and south africa will play a key role in communication during the space flights. go up the 5. this is the law physics. i won't missions that will also require helens. the nasa team tell students doing a visit to a school in cape town, that's igniting hopes for the 1st person of color walking on the moon on
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a future mission is one of the see what they spoke about the space exploration. it's actually intriguing for me. i love the stars and the universe. i was thinking of more going into on the engineering field, but more the engineering with nasa and working on rockets and rockets and stuff in the future. can i like looking towards a future plan, wondering what that might look like? i'm going to different get it going out of the out of our solar system, exploring space. and i just, all of it is exciting. it just makes, it just makes you feel like you can do something to improve the wall. this is the generation that going to take us to marsh. i firmly believe that our, this new generation, i call it the internet generation. the they presume possessed so much sir. capabilities knowledge is within the tips of their fingers, but information alone is not enough. they really need to be guided by people who've
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been there. and this is the kind of thing that we do. we are trying to prepare the, the next generation to move in to replace us when it's time for us to fire or beck in matches fontaine, they can't wait for an nasa sign at the village entrance, bringing in more tourists. some see it as the hands of heaven. that is a blessing from praying because we really need then people can go up there and they can sleepier. thank god, this is a leica fountain that they found in a desert. and i know this business. so if we got people, we will survive. oh, an optimistic outlook for the future, but residents will have to be patient only in 3 years time. will the station be speaking to travelers in space? and joining me now, you saw her in that report is on the thought melissa from the south african
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national space agency. welcome to deed of e news, africa. now this is a ground breaking regional space center in africa. can you tell us in basic terms what exactly it'll do and how it's going to work? thank you very much for helping me. so with this ground station, what we're looking to do is to support admissions for nasa. going to for luna exploration out on our side. we are one of 3 sites, but in strategic positions globally to support you and i mission. so this is, this is ensuring that missions today to more than 2 more to the one we are able to communicate with the mission are being sent out by various agencies including us. now nasa says the 1st person to step on the moon, when the autonomous mission returns in 2025 will be a woman of color. how important is that development?
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wow, that's one of the most critical things. firstly, that it will be a woman. that's the 1st one, i mean, we're talking it to stage way even this suits. that's asked one runs away. i still designed for men and women. you have to find your way of making them to actually be designing a mission that actually sends that woman to be the 1st one. it's been quite incredible in this regard to be a woman of color. of course we have that population around the world. we would normally do not find women of color, it's a positions and for young girls that are growing up in developing countries and who are our communities to see that that is an inspiration that they can look up into. it just makes it much more incredible, especially so for our involvement to south africa was quite proud that actually involved in addition and supporting the mission of this nation. specifically for that isn't because we had a lot with,
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with young linens in rural schools that they do not actually get to believe that they would actually be asked or not that they would actually be in space even so to have a presentation and to have us nations like this from nasa, it's something that we will come and then a much now you became the intern seo of the south african national space agency this year. so congratulations on your appointment. and like you mentioned, there aren't that many women in leadership roles in the industry when it comes to representation. what advice do you have for women or girls who dream of, of a career in a space, exploration? you can't do it. it's absolutely impossible out. we've managed to achieve it. i'm here. i grew up in a ridge village in time. not it still even today. and yet i, here i am is an x and you all finish not space agency. so it's quite possible and all the obstacles that is women we face are when we grew up in our when we,
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when we proceed in our county, is they also multiple and, and every day we making strides to make the work environment that much more acceptable for for women and much more inclusive for, for women. so kind of age well and it's been done. now there have already been several african americans on nasa admissions. when do you think the 1st african will journey into space? well, that is one of the things that for me is currently starting to pop up as an ambition to actually make sure when our involvement with exploration, our ground station, we can also be building a program that's looking at sending the 1st african c. now i interest space, that's definitely a program that we are actually now starting to build on sides. i know the program because we need
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a couple of years to actually make sure that we train the astronauts and with the participation of the private sector as well as governments into space space is becoming much more accessible. and it also means that even for countries like ourselves, we can actually have the aspirations of sending someone in that would definitely be wonderful south africa to build into this program, a female african to actually go to the now more broadly speaking, what does this project tell us about where south africa is heading in terms of investing in research for space, exploration, science, and also technology. and what is this mean for the continent lead within the continent now and number of initiatives that we, we have a number of countries that are now entering into the, into space. recently this week actually is it bob way and you got the launch their own satellite regulations to them. the forecast those so fi has been majorly
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observed. ations as like lights or telecommunications light is we recently saw with a, with an annoying in october and as well. but when it comes to space exploration beyond the nation and communications, especially going to other planets, africa has been falling behind in a way or left behind in that kind of a place where this ground station we are actually putting it as well on that map that africa now is also starting to participate in the missions and it does open up for science. and i'm in only because we now will be in a position where we're receiving the data on from the admissions that i'm looking at to now. and they, for the, in the finding that information and building research programs around that becomes a reality for south africa as well is what is the quote, didn't it, didn't it, was this try white to strike or in terms of the progression?
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that's the pointed it just making him participate in faith. and the big question now becomes a on station. what would actually be looking at like the astronauts like the program that we can actually also send our own astronauts on to not in and finally do forecast any key challenges that would be tailored to this project in south africa. one of the, one of the major challenges in a way, it's also an opportunity is you would find that they wouldn't, they station is, is, this is what is the war. now it's, there is no infrastructure in place this at this stage in, in there. so the build up of ensuring that the appropriate infrastructure and greatness for this site to host the ground. that brown station is one of the critical elements that we will be focusing on in the next 3 years. the energy
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challenges that the country is faced with impacts us and not when it comes when it comes when it comes just to space. because it is an energy intensive business and then requirements in terms of our up time and the amount of time we can't afford it much, we don't have much flexibility if you're will around downtime with in our system. so the initial crisis in the country is different to one of our major challenges and one set at the moment. we do have strategies in place, of course to make sure is we currently do with our operations at the moment to mitchell with can mitigate against that. but it does make it an expensive and expensive project to pull off without the traditional energy. however, the, the, the, the aspect that we're looking forward to is to 10, even the, the community like we pointing this transportation way. it's in the middle of the
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car who am the education levels in terms of the schools that are available. i still low level schools, it's fine for to get to universities and so forth, and it is an impoverished community community. when we're pointing this, we tending that however into an opportunity, because by bringing an infrastructure like this one is access to energy was, would be put in that for, for the program, but also energy to connectivity. so that when the connection to the fiber, we looking to attend the program to actually make sure once a year to education, an end for 4 hours was wanting to talk in 5 to 10 years after we launch the ground station. the key engineers that would be facing and running the station should be kids that people, that i kids today are that we should be foreseeing them, that in tenure, they'll actually be there was one of the engineers running the station. so home grown our capability from the community itself,
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it was that can only grow the community and ticket and tickets we what we now see just challenge is but actually become an opportunity for the community. all right, that is, and they saw melissa speaking to us from south africa. thank you very much indeed for your time. thank you so much. ah, nigeria is facing some of its worst flooding in a decade. it began the summer and recent satellite images showed an area bigger than the country are for wonder under water. the floods have been made worse by the overflow from a dam in neighboring cameroon. his l blends flourish to occur, travel to tomba in by elsa state. a community that disappeared beneath the waters every morning, it broke off, it was too far checks if the water that flooded his house has subsided. when the deluge sat at 2 months ago,
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his family had nowhere to go. they slept in this living room for weeks without electricity and faced the risk of contracting water borne diseases. so the flood is almost a looseness place almost at the window level. this loan philosopher and his family found a place to stay outside the, our community. but most of his possessions have been damaged. and what bins me mostly said, the expenses because there as a flood of godaddy money that i was supposed to use our drug. and i didn't, i was easy for me in us of our 2nd do that. i was supposed to is and buy food. this should have screw fees. i'll be, isn't it, to buy paint by cements being, but walk us to be meant in the house. and i say for christopher is used to floods. he lives in the coastal community of tomba, in by elsa, one of the states in nigeria as oil rich niger delta because of the closeness of the community to the river. it gets flooded every year. but this year was different
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. he says it's the was who's ever seen almost the whole community of columbia is completely deserted because most people had to leave their houses after the floods came. and now they are just waiting on the what's as to recede before they come back home. every part of the seat of by yells out was submerged. schools and colleges were forced to close and people could not walk for weeks. major roads leading to the state have been washed away, leaving it almost completely cut off and driving of the cost of food and fuel. that's all making it difficult for help to reach. the vixen not only was this year flood more far reaching than previous years, but it also came with the strongest search. the government says 80 percent of the florida is caused by climate change. it blames the remaining 20 percent on the
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release of excess water from the last to dam. enable income everyone. that's a fat, unusually heavy ring. but most of those affected don't agree. they accused the government of using climate change as an excuse to cover up its failure to complete, erratic, broke out down. that is that they've constructed 40 years ago. the dumb, inane, julia would have contained most of the water activists even argue that many parts of nigeria have had lowering for the sea. and you know, well, we're set then heavy rent. well, we had many good without bring would lose. well, it was my, my mama that we got up on the plan today. but if you went, oh good, you know what i read and then plan you know, does room for you know,
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the was what the as west africa as changing weather patterns of stream caused tragedies, downstream african countries at cop 27 are calling on the rich nations to pay for the damage largely caused by the development for freckles so far that all sounds very disturbing. left alone to be ever consequences. like millions of other lay jerry as displaced by the floods. he's just desperate to bring his family home . ah. now to the democratic republic of congo, where fighting is escalating in the east between the army and the m. 23 militia group. the d r. c has repeatedly accused rwanda of backing. the rebels acclaim. kigali denies. nearly 200000 people have fled their homes in the past 3 weeks. and kenya's parliament has approved the deployment of troops to east and d. r. c. to help and force piece
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o in line. and in step 1000, signed up to the congolese army, ready to march and defend their country. the advance of rebels here in the east of the d. r. c has prompted a rallying cry for the army. many believe the enemy is backed by rwanda, despite k galleys, denial by law. and i now law, i saw the rwandans coming to invade us, and i saw how the soldiers were suffering. no, no, i fled and that's why i joined the military service. oh, and i mean, i've been as are winning him garcia, me as i believe he sees as i really couldn't. his language in russia and ukraine, buddy. bye. when a lots of young people dropped every day, serving anybody and signed up to find. yeah. because the green was invaded well begun isaiah. he can make while they are. so i also gave up my job and i joined my friends up whenever you go and fight. didn't read and it began easy down the d. r. c has relied on un peacekeepers,
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but there's criticism of their inability to stop the rebel attacks. the east african community has sent in its own regional force to do the job. leading congolese opposition? politician martin for eulu visitor d w this week, expressing concern that the world had neglected his country. okay. how come what, what is taking care yet every what is talking about. are you chris? yes. well, to look about regret, but everybody also is talking about congo hazard and forest congo as copper combo has cobalt kumasi, lithium and the doors are natural resources. those mineral are needed for d. a dig it was you could imagine physician. but what is that country? you live a lawn, and what is it in the bottle, the country for the ward and important to its own people,
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many of whom are willing to put their lives on the line for its future. ah, what kind up forever? the sequel to black panther by marvel studios releases in cinemas, around the world. the 2018 movie was one of the highest grossing films in africa. the kingdom of war, conder represented a mix of african countries, cultures, history, and an ideology of an africa that audiences had never seen before. what kind of forever begins with the people in morning after the death of their king? the 1st film turned superhero to charla, into a figurehead of black, popular culture. only the most broken people. it's the case of art imitating life chadwick, bozeman, who played to charlotte, died of cancer in 2020 peters. roseman was sorely missed of the films
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international crimea. we had to just be strong to to follow through on a story and a got emotional that times still is about one that we we came together. we worked on, we made him cry after the death of the black panther after they were, donald said, the thin theories could continue without its star direct to ryan kugler. came up with a solution. he put 200 women in this spotlight. everybody is very strong and i think it's changed important and i think more and more these days we do have roles play by women that are very strong and it's great to be a you know, i like them better. powerful not i gave up here because me teeth elegant, and deadly home. it will not change under my watch. you sooner,
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women not the only strong characters. the fictional version of africa is also a star. when walk? honda was 1st introduced in the original film. it's depiction had a positive influence on perceptions of the real african continent. the film series is regarded as a milestone of diversity in hollywood. it's really a no marsh, just so much that is indigenous to the continent and celebrating our culture with celebrating and where we're from in a way to family inclusive. you know, it's a winning free defense. so with the biggest thoughts, hope is hit up 2018 in the us and canada and the high that what kinda forever will do even better. so what do african viewers think?
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we asked phone go as an kenya's, capital nairobi. and nigeria is economic hub in lagos, although early it's a great movie, but i don't know how i feel about this teaching angles in new car says all at once . yeah. the felt of owning, letting black people to do for francois once notes. i'm glad i saw it's a blond, happy about the movie every, every single moment i just felt like i was at. so in tune with the movie with the people, with the culture by heart. so yeah, i enjoyed every bit of under 5 that they give women that we make. i'm actually do things. same fi, menke, i'm do good story. lyman, jump on like black people. i'm how will we, i mean, intelligent we are a new baby and we're just are either one of them i'm on while that's how show be sure to check out our other stories on d. w dot com,
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forward slash africa for also on facebook and twitter. i'm rena. mohammed's thanks for watching. i'll see, sit with ah ah,
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you come into the 21st century with your wants to to show it to the id. electric, spacious, iconic in this on. you know, right. check the long awaited id buzz from the w rep with on d. w to the point to strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives. ukraine depends on us weapons as a wages counter offensive, now prompting russia to withdraw from the key city of her sod will american support to continue if republicans will more power in congress find out on to the to the point to the point in 2 minutes on d,
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review the future thing, determine now our documentary series will show you how people, companies and countries are we thinking everything and making later changes were made on work about if a massive cyber attack or something like that happens and we can reboot our country from the outside of a, it's our future after all. and if we don't do something, our children won't be able to enjoy fresh air with the water. yes, we do this week on d w. ah ah, this is, do you have any news? these are our top stories. residents of her so never celebrated the arrival of


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