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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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ah me allow me, i laid down 30 minutes. ah, what people have to say matters to us. i am. that's why we listened to their stories. reporter every weekend on d w. ah, ah. welcome to this new edition of cheque. in this time a reporters have set their sights on central and eastern europe. they're off to
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lithuania, to check republic and poland. lucas steak begins his travels. in lithuania, capital, vilnius, the largest city in the baltic states. the co froelich heads, the prague in the czech republic, where she wants to see how tourism has changed. since the pandemic began, and later lucas stay goes to condense the port city in northern poland, where the solid artist movement played a significant role in what led to the fall of the iron curtain. but 1st, to vilnius the symbol of vilios stance. 140 meters above the city, the getting enough tower, the remnant of what was once the city's most powerful defense system, the giddiness castle. hello, from vilios in lithuania, have you ever heard of it? well,
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if wenna is one of the 3 baltic states in eastern europe, russia and bell roost, our direct neighbors. and, well, the war in ukraine is not that far away. and i want to know, is it still safe to travel here in these times? let's find out. the russian warrens ukraine is viewed with concerning lithuania. no wonder because the length of the lithuanian border separating the russian exclaim of coline grat from bill a ruse is only some 100 kilometers. many lithuanians fear that it could be putin's next target. of course, this also worries, tourists, like neat, is at the same for other holiday makers and vilios even how safety you feel as if you me to ties the title completely south of exxon. i didn't even think that we will be traveling to some dangerous area or something like that, you know, the alias it's, it's you up. so if ever sucking up her ear,
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i think europe kendra ricks, jamante because of the situation ukraine weakened, give it a 2nd, thought it decided it was all the more recent again crashed. hardly any other country has condemned the warrant ukraine as vehemently as lithuania. they've taken a firm stand in a way that is as creative as it is. clear. solidarity is huge in lithuania, both among the general population and the politicians. the street where the russian embassy is located has been renamed street of ukrainian heroes. the war in ukraine and a tense atmosphere can be felt everywhere in the country. one business that is benefiting from this fear and seen sailed skyrocket is the oxalis arms dealership a call to the owner demand increased tenfold. in the 1st month after the war began
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. this is for self defense for home defense. yes. i mean why you're so surprised to have sivitz along via for him in the machine guns are the homes, you know? yeah. but i don't know anything about guns, so this is all pretty new to me. you know, and well, if i'm thinking of self defense, i'm thinking about a small handgun another about a shot gun. yeah. but it's more effective and actually, you know, it's more effective than i found a gun who is listed here. you can like this. yeah. you can load it, you know, just like move is just put the pull it back. i'm not even though i'm safe as a tourist here and billions. i still have a sinking feeling but now the city guy creased the bus will show me the city. our 1st stop
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a small memorial plaque film while we starting here and is up, that's what is so special about it was did. what does it say last? the bul are still said in class. that means miracle under versus what miracle to plot is. clack his head to remind us that the miracles happen every day does. and the biggest miracle is that we got our independent shed here. 3 unarmed nations fought against the mighty u. s. a song next against the a 2 year back then another people united in that belief that nobody should have to live under the soviet occupation anymore. but they did it peacefully. i, belmont, nobody threw molotov cocktails or stones of the police of ty, now people just came together and sang. and that was a, not an issue up on cassandra, that's working on this is against service. many people have passed. my stand has closed their eyes and turn 3 full circle decimal did i am. i mean while you have to make a wish, and that wish will come true aspect to day or in the 10 years of fruit ever does.
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but you must not santa latin slackness and yadda miller smith to stop this is, i am not allowed to say it. it? yes. okay, of course, i can't say it out loud, but because of the war in ukraine, you can probably guess what i wish for. we continue to the most famous site of the city, the cathedral of saint stanislaus. it is the center of the catholic faith, lithuania, the classes. this building was finished in the early 19th century. the bell tower stands alone. as is the case with many churches in the baltic states at 68 meters high. it is the tallest building in vilnius old town. next greece to pers takes me through the old town. it is huge and has been a unesco world heritage site since 1994 winding streets and alleys, magnificent town houses and palaces. i like it. vilnius is also called the city of
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purchase. there are more than 50 of them as so here had been visa, 2 important churches are the church of saint francis to arrive from the church of saint an to allah allocated by it's not one but 2. why 2 i but they are bound by blood and blood telemundo, according to legend and from the la german architect of the church of saint francis was jealous of his lithuanian pupil with or who had made the church of an answer beautiful that it became the most famous church vilnius at the time, the older architect asked his people to explain the technical details of the southern when they were standing on the roof of them. hit him on that. i was there . the young man fell to the ground level and that's how the church got his romantic red. come out to show up to father. go to right now. grease the bus takes me to the last remaining met evil city,
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gate and lithuania. the small chapel above. not only attract tourists for the crystal palace, i've already seen a few people making the sign of the cross. why is that all the events in the garage, the gate of dawn, and it is the holiest place for christians. in lithuania, it has an image of the virgin, young for also known as the black, madonna vilnius, had said that it can cure any illness. so people have been coming here to pray for centuries, and vilnius presents itself as a very western city. not much evokes its soviet past, but there are still a few architectural relics from the communist hero. for example, the former concert and sports palace, the building and the brutalised style. in 2006, it was placed under monument protection. however,
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the building remains unused and is falling into disrepair. the parliament building of lithuania was built in 1976. the supreme soviet of the lithuanian soviet socialist republic met here. soviet architecture is usually a huge architecture. the opera house, which opened in 1974 is also a reminder of the soviet past. operas and concerts are still performed here to day mixed up. pri, a city typically overrun with tourists. charles bridge. prox most famous landmark, only be early birds among you will ever get to see it this empty. it's 7 am and
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i've managed to beat the crowds. the bridge, the vall, taba river, the spires now seems to be the perfect time to take it all in. the vibe is very special. prague is one of the most visited cities in all of europe. and that's not really surprising if you consider that it's been a political and cultural center in europe since the middle ages. so what's left of all of that today, we're about to find out practice home to about 1300000 people. since it's my 1st time in town, i'm getting some help from one of the after and tour guide christian mice like 1st i want to learn some basic check skills. i mean, i would like to be able to be polite, okay, i'm bet to wow. and hello, yes. so you know, hello, this is one of these. hello, if you say hello, it's like a hoity by, it's a little bit more prominent. so when you come to the shop and it's like a hoity,
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it's not the best thing you can do. i don't need to and like guten, soc, is saying google doc is nobody. nobody den that nobody, nobody them, almost perfect. somebody, nobody there, nothing new. okay. nobody to then you should probably know how to say goodbye. yeah . not scott. no, never think it i, i will have to stay here forever. this is a good idea. we love people like it. all right. not fun. i know before the pandemic, the old town was often very overcrowded. a relaxing stroll through here was basically impossible. although tourists have returned this here, it hasn't gotten out of control. there are about half as many as before the crisis christian tells me. our 1st stop is the old town square and friend of the old town hall. a ticket for the tower costs $250.00 check crowns. yep. prague is
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part of the you, but not the euro zone. that's about 10 euro. at 41 meters, you have the city at your feet. with y as prog and called the golden city. i think it's in the time that they started to use it, prague was one of the capitals of seats, place of the holy roman empire for the emperor vas. we don't use it any more. surely we locals don't use it as much. we use. no, no, no, we use the expression mother of 100 us pyres l because if you look all from the window from the bars, because he aspires everywhere. and actually i would say there's even more definitely done hundreds of them. at the top of every hour, a tourists gather in front of the astronomical clock on the town hall facade to
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witness a little play. but the true highlight is the clock itself built. in 1410, the figures were added later. and then there's the skeleton mascot and rings the bow tie dongle galvan is that it's quite remarkable that death would be depicted in such a way in that time. is that what ever you do? the message is, remember that india is the death. so just like try to fill the life as a full, full life was as much as we can do. it's really beautiful. the square is a must for every proc visitor. and as you can see, we're not alone. so where are you from? we're from scotland for mexico. how come from austin, texas, from tank truth? what brings you to prague? why prague?
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betty fuson and her foot. i think wandering about at future just get the atmosphere is the kind of thing that we like to do. and just sort of soak it all in. it's a museum in itself. oh, it's wonderful in boys heard progress such a beautiful city and it is with telecom on which little it's true. what you hear about prague starts and culture and there was a piano player in the metro station and music on the bridge. no. and it went that i'm was the guy never legacy wanting to this thing for the buildings wanted to see for with the structure of the town and the food and the food. of course, by the afternoon the charles bridge is indeed pretty crowded. despite the unfavorable weather, but apparently still no comparison to the time before the pandemic back then prod with overflowing with tourists in prague was having a bit of a problem before the pandemic with over towards. definitely, definitely i don't know how big of a problem is it then right now,
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be slightly getting to the high numbers, but as i said before we giving out in 2019 we had like 8000000 people coming to brock. and now we are, they say we are getting to like 54 to person of that as a tour guide. you of course want people coming to your city, right? so what is problematic about too many people coming or that amount? if it is through the atmosphere, you know, you see all these posters like the proc castillo, or charles ridge like no people really like a room like a really romantic atmosphere. the orbit tourism really kills the atmosphere and actually even destroys that thing. because image and there's like a 1000000 tons of people coming with really distress the stuff because well, how can that be managed though? because this is a beautiful city and you've done like a great work showing it to me. thank you. but how can you keep people out? honestly, i think there's like, because we have the inner city, but we have a swell, so many beautiful districts all around the main city. i mean,
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the domain center. so we have like districts which were really industry are like, whole issue of it's got a lean article, then we have really push areas like vantage over and over that. so there's so many things to explore just in the widest at the center. so what i think is the solution is just to, to little bit direct the people out of the city center and to explore with them. these are beautiful areas. thank you so much, summer sharing your think we it was in love landry meeting with me. i've got to take his advice and head out of the center. sonya was also a tour guide will show me this other side to proc were off to hell lush, amidst the hip part of town. fancy will. how many and buildings in a district that grew during the industrialization? this is where it's sonya live. she takes me to her favorite cafe. so gretna, i've seen them with
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one whole feel like it. kidding me. it's one of my favorite go for it. so unexpected. i know that's like some think like a small paradigm or a little paradise. exactly. so there are a lot of different plans and you can be sitting here all ways on turco. phase very good or making ever seen home made and really, really good one. coffee. you don't have to tell me twice in sunday it tells me that only 20 years ago, the less of it was a gray and dull part of town that is seen a lot of change in the past year. they chose to live here. what are that you appreciate about how let them at the life of the freedom m. d a. relax. no rush. a bursting board i need to for my living is here. i don't need to. as i
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mentioned before, i do need to go to the city center and the price is lower than the terrific center. therefore, we do not live to dine. so we're in the city center because the prizes are here for us better. and you see there is a baba baker river. there is unaddressed surround that is a tea room here. you can choose what you i have everything a name. exactly. so if you will like to me, check people come here and enjoy living with us because we apply a very hard to opening p and we live to speak, went to far in us. ah, night has fallen and time has come to bid prompt farewell back. where it all started, uncharged spreads. and even at this time, i'm not entirely by myself. the mast tourism that laid the city before the pandemic
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has not returned the way many fear and hate. who can blame people for being attracted to this beauty? it's a perfect blend of history and modernity so much to offer, especially off the beaten path with chickens. last up the polar city of condenser, you can tell by looking at scenic dunn's can that it's a city in europe marked by fate. but we'll get to that in just a minute. with its historic center, gdansk is one of the most populous city destinations in poland. pre pandemic, 1500000 tourists vacation to year annually, mostly germans, the scandinavians, but poland, borders ukraine, and with the war right next door, people are staying wait. there are 60 percent fewer foreign tourists.
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the old port on the mot while the river. without it, the gdansk of to date would not exist. it's lined with good faith restaurants in the middle ages, it made gdansk, the richest city in europe. the city is seamlessly connected to the port which has developed a round good dance over the centuries. it's the biggest port and poland with one of the largest repair yards in the world. for the people of dunst, these cranes are a symbol of home. most of them belong to the old shipyard, which is the soul of the city will. and not only that, this is a place that fundamentally changed europe
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the famous guns shipyards over 40 years ago, there was a strike here by shipyard workers. and with that began the decline of socialism in poland. and the end of communism in europe. ah, the struggles for workers rights gained momentum here. millions of polls organized themselves in the solid dotted nash movement, fighting for freedom and democracy under an authoritarian regime. the european solidarity center at the former shipyard tells the story right above the entrance, the ukrainian flag i didn't. how did it all start back then? what prompted to strike? oh, dear vista, good impulse, what really triggered the revolution? yvonne was when a woman named ana valentino vince got fired up,
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got it hot. she'd been working at the shipyard for a very long time with one another. and then 2 months before going into retirement, she lost her job. so again, vian in dc. this prompted her co workers to go on strike him, but talk about her case and support her da houses. and it all resulted in a big explosive revolution. explosive, a hoops, yawning, stop does i? so she worked here that is this original organized. yes, she worked here by that another and the knowledge was a crane operator and later the founding member of the soul, he thought of nauseous or solidarity trade union got, how did that happened? why didn't millions of people join a local strike? does game come fly heights? when they were striving for freedom and justice salute is a good and wanted to shape the world holistically. gosh, disco can they wanted independent union high give that the right to strike the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. i hated the person, they put together
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a list of 21 demands of the list of i. it's part of our world, cultural heritage and, and one of humanity's most precious documents, supplemented image height. sony dot of moisture. this worker activism turned into an anti communist opposition movement. it spread across the whole country. the authoritarian regime increased the pressure ah, is come through, i'm film disconnected and they introduced marshal log of, we'll just 16 months after sally don notion emerged even a mention. but that didn't stop people from opposing the regime own tongue wound they operated under ground, illegally like a futon, yelled when to and in 1989 at mill, the round table talks took place. if i'm wound into that was a major symbolic moment of a peaceful transition. amid the tense, political times in eastern and central europe at bonham in aust,
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intimately oil. they reached their goals with the principle of non violence, legible, windsor, a trained electrician and trade union leader let poland to independence. in 1990, he became president and remain so for 5 years these activists created change in a hopeless situation. this is what the silly darkness movement still stands for to day to day ships are no longer being built, the good dance shipyard. the area still occasionally used by companies. most of the production halls are empty. it's a lost place for the time b. but there are plans to create a new chic urban district here based on the model of london stock length, or
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a hamburger hoffen city, with apartments shops offices. the old shipyard area is like a huge at venture playground because the investor has left the empty spaces to artist. and now you can find galleries rehearsal rooms, in studios here. ah, there are more spots of the shipyard that people and get danced, have taken over and filled with the you life. the storage area is a container settlement with lots going on here you can be loud in party until the early morning. ah. and you can meet cool people
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on the very spot where the democracy movement and poland began more than 40 years ago. life and freedom are now being celebrated. he dance gives us hope that history can change for the better at any time with awe. ah ah, with
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who who assigned mail at birth at the age of 6. not she to announce that she is actually a girl. oh on the want us when you ask of what she is. she says i'm a go with the painting. ah,
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i mean, yeah, let me, let me do the country that will host the world. you are the ones you visit, you never forget it caught between transformation and exploitation between education and tradition between cosmopolitan flare and captivating wilderness. the portrait of a desert state full of contradictions. ah, guitar starts november 11th minutes, all e w. o. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental
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conservation to life with learning facts, like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge gross through sharing, download it now for free. again, they get all the harvesters or immigrants goals. if they come in, everything you enjoy, eating at home with your family, was harvested by people who are being exploited. then i d 's for free and we're going to need to, uh huh. we can keep doing what we're doing, that we need to become as sustainable as possible, maybe, and that's why your green revolution is absolutely necessary. europe review the future thing, determine now our documentary series will show you how people,
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companies and countries are we thinking everything and making later changes were made on work about if a massive cyber attack or something like that happens and we can reboot our country from the outside of a, it's our future after all. and if we don't do something, our children won't be able to enjoy. fresh air will be lost. you know what? it's gonna your 3 field this week and d, w we're ah, this is deed of you news. and these are our top stories. people who have son are celebrating the rival ukrainian troops that are in the process of retaking the southern city. what was there have come out on the streets waving flags and singing the national anthem? many of them say that they fled.


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